Is Game Making Women Overconfident?

I was talking with a Ukrainian guy who wants to move to America someday. He asked me a lot of questions about our women. Obviously, I didn’t have a whole lot of good to say…

“In America, a 200 pound woman who you would never have sex with is more confident than a beautiful woman you have here. Logically that doesn’t make sense, because how can fat and ugly women believe in themselves so much? But that’s the reality. When they are in the club, they reject men in the harshest way possible.”

It really is quite amazing how very unattractive women in America act like they are hot shit. There is no humility and no gentle nature, just loud and brash behavior that makes you wonder if they’re self-deluded or “faking it until they make it,” even though we all know the only thing they’re making is the end of a pint of Haagen Daaz. They even have the audacity to repeatedly say “I’m hot” without a hint of irony. Why are they acting this way?

The first possible culprit is social networking. Heartiste described this phenomenon in the past:

Try to picture this life, except with the sex roles reversed. Every one of your trivial observations or random thoughts gets “upvoted”, literally and metaphorically, by throngs of admirers, mostly female but some male too. Your lauded accomplishments amount to sharing cute puppy pics. Say something stupid? No one will call you out on it. Make a lame joke? Everyone laughs uproariously. Post a drunken photo of yourself? Hundreds of chicks “like this” and cheer in unison, “you go, guy!”. Tell no one in particular that you are sad, and you’re having a bad day? Hundreds more line up to offer uplifting messages of support.

You get the idea. Now, what do you think experiencing life like that will do to your self-esteem? If you answered, “my self-esteem would fly through the roof”, you win. Again.

Social networking takes many years to have a collective effect on the women. For countries where it has only been popular for two or three years, you don’t see the raising of self-esteem like in America. But I wonder if it’s only a matter of time.

Another factor is online dating. We’ve all heard stories of how girls using Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, and get hundreds of messages even when they’re not that attractive. Why should she care that you approach her in the bar when her inbox is full of guys within the safe confines of her MacBook Air? For most girls that I dated in Eastern Europe, I can only imagine how much more negative their attitude would be had hundreds of men complimented them and offered to take them out. The internet has done a lot of good for guys like us who can share game knowledge, but I wonder if the net effect is negative.

This Onion article describes another reason: a culture of fake girl power and undeserved validation seeking.

According to witnesses, a tight-knit group of five female friends spent a wild night on the town Saturday, overindulging in emotionally supportive behavior and generally validating the living shit out of each other.

Confirming the women get together at least once a month for an all-out, anything-goes session of nonjudgmental reassurances, 28-year-old Sarah Dotson said the evening quickly turned into “a total rager,” with the friends sharing excessive amounts of admiration, empathy, and encouragement for one another.

We have trained women to deny reality in order to keep up appearances and to believe that a woman is not at fault for anything bad that happens to her. Soul-searching and disagreeable opinions are avoided. Anything good that happens comes from her strength and intellect while anything bad comes from being oppressed by men or society.

I think there is also a fourth reason which pains me to say: game. For every five guys who learn how to approach cute women, there will be one who has standards so low that he’s actually happy to get laid with a whale. In cities with huge populations, Washington DC included, that whale will be approached multiple times every week. How can you not conclude that you are indeed hot shit when guys are constantly trying to get at you?

Maybe women are not being so self-delusional after all—maybe they are just responding to the fact that they live in a country where their dating market value is not low. If their shares were priced on the world market, it would be a penny stock, but on the NASDAQ it’s traded like a hot tech IPO.

The American game revolution is late stage. Every single man in his 20s has heard of game and is familiar with its most basic tenets. He may even have tried several approaches himself. When the revolution was just starting, the sheer act of approaching was a demonstration of higher value. Back in 2002 when my game was shit, I got blown out only in a small percentage of approaches, even with the most awful openers that you could imagine. Girls would be pleasant for a minute or two before bowing out. I believe it’s because the confidence I displayed from doing a tough approach was intriguing to them. That is no longer the case. Your average 22-year-old American girl with only a 5 rating has now been approached an absurd number of times, nulling any confidence display you’d get from the approach alone.

Game, over the long term in any society, has a confidence raising effect on the women, increasing the level of game you need to achieve the same result as before. I would not be able to get laid with my 2002 game on those girls I banged ten years ago if I tried today. All the young men coming up not only have to run game in sausage environments but compete directly against older veterans in their early 30s who are going after the same girls. They are not in an enviable position and may have to resign themselves to lower quality for the short term.

In the next decade, the ugliest of women are going to be picky beyond reason and cruel to men who may very well be way above them in biological value. This is the reality you are facing with gaming in America, making it even more important to not only have tight game that is ruthlessly honed but also an additional niche or gimmick to give you a clear edge.

You can see that there are too many variables contributing to the pussy hell that many men encounter in the United States, and I see absolutely no demographic or cultural factor on the horizon that might reverse this trend. If there is no hope that the situation will improve in America in the next ten years, and the current crop of women are not providing you with happiness or a solid return on your time and energy investment in pursuing them, I think you know what the solution is.

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  • Tampa

    Women definetly WAY overestimate their value. They think marriage is on every corner and they all think they will eventually get the 6-2, chiseled jaw guy who makes 250k.

    We know this to be true because Washington DC is a proverbial waste land of 30 somethign cougars all trying mightly to find a husband at this late hour in their life. What a sad fucking state of affairs it is around here. Just a bunch of fat ass, big boned chicks thinking that they can wait until they are 32 years old to land “the one.”

    Talk about a stupid move. Let me enter into the most important decision in my life when my looks are fading, my attitude is at its worse and guys see me at my lowest value in my developed life.

    Smart move. Maybe the bottom line is women are just plain stupid.

  • SarajMgmt

    Brilliant insights, all too true.

    Game jumped the shark around 2008-9 – around the time Roissy began to get big in the Manosphere; I’m not saying there’s a causal connection – and it’s pretty much over in the USA.

    Girls know all about it. Until men start seriously withholding the dick, it’s only going to get worse: the whales will get ever bigger, more entitled, and bitchier.

    Fortunately I’m in my early 40s so the lowest I go on a regular basis is late 20s, and most of my gals are early 30s, and they are a tad better on that front, many are grateful for the attention of any alpha; the younger ones are truly hopeless.

    The first phase of the Revolution is over – quo vadis?

  • beta_plus

    This is definitely true. An acquaintance of mine in DC is now teaching “Game for Women” (yeah, I know – though you have to admire his chutzpah). The stories of these womens’ expectations are jaw dropping. All of them think that they deserve a guy who is at least 6 feet tall and makes over 100K. Either one of these requirements already puts a guy in maybe the top 5% of men for the US. I doubt the correlation between the two of them is one.

    The few times a girl has said these things like this to me I replied “move to Denver or Toronto”. If she was white, I’d mention Copenhagen too.

  • Old Glory

    Roosh proving once again he has very valid insight into American culture even though he’s not here at the moment!

    I totally see the overconfidence in women here in DC. The only group that don’t exhibit this overconfidence yet are new comers to DC and some of the plain, younger girls still in college.

    The fatties in DC who have their JDs (1 in 12 people in DC are attorneys) or other advanced degrees have so much attitude it’s disgusting.

  • Nigel

    “In America, a 200 pound woman who you would never have sex with is more confident than a beautiful woman you have here. Logically that doesn’t make sense, because how can fat and ugly women believe in themselves so much? But that’s the reality. When they are in the club, they reject men in the harshest way possible.”

    Sorry homie, that’s my fault.

  • Basil Ransom

    The old PUAs used to say “leave her better than you found her.” It should be “leave her humbler than you found her?” This could be its own post:

    *Withhold compliments
    *Plant feelings of inadequacy for being unable to cook, dress well, etc. Call her ‘fattie’ every time she has a cookie.
    *Tease her humiliatingly in front of others
    *Laugh in her face when she starts spouting feminist talking points
    *Call your male friends pussies when *they* don’t act this way too.

    Result: your game is no worse off if not improved, and her appetite for narcissism abates slightly.

  • Dan

    Solid post.

    Another phenomenon worthy of mention is the explosion of flaking.

    In 2002, a number was a big deal. If you had a girl’s number, you’d call her, she’d pick up, you’d set up a date and she’d show up.

    In 2012, a guy would is more surprised when a number does NOT flake.

    How did flaking become so common and accepted?

  • Boheme Chinois

    A part of me wonders if men will ever withhold dick and stop putting these girls’ pussies on pedestals. The only way men will take back the power is to stop giving into needing pussy so much that they’ll do anything, especially fucking fat girls.

    Only solution: get out of America.

  • Blue!!!

    I came to the same conclusion a few days ago. I thought of it in terms of an arms race. I feel like the only guys that are getting results like were possible for most guys that simply bothered to try back in 07 or 08 are the guys that are so good looking and fit that they didn’t even need game then, and they have to have super tight game to achieve it. Chicks that would have banged on the first date an average guy with any game at all in 90s won’t even kiss on the first date unless your game is air tight and you look like a model or athlete. Showing up to a bar in 2012 with what Roosh used successfully a decade ago is almost like bringing a kitchen knife to the beaches of Normandy.

    Working harder in the gym, eating a more disciplined diet, and spending more time reading/practicing plays than it took to be a starting DII collegiate athlete, just to maintain a respectable sex life is beyond exhausting. I can see myself burning out and moving to Eastern Europe before 2020.

  • jesse

    “I see absolutely no demographic or cultural factor on the horizon that might reverse this trend”


  • SarajMgmt

    “Showing up to a bar in 2012 with what Roosh used successfully a decade ago is almost like bringing a kitchen knife to the beaches of Normandy.”

    Hilarious and true.

    The only real solution is moving away or indulging in foreign women in the USA (until they go rancid). I lived in DC for several years and most of my LTRs were with gals from Eastern Europe, a far better crop.

    No sane man fight too hard for 99% of American women, they are simply not worth the effort.

    That said, if you’re blessed with good looks, are in reasonable shape, and above all have the right personality (witty, a bit aggressive yet aloof, charming, and mysterious, AKA Mr Dark Triad) you can still clean up. Point being, with the vast majority of US women circa 2012, why bother?

  • doobey wah

    Roosh: then I assume the solution is to expatriate? All well in good but to what extent do you see the mechanisms of the disease spreading (eg facebook and social networking tools) changing the rest of the world? Or do you see certain cultures not being greatly effected by the American cultural virus?

    [Roosh: Some hosts are more resistant to the “disease” than others. The East is more immune.]

  • around the world in 80 jobs


    True that.

    I had an average girl approach my friend and I at a cross walk asking for directions to a bar because she was from “out of town”. We didnt know the bar. But when we asked where she was from, it was from the town next door. We laughed. But as she continued walking she asked and my friend if that was my car were getting into. I was borrowing my mom’s older bmw 3 seriesas I was just in town for a couple of days. Then she said. “Oh, I feel so bad for you being so poor and all. I have an M6.”

    I dont know what happened to women in this country, but a bit of unemployment might be a welcomed wake up call and dose of reality.

  • The G Manifesto

    “All the young men coming up not only have to run game in sausage environments but compete directly against older veterans in their early 30s who are going after the same girls.”

    It is going to get even tougher for the young ones.

    American males are getting married less and less. Which in turn, creates older more seasoned veterans out there still competing.

    And the issue for the young kids is that these older cats are time tested True Game. Not “game” learned on the internet post 2005. They also have jobs and long dough.

    We see the same thing happening in Boxing. The Older cats still dominate the sport. The boxing stars of the 90’s are still the stars today.

    We see the same thing happening in Hip-Hop. The 90’s MC’s are still the best in the game.

    This young generation has it so tough. Plus, they are so willing to use things like internet dating which only metastasize their problems.

    Go short the young generation coming up.

    – MPM

  • The G Manifesto

    One more thing:

    The younger generation is also so easily manipulated by corporate America and are so far removed from the time when real Men walked the globe.

    Older cats out their had fathers that were still old-school. Young cats have fathers that were soft as a snow cone in summer.

    This is the reason they will jump on any suspect trend that is thrown their way: skinny jeans, glittery ed hardy shirts, hating smoking, using credit instead of CASH, texing instead of calling, internet dating instead of getting off their ass and approaching etc etc etc.

    – MPM

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Sadly, I guess that means you are helping to fuel this beast.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    On the bright side, with skyrocketing obesity rates, there’s some potential for the advent of fast food game.

  • Sojourner

    “Solid post.

    Another phenomenon worthy of mention is the explosion of flaking.

    In 2002, a number was a big deal. If you had a girl’s number, you’d call her, she’d pick up, you’d set up a date and she’d show up.

    In 2012, a guy would is more surprised when a number does NOT flake.

    How did flaking become so common and accepted?”

    This right here. Seems like every number I get now is a no go. Girl is obviously into it when she gives the number but when you go to call you get the message (acceptable and normal) and then no response, not even a text or what have you saying she’s too busy (rude). The crap men have to go through now just to get a number for a possible chance while a woman just stands there and looks pretty is absolutely astounding. The ratio of work to reward is just too far off.

  • Omega Man

    “GFE” does not mean “girlfriend experience” but “go foreign early”. There is just no comparison. America as a whole is bubbling- the economy (Facebook tanking), the culture, the sexual marketplace- all downhill.

  • Gabriel


    Because the average guy accepts it!

    A woman is as mean with us as we let her be. If we let them cheat, flake, put their asses pics on FB, etc. they are going to do it. They are like dogs!

    We do not need to quit hitting woman, we need to start respecting ourselves.

    Problem is, most guys sold their self respect for the chance (because they never get it) of getting some pussy long ago.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think the issue is social networking, vkontakte and odnoklasnii has been around for a long time now in FSU.

    i noticed the phenomena of social networking boosting up fatties egos a few years ago (2006-7), i don’t think it took years to develop. In their minds they instantly had more options due to the perception that they were being observed by many males on FB, so they value themselves higher accordingly. It totally compounds the problem with guys just basically going for anything at this point.

    its very simple, just don’t marry, fuck, or donate sperm to these types. as a guy you have access to multple generations of girls, although the culture now may be poison, who knows 5, 10, or 20 years from now. By contrast, girls only have access to one, maybe 2 generations of guys due to the age window. if currently guys don’t buy their shit, they simply won’t procreate and will wind up spinsters, their culture will die off and they will serve as a cautionary tale to the next generation of females. let nature take its course.

    To pass the time – if you can’t hold out – just marry someone from abroad (or better yet move there to ensure you dont get divorce raped) and/or engage in meaningless sex and never commit to anyone in the US, until the current culture has passed and the next cohort changes its tune, in which case you can then get married.

  • Timothy

    Last night, I was chatting with one of my friends on FB, and she re-posted an interesting discussion topic on her timeline to try to initiate a discussion:

    “Every woman. No matter how rich or poor. No matter how well off in life. No matter her race, color or creed… EVERY woman…wants to feel these sense of security from a man. To know that “he got her”. It has 0% to do with finances or who makes more. Therefore I submit to you… Even women who ‘don’t need a man’ still… WANTS a man to take care of her. And being a broke ass nigga ain’t cutting it.”

    For any more schooling folk will have to enroll in my next course. ~Shannon W. Rawls

    Blinking with a tissue to the corner of the eye…yes…dear…yes…

    Ok my Independent friends! What do you think? I agree, but love to have dialogue!”

    She’s actually one of my more thoughtful, intelligent friends, that genuinely seeks to have real, thoughtful discussions. She was trying to get a discussion about this going, and NOT ONE of her friends interjected. We were on chat, and I was dropping some pearls. She called me out to put those responses on her timeline, so I did to try to get things going. Only ONE chick actually chimed in. Here is one of her responses:

    “(Name Deleted) Although I could stand to loose 20-30 lbs, I still turn heads wherever I go. You better check out how many hits I got on the last photo I posted, (close to 30 hits)”

    There goes some of that FB validation Roosh was referring to. I made a comment about the female “list” of attributes women want in a man, and how even chicks that don’t have it together mentally and physically think they deserve a great guy. I even flipped it, with how even fat dudes want dime pieces. Here was her response:

    “(Name Deleted) Timothy…I consider myself a dime piece, and I LOVE me some fat man. Whoa!!! But I have recently stepped out of the box and dated someone that wasn’t fat. And I did go through the interviewing process about his retirement plan, yearly income, credit score and future goals.”

    She went into how she feels men are intimidated by her because of what she makes, and because she has her shit together, blah, blah, blah. I take it that men are intimidated by her. They just don’t want to be bothered with her inflated opinion of herself.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    I sometimes wonder if Game-specific manosphere advocates blogging to enlighten the average male aren’t simply doing them a disservice of sorts.

    When I read articles projecting that 42% of the U.S. population will progressively become clinically obese by the next decade I wonder “What am I preparing these guys for? A greater facility in hooking up with future land-monsters?”

    Celibacy and Game-ignorance might be mercy for the average man in 2020

  • The Prophet

    And Roosh drops a bomb of an article. Damn, Roosh, you are a fucking master. Sad to say, but the average chubster in the USA can indeed get a date any day of the week to due the sad state of affairs that the USA dating market is in.

    Roosh = The Last Samurai.

  • Hero J

    I’ve actually been wondering if it sometimes goes the other way: more drunk beta guys making pathetic approaches encourages bitch shields to go up.

    I know when I get approached by drunk fat/annoying girls and gay guys (welcome to dc) my shield goes up. Girls at bars expect most guy that come to them to be drunk losers.

  • The G Manifesto


    “How did flaking become so common and accepted?””

    Hate to break a little history lesson out for you, but this has always happened.

    If you are getting “flaked on” today, you would have got “stood up” before cell phones existed.

    Only back then you would have stood at the bar for an hour wondering if she got in a car accident, forgot, or is blowing you off (so to speak).

    There was never this magical paradise that existed before cell phones.

    It was basically the same only that guys didn’t act like girls as much back then, girls were a little thinner, didn’t wear Ugg boots 24/7, and when you traveled, you didn’t have to take your shoes off.

    – MPM

  • Justice

    So after ruining the women in your own country (countries) you “game entrepreneurs” now want to come here and ruin ours?

  • Justice

    Just so that you can continue to sell your books and remain gurus or something, you’re going to try and turn our women in over-annoying fat whales who move in packs and are louder than a soviet helicopter?

    Geez, find some other way to make money.

    [Roosh: Posting from France I see. Don’t worry, your women are safe.]

  • Sam Spade

    My Brazilian buddy and I saw a fat American girl pass by wearing her best bitch face.

    “In Brazil, fat women are always smiling and happy,” he told me.

    I replied, “Because that’s the only way they can get a man, right?”

    Yes, he said.

    A sad commentary on the US in 2012.

  • billy

    This post is absolutely spot on. Facebook has been the worst thing ever to inflate the ego of beached whales and worthless single moms. No matter how fat a girl is, or whether she is a single mom etc, when they have 500, 1000, or whatever guys on their profile, there are going to be many who will feed their egos. It doesn’t matter how worthless they are.

    Never add girls you want to fuck on facebook. You will be more interesting and won’t simply be one of the hundreds of guys kissing her ass.

  • outlaw josey wales

    Game may have contributed to over confidence, but it is really the pervasive attitude in today’s society that women bear little to no responsibility for their actions, and that they are special snowflakes that has done the most damage.

    There is no way the vast amount of women in the US has been conditioned to be absurdly unrealistic by the smattering of guys who have any clue about game.

    Gamers are a blip at best. We are participating in a self-reinforcing community, and echo chamber. We may be right or mostly right, but the great unwashed are unaware and remain ignorant.

  • Ctown

    It is also just American feminism which tells women from day one that they are oppressed, men are evil, and that a woman shouldn’t be judged by her looks, how well she cooks, or whether she will take care of a man.

    The end result is that you have fat beasts who would have absolutely no fucking value in most other countries, but who in America think they are hot shit cause of all this feminazi indoctrination. They can still get dick cause there are so many whales in America that beta guys will have no choice but to fuck these chicks.

    I spent two years abroad and then came back to America and upon coming back it was rough. Just talking to these entitled bitches who don’t even look like women was a joke after going to places like Brazil, SE Asia, or hell for that matter almost any country on Earth other than the US.

  • Justice

    Roosh: Americans guys tend to break their teeth here so for now we are safe. But I’m also posting this on behalf of all my eastern European and Latin brothers. I’m sure you know what I mean.

  • Anonymous

    Non-American female here, found this post by accident, while browsing 4chan. This may be a derp question but what is ‘the game’? From what I understood it’s a way to get laid. Tbh, I can’t comprehend sex on the first date or with someone you don’t know, this concept is just too alien for me.
    OT: I’m 20-year old virgin (from Eastern Europe, coincidentally)and I honestly don’t understand how can a fat woman think that she’s hot. I’m a bit chubby (10 kg overweight) and I never had any confidence about myself (still don’t). Just because you’ll be laughed at if you pretend to be hot if you’re a whale in my country. And social networks didn’t ruin my personality. I don’t post ‘tee-hee I’m so ugly’ pics waiting for compliments. Social networks alone can’t dumb you down, if you’re smart, you’ll stay smart.

  • Firepower

    “Is Game Making Women Overconfident?”

    C’mon. Men could go extinct.
    Bitches would STILL be
    haughty – arrogant

  • The Specimen

    I think you guys have it wrong. In my experience, most women are incredibly insecure – even the hot ones. I’d even go as far as to say that seeking validation on facebook out Okcupid or whatever is a hallmark of low self esteem. Whatever confidence they project is a false confidence meant to convince themselves more than anything else.

    The trick is to take this knowledge and give them what they need, validation. By that I don’t mean the sycophantic type of attention that most of these chumps that must of these guys shower women with like, ”oh you’re perfect.” I’m talking about level headed tactful acknowledgment of her flaws and acceptance, like ”yeah you’re a fucking psycho hose beast sometimes, but I still like you…when you’re being nice.” You give a woman this, and she’ll do just about anything for you. New whether

  • Jordan

    The solution is “Love Tourism”

  • The Specimen

    I think you guys have it wrong. In my experience, most women are incredibly insecure – even the hot ones. I’d even go as far as to say that seeking validation on facebook out Okcupid or whatever is a hallmark of low self esteem. Whatever confidence they project is a false confidence meant to convince themselves more than anything else.

    The trick is to take this knowledge and give them what they need, validation. By that I don’t mean the sycophantic type of attention that most of these chumps that most shower women with like, ”oh you’re perfect.” I’m talking about level headed tactful acknowledgment of her flaws and acceptance, like ”yeah you’re a fucking psycho hose beast sometimes, but I still like you.” You give a woman this, and she’ll do just about anything for you. Now whether or not she has any kind of character or integrity and is capable of delivering is another thing. Bitch can’t act right, she can’t act right. You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. My bad if this gets double posted. Thumbs weren’t made for typing shit.

  • Men have their fair share of fault

    While I agree on everything that you wrote, I must also point out that men have their fair share of fault.
    Women think they are hot shit when they get a lot of attention, we, men, give them this attention while requiring none at all in return.
    The point is that we’re devaluating ourself and if we, as a whole, had a little more self-esteem, we wouldn’t give up our self-esteem for a hint of pubic hair, because it’s what ONE man do, that fucks up the game for everyone else.

  • Marc

    Here in the land of deadly snakes and boxing kangaroos, our wiminz aren’t that far off your american sisters in terms of bitchiness and fatness. I see this trend as the culmination of a few different factors, and in my mind, it really started in the 90’s with all this self esteem bullshit they fed us in school.

    All through the 90’s and early 00’s when I was being schooled, we were taught we were special, that everyone was a unique induvidual who could do no wrong. If we failed tests we still got credits, if we were woeful at sports we still got participation awards, as if getting off your ass and kicking a ball around for a few minutes was some sort of achievment. There was no pass/fail for Gen Y, it was competent/not yet competant.

    Our culture was born out of british colonialism, so for the first few hundred years of settlement in Australia our cultural identity was closely tied in with that of old blighty. Then came television, and we started watching american shows (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    Through the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, social commentators complained about the Americanisation of our pop culture. We moved away from social conservatism and embraced the ideal of brash american induvidualism (nothing wrong there either). This seems to have lead to the mindset of “I am an induvidual, every choice I make is inherrantly right, because I made it, and damn anyone else who argues otherwise.”

    Finally, there is feminism. We all know what that does to women, so I won’t bother going on about it.

    Fast forward again to the 90s and 00s, and we have a Generation of Children growing up in a reletivly affluent society who largely don’t know poverty or hardship, who can do no wrong in school, who are never called on their faults, who are never shamed for their failures, who ape the characteristics of americans on sitcoms (where the bumbling male is the lapdog of the all knowing and mighty female matriarch) and what do you end up with?

    Fat, entitled princesses with outrageously good self esteem and the knowledge that they can do no wrong, and that if someone says something bad about them or points out an uncomfortable truth they have hordes of people ready to fall back on for ego massaging and “support.”

    It didn’t start with facebook, facebook only exacerbated the problem and added dynamite to a fire already fueled by petrol (gasoline to you americans.

  • Hoodlum

    Is it really that bad in the US? Sure, here in the UK average girls and upwards similarly get a lot of validation, but at least most people still have the decency to call out a fat munter for what she is…

  • Ryuen

    Hah, I jumped the American women ship a long time ago. I’ve dated one or two between the time and guess what. It ended up in complete bat shit. Some of the most unattractive females are up too high due to the fact of the ratio being in their favor. I used to live in DC and it was the same shit. All American women are effectively phasing themselves out of the market.

  • The Prophet

    Roosh, look into that crystal ball of yours and tell us what will become of the USA. You should write a post specifically on how to survive the comming Fat Girl Apocalypse in the USA.

    I also can’t wait until you visit the USA again. You have been gone for a while. You should do a blow-by-blow, step-by-step breakdown of your first night out when you come back to DC. That post would be epic.

  • the passanger

    In my experience, most women are incredibly insecure – even the hot ones. I’d even go as far as to say that seeking validation on facebook out Okcupid or whatever is a hallmark of low self esteem.

    Egggggzactly. 100% correct observation.
    it looks like overconfidence on the surface.
    but its just fake makeup.
    whats inside the mind of a fat biatch?
    fear. desperation. seeking to uplift her ego by lowering the value of others, esp. males.

    The “Destructive” man requires external stimuli to feel alive. He is emotionally dead and without the world of objects and other people his life is nothing. He is deeply addicted to the stimuli which fills his psychic abyss. He cannot be still or alone. He is a shell addicted to fashion, conforming to be accepted. In his world image and appearance are everything. His experiences are banal and casual. He performs and mimics, but abuses trust, sexuality and beauty. What he cannot own or control he fears. He seeks a cause and master to avoid responsibility. If his desires are thwarted he becomes depressed, suicidal and aggressive. He is ambitious, competitive, and pathologically reliant upon approval. He is expert at manipulation and is hypocritical and immoral. Other people, especially those with inherent power and creativity, are his prey. He feels a sense of greatness from their loss or ruin. He is the implacable enemy of true creativity, independence and selfhood. Nothing is scared to him except his image, success, possessions and catalog of destruction.

  • Anonymous

    NO it is the white knight culture that is making unattractive women overconfident. I left facebook because I can’t bear reading all the white knighting is done by betas who are never going to get laid with these women. It goes for the attractive and unattractive so all women get an inflated sense of their true worth.

    If a large percentage of men would stop settling/marrying and being chumps eventually women will have to give into whatever men want. Regardless, if one has tight game they will win either way.

  • Anonymous

    @ 32

    Ah yes, women who think being “educated” makes them attractive to men. I see a society filled with cat ladies in the near future. Women won’t realize how much feminism has hurt them until it’s too late.

  • Firepower

    g manifesto:
    It was basically the same only that guys didn’t act like girls as much back then

    Girls hardly swore, too. Now, they swear more than a Marine.

    More ugly tats, too…

  • Rakishness

    If i ever see Mystery, Mark Zuckerburg or Neil Strauss in a bar i’d punch them in the face. Those are the 3 biggest cockblockers in human history.

  • Rael

    Apparently these kinds of posts are just to get blogger attention/amusement value/not to be taken seriously … but … linking to the Onion like it’s a real news source????

    You’re totally joking about this, right?

    In the same issue, they also have the Kennedy’s releasing a list of tragic ways remaining family members might die …,28306/

    I don’t experience America as the pussy hell you make it out to be … it’s really not that bad. I have been overseas & those places have their own charms also… but the USA (especially NYC on the East Coast & the whole West Coast in general) is totally great.

    I will say this though – the longest dry spell I had in my life from the time I began having sex (at age 14 … natural alpha) was in DC. DC just sucks … it’s a city driven by political power & government bureaucracy almost exclusively. If you don’t have pull in those areas you have almost no status there.
    It’s unlike any other city in the US in this respect.

  • Levon

    Best post from Roosh I’ve read.

  • The G Manifesto

    “those places have their own charms also… but the USA (especially NYC on the East Coast & the whole West Coast in general)”

    The “whole” West Coast?

    Sounds like someone has very limited experience on the “whole” West Coast.

    There are pockets of quality on the Westside, which is where I roll, but on a “whole” its a complete and utter overrated slobfest.

    – MPM

  • T and A Man

    I have to say Roosh, unfortunately, some of your previous thoughts do contribute to this. It seems somewhat incongruent here.

    Perhaps to evolve ‘game’ into ‘positive masculnity.

    ‘Doing it for the notch’ is not congruent to men rewarding proper female behaviour, just as if women rewarded proper male behaviour, then you would have written ‘compliment and cuddle’ as the bang guide.

    Chad’s first part of Fat Girl jihad is also a proper way. F*ck them, then tell them then are unworthy because of their weight. Dump them because they can’t cook. Dump them because they lack kindness, or because they are boring and fill up your ears full of inane Kardashian trivia.

    They can preen all about their ‘strength, independence and high paying job’. Inform them that they are not factors of attraction. Tell them what are areas of attraction and let them know where they are deficient.

    Pumping and dumping, well they will rationalise that away as someone else’s fault…. and they still have a notch too.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    I roll with a pocket mirror and a bathroom scale.
    I whip them out as needed at the club.
    Instant confidence-killers

  • Counterweight

    Women act horribly, but we do nothing to discourage it and more likely contribute to it.

    More than just puffing up the ego of land whales, by pumping and dumping even girls that are good to us, we give them no incentive to be good girls. If they’re going to get used anyway, why fight it? If they don’t put out on the first date and they know the guy will just get it somewhere else, where’s their incentive to play hard to get? If they act feminine and sweet, cook and clean, dote and serve, and get tossed out with the trash regardless, why bother? Why not just go out and party and get praised for it instead?

    Yes, they could and should take a harder look at the nice betas, but those nice betas are some of the sissiest, softest American men ever to exist. They aren’t your Grandfather’s beta male provider. I think Roissy has done a pretty exhaustive study into how much women are biologically wired to be turned off by that shit. They don’t need hyper masculine drug lord alpha males, but they also don’t get moist for WoW playing spineless do-nothing wet sacks of feelings and nerves.

    We always talk about how women are like children and can’t help but follow their little hamster heart. So why is it then that we ascribe so much premeditated and coordinated effort and intent in their malice and in the poor behavior they display? They’re just reacting to their world, like children would. Their current choices are alpha males they know will treat them like shit and beta males made of pudding that can’t conjure up a single drop of wet excitement for them. Well of course they pick the shiny one. Just like they pick ice cream over spinach, every time. They can’t help it, and they’ve always been like this, even back in the “glory days” 60 years ago. Their world just had healthier choices for them back then, both in their diets and in their relationships with men. We give them way too much credit when we blame the young women of today for the way they act as if they had total control over all their wants and desires and just decided out of spite to be the biggest, fattest cunts imaginable. Aren’t we always saying that women are designed to be told what to do?

    So who’s to blame if not this make-believe all-rational, ill-willing female mind? Feminism, et al. Well at least originally. But what about now? Might there be other forces in play?

    Roosh goes to the last places on Earth to find good wholesome women and uses them like disposable razors, then encourages a whole pack of men just like him to do the same. What impact do you think that’s going to have in 10 years? We’ve seen how frail and fragile traditional cultures are to the onslaught of globalism, what makes you think EE, SE Asia, and Latin America will somehow not be affected at all by us going over there and continuing to wage our war of hedonism?

    We can’t act like dancing on the sick, festering body of a broken society is doing it any good. We didn’t make it sick to start with, but we also can’t say we aren’t part of the disease. And we’re contagious.

    Roosh made a post about male rationalization — I submit the story the Manosphere tells itself about how treating women like used condoms doesn’t have anything to do with how women are acting is one of the biggest rationalizations of all.

    It would be one thing if we were actually taking a stand and turning down pussy that didn’t uphold to a set of standards. But we’re not doing that. We’re messaging, approaching, validating, and fucking those terrible acting sluts anyway, while also hitting and quitting any good women that happen along our path.

    I’m not saying we should or should not be doing this, but since we like to pick apart the female hamster in gory detail, let’s at least have the rational high ground and realize when our own hamster is spinning.

  • Rael

    @G Manifesto –

    Major West Coast cities from South to North …

    San Diego – pretty good, not awesome

    L.A. – if you want girls who spend a lot of time on their appearance & are super concerned with being sexy, fashionable, … you cannot beat LA. LA is the cosmetic surgery capital of the entire world. (BTW – this is not AT ALL my thing, but it sure sounds like it would appeal to Roosh & perhaps you also).

    San Francisco – hipsters & yoga buffs everywhere. People spend lots of time outside & walk a lot because public transit is easier than driving … similar to NYC in this respect.

    North Coastal areas – farmers mostly, they don’t dress to impress but they’re in good shape. It’s hard work growing good medical weed. Fat people are rare, but fatties abound.

    Portland – the talent is good, but this is jeans & flannel country.
    People don’t dress up as much.

    Seattle – the talent here is also good, this is also jeans & flannel country. Rains a lot, people can’t get out as much in summer & winters are cold.

    So what did I miss?

  • WestCoast

    Don’t get me wrong Feminism is a piece of shit that’s making life harder for men around the world and I do have one comment, we live in a world of extremes. Assume you have read “The Black Swan”.

    Basically the only guys who are going to pull hot girls in the USA long term are… guys with cash looks and game due to feminism. But this is the normal order of shit moving to the far and few between. Only solution is to pretend to enjoy the feminism culture to move up the ranks while living the player life on the side. This is going to be a rare breed that survives for more than a half decade or so and even they will eventually leave if smart enough. Life really is just “contra game”. When you are in high school don’t party get straight A’s go to school and get a full ride. College? Don’t party again get into a high paying job and try to stack cash fast. Friend’s now worried about cash? You’re gonna start learning game from the ground up from zero. Finally when people are “settling down” you’ve saved up all your cash and are ready to leave the country. That’s the serious blueprint to life. If you’re already outside the country and are worried about cash you leverage your American-ness and take care of culture’s scared of America. And Move to…. (i’ll shoot you a PM and give you my location)

  • Soup

    Great post. True, game is going changing things, but I’d bet that the veteran gamers are going to have an advantage in the same way that Yoda is the master.

    It can take a lot of experience to internalize game on a deep level. The newbies are always going to go for flashy lines and superficial parts, and all that stuff will get played out quickly, but those who are in it for the long-haul will be better at improvising on the spot.

    To get past the stage of newbie, you probably have to approach a number of girls similar to the number of guys that approach an attractive girl.

    To be a player, you need to bring your success ratio down as close to 1:1 (one success for every approach) as possible.

    To be super-alpha, you’ve got to flip the script and have girls approaching you (like a rockstar).

  • Asian Rockstar

    Roosh, you say game is making women overconfident in the U.S? I say game is making women in South East Asia (where I live) overconfident. VH1’s Pick-Up Artist has aired on satellite TV here; late last year, I suddenly see Style’s ‘The Game’ in bookstores; and a few beautiful girls here have asked me whether I’ve got game.

  • Dagonet

    I think another key factor is missing: the fact that each girl has banged a dude who is a few points higher than her, as part of his rotating defacto harem/hookups, and then gains higher standards waiting around for another man of that quality.

    Most 7s and 8s have had a night with a male “10” and their standards are permanently raised. They will then wait around (sometimes for years) before finally settling for something realistic again.

    Even the female 2s and 3s have had a “wild night” with a male 5 or 6, and they too have their egos and standards irreparably boosted.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m hot”

    “Yeah, I can see you sweating from the fat.”

  • AK

    Great post, Roosh.

    I agree the obesity rate is a very important factor. Unlike in Eastern Europe, where most women wait until middle age to start packing on pounds, many US chicks begin inflating from early childhood. This rules out nearly half the young female population for men with any standards. Then add to that the fact that US women are also slutty, making it paradise for true alphas – who pen in a significant share of the remaining 50% into their harems – and pick-up becomes very challenging for betas (i.e., the majority) and AFC’s who want to improve.

    Another important element likely at play here is the high divorce rate. This means more middle-aged guys competing for the limited pool of non-fatso girls. Their game might be dulled by marriage but they frequently compensate by having more value in terms of jobs, earnings potential, etc.

    I agree that life for red-blooded men will become worse rather than better. Increasingly, it will become critical for players to develop their non-game aspects, such as wealth, to consistently attract quality women. For inveterate betas life will become positively hellish.

    PS. “Every single man in his 20s has heard of game and is familiar with its most basic tenets.”

    I doubt it. Would love to see some actual polling on this, but it goes against my anecdotal experience. I live in a place where there are many young singles, and I estimate that the percentage of guys who know something about game is on the order of 10%, maybe 20% at most. I would of course appreciate other observations on this matter. Furthermore, a large percentage of those who do know about it say that it doesn’t work, implying that it’s something they tried once or twice, didn’t succeed with, and then dismissed as a scam.

    PSS. I’m going to Washington in a week. That will be a tough nut to crack by all accounts.

  • anti-FB

    while social networking is on the rise, I am one of those guys who actually refrain from using them for social purposes. It is more useful for work, but no, it won’t get me laid.

  • heartiste

    if a girl asks you if you have game, and you tell her you don’t, she’s going to feel disappointed. maybe even cheated, if she slept with you. girls have hungry egos and like to think they inspire men to game them.

    so forget all that feminist drivel about “creepy” men running game. bottom line: chicks love to be ritualistically seduced.

  • Stuki

    US/Western Sexual dynamics over the past 50 years, have been about the female putting up “barriers”, and men trying to get past them, until they finally reach their destination.

    Game is, at least to a good extent, about men learning the tricks that reliably bust barriers. As more men learn this, in order not to be completely overran in some sort of gangbang, women must logically erect higher barriers. Which, for any man with a fixed level of barrier busting skills(game), makes things tougher. So his rational choice is to up his game, leading women to erect barriers that are yet higher……

    @54s points are mostly dead on. Blaming women for being whores in Sodom, is as silly as blaming them for being “prudes” in Taliban Afghanistan. Here as there, they are simply trying to get by. It was never within their nature, interest nor competence to build or maintain societies; their part has always been to bear, rear and care for those that do.

    Women never magically gave themselves the “vote.” Ignorant and gullible beta males got suckered into accepting that particular ploy; cooked by dark triad alphas to broaden their easy to sway power base. And neither are women in any position to force one hundred million beta males into what basically amounts to slavery, or at least indentured servitude, instead of simply waking up and realizing that an America with many, many more guys like Mohammad Atta and Tim McVeigh would be a vast improvement on the current dystopia, and probably a necessary waypoint on the road to something resembling a civilization again.

  • Chance

    The betas just need to nut up and lay it on these fatties as it should be.

    Fat/ugly girls hate alpha males because they know alphas don’t want to fuck them. They are virtually worthless to them and are treated as such. If betas could follow this type of value system, I believe our crises could be averted.

    Drop the pizza/ice-cream hun; otherwise, you aren’t getting fucked.

  • Rael

    On a topic completely unrelated to this post, but pertinent in general … (mentioning the CA North Coast farmers made me think of this …)

    I have heard Roosh opine frequently that alcohol is an essential element of bar game, & that even social smoking of tobacco may be helpful.

    I’ve not heard a word from Roosh on the use of marijuana in game.

    In large parts of the Western USA (California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada) marijuana is legal at the state level. Many European countries have legalized or decriminalized it also, at least of personal use.

    Yet I’ve never heard a word from Roosh on the uses of marijuana in game?

    In my world this is an intoxicant that comes with a built in venue change
    (like – “want to go *somewhere* & have a smoke?”)
    that enhances sexual pleasure & performance rather than numbing it out (like alcohol).

    Yet not a word from Roosh on the subject …
    What’s up with that?

  • Anonymous

    This makes total sense.

    It’s just like economics where there is no easy money.

    Once a new market is identified, actors crowd that market and have fierce competition.

    The advantage goes to the pioneer who discovers and exploits that market first.

  • Anonymous

    One thought I do have though is that a lot of men refuse to believe in Game at all.

    They don’t want to believe that women really are wired the way that are because it would cause desperation and bring home the reality of that they aren’t going to have an actual decent woman as their SO. I don’t think Game will become as popular as you think just because guys will be in denial.

  • Shit fat girls who think they’re hot say
  • Anonymous

    Roosh, you are wise.

  • The Glee Manifesto

    Combine this post with your last one,
    and you’ve got Hungry Man TV Dinner Game.

  • MeAgain


    “Tell no one in particular that you are sad, and you’re having a bad day? Hundreds more line up to offer uplifting messages of support.
    … the women get together at least once a month for an all-out, anything-goes session of nonjudgmental reassurances, 28-year-old Sarah Dotson said the evening quickly turned into “a total rager,” with the friends sharing excessive amounts of admiration, empathy, and encouragement for one another.”

    And this…ladies and gentlemen…is why women are way LESS likely to commit suicide. They have a support network that actually WORKS.

    Stop being jealous men, and try to incorporate some of the ‘sisterhood’ support system into your friendships. Less bragging, more bro-hugging.

  • Astounded

    @ #54

    Excellent points. Very astute observations and conclusions made.

    What is the benefit for girls in the West to be sweet, feminine, nurturing, etc when that gets them as used up and hurt as their more promiscuous, harder sisters?

  • Anonymous


    This kind of never happens to groups of guys.

    In fact, it’s just the opposite. Everyone sees how far they can get insulting their friends without someone blowing up and going apeshit.

    If you ever allude to another man being good looking you will be called fag, that’s a fact.

  • MeWantHoneyComb

    Thank the men who use game – and “MTV/BET/TV-Alpha” at that (i.e. fist-pumpers, bling-blingers, etc) – to get fugly chicks and then brag about how they’re such players. It happens constantly, especially in places like DC!

    Now it’s one thing if you’re trying to sleep with homely average looking chicks (and by that, I mean 3am booty calls that you wouldn’t dare be seen with in the light of day), but the average self-proclaimed “players” in DC use game to boost up the egos of fugly broads. You can recognize them because they are usually black guys who brag about fucking BBWs and bitches with busted faces, or beta white males who say they “game” chicks when in reality, it was their Capitol Hill/K St. Lobby job that got them attention to begin with.

  • onlydateforeigners

    Sadly some of the blame may have to be placed on us guys. It wasn’t until my divorce 3 years ago at 40, that I truly saw American women for what they are.

    My ex-wife was rude, ignorant, unfeminine, over-weight by like 40 lbs by the time of our divorce.

    American guys in general sadly will have sex with just about anything. We really need to stop doing that LOL

    We are not doing much to help our cause. I know it is hard out there, when 99 percent of the women are like my ex-wife.

    She was a real bitch. But had a group of friends all the same, they all ran around acting like they were super models.

  • onlydateforeigners

    I lived on the East Coast up until about 3 years ago, until I moved to Portland, OR.

    Women here are better than East Coast women, more sexual, granted the climate dictates clothing. Though when the sun comes out the women shed the flannel.

    Best thing out here, women are no where near as materialistic.

    On the East Coast, women always asked what do I do for a job? what did I drive? What part of the city did I live in? Questions all to determine my finances.

    I have never been asked if I have a job or car by any women here. LOL

  • Orson

    I think you are wrong. Very few men actually accept Game, and even fewer do the work to get good at it.

    The Internet is still full of manginas and pedestalizers. There are also tons of men who foolishly ask women how to do well with women.

    Have men stopped buying dinners for women on first dates? No.

    Game has certainly not saturated the market (if it were, you would not have been listed by the SPLC).

    Also, while tons of women get approached, they wrongly think this means their chance of a husband is still high even at age 35. If anything, approaching tons of women sabotages them by lulling them into complacency and letting their youth slip away…

  • Orson

    To be clear, you are right about the effect of Facebook and 100% correct that it helps keep women on an ego high…

    But Game? Far too few men practice it for it to be something women are hip too.

    For one thing, no woman ever, ever, has described Game with an intelligent understanding of it. Have you ever met a woman who could teach a man Game, even if she were paid big bucks to do so? No.

  • Anonymous

    Go to San Diego! I guarantee it is not like this at all. The girls are smokin hot and crazy friendly…

  • Mike

    @33 Justice stfu justice, we travel to whatever country we will there’s nothing you and yours can do.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
    — Marilyn Monroe

    This quotation is always listed on ‘average’ girls’ facebook info page. I’ve rarely seen gorgeous girls put quotes on this. Projecting Marilyn Monroe’s beauty onto themselves.

  • Anonymous

    @82 YES! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen girls use that stupid quote. It was one of the reasons I deleted my FB.

  • Eurotrash


    Excellent, exactly my thoughts. The whole society is the problem, and the PUAs and playersonly accelerate the decay (guilty as charged of this myself to be honest). When women complain that there are “no good men left” they are somewhat true – most guys in America fall somewhere in the “noncommittal player” or “spineless whiny beta” category. Whether the woman that is complaining is actually worthy of a good man, well, that’s for another discussion…

  • Anonymous

    @54, @84

    This is really only true for girls rated 7 or lower. 7.5+ girls, especially those who are also smart, have no problem identifying the “upper beta” guys that represent their optimal mate.

  • Matt

    Dude, you are totally right !

    Girls validate the hell out of each other !

    Look at this beached whale.

    and every single comment from girls is how great she looks..Even from some girls who look (from their thumbnail pics) like they are not so fat themselves…

    Maybe guys should also be like that…We should all feel we are the kings of the world…Why dont we ?

  • Matt

    Sorry wrong link…

    This is the one i wanted to post..

  • Brad Smith

    I completely agree, facebook has inflated women’s ego’s. Well, just like the speculation and crash of the housing markets in 2008. Get ready for the great pussy crash. Women are validated for nothing these days. Oh, you ran 1 mile today, OMG you are the greatest most fit person in the world. That is all you see, one big circle jerk. Women today suffer from P.C.C.S, Pussy Cures Cancer Syndrome.

  • MC

    I was raised to be a nice, kind, and happy female. I did well being friendly and nice in my 20’s and dated infrequently. However I have noticed that many men avoid any commitment and relationship like it was the plague. I was always complimentary and supportive – but had been cheated on, turned down, stood up, and even stolen from by guys.
    So Men need to take some responsibility here too.

    I’ve had friends who were those fat, mean, ugly bitches (or even skinny and mean) and were jealous of why I picked up guys easier. I used to say “smile and be friendly” as I was always taught – but of course some women never get that.

    Men need to stop going out with the women that are mean and won’t give them the time of day – and be more picky. However, when they meet and date a nice girl who can cook, clean, dress up for a date, and put out….then please don’t treat her like shit. It makes many of us who started out being the nice girl, want to put up those walls and stop paying any attention to men in general.

    Basically no one is all right or wrong – but there are things both sexes could do to improve the dating environment in our country.

    My motto is to give respect and treat others how you want to be treated – unfortunately many women and men have lost that age old mentality. It is all about looking out for ME and not taking care of each other.

  • madmax

    even very attractive women….once you see them with morning hair, they lose at least 1 point, i.e. if she was an 8 in the evening, now she’s a 7

  • Pingback: Sa mai ridem putin bagind pustimea-n seama pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.()

  • Emily

    Dude the Onion is a fake/satire news site. Next you’ll be citing Christwire.

  • cc

    I don’t think the increasingly high standards of women has hit college yet, because I’ve seen plenty of occasions where guys who aren’t really good looking or aren’t in really good shape still able to pull decently attractive women, or even the occasional dime-piece.

  • Moose

    In response to Brad: This is what I’m hedging my bets on. I think the bulk of their ego reinforcement is from female friends and betas. The wimpy guys they don’t want, who are close to dropping out of the dating market anyway. When the supply of cock dries up, their standards drop and they start working on themselves. We see it with cougars working out and slutting it up, so its only a matter of time.

    in response to MC: Contrary to popular belief, most of the men here started like that. They’re only doing what’s in their own self interest, what they have to in order to survive. Many will be appreciative of a good woman. But you have a better chance of finding a unicorn in the US.

  • Ty5

    The problem is that you are SELECTING the wrong guys, for the wrong reason. “hotness” or “he’s funny” are not reasons to select a guy.

  • Harry Mann

    Actually had a office secretary at my new job who was about 5’2″ tall and about 185 Lbs. The woman managed to get married somehow or other and she was under the delusion that she was going to have me on the side. (Sorry, had to vomit in the waste basket for a minute.) This woman had less hair on her head than a crew cut would have afforded her. She claimed that she was athletic and a volley ball player. She was as round as a volley ball and she tried to be intimidating. I am not kidding you. She’d get into a sumo stance and put a scowl on her face from time to time. And she was insulting. It was clear to her that I wanted nothing to do with her, and hell hath no fury… Basically, she thought she’d cut me down to size through slights and insults, what she referred to as, “taking the piss out of you!” Now I knew if I gave her a taste of her own medicine she’d run complaining to my employer but it was worth it to call her a “lard ass”, because that’s all she was. She had gotten increasingly malicious because I didn’t put a stop to her shenanigans early on. Her complain to my employer was that I thought I was “morally superior” to her; because I hadn’t stooped to her level. She couldn’t take being called a “lard ass”, either. Fortunately, I had the goods on her and her fat ass was canned. There are women out here who are in excess of 200 Lbs., they look ugly as all hell, they sometimes have heads the size of large watermelon, but I swear to you they are waddling around with two or three children in tow. That means some sick bastard had to get up in between their legs and some poor doctor had to be present to deliver those babies. (I’ve got to get to a waste basket again, can feel more vomit coming up.)

  • Harry Mann

    As they say, a lot of sorry ass bastards out there are walking around with women in broad daylight who they never would have been caught dead walking out of a bar in the middle of the night with 10 years ago. Problem is, those fat cows are now their WIVES, so they have little choice! When I was very young, I used to do a lot of work for the old WWII vets. One of them told me off to the side that I should never marry. I didn’t ask him why. I did notice thought that all of these men would refer to their wife as “the boss”, and they would consult their wives about everything or simply say that she was in charge of the matter. The men didn’t speak much but their wives were very verbose. I got the feeling that the women had sucked the life out of a lot of these men and the men kept pretty quiet because they were feeling that anything they said would be contested by their wife. They were henpecked men. One man was actually sitting in a room all by himself staring at a wall. His wife told me he had a brain aneurism. I felt it was all along a continuum.

  • Harry Mann

    Women aren’t out for alpha male drug lords. Women know what they are worth and it isn’t much. The guys they are going for are scum buckets who have little or no self esteem. They are personalities in a pill. They use drugs in order to slip into their highly emotional limbic brains. Then these jack asses become as drama prone as young women. And the idiotic, drug addled or drunks these pricks date are addicted to drama. They may tell you the skateboard riding 27 year old male they are dating is alpha, they may suck him off because he’s got $60 worth of pills in his pocket, but come on, are you dumb enough to believe he is alpha in any sense of the word?

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    Why bother fucking with females at all? It’s increasingly an insane amount of work for obscenely little value

  • noah

    He probably dresses edgy, cares less than most, has a decent social circle and has the drugs/alcohol to top it off. That alone is better game than the average guy.

  • Buddy

    We can conclude that the problem is that men are beggars. If nobody dated a whale, they would not be aloof. But the one that doesn’t beg has the upper arm on the bargain.

  • Driver

    And we’ve all met (and dated) women like you (in our 20s) who probably picked the wrong type of guy (who treated you badly). They always say that the woman ‘chooses’ the man so I’m guessing you were choosing the wrong type as well? I know a couple of times (in my 20s) that I was all of these things to a women: kind, funny, complimentary..and had a good job but I was passed over for the unemployed guy who smoked weed all day or the asshole who’s daddy had a lot of money.

    Both of these guys probably got you, banged you and then dumped you (or just kept you around while cheating on you with a side girl (very common). You picked them.

    I don’t mind taking responsibility for my actions, it’s the women who have trouble being held accountable for anything at all, today.

  • Driver

    So woman are ’empowered’, strong and independent (when it suits them) but, again, we are hearing that men (always the problem) are doing nothing to discourage it?

    THE REMEDY: I’ve always found that the best person (or people) to discourage a behavior (or give advice) is often the very people in the community…in this case it would be other women.

    It’s going to take women discouraging other women before anything will change…remember these people think that men are the enemy (not going to listen to us). These comments are, again, putting all of the blame back on men and letting women off of the hook (again).

    That’s always the case….instead of calling out women when they are drunk and on the ground (like men would do with men) we simply give them a pass and say women are freedom seekers, or empowered…..or whatever nonsense is being passed around at the time.

    Men didn’t create this problem and men can’t fix it….it’s going to take women holding other women responsible (and accountable) before we’re going to see any changes.

  • Driver

    Agree…and speaking of running. I have never seen so many fat ‘runners’ in my life. I remember a time when runners were skinny (like skinny they need to eat something). Now, we have these “runners” who look like they ate everything!

  • Driver

    I disagree. I think it’s going to take women shaming other women to fix things. Too many women are finding some of these things ‘acceptable’ because other women don’t call them out. You shouldn’t be proud of being fat. It’s one thing to have a little weight on…it’s quite another to be loud and proud about it.

    Women need to call out other women for their behavior.

  • Driver

    Yep, that does seem to work like a charm. A few of us older guys remember that…it’s called honesty.

    And they all seem to need a does of it lately. If you see a woman walking around somewhere, then stop her and give her a fine dose of it.

  • RebelAlliance

    Agreed, though game knowledge is more widespread than 10-12 years go, it’s discovered by a tiny tiny fraction of the total male population. From that minuscule population, an even tinier portion actually practice game with any regularity to get good at it (and we all know it’s a tough skill to acquire if you are not a natural so regular practice over prolonged period of time is necessary). The rest of the article is spot on.

  • RebelAlliance

    Most guys will deny or just give up after dabbling in game and getting a few blowouts. Guys who game, and do it seriously, are definitely among the elites who are willing to endure rejection, ego bruising, discomfort, and a lot of social pressure to get good. Most dudes just give up after a short stint.

  • RebelAlliance

    I’d say 5% guys maybe heard of game and way less than 1% actually regularly practicing it. All anecdotal evidence of course.

  • RebelAlliance


  • Jones

    This is it. We can outsurvive this, but they cannot. We will certainly not survive it unscathed, because older men will then be competing with younger men for the same women. …Yeah, actually that seems to completely ruin it. Still, it might be enough to get that younger generation of women to settle early, leaving some men out in the cold – but then the lesson will be clear for future generations. And those men will still be better off than the women who got left high and dry.

  • Emily

    While this may seem “overconfident” to you, it looks to me like women are just taking advantage of thirsty men (for example, men on a website exclusively talking about how to get girls to like them and discussing why they don’t, 24/7), and thirsty men are angry because they fall for these women every time and can’t seem to move on with their lives (for example, getting a hobby or spending time with their family, rather than throwing tantrums about how they didn’t like the woman that rejected them anyways!, etc). When women are sick of having to humor you by listening to your “game”, they’ll settle down with the marriage-material guy they’ve always wanted to end up with.

  • Thought Police

    Tinder and OKC are huge part of it. We swipe right about 80% of the time, they swipe right about 5% of the time. After that it’s simple Keynesian economics – supply and demand. Where we see barely bangable (much less marriage or even relationship material) in the dregs of our Tinder matches the girls see the Ryan Goslings. (the abundance of whom lulls the 5’s and above into conflating Gosling attention with Gosling affection)

  • Thought Police

    I hate blaming the victim, but the only ones who can stop that is us by shaming women and telling them it’s not okay to do that. Any girl who does that to me i text “i was talking to a friend and he said you did the same thing to him” They always text back “who?” or “which one?” never “sorry” implying 1. they do it regularly and 2. they only care about the fact they were caught NOT the fact that they wasted my time / energy.

  • BlingSco