Is Internet Game Hurting Men?

I can no longer deny that internet game is becoming an important and often principal source of bangs for many American men. Consider that there are men who get more notches than me every year from the internet alone but can’t make a day approach to save their life. They are successfully using a new technology to solve the old problem of getting laid.

But there is no free lunch—you must give up something in order to gain something. In exchange for gaming on the internet, men lose several masculine skills that players a half generation before them still retain:

  • They become more slavishly dependent on technology
  • They become copy-and-paste automatons
  • They have lower confidence since they never developed the proper ball size to cold approach women
  • They become more dependent on their looks to build initial attraction, meaning it will be hard for them to score higher than their appearance
  • They remove a big chunk of the pleasurable hunting aspect of game, making it more about the singular sex act

I’m not saying that internet game doesn’t take some game for you to be successful, since you definitely have to know what you’re doing on the first date, but we have to be honest that gaming a girl who already pre-screened you on the internet after you paste her your favorite clown lines is not the same as gaming a girl you just approached. The manual gamer has more skills that allow him to instantly succeed in any environment, while the internet gamer needs a smartphone and computer before he can put in his attempts, especially if internet game is not merely a supplement to his night or day efforts.

Several years ago, when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire got caught using steroids, some commentators asked if an asterisk should be by their name when it came to publishing home run records. I wonder if internet gamers should have such as asterisk next to their notch counts. A guy who got 100 notches from day game and a guy who got it from Tinder can be so different in terms of skills and ability that the notch metric absolutely fails to offer any meaningful sort of comparison between the two men.

At the same time that I complain about the internet, I can’t deny the trend of Western society that promotes technological ease over real effort. If anything, internet game among men will only grow as the already technologically addicted post-millenials of today enter their 20’s. The cold approach will be seen as an archaic display of masculinity that feminist campaigns will label as “harassment,” one step away from criminalization. Soon we may not have a choice but to use internet game to meet women. If I had money to invest in game stock, I would put most of it in the internet and day sector while shorting the night sector.

Until technological singularity is realized, I’m skeptical about internet game, even though I dabble on Badoo from time to time. For better or worse, nothing makes me feel more masculine than walking out of my dwelling with zero prospects and finding a juicy deer that I shot and dragged back home. Internet game is like hunting that deer after it got drunk on fermented nectar that fell from its favorite tree. Sex is still sex either way, and this could just be my ego talking, but the hunt that takes place before is important to me, and anything that reduces that tension and action should be minimized.

By saying all this I feel like a senior citizen complaining about kids who walk on his lawn, but such is the case with incredibly rapid changes we’ve seen to game in only a decade, mostly thanks to technology. Nonetheless, I prefer to game the old fashioned way.

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