Is It Time To Make A Truce With Men’s Rights Activists?

The beef between myself and MRA’s go back a long way. They have been the first to shame game tactics as “manipulation” while I repeatedly criticized them for being more focused on begging authority figures for rights and benefits instead of adjusting to modern-day realities by taking on the path of self-improvement. At the same time, they do understand the problems that are posed by feminism, so we’re not polar opposites on the ideological spectrum.

Last week I did a friendly video chat with prominent men’s rights activist Karen Straughan, who has perhaps done more than anyone in the movement to publicize men’s rights issues. Here’s the video recording:

While I don’t think their cause should be merged with ours, I’m failing to see the need for us to attack each other out of petty differences or boredom. For this year I would like to establish common ground with the men’s rights movement and maintain a civil dialogue, though I don’t see myself using their methods of petitioning the state for changes or adopting the tactic of painting men as victims who desperately need government help. We will likely never be best friends, but I hope at least we won’t be bitter enemies.

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