Is RSD Hurting Young Men?

For the longest time I thought that Washington DC was the capital of PUA culture in North America (alongside Los Angeles), but I hadn’t yet been to Toronto. Hands down, I’ve never seen so many PUAs in my one week visit there than I have in my entire life. There are Toronto bars where you can find over two dozen PUAs working simultaneously to approach every single woman in the bar in rapid succession (go to Madison Avenue Pub on Thursday night to see what I mean).

I’ve already chronicled how Western society is making it hard for men to have normal relations with women, let alone get laid with someone who is of at least their equal. In Toronto, the odds are even further stacked against men: women of low quality are actually more difficult to bed than in Washington DC. It’s the only city I’ve been to where the girls are more concerned with getting late-night food than getting men. For thousands of guys in Toronto, the solution to this problem is adopting the RSD style of game, which is approaching on a mass scale.

RSD, or Real Social Dynamics, is a PUA company that was popularized in the book The Game. About eight years or so I was invited to review a workshop they had in DC. All I remember is that the instructors, specifically Tyler, approached a lot. I thought I approached plenty but these guys took things to a level I hadn’t seen. I saw them approach girls with guys, girls sitting down at tables, and other scenarios that had a low probability of success. They didn’t care.

You quickly learn that one of the main tenets of RSD is to spam approach. They push you to approach every single available girl just to lose the fear of approaching, and even if the girl isn’t feeling you or showing signs of disinterest, you must “plow” through as if her response doesn’t matter. Then after doing 1,000 or more of these, you will be a master player. Their instructors, whose skills I don’t doubt, have dedicated their lives to approaching to such an extent that compared to them I’m a mere hobbyist.

In Toronto I met a college kid who reads my work. Him and his crew are plugged into RSD teachings and we got the opportunity to talk about the RSD style of game that has taken over Toronto. He told me that to get laid in Toronto you need to spam approach until you get lucky with a girl where you aren’t cockblocked by the “mother hen” dominated social circles. RSD also encourages guys to approach full time by doing it daily, hitting astonishingly high approach counts each week. I had trouble believing that for many guys, this is what game has been reduced to.

When I left Toronto, I completely understood why there is a “PUA Hate” culture: RSD is teaching guys to interact with a high number of girls in uncomfortable situations, training them to dislike and eventually hate the process of getting laid. They’ve created mindless approach machines who regularly get kicked out of night spots and stopped by security in malls. The burnout is so high and the upheaval to the self of an RSD student is so extreme that many become game denialists for life, and are actually less likely to succeed with women had they adopted a more balanced approach to getting laid.

In my Roosh Program post, I advocate doing cycles of 100 approaches. Yes, that is a lot of approaches, suggesting that a numbers game is definitely involved, but you have to work on yourself, too. You have to lift weights, read, and take on interesting hobbies. You have to improve your overall social skills instead of merely ignoring women’s responses. You must constantly measure your results and reflect on what you’re doing. Compare that to my reader who considers a “warmup” to be 10 approaches in the first 15 minutes of entering a club.

Another RSD student did a “30 day challenge” where if he didn’t get laid with going out in that month, he would sleep on the street with homeless people. RSD students have quit their jobs to focus on approaching full time. It seems like the goal is to get a guy to lose his identity in a program that either turns him into a disgruntled hater or a guy whose only skill at life is approaching. It’s no surprise that RSD is often compared to a cult, with Tyler their leader.

I have a 16-year-old brother. I’ve started introducing him to some game techniques, but the main area I’ve been helping him with is weightlifting. The other month he happily emailed me when he did one rep on the bench at 165 pounds, something I didn’t do until I was 22. I’m also teaching him about ramble and how to elaborate his replies when talking to girls instead of giving short answers. But would I tell him to approach nonstop? To “plow”? No, because I don’t want him to hate interacting with women, the inevitable result of doing what RSD teaches. If he tells me one day that he found out about RSD and is trying one of their programs, I’d fly back to the States to run an intervention. If my teachings are like smoking a joint, RSD is like shooting heroin.

While Toronto, DC, feminism, smartphones, and so on are making it harder for men to land women, is being an autistic approach robot the best answer? The irony of the RSD system is that it’s so time intensive that it would actually be easier just to learn the guitar and start a local band to bang groupies. We now live in a time where many guys think the best answer to getting laid is to be a human spammer instead of a good man, and maybe in the end they’re right. RSD is simply a male response to all the Torontos of the English-speaking world.

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