Is Your Game Sustainable?

Most of the game advice you read on the internet, especially from PUAs, is not sustainable. Gurus are teaching you how to get results that can only come from dozens of hours a week into approaching and dating. Many professional PUAs that I’ve met approach more women in a day that casual players do a month. This experience has given them powerful insight and knowledge into the female mind, but also makes it almost impossible for a man with other time commitments to match their level (consider that RSD used to urge men to quit their job in order to approach). 

I have not hidden the amount of effort the game requires, and have declined to sugarcoat my results in order to make myself look better. I understand that typical men, even those who are dedicated, won’t come close to putting in the amount of work that I have. Therefore their results may not reach the same level as mine. This could lead to bitterness and skepticism, both of my teachings and character. The sexual results of a man who has been in the game for 13 years may even seem unbelievable to someone who has yet to approach a woman. For most men, game is seen as nothing more than a fantasy, and for others, a short-term adventure like you can watch in the movie Goonies.

A good example of unsustainability is the one-night stand. I strongly advise men to push for this, but for you to get consistently good at it, you need to put in the work (it took me over a year of approaching until I got my first one). You also have to be a night owl who has a tolerance to alcohol. Even if you have all the required traits, there is still a small window of age when you’ll be able to go for them; the late-nights and body toil will eventually become tiresome. Every man will get to the point where he rather get a number and go home to sleep then try to get lucky.

Another example of unsustainability is 10 approach nights. As you get older, your standards shoot up, so soon you don’t even notice ten girls in a club that you want to talk to, preferring maybe only two or three. You will obviously get lower results from such a decrease in attempts made.

I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t pursue one-night stands and do ten approach nights, but that you won’t be able to do them forever. Once your prime game years are spent, is there a sustainable program you can pursue that keeps your sexual variety high? One possible answer is doing one approach a day. With such little labor each week, taking 20-60 minutes a day depending on the weather, you should be able to have an interesting sex life that isn’t burdensome on your work and fitness schedule. It will be very hard to burn out from one approach a day.

This summer I went through a period where I loathed night game. Luckily, I day gamed for years, so I only had to make minor adjustments so the sex spigot wouldn’t be turned off. Things would have been much more difficult if I had not had this day game skill to back me up during my night game break.

I wholeheartedly encourage intensive learning, of partying multiple times a week, of 10 approach nights, of 4 hour day game sessions, of 100 approach campaigns, but you have to understand that these activities have a built-in expiration date. What will you do after? Settle with any girl? Get married?! This is unacceptable to me. You must instead have the awareness to prepare for a future level of activity that still gives you an acceptable success rate. Therefore don’t get too attached to your night game results.

When you’re partying at night with your boys, getting fast bangs, understand that these times will end. Casually work on your day game backup now so that you are better prepared for its arrival. Otherwise you will panic, settle for a girl you shouldn’t, and get stuck, putting a stain on what I hope will be a long and successful game career.

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