It Doesn’t Matter If She Orgasms Or Not

I used to try to last as long as possible in bed. I wanted to make sure the girl got hers before I got mine, and the reason I did that was because I thought she would be attracted to me more and want to see me again.

My former brand of condom made it very hard for me to ejaculate. I’d be pumping away for more than twenty minutes until she just got tired and then I would lay in bed with a heavy set of balls. Sometimes she’d finish me off with her mouth but sometimes not, and I remember times I had to go home and jerk off after having sex. It was humiliating.

Eventually I found out about thin condoms and blasting was no longer a problem, but I had to think of baseball or organic chemistry so I could at least hit the respectable 12 minute mark. I knew how to hold my orgasm by squeezing my pelvic muscles and would do that if I thought I didn’t go long enough, even though it would eventually result in a pitiful orgasm.

Gradually I just stopped caring, and soon everything I did in bed was for my pleasure only. The only reason I’d delay orgasm is to make mine better, and I pretended I don’t hear her the first time she told me to drill slower or not to go so deep. I did whatever I wanted because I came to value my orgasm as sacred, and her pleasure as second to mine.

Do you want to guess what happened?

Nothing. Nothing happened. Girls didn’t want to fuck me more, they didn’t want to fuck me less. Not caring about their sexual pleasure had no effect on repeat calls and repeat sex.

For guys all that matters is the end, but for girls it’s the process. As long as she gets into it and can say, “I’m getting fucked good and this feels great,” then you’ve done your job. Sure if you make her orgasm on demand you’ll definitely hear from her again, but it’s not necessary and just too complicated to worry about. Keep in mind some girls barely know how to make themselves orgasm!

Every now and then I get a feeling that I gave a girl an orgasm, but I can never be sure because I don’t ask.

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  • R. Mutt

    I’ve noticed that I cum quickly when I fuck ugly Chicks 5-6 and can hold of a good 10-20 minutes longer when I’m I to the chick. I’m beginning to wonder if my dick has a mind of its own. With the ugly girl he’s trying to get this shit over and done with, but with the attractive girl that’s fun to be around and good in bed he wants it to last much longer.

    That said, what was your former brand of condoms? Can’t always fuck 7-9s right.

  • adrock

    I think this is something every guy (read: non-beta) learns eventually. I feel this idea of putting your own pleasure ahead of others can be extrapolated to many other facets of life as well. You’ll find yourself the most successful and happy, by whatever standards you set, when you put your pleasure above others people’s.

  • Grimy

    Condoms usually make me go limp…but if the girl has a beautiful body and smells good AND has a SEXY MOAn..I can probably pull up a nut or two with a condom. If not, I have to cheat and pull the condom down a little so I can trick myself into thinking I’m going raw, then when my balls tense up and I feel the rumble of a nut coming on, I pull the condom off and glaze her.

    Grimy’s last blog post: I CALLED THE WAITRESS!.

  • Lemmonex

    “Every now and then I get a feeling that I gave a girl an orgasm…”

    If you don’t know, she didn’t. It always shocks me when guys ask. Dude, you would know. Not that this concerns you, but…

    Lemmonex’s last blog post: Cuts Like a Knife.

  • dchero

    I’ve found that getting her almost there and not letting her get it has a powerful effect on the female phyche that can best be described as a mix of confusion, anger, and love. I’d highly recommend it because of its entertainment value.

    dchero’s last blog post: My To-Do List.

  • rdj

    Totally agree. If a girl can’t sort herself out then she’s got some issues. If she wants to bring herself off she can pin me down and ride me like a pony all the way to alabama if shes wants – otherwise she’s getting done my way 😀

  • virgle kent

    what happens if you pass out on top of her because the room starts spinning? So you don’t remember if she got one or not…. wait what?

  • Roc

    VK, that “wait what?” thing gets funnier every time you do it. You should consider ending every sentence you mean to be funny that way, so we know we’re supposed to laugh.

  • DF

    If I want to keep her in my orbit I will shoot for the orgasm. It ain’t that hard to tell if she’s had one.

  • anon

    If you can’t tell if she’s had an orgasm, you’re obviously not very talented, and I doubt you’re able to give a woman one anyway!

  • roissy

    one guaranteed way to tell if she came… her love juice shoots out 3 feet!


    roissy’s last blog post: Decivilizing: Human Nature Unleashed.

  • Jewcano

    Virgle, your problem is, you need to stop having sex in the back of a van.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: The Left-Wing Mindset.

  • condoms

    So Roosh – what’s the fabulous brand of condoms you’re using now? I must give them a try…

  • chloe

    I doubt that not asking if a woman orgasms is a fantastic move.

    Many chicks aren’t as concerned about orgasms as their partners, as you said, but if you ask, it’s a little thing that usually impresses girls. I know that when a guy asks me if I have, it makes me feel a lot of attraction towards him… just the idea that he is thinking about me and wants to sexually satisfy me makes me feel very warm and receptive to him.

    If not, yeah, I might call back, it depends. But the odds are in your favor if you act like you care (even if you don’t).

    And you will meet girls who don’t enjoy sex unless they orgasm…but 9 times out of 10 she won’t tell you about it, so there’s no way of knowing. If you don’t ask, she’s not going to come out and say it — most of us don’t want to embarrass you or make things awkward.

    Sex that makes me come running back for more is about wanting to please each other, in addition to yourself — I’ll be more likely to try out something kinky that I might not enjoy so much if a guy is genuinely interested in hitting all the right buttons instead of getting off and rolling over.

    I’m not trying to call anyone out, but it’s just something to think about… something that a girl might not tell you in person.

  • skadanks

    The best condoms from I hear and read are Japanese condoms. I heard that the Okamoto Crowns are the closest you can get to having nothing on without having nothing on. I recently ordered a box, so I can’t wait to try for myself.

    As for the topic at hand, I absolutely love giving women orgasms. Why wouldn’t I? I get off hearing them scream, hyperventilate, claw and the feeling of their wet vagina’s squeezing tight around your rod as they climax. What’s not to love? I’d give her 10 orgasms an hour if I could. I can only imagine what a female orgasm feels like because I know I don’t do any of that crazy stuff when it’s my moment to pop.

  • David Alexander

    For guys all that matters is the end, but for girls it’s the process.

    After reading this sentence and the rest of the paragraph, I somehow became light-headed and was unable to think. Curse women and their useless sex drive. As far as I’m concerned, the process is a pointless waste of energy and time, and the orgasm should be everything.

    Another win for jerking-off…

    David Alexander’s last blog post: The Little Railfan.

  • Peter

    I had to think of baseball or organic chemistry so I could at least hit the respectable 12 minute mark

    Hey, it’s better than thinking about your grandmother naked or something.

  • Roosh

    I used to use Trojan but they broke often
    Then I found out about Durex Extra Sensitive.. slight improvement
    But now I’m a Trustex man. Extra Large. I buy it off in packs of 100, a two month supply

    My condom:

  • Young Adventures

    Right on. I used to worry that I wasn’t giving girls orgasms, but as I’ve hooked up with a few girls since then that get themselves off just riding dick I’ve realized

    a) i’m going to make sure I get myself off, you can too
    b) it’s hard to tell, and i sure don’t care enough to ask
    c) it doesn’t matter anyway

    gotta look into the condom thing

    Young Adventures’s last blog post: More Sex!.

  • condoms

    Thanks for the condom suggestions Roosh and skadanks. Has anyone tried the Crown Skinless Skin condoms? They sound like good times from condomdepot’s site, though some said they were slightly snug. Since I am big like a pringles can, I might have to go with Roosh’s XL condom suggestion. Hmmmmmm….

  • todd hackett

    (re: the last comment)– why not just use a Pringles can? wait what

  • jaakkeli

    Peter: Hey, it’s better than thinking about your grandmother naked or something.

    Yeah… she probably has a glorious natural pelt.

  • just a girl lolerskates
  • The G Manifesto

    I think this is very true (girls having orgasms and all), especially with “common every day 9 to 5 girl”.

    Real sexually liberated girls, and girls with big mouths (so to speak) you better regulate.

    – MPM

    The G Manifesto’s last blog post: Puerto Rico VS Mexico Boxing Rivalry.

  • Trotter

    Making sure she’s getting off only matters in long term relationships (like being married) because you live and hear about that shit.


    Chloe, I care. Let’s do it.

  • Anonymous

    “But now I’m a Trustex man. Extra Large. I buy it off in packs of 100, a two month supply.”

    Wow. Someone sounds beta.

  • J.Woods

    I hate condoms. She hates condoms. Luckily you can tell if a girl is clean by her zodiac sign.

    J.Woods’s last blog post: Tactless Little Girls.

  • Anonymous

    wow- these poor girls you speak of must be desperate. coming from a woman, seriously, hang it up bro.

  • z.g.

    Orgasms are in the woman’s head.

    and we know what a mess that is.

    Possibly, barring your passion for cumming in seven seconds, everything else you do for your pleasure, she will like too, even if it is just due to you showing dominance.

    Some idiots disguised as females take a man trying to please them as a sign of weakness, that is another issue.

  • Anonymous Boyfriend

    1. I believe there is nothing wrong with asking whether she came. It shows that you want her to feel the pleasure you did, plus it’s a great confidence booster if she says “Yes, I did”. It is not a big deal if she says “No, I did not” either; most girls can still experience great sex without having an orgasm and besides, the female orgasm is much more psychologically driven than the male orgasm.

    2. It’s really a wonderful thing if you’ve got her heels over your shoulders, hitting the good old G-Spot and she actually starts crying in orgasm. There was no pain involved, I made very sure of that, she was just completely overwhelmed by emotion/pleasure.

    3. I have always been called a very considerate lover. I try to stay in tune with her and “listen” to what her body says it wants me to do; this always makes for great sex and the rewards are plentiful. As a last thought, if she gets involuntary muscle spasms and if her nipples go soft right afterwards the chances are very good that she came; very difficult for a woman to fake that.

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  • Cetacea

    Really? Do you guys really believe that all that matters to us women is “the journey”? Haha, fuck no. I want to get off just as bad as men do.

    Those girls saying that “it’s the journey that matters” have probably never had an orgasm and just gave up without even trying.

    It’s not hard at all to get a girl off, jesus christ. JUST ASK HER. If she isn’t retarded or doesn’t have a nonexistent libido, she will most likely know how to get an orgasm.

    I know exactly how to get pleasure from my body, and I make sure that my man does too. Oh, and if he doesn’t give a crap about me in bed? Dumpsville it is.

    Interesting how some women actually put up with this “alpha male” crap I see everywhere. Way to fool men into thinking being a jerk is cool and manly.

  • Stacey Dawn

    Its not that women dont care if we dont orgasm. Of course we love it. But for women, we love sex for the intimacy. We love the feeling of having having our man inside of us. We just love the closeness. Now, if you are in a long term relationship and are not making your girl orgasm, that may be a problem in the long run.

  • Stacey Dawn

    we dont absolutely HAVE to get off the way you guys do to enjoy sex. like I said, we just enjoy the intimacy. but if you wanna make a girl cum, you gotta press our buttons. lick our nipples, rub our clits while you fuck us as hard as you can. tell us we are just absolute godesses. yep… thats the way to do it.

  • Kate

    I’m not going to fuck a self centered guy. I’ll get him off but he better be prepared to show me a good time back. Otherwise its not gonna happen.


    Haha i could give a rats ass what anyone thinks, its just not as fun if i can’t make her squeal like a piggy and shake like a leaf mmmmm but sometimes its a more gruelling task than i signed up for. but in the end as long as no ones dead… its aaaaaalright.

  • George

    I disagree completely with this Roosh. Beckster once said to me that he found the best way to get a girl obsessed with you is to give a girl orgasms.

    So many can’t experience them with a guy, and when you give it to them, it’s like crack – they’ll need to keep coming back for more.

    Hearing a girl breathless and gasping “the things you do to me” or “where the hell did you learn that” is one of the most gratifying things in the world.

  • Anonymous

    Giving a woman an orgasm is incredibly easy. Apparently you suck at sex as much as you do at life.

  • zevrix

    “For guys all that matters is the end, but for girls it’s the process.”

    Umm… Roosh is undoubted genius but this is plain wrong. Maybe for SOME guys. To me, the process is the most important thing.

    (don’t ask me what’s that thing in the end)


  • Anonymous

    I find it very easy to give my girlfriend an orgasm every time we have sex. And I don’t even have a dick.

  • Anonymous

    not caring about her orgasm changed absolutely nothing? Wow, as for me a self absorbed lover is boring. My boyfriend is about to lose me permanently because he makes zero effort to satisfy me. Juxtapose, my last boyfriend could actually cum while going down on me which made me stay for 4 years despite his personality issues.

  • madmax

    right on, Roosh. Who gives a shit if she orgasms, or not. What matters is that YOU had fun. I started doing this a while ago. This is one of the best things I have learned. It has even happened that I had a dead fish, because I wasn’t turned on, even though the girl was attractive. But I didn’t give the slightest fuck. It’s not that I said or thought ‘fuck her, I don’t care’. It’s like it didn’t even register at all. Come to think of it, no woman deserves that level of thoughtfulness about lasting longer, etc. A woman deserves just to be fucked, not loved, or ‘cared for’. I am not being hateful, I truly don’t care. Isn’t it written anywhere that a man has to last 10 minutes, 20, 30, etc, it’s just bullshit that women themselves want us to believe. Just empty your balls and smile, brother.

  • madmax

    ’46 Anonymous’

    ”which made me stay for 4 years despite his personality issues”

    there goes another silly bitch who’s not responsible enough to say ‘ -I- stayed because (I was attracted to him/ wanted to take it up my ass/etc).

    Of course, it’s HIS fault why SHE stays. What, does he ties you up with a ball and chain and fucks you in the basement?

  • EE girl

    Well, I think it’s obvious you are a bad lover. It does matter to a girl if she orgasms or not. It matters a lot. Girls who say it doesn’t matter just love their man who sucks at sex. I’ve been there too, really in love with a guy who was a nice guy but selfish in bed. I kept saying orgasms don’t matter because I loved him. But after that I met a guy (without much experience) who was a really devoted lover, he was everything but selfish in bed and cared about my pleasure. He was a really nice guy too. Well, after having sex with him and experiencing great orgasms and mind-blowing sex every time, I now know for sure orgasms do matter. But many men are selfish in bed (the same men complain that American women don’t want to sleep with them and that some girls are not easy enough for them) and will never get this great sex. I really don’t get it – you go to many countries with better women (according to your words), feel happy that women treat you better (your subjective opinion) but treat those same women like shit.
    I can always tell if a guy is good at sex or not. I’m pretty sure Roosh is a boring lover.
    So that’s a sex tourist. He goes to different countries to sleep with women and leave them without even giving them pleasure. Please, please, don’t come to Eastern Europe. There are enough selfish Eastern European guys (of course, many nice guys as well, like everywhere), we don’t need the worst Western men trying to get laid with us. I think more Eastern European women should see this web page, it will be an eye opener (no, Eastern European girls will not feel flattered).
    Girls, no matter where you are from – learn how to recognize selfish guys who only care to add you as number 77 in their book. Don’t waste a second of your life with such guys. If you want casual sex, casual relationships, committed relationships – that’s all fine. But be sure to choose the right guy (and the right guy is not a sex tourist). If you will have nothing but sex with a guy no matter for how long, be sure that the sex will be good before you engage in it. No woman deserves bad sex). And it’s very easy to tell which guy is good and which guy sucks. The guy who is considerate, who puts in effort in you, who looks at you with admiration in his eyes is the one who can give you the time of your life in bed. Doesn’t matter if it’s for a night or for a lifetime. Don’t choose douchebags. The good guy will make you feel like a woman, will make you feel desirable and adored. Don’t help guys like Roosh increase their success rate with women.

  • Lisa

    I wonder if you still think this way. This post just goes to show, more now that I’m older than ever, that you had (maybe still have) no idea what good sex is. It’s pretty sad.

  • better than you

    madmax. it’s so sad and so easy to see right through you. the attempts you make at seeming to not give a shit and calling women bitches just shows that you’re incredibly vulnerable and weak and have most likely been trampled by women in the past. because NO ONE acts the way you do unless they’ve been hurt and are putting up a front to act hard and tough. give it up. it’s not working for you. and most men i know who are truly confident, manly men, would never think you’re cool by the way you talk. you sound like a total douche. by the way, talking about emptying your balls is truly disgusting. ick.

    this post makes me THRILLED that i’m a lesbian. i used to love casual sex probably just as much if not more than the men on here. but i’ll tell you this: i can get any woman off in less than 5 minutes max (and get her off multiple times) AND still get mine. it’s so simple and it just shows how plain inadequate all of the men on this site really are. not only that, but it’s pitiful you resort to ridiculous explanations and crazy rationale behind your inadequacies. insane shit like “women don’t care.” is this really what you’ve had to tell yourself? rather than just learn how to be good in bed, you come up with off the wall bullshit to tell yourself to justify it? like you think it makes you look manly? if you were good in bed, you wouldn’t have to come up with these ridiculous explanations. and guess what else? women don’t need a dick to receive the best orgasm they’ve ever had in their entire fucking life. gasp! mind-blowing, i know!

    me personally, i’ve settled down and am in a relationship now with a girl who’s never been with a woman before. and guess what else is a first for her? experiencing an orgasm. how sad is that? no man has ever cared or was adequate enough to get her off. and you guys try to pretend like this is intentional? really? has it gotten so bad to where men are so poor in bed, they seriously have to start this rumor that it’s ON PURPOSE?? we know that’s just a cover for being shit in bed. believe me. the first time my girl and i had sex she busted out laughing after she got off and said “holy shit! i can’t believe i wasted so much time on men!” in fact, she said she used to have to drive home and masturbate because her last boyfriend didn’t have a clue how to please her. she laughed at how bad he was. believe me, we may be nice to your face because that’s our nature, but trust that we make fun of your dumb asses and laugh at you when you’re not around.

    give up this macho act. it seriously makes you look like complete idiots. get a grip.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t ask how I found this site (a guy on a first date admitted he had been searching for tips on “The Game” discussion boards). I didn’t sleep with him–he was still too “beta.” Ha. Reading Roosh’s words with horror and fascination, agreeing with some things (it’s important for men not to get to hung up on rejection), and disagreeing with others (calling women animal names is really depressing). I’m also not sure a true player needs pointers like this–many of them get really good at giving head and leverage that. Some players don’t give a shit and just try to get off. If a girl is going to fall for an asshole, she can fall for either kind. Eventually, some women do tire of bad boys, just as some men tire of trying to be those men if it doesn’t come naturally. I still vote that the best sex is a mutual act, with orgasms for everyone, not a pump and dump. Otherwise, you might as well be masturbating.

  • fitnessbabe

    My husband showed me your 30 different types of pussy, and I thought that was funny but I am really having a hard time agreeing with other things you say in your posts. I look good and I don’t have to settle for crap. So, If I don’t orgasm because you so obviously just don’t care, bet your ass you will not be getting a repeat. I might even leave mid-session. If I can do a better job myself then whats the point? To up the number of people I slept with? I just don’t understand your thinking and how it would benefit you. My sex drive is high and I get off every time. It is the process and the end, if you are in a relationship. The end is all that matters if you are just screwing them. And I do mean for both people. You get what you give in my book. You give shit you get shit.

  • http://[email protected] Ann

    That stuff will never work on me. I will not do anything for a guy unless I get mine first. It can be fingering or him giving me oral. This is a fool proof way to always get an orgasm. If a guy doesn’t care, that is a deal breaker for me.

  • http://Jack Name

    Sounds like there are a lot guys that are bad at sex. One pump cumps or your dicks are too small to hit the g spot. Part of being a player is being great at it, so the girls beg me for more.

  • Jennifer

    If you did that to me, I would pull you out and leave. Thanks for sharing, I will make sure I get mine first in foreplay, then leave. I usually do that anyway. It’s fun getting what I want then leaving. The guy texts me next day or calls and I never text back. It’s great not giving men a taste of their own medicine.

  • condomoem

    I wonder if you still think this way. This post just goes to show, more now that I’m older than ever, that you had (maybe still have) no idea what good sex is. It’s pretty sad.

  • Anonymous

    Man, it’s not even that hard to make a girl cum. You can do it with your fingers. The girl is nice enough to fuck you and you won’t even do that little favor for her?

    I mean why even have the girl there then? If all you want is an orgasm you can just jerk off and save everyone the time and effort.

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  • johnwest

    I love reading Roosh’s articules but this one makes him sound like a gay faggot.
    The reason us guys fuck girls is to hear them scream and moan.
    I fucking love it when my girl screams my name,it makes me feel like im the fucking king and shes my bitch slave.
    Honestly,having a girl weak after sex is the biggest ego boost us guys can ever get.
    I don’t know about you anymore Roosh.
    You may be gay man. :/
    This crap sounds like a little gay faggot,seriously you just emasculated yourself like fucking big time with this one man.

  • I Feel Sorry For Roosh

    Wow, I felt sorry for you before. Now this just ruined my evening. If you one day meet a woman whom you fall in love with, and you are able to see past your narcissism your quality of life will increase.


    oh my god are you absolutely brainwashed by all this crap that you spout? just browse down the titles of your All Time Top 50 to the left; you look fanatical and ravingly obsessed, like a conspiracy theorist.

    OBVIOUSLY everyone likes to come,you felt humiliated and shit when you had to go home with heavy balls, why have you reached the conclusion that girls don’t care whether they get that glorious sex feeling that is common to us all, or a dull humping resulting in nothing but boredom?

    Just look at women as humans, and men as humans, I think you’ll have a better life. Stop agonising and pulling your hair out over what gender is, its whatever we make of it. Soon enough your position will be a small corner of the world crammed in with other angry men who aren’t able to see women as anything but holes and cooks because their identity is so desperately invested in what it means to be A MAN.

    Bah, you’re a stupid man on the internet, I’m a happy person in the world who can interact with people regardless of their gender but based upon their character, wit and intellect to paraphrase your sister-site. (Sorry, wanker-site).

  • mina

    Im a woman and I like this piece.
    For a woman our sexual urges is like a itch that needs to be scratched,and he is right.
    Most women feel satisfied with the process,thrusting is for women and the ejaculation is for men.
    By the way I don’t like to orgasm myself,its sometimes painful and makes my vagina raw because he went too long.
    I cant walk the next day,i have fertility issues,i mean for me to orgasm was too hve a high burning sensation after sex and instead of basking.I would be so miserable.
    I found thatnot orgasming left me way more satisfied and im even able to go to sleep happy with my man.When I wake up I feel happier and just like the luckiest girl in the world to cook and clean for my husband.
    Now clit stimulated orgasms are different,you should do those…..those are AMAZING!
    vaginal orgasms are painful afterwards.All my friends who have had an orgasm through sex have problems,serious vaginal problems.
    Women were meant to enjoy his thrusting,its pleasuring for women so they will want to have sex with a man again.Not orgasm
    Men were meant to ejaculate into his so she will become pregnant and its pleasuring for him as well.
    Well that’s just my body and my friends,i don’t know how other womens bodies work…but yeah..
    Women feel satisfied after sex even though they didn’t orgasm :)

  • ty

    “I can always tell if a guy is good at sex or not. ”

    That says everything about you.


    Aww Honney, there’s so much you don’t know about women…

  • Ty

    “tell us we are just absolute godesses. ”


  • Ty

    “Way to fool men into thinking being a jerk is cool and manly.”

    When the guy is getting laid regularly, how is that being fooled?
    Again, many MANY women say one thing and do the opposite.

  • Kingsley

    “Aww Honney”


  • Claire

    Haha, you’re so pathetic, dude!

  • blinky

    Hm, I can enjoy sex only when my woman get’s a lot out of it. I like her moaning and screaming.ming. I love to lick and comfort her for hours, every inch of her fabulous, sensitive body. And for that, I delay my own orgasm. Maybe I’m just an oral guy. Or a fucking, caring beta-male. 😉

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  • V12

    Man Roosh, you kick the realest s**** on game out there. Every concern and thought we go through you’ve got laid out here in a nice structure!

  • SomeOne

    Yes it shows she knows what a bad/lazy lover someone can be.

  • thepinch

    I had a bf 2 years ago who was a narcissist. Very good looking; great body; not terribly bright, and surprisingly pedantic in bed. Had no idea how to get me off. Never technically fucked him; you never know what you might catch. Amen.

  • matt

    Whatever. She isn’t your girlfriend lol. You are a pussy if you eat out a girl that you picked up from a party or something. I make my girlfriend cum every time we have sex because she is the only one I care about. The girls from the past just were to bust a nut.

  • truth

    i agree. to me its only is to hear them scream. if not might as well masturbated….

  • Paul

    Dude, there is something you don’t know about yourself…. YOU’RE FUCKING GAY! I always make sure to make my girl cum AT LEAST three times in foreplay! How come that you see someone THAT beautiful and you don’t want to satisfy her!? When she’s satisfied she will try her best to make YOU satisfied! YOU SHOULD call her and APOLOGIZE to her, and after your call, make sure to NEVER see her again because she surely doesn’t need someone like you in her life!

    And one more thing… Go get a dildo and play with it!

  • A

    ‘just to complicated too worry about’ ? Wow. Just wow. So because the girls don’t text you less after you only think about your own pleasure, you stop trying and be lazy and selfish. Caress her, please her, make her comfortable. Be a man for once. Not a little boys head attached to a dick.

  • SUPRA luca

    “Gay faggot” AHAHAHAHA! American males, always disgusting but funny creatures!
    The reason a lot of guys fuck girls is because they want intimacy as well. They want to pleasure their girls to make them feel good and because they love them, not everything is about ego for all males.
    And yes, most girls feel like YOU are their dog slave when making them orgasm, but I get your point.
    Emasculation is a lie, Americans, wake up. Most gay males are a lot more masculine than most straight guys – they show more courage to break the rules, they are confident in being themselves, they do not have to put other people down to feel powerful, like most of you gross American men have to do with women.

  • SUPRA luca

    Nah, just leave women for other women, then. Lesbians KNOW women deserve their big Os.
    I hope every woman you get (if you ever get one) pulls you out and leaves before you empty your balls, ahahaha! Or better yet, does not even engage in intercourse – just ask for you to give her head and that is all. In fact, if you give her head for over 5 minutes and she didn’t cum, that is because you suck too hard. You should just start sucking dick now. 😉
    American idiots, everywhere…

  • SUPRA luca

    Why not? Too vanilla for roleplaying, little boy?

  • SUPRA luca

    No, it is really in the body. The whole body. But of course you would never know and never experienced woman reaching orgasm next to you.

  • SUPRA luca

    That is true, most men don’t care about female pleasure and actually hope their moms got pregnant by a rapist.

  • SUPRA luca

    And you must be a less than 4… ahahaha! Disgustingly hairy and flabby like most American males, right?

  • SUPRA luca

    Eh. She SAID she stayed because he fucked her right, idiot.

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  • Ddouble

    You sound pretty beta there mate!

  • Guest

    I bet she really appreciates that

  • Jessica Thompson

    ” I pretended I don’t hear her the first time she told me to drill slower or not to go so deep.”

    Maybe this didn’t have an effect on what percentage of women wanted to sleep with you again, but I’d think it’d have a major effect on the *type* of woman willing to sleep with you again. A self-respecting, confident woman who cares about enjoying herself sexually and being treated right wouldn’t come back for more after that. A desperate woman using sex as a way to buffer her low self-esteem would come back, but other posts indicate that’s not what you’re looking for long-term.

  • eastwestbrainer

    Trust me, I laugh at stupid-ass girls with my friends too :)
    Behind their back, after acting like we thought they were cool

  • eastwestbrainer

    You might hope all that, but none of it will happen.

    We’ll just keep plowing and not caring.

  • Zaron

    Um, isn’t caring about her pleasure important for the process? And trust me, if you went down on her, and went down on her good, it’d make a difference.
    Finally, why do people say all guys care about is the finish? Stereotypes like this are harmful, and can lead woman to believe that so long as her partner orgasms, he’s satisfied. This isn’t always the case.

  • Zaron

    Oh one more thing. Maybe caring about only your own pleasure not making a difference is more indicative of your own skills?

  • Zaron
  • Zaron

    Yeah! You’re awesome!

  • Zaron

    Um, I don’t think you know how the G-Spot works. The G-Spot isn’t that far in, in fact it’s much easily stimulated by the fingers.

  • Zaron

    Obviously the reason it didn’t make a difference is because he’s such a bad lover in the first place.

  • Zaron

    Grandma does know best.

  • Zaron

    I’m the same.

  • eastwestbrainer

    But by your chronology, it sounds like it would ALREADY have happened!

    That’s my girl!


  • eastwestbrainer

    Wrong, it’s more that so few of you could ever deserve to hear me say that

  • Guest

    You say “Many,” I say “all”

  • eastwestbrainer

    All of us are rapists

    mother nature is a rapist

  • Lee Jd

    This is sad. You’re happy being shit in bed? You’re happy that you blow your shit after a few minutes and leave her to her own devices?

    You are a sad little person. Good luck keeping a girlfriend when she finds out you don’t give two shits about her physically.

    I love how you have a picture of a doll in a bed. Maybe you should stick with that. Just give it some realistic tits for you to squeeze, what would the difference be?


  • Dances With Wands

    Saying that for girls it’s the process that matters, not the end, may be true for those poor miserable ones who don’t orgasm very often, or at all. From the moment I learned how to reach an orgasm, it became all about the end result for me – or in most cases the many, multiple, end results. Those few seconds of one orgasm are infinitely better than 20 minutes of good, but mostly pointless, humping. Would I ever trade those precious seconds for an hour of enthusiastic drilling? Hells no. I’m actually very goal-oriented when it comes to sex (I’ll be hard pressed to come up with an object I adore more than the good old Magic Wand). Nope, it’s definitely not about the process, not for this girl!

  • Jessica

    I feel so embarrassed for you after reading this.

  • JenJenHawaii

    Wait Wait WAIIIIIITTTT……I am going to defend this post here a little bit. Now…I am a women, a hot one at that = D, and I have a boyfriend that knows how to make me cum, BUT and I say BUT, he fucks me SOOOOOOOOOOOO damn good, I mean really realllllly good, that I fucking forget about me trying to orgasm. For all you girls that NEED and WANT an orgasm every time, your man is not pounding that shit right. My dude leaves me weak and gives my vagina sensations that could equate to an orgasm. So no, this guy isn’t a bad lover, if he leaves his girls feeling good then great. After sex with my guy, I seriously don’t even regret not getting on top and riding him to get mines, or letting him work at it to make me cum. We flow when we have sex and the harder he gets from fucking me the way he likes, the more turned on I get and just get into it and if I cum I cum if I don’t I surely don’t remember even trying to because he pounds me so damn good. = )

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  • Priss

    I read many of your articles, and I thought to myself : “damn! Men became such whiners, are you blaming feminists for your mangina as well?” Easier to blame feminists than to have balls and man-up I guess… All I see here is a bunch of mamma’s boys complaining like sissies, probably most of them with low self-esteem(total turn-off, btw), ugly as fuck with a superiority complex : because hey, if I’m not charismatic, funny or good looking, I might as well convince myself and others I’m intelligent.” Normal women are attracted to men they admire, and fall in love with these great men, because yes, there are still a few of them left in this mess of a world, but not much, that’s why we stopped caring and started to fuck who we want when we want to, there are not many men left to respect and admire. People like you, such selfish little pricks in the world, little grains of sand in the ocean whining about women not liking him, so now his holy mission of retribution is to fuck them without caring…? Damn, you’re an evil genius!(not..) You seem intelligent, so do think you could put your energy into something more meaningful to humankind and stop that ridiculous and vain mission of downgrading women, and focus only on microbiology? Also, if your hard adolescence of being rejected by girls is still haunting you, you might consider seeing a therapist or psychologist, because high school is probably a long time ago for you now….how about you get over it and move on? PS (I hope you die from super aids, because hey, what’s one STD transmitting man-slut asshole’s death worth when there’s so many people on this rotten planet? If you died this week end, you could give me a good start on my next week of work, an asshole dies, me happy. ((PS : not defending feminists as well, most of them are attention whores, I despise them as much as men with your downgrading pussy mentality, I just hate humans in general, but yet so fascinating!))

  • Alex Liddell

    Wow good article and very sexy to read it

  • moony

    wow, you are just… an unbelievably massive douche. your actions are going to lead to a lot of resentment and unfulfilled relationships. or maybe you just date stupid girls with low self esteem, and that’s why they keep coming back. congratulations, loser!

  • JLA

    WTF is wrong with you? It’s not our fault we cum fast, and it is your curse to not cum with a guy if we just go straight to fucking. Get your head straight.

  • JLA

    It does matter. I discovered that because once i was jacking off for 40 mins and didn’t cum and I gave up and i got so pissed off at that. But with a woman it’s not our fault we cum so fast. Blame god for your curse of having periods or not cuming before us. BTW you women have the best orgasms, we only have 3-8 seconds of that feeling.

  • I

    I agree.

  • ladybug

    Don’t worry, she’s not having an orgasm with you.

  • JSYK

    I just read your riveting article, “Help, My Vagina Doesn’t Feel Anything!” I wanted to leave a comment there but could not. So I thought I would leave it here. It is something you really need to know.

    Apparently you are unaware that the inside of a vagina does not have nerve endings (see Women get sexually aroused, either through kissing, clitoral stimulation, stimulation of the labia or by other means, and that lubricates the vagina to prepare for sexual intercourse. So when you are intently causing your condom to break, thus exposing your “target” to various STDs you may be carrying, she will not feel that a condom is not present with her vagina. Any simple Google search, say, something like – vagina nerve endings – will provide a number of links for you to research. I know that “It Doesn’t Matter if She Orgasms or Not” to YOU, but perhaps to HER it might matter if she is exposed to dangerous and/or deadly diseases. JSYK

  • person with a keyboard

    It’s not your fault that you cum fast, but it is your fault if you don’t try to keep going in other ways. You could use your mouth or hands to keep going.

  • Aflowergirl

    I wouldn’t come back for more for sure…

  • Aflowergirl

    Those girls must not think too much of themselves to come back again.

  • Jess

    How can you say it’s not hard to get a girl off? Since when are we all the same? Since when are our bodies all THE SAME?? I have NEVER gotten off from sex and I am 30 years old but I can get off with my vibrator in about 30 seconds. I WISH I found a guy who didn’t care much about getting me off because then maybe I wouldn’t constantly get dumped for not being able to orgasm which there is nothing I can do about. it makes me feel like crap that guys have such an ego that they will dump me over something I can’t change.

  • BooToSelfishLovers

    Hey, my first time was with a jerk like you. Honestly, to me what matters most is thta the guy tries to make the girl feel good. Not because it will increase his chances of getting laid, but because he is a generous lover and wants his partner to feel good. Of course it’s a bonus if the girls cums too, but this kind of reasoning? “I’ll only try to make her cum just because it will increase my chances of getting laid” is complete BULLSHIT.

  • BooToSelfishLovers

    Thumbs up to SomeOne!!! She’s got the right idea there. It’s a personal choice whether or not somebody wants casual flings or a committed relationship. Sex is supposed to be about sharing good feelings with somebody. Heck, sometimes getting off by myself is even better than doing it with somebody else. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

  • jacob natoli-henry

    if you cant tell when you are making a girl cum you should not be giving sex advice.

    your advice is horrible. guys just need to learn how to give woman orgasms with their penis. Not the mouth or finger thats cheats but with your own rod. you make a girl cum 5 times in the first 10 mins and she is going to make sure you get off. Period.

  • Christian Mapache Arias

    shut up supra mangina , just because your experiencie with man sucks as your post doens’t mean every guy sucks , you talk like a bitch who banged every guy on your fucking country but I pretty sure the only guy who put his penis inside you was a guy who just want to fuck some ugly cunt and he left you heartbroken and with a sandy mangina

  • Julia

    I guess if what makes you believe a guy is cool and manly is by how many women will sleep with him and then move on because he is terrible at it, then yeah, I guess your man Roosh is extraordinarily manly. And then when the women leave him, he can blame it on their foul female nature! What a pile of bologna this crap is.

    But I’ll tell you what. I almost admire this Roosh guy because he knows that he has a salivating audience here chomping at the bit to buy his bullshit.

  • Julia

    You say potato, I say poe-tah-toe, potato, poe-tah-toe, tomato, toe-mah-toe, let’s call the whole thing off!

  • Julia

    You need to start a blog and show these dumbasses a thing or two about a thing or two.

  • Julia

    Exactly. I honestly think this guy is gay. There’s a subset of homosexuals who can’t admit they are because of the supposed unmanliness of it, and I think a lot of these guys are exactly that. EVERY guy I’ve been with who was very turned on by my excitement. Otherwise, go get a blow up doll.

  • Lil

    Sounds like you are circumcised, Roosh. Restore your foreskin and all the miserable sex will disappear, for BOTH partners. Check out foreskin- and I can personally vouch for the massive difference this will make.

  • Cassie

    Lol why would you write an entire article about how you suck in bed?

  • AK887

    I totally agree with you bro. I just came back from getting naked with this chick for the first time. She is 6 years younger than me. After the clothes came off. I did what a gentleman does. Go down on her and make her cum. But then it was her turn. She was fucking sloppy and was not paying attention to me. laying in an awkward position and trying to blow me; like she doesn’t care. I tried to stick it in after that but did not have a condom and she didn’t let me. She tried blowing me again and then goes ‘ I just want to cuddle ‘ ‘my neck hurts’ I was like bitch it is your job to make me cum after I just made you cum. She just seemed immature and I did not push the matter and left after 10 mins. You are right, next time I am going to be selfish.

  • michael borg acosta

    Lol all you guys come on get real most women fake orgasms, Im with the editor on this one im selfish I will look out for number one. Most women if they they find a man they say they love im sure if they find a another man who is more attractive and is willing to fuck her either she will cheat or leave the poor bastard. Its our new generation man, its feminism, women are praised if they cheat men are called horn dog bastards. So guys just fuck and get off iff she likes you then cool, but dont fall for her because women all have a reservoir of potential hook ups brought to you by all these social medias. You can blame sexually frustrated guys and horny dudes who can get any girl they want its life man Its just the way the cookie crumbles and all these girls her know it but wont fucking admit it, because women have been taught to lie from an early age and they see it as being okay.

  • splooge

    so you are saying shes giving sex as a favour. Dont you think with all that game and money you spent on her,that sex has become your reward. It sounds more like prostitution.

  • Dawson Stone

    Here is the problem…in all relationships there has to be a transaction. In my mind there are four different types of transactions:

    1) Status: a guy who is an 8 with a woman that is a 6. She is trading up and that’s how she is “paid.”

    2) Money: Basically a guy is a sugar daddy and pays the chick’s bills

    3) Experience/Mentorship: In addition to treating a woman well (all things you would do anyway…dinner, occasional trip, etc.) also be her mentor.

    4) Pleasure: Her orgasms are “payment” for your orgasm(s).

    Let me expand on 3 and 4 for a moment. When you are older and dating a women much younger you have the benefit of experience that she values way more then you might realize. Help her get a better job. Do her resume. Teach her how to network. Give her the right books to read. And create a wonderful
    experience for her. I keep my average CPO ( around $30 and I am able to create a great experience for the women I see while controlling my costs. Younger is WAY better in this regard as well because they are impressed by less. A 30 year old wants a $3,000 handbag and $2,000 shoes. A 19 yo is thrilled by a surprise $50 dress from Bebe or matching sexy bra and panties from Victoria’s Secret.

    And finally…pleasure!!! and my reason for commenting on this post. Be the best damn sex she has ever had. As a rule I always ask any woman I am going to meet how many is the most orgasms she has ever had in a single sex session…and then I do my level best to beat that number. As a part of being dominant, I make them ask permission for every orgasm they have and thank me after every orgasm. This cements in their minds how many times I have made them cum. If they never came more than 3x before and I made them cum 5x then without me having to say a word they are thinking I was their best. There are a ton of things that go into being an amazing lover ( but if you can crack that nut then your transaction is the best possible…pleasure for pleasure. ALL of my FBs are in that category. I had one girl I really enjoyed but that could not have an orgasm. She didn’t stick around.

    Make her pleasure your priority and you will be amazed with the results.


  • ClearlyBetterThanYou

    This is total bull :’) if you cant make a girl cum then your not good in bed. Yeah we’re into all that lovey dovey intimate crap but if we cant get off whats the point and trust me if a man aint doing it a girl will most certainly ‘figure out’ how to make themselves cum.

  • elisha02

    Hey boy..
    I was surprised that you had the guts to discuss this to the netizens ..Don’t you know that what you were sharing here is your irresponsibleness and selfishness? NO OFFENSE!
    I am a woman that’s why you got me disappointed and felt sorry for your girlfriend at the same time … Are all guys like that? If so, I better stay single .. I know many guys are still considerable and loving that they want to give their women the pleasure she deserves but YOU … You’re so selfish .. and what shocked me most is that you are so stupid for telling the world that you are proud to be a Bad lover.. yeah, that’s right! Read the older comments of my co~netizens … Bad lover it is …

    Well I hope your girl wouldn’t read this because this might hurt her feelings that you are so proud of your selfishness …
    Guess what?
    God is sooooooo disappointed to know about how you turned your woman down …


  • Morningstar

    He never claimed that women aren’t disappointed by not achieving orgasm. He claimed that not delivering orgasms hasn’t reduced the amount of repeat sexual encounters with individual women. (Even if they don’t cum, they still come back for more)

    I am a male and a HUGE majority of women I’ve been with have never cum before (even solo) and of those women a large percentage believed that I held some kind of magic power that I alone was capable of inducing orgasm.

    It very easy to manipulate someone into telling you that youre “a god among men” and that “everyone else should be ashamed for attempting to compare” if they’re still glowing from the orgasm you gave them.

  • Homine

    The orgasm is a masculine characteristic. Vestigial in women.

    There is no biological reason for a woman to orgasm like men. It has no evolutionary purpose. While for men, ejaculation.

    The clitoris. Vestigial too. The poor innervation in the vagina. There is a reason why women evolved like this as much as there is a reason why they have such a low libido.

    What we see today is an unnatural sexuality in women. Vibrators, sluts, pathetic.
    Women depend on men for so many things and sex is another one, because of reproduction.
    But, trying to be as sexual as men, contradicts this and our own existence as a species.

    It is not masculine to focus on pleasing women because it should happen naturally derived on how feminine she is, how attractive she is, how meaningful she is to him, and how much effort she dedicates on him.
    But if he is in a situation where he “thinks” that pleasing her is his duty as a man, then that relation is a lie, and that mangina a fool.

    Women are lazy by blaming men for their own biological limitations.

  • me

    ew i hate guys like you.i don’t need guys to “give” me an orgasm. but fucking a guy who is ONLY concerned about his busting a nut is pathetic. it sucks. you will never keep a girl satisfied like this. she will meet a man who will want her to orgasm or who will give her the time and thought during sex so that she can tell him what she needs to do to orgasm. yes a little more complicated than male orgasm but worth it in the long run. you don’t have to TRY TO MAKE A GIRL ORGASM – rather ask her what she would like, or what she wants to do to herself. and yes, worry about your own pleasure as well, but theres nothing worse than a loser who cums every time just before you are able to get your own pleasure. its pathetic as a woman to see that the man can’t even last long enough to let you cum, or if he does cum, he can at least be concerned about trying to get you off after. its pathetic and a gross, bad karma way to approach sex. I’m telling you honestly.

  • Pixie Pie

    The only reason why this man says these things is to justify the truth; that he CAN’T give a woman an orgasm. I expect this article is very telling in the fact that he’s probably prone to premature ejaculation. Poor thing.

  • Pixie Pie

    LOL Anonymous people in the PUA forums aren’t “friends”, dear.

  • Pixie Pie

    Wake up from your little dream world, dear. Your life is going to pass you by.

  • Pixie Pie

    “experiencie”? Someone was typing in foul temper! And for your information, it’s far easier for a gay man to have sex then you.

  • leah

    If you have to ask, you probably didn’t. I suspect you we’re so use to failing, you just have up…it’s ok, not everyone can be a winner..

  • Caploxion

    I am quite perturbed by how many upvotes your comment received, especially considering your implicit notion of: sex is a girl doing me a favour. Here are problems with your comment: “The girl is nice enough to fuck you”:

    1) Sex is very often mutually enjoyable

    2) Approaches are almost solely done by men, meaning that the fear of rejection (until overcome through many, many approaches), is a problem men have with trying to have sex with women

    3) Escalation is almost solely performed by men, and is quite tricky to do, therefore taking pracitse and effort to perform successfully

    4) Men are, by the general consensus of the world’s population, expected to pay for things. If you manage to resists this urge, you have to socially manipulate people into disregarding this general consensus

    5) Men must project social value indirectly, which is a skill and takes effort to learn

    6) A man must deal with a woman’s psychology, which involves handling shittests, flaking and ASD fake resistance (especially in bed).

    7) Finally, with all the procedures and social obstructions (e.g. memorisation of threads, cockblocking etc.) required to get into a position to finally be laid (at least with any consistency), women only have to look pretty, for the most part

    So, as you can see, a woman being ‘nice enough to fuck you’ equates to her being there and looking attractive enough, whilst men have to deal with all these hurdles. I will not whinge about the reality of attraction and the procedures required to attract, but a woman almost always never puts in the same amount of effort in order to reach the bedroom. Therefore, your phrase is completely inaccurate.

  • JB

    Be not perturbed — there was a wave of women voters. Look at any comment here that trashes men and you will see the upvotes.

  • Caploxion

    You are right. Excuse my apprehension.

  • SUPRA luca

    I don’t exactly believe “deserving” anything from you could be that much a honor. People who believe most peeple are beyond them? Nah, you people who think like that are the actual scum.
    And you say so few of me (us)? Do you fuck dudes, too? I would prefer being called a god, tbh. And once again, that is just fucking roleplay, not the reality. Stupid vanilla idiots too stuck on their real feelings when having sex.

  • SUPRA luca

    Go ahead believing it. I am not the one who will try to change your mind.

  • SUPRA luca

    “I am a male and a HUGE majority of women I’ve been with have never cum before (even solo)”.
    Yes, you only attract miserable, insecure and extremely sexually opressed women. I wonder what kinf of insividual you could be. They most probably also hate themselves and have such low self-esteem that they might even believe they deserve suffering and abuse. These are the women guys like him (and you?) use for your own pleasure.

    Most women in this world have achieved orgasms solo. Most women in this world have acheived orgasms with a male partner, just not with intercourse only.

  • SUPRA luca

    I know right, he got mad HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • SUPRA luca

    So you tell me to shut up and believe you have so much authority that I will obey butthurt idiots like you over the internet? LMAO!
    And just to let you know: no, my experiences with men do not suck. My experiences with straight American dudes do. It was horrendous. So many ignorant, prejudiced and uncivilized straight men there. Not to mention they look like slobs and are overall too hairy and ugly. The gay and bisexual guys were just fine all around, though. And I said most, not every single guy, so no need to whine that much.

  • SUPRA luca

    No, most women won’t be that satisfied if they don’t orgasm most of the times. Of course many women will still feel satisfied after sex even though they didn’t orgasm and it’s alright if women, or men, do not orgasm every single time; but most of times is essential. Most women want it.
    And yes, most women only orgasm with clit stimulation and just can’t or don’t care about vaginal orgasm. And women were meant to orgasm, otherwise they just wouldn’t have the power to. Sex is also a ritual, not only the intercourse, and most species have their rituals/foreplay.

  • SUPRA luca

    More like a civilized man who doesn’t need to put other people down to feel like a man, is responsible, emotionally intelligent and actually enjoy when other people feel fine. That is what a REAL ALPHA is.

  • SUPRA luca

    The thing is, that dude doesn’t even CARE if she feels good in the end. Orgasm or even satisfaction without it. And your dude, does he care if you orgasm? It seems like he doesn’t and you want to defend his lack of concern somehow.
    But hey, that is ok. Many people are like you, I even know some men who enjoy and actually ask their women to not let them orgasm/ejaculate for WEEKS and just keep giving orgasms to their women… that is a kink for them. Whatever floats your boat. :)

  • SUPRA luca

    Don’t fuck her again next time, simple. No need to be selfish. Also, you can’t force anyone to accept your selfishness.

    “I tried to stick it in after that but did not have a condom and she didn’t let me.”
    So you WOULD risk it if she didn’t have responsibility and just go raw. Dude, grow up before having sex again.

  • SUPRA luca

    “As a part of being dominant, I make them ask permission for every orgasm they have and thank me after every orgasm.”
    Boring. Just let the girl enjoy it, of course she will remember how many times. Or maybe try to find some other way to mark and count it. And in the end, many women don’t care about the quantity but the quality of the orgasm plus all the rest of the experience. A hot man with toned body and gorgeous abs who is sensual + 1 orgasms is much better than a flabby and hairy older hag who is a controlling bitch + 5 orgasms for most.

  • SUPRA luca

    Now citations, please.

    So you know, many species have sex just for fun, not only for procreation. That is natural. Humans are just another one of them. If something exists, there is evolutionary purposes behind it. Foreplay is also a ritual in most species, in fact, in most species it is the male who will give their additional services to the female before, or during, intercourse.
    Biological differences are not limitations.

    Even if all of the dumb and illogial garbage you said was rea, we are conscious and rational. We can mold and change ourselves. We can go beyond and explore. You are basically saying no one, including you, should be having sex for no other reason than to procreate or masturbate. Go ahead, but don’t try to believe most of us will follow.

  • Homine

    So you know, many species have sex just for fun, not only for
    procreation. That is natural. Humans are just another one of them. If
    something exists, there is evolutionary purposes behind it. Foreplay is
    also a ritual in most species, in fact, in most species it is the male
    who will give their additional services to the female before, or during,

    Sexual acts is different that sex itself(coitus)
    Evolution, you say if something exist…, then why women have such a low libido(do not confuse with sexual desire, etc) ? And it is not just libido, I do not want to write long, but I tell you that whatever is vestigial, it is because of homology, and nature had no reason to make women less sexual, unless it affected reproduction, and it did.
    • Women low sexuality is not an accident, it is because “there is a purpose behind it”, like you said.
    • Now go and see the phallus that turn into a penis in men, and a pseudo penis in women. Similarly, women having low physical strength, poor beard/mustache, smaller brain, smaller clitoris, etc, all are indications of male dominance. Otherwise see dotted hyenas with their clitoris, in relation to her dominance status(quite big and an imitation of male penises)
    • See the male prostate in men, useless in women
    • See the muscular contractions men have, that women have no reproductive reason to have, as women DO NOT FUCK.
    • See the area of the brain in men 2.5x larger than in women
    • See the levels of testosterone 20x more
    • See the low innervation in the vagina, as if manually stimulating the clitoris were something intended while copulating. WHY ? why not evolved differently ? Nature had LOTS of changes, but it DID NOT happen.
    • See the relation male-female, male dominance is crucial for evolution. This means that males have defined female sexuality since the beginning of humanity or before.
    • See women’s body, dimorphism, evolved to attract males. We men, DO NOT HAVE as much reason to attract females with our body or sexuality.
    The only thing that motivates a man for reproduction(naturally) is in relation to sex and the abstract meaning that a man gives to women(a complex topic), but NO woman feels like a man. NONE.
    – We are capable of giving meaning to things, that women would never understand, not just for sex, but different things, like neoteny, protective tendencies, concepts of beauty or purity, etc. that we project in women. All derived from our sexuality and masculinity.
    – Women keep comparing with men over and over.
    NO, you are not as sexual as we are
    NO, you do not feel the libido we feel
    NO, you do not orgasm like a man does
    NO, you do not ejaculate(other meaning)
    NO, you do not have g spot (other meaning)
    NO, you do not feel as much sexual pleasure as we can
    NO, you are not as horny, as a man can be
    NO, your sex is not free of pregnancy like ours. Unless…
    NO, A penis or naked man is not the same to you, as a woman’s naked body can be for a man(easily if he allows it)
    NO, your multiple orgasm are not exclusive nor as intense.
    NO, your promiscuity is not as male hypersexuality
    YES, sex can be great for you in relation to your own sexuality
    YES, you can enhance your sexuality in many other ways.

    Even if all of the dumb and illogical garbage you said was rea, we are
    conscious and rational. We can mold and change ourselves. We can go
    beyond and explore. You are basically saying no one, including you,
    should be having sex for no other reason than to procreate or
    masturbate. Go ahead, but don’t try to believe most of us will follow.

    “We can mold ourselves?” not without the capacity to redesign DNA radically. Otherwise female sexuality is a freak show.
    “Go beyond ?” Euphemism ?

    I’m describing our species, not a call to not have sex silly.
    I support “male contraception” only, and because it is congruent with male sexuality. The female one is bad for society and children, it spoils women/mothers.
    Also I’m describing sex indifferently. Even if that goes against my interests and the benefits of our modern society.

    Now you want citations, they are everywhere, There are papers and research, discoveries in general. Not my problem to make women believe. They know what they feel.

    Read this for example and infer:

  • Dawson Stone

    I disagree. If you want to keep them coming back you need to be the best sex they have had. Them asking for permission also tells you what you are doing they gets them off and you can focus more on that. If you think women don’t care about how hard and often they cum then you are clueless about women.

  • Boss

    He was right you got sand in your mangina HAHAHAHA

  • Boss

    You are not allowed online, you are forbidden from this entire webpage, but most of all you are forbidden from using mans’ technology, do not respond, you are pathetically over-matched by logical men, don’t bother trying to even tie your shoelaces around here or you’ll get one in the behind.

  • Pixie Pie

    Respond…RESPOND RESPOND RESPOND. I responded. And for the record, how the hell is your threat of raping me from behind even logical? This is Disqus, you idiot.

  • Pixie Pie

    Morons like you make trolling too easy.

  • knowing females first

    U guys r clueless!!! She dosnt say anything out of respect! If you do get a call back its because shes hoping you dont strike out again! Or she just really likes you. Believe me when you leave she masterbating then telling the girls ” the D was good but, he didnt get me off” with replys from them like… “oh, no girl thats why i always make them eat it first!!!”

  • Chuckawobbly

    Yes be as bad in bed as possible…that way, you’ll never get laid again…lol

  • matalynnmae

    Ok, I just had to comment. Forgive my female presence on your manosphere blogs, but I think I can contribute some useful info here. First of all, I love dominant men and I cant stand it when a man tells me “im all about you getting pleasure” or anything like that. I roll my eyes and move on. Just focus on yourself and that is the biggest turn on! Second of all, all you guys who swear you know when a woman has an orgasm; you don’t! Yes, even you who think you found the “secret” to discerning a real vs fake orgasm (every guy has found the secret). I was an escort, I can tell you with certainty that I can orgasm without you having a clue and can convince any man that my fake orgasm was real (even very sexy talented Dom men). And btw I am reading this blog and lmao because so much of it is dead-on accurate!

  • matalynnmae

    yes, you right though! the most you care only about yourself, the better I feel

  • Thisgurl

    This Is absolutely horrible!! The girls orgasms should always be first priority becuase it’s super easy for guys to cum. It’s very difficult for a girl to cum in the first place so it’s more important to actually try. Also, the reason the girls you fucked aren’t cumming is probably because you are uneducated. Most women can’t cum from regular piv sex. And it shouldn’t matter to u whether or not u cum, becuz cumming isn’t hard for guys u could do it any time. And I can’t believe that u IGNORED it when the girls told u to go slower and not as deep. IT FUCKING HURTS. U sound like a total asshole. And I can’t believe u would encourage other guys to do the same. Guys like this are complete douchebags. I suggest you change your ways.

  • Court

    This is a lie. I’m dumping my boyfriend for not caring about my sexual needs. I guess it’s different in every case.

  • Pixie Pie

    Hahaha!!! Try it!

  • Akurnas

    I’m pretty fuckin sure if you don’t know if a chick’s had orgasm, you’re a pretty soddy excuse for a lover. I’m a man and I definitely know when a woman is cumming. Her whole fuckin pussy clenches around your dick and even her asshole does a bit too, depending on how good a job you’ve done. The point isn’t how many women you’ve fucked, the point is that when they leave, those bithces leave well fucked and satisfied. If all you care about is your finish then what’s the point of sex? It goes both ways, you bring her to a sweaty, shivering orgasm. and you get to fill ‘er up with your white cum and watch your work drip out. Sex is for two people, cuz sex with only one person is pretty damn lonely. I’m pretty sure that’s where you’re headed, lol.

  • Carrie

    Neither Jean Jennings, Frances Bilas, Grace Hopper, nor Ada Lovelace were men though. So, if you don’t want to use things built by the opposite sex, please hand over your computer.

    I think a man did invent shoelaces though, so I guess YOU can still bend over and take one. Women use slip-on shoes anyway.

  • Carrie

    ??? I thought most people already knew he was gay.

    It’s not like Roosh tries to hide it very much.

  • Youranass

    You’re a GIANT piece of human waste you selfish prick. I hope you get ED.

  • SUPRA luca

    …most women don’t cum with intercourse alone.

  • SUPRA luca

    “Respectable 12 minute mark”

    Yes. American men are indeed one of the worst lovers in the world. Nah, they shouldn’t be called “lovers”, not even “fuckers”, unles when it comes to their own reputation, that they love to fuck and fuck it right and all the time!

  • SUPRA luca

    Nah, I’m actually not a rapist, and proud of it!
    Now most of you guys, yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised…

  • SUPRA luca

    You have a problem. Your orgasms get blocked when you’re in contact with another human being. I hope you are an exception in your country, but I have read about so many American women with the same problem that maybe your problem is unfortunately not that rare…
    Most women will orgasm stimulating their clitoris, most men will orgasm stimulating their penises. Yes, all bodies are different, but the wiring is basically exactly the same.
    And that sucks about the guys, hope you can find one that will understand your situation on day.

  • Jess

    Yea I hope so too because the main problem with me not getting off lies with the fact that the GUY has a problem with it in most cases…I don’t really mind. Sex for me is more about intimacy and kissing and fun. We definitely don’t all have the same wiring though. The things that get women off vary so widely both mentally and physically. 75% of women have trouble orgasming during sex and some can’t without a vibrator and some can’t at all like one of my friends. She is 30 and has never had an orgasm. Thanks for the kind words though I’m sure I’ll find an understanding guy one day!

  • SUPRA luca

    1) Maybe when he meant she is “fucking him” he already included the man’s pleasure/orgasm there. And so you know, sex is usually NOT mutually enjoyable in America if you take orgasm into consideration – most women make most men orgasm every time they have sex; most men don’t make most women orgasm every time they have sex, but something like less than 30%. American men totally suck in bed.
    2) Irrelevant. Most women will show signs they are into the guy first, so if a man approaches a woman who didn’t show any signs he is just an idiot.
    3) Irrelevant. “Scalation” is just a social dance, both do it even if some/most women prefer being more passive, and some/most men prefer being more active.
    4) 5) 6) Irrelevant once again. Come on now.
    7) And American men will, in fact, look much worse than their partners. Even so, women still give more oral sex to men than vice-versa, more handjobs, are usually more sensual/sexy, expressive… and most women don’t even get to reach orgasm with intercourse alone. So American men are receiving most of it, and leaving women with nothing.

  • SUPRA luca

    Saying juvenile shit won’t make you less of a uncivilized straight American rapist or less ugly xD

  • KyukiYoshida

    “But most of all you are forbidden from using mans technology” guess you better gtfo then because the computer was invented by a woman, so was the circular saw, chocolate chip cookies, the compiler and COBAL. Submarine, telescope, lamps, flares, windshield wipers, the rocket propulsion system. Frequency hopping, anti fungal medications, Kevlar, the DNA double helix, and nuclear fission. That’s just few of thousands. And I have concluded that you are forbidden from using woman’s technology. You are too unworthy to use what has been gifted to you by women. Furthermore, your use of woman’s technology to degrade women is hypocrisy.

  • Veggie Fitness

    You guys are funny….
    The guys who talk about sex the most get it the least….
    Don’t make her cum, she will find someone else who does.
    Simple Math.