It’s That Bad

I was sitting in a cafe when I locked eye contact with a girl for two seconds. The first thought to my head was, “Not from Argentina.” I walked by her table of friends and they were speaking Hebrew.

Seven girls check into the hostel. Three of them lock eye contact with me. Definitely not from Argentina. I see a Brazilian flag on one of their bags.

Even though I have accepted it, I’m in disbelief that an entire country of girls can not perform such a minor, innocent move. Imagine when you want more than just eye contact. Imagine when you want an Argentine girl to put some real investment into you. I figured out a few things that make it easier, but damn I still can’t figure out the game that is consistent on Argentine girls. I think what I’ve gotten has been right time / right place, and I’ve tried about everything. I won’t figure it out on this trip.

Anyway I gotta go—those Brazilian girls just sat next to me.

CONTINUED: Seven Brazilian Girls Walk Into A Hostel

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