It’s Time To Start Delivering Death Blows To Feminists

As you may have noticed, the manosphere has received great exposure in 2013 from mainstream outlets. While it has yet to have its own 60 Minutes segment, its existence is becoming known by a larger portion of Western society. For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to me being a part of it, despite my previous insistence to the contrary. 

We have reached a level of influence that ignoring us is no longer an effective means of attack. By leaving us alone for so long, they gave us the needed time to carefully optimize our belief system and recruit committed soldiers to the cause. This will change next year. Their attacks will take on a more hysterical urgency, but unfortunately for them, it’s too little too late. An attack last year from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a formidable adversary with millions of dollars in resources, strengthened us more than hurt. We overcame them like a dog scratching away a flea.

Even when they cherry-pick quotes of context, the intelligent man (who I cater to) can easily see through the distortions by doing his own research. He’s just a couple clicks away from learning that media portrayals are dishonest and one-sided. We won’t change the minds of most women, and we won’t convert the most die-hard of white knights, but the most powerful of their upcoming attacks will have the main result of converting more men over to our side. They’re damned if they come after us and damned if they don’t, due to the antifragile construction of our network. This suggests that a tipping point has been reached and it no longer matters what they do, because our ideas have already pollinated mainstream society.

It’s fine to indulge journalists with their interview requests, but that simply adds muscle to the body—it doesn’t put it to use. We’re at the point where we have enough musculature that we can pick up the big stone off the ground and throw it at someone instead of merely flexing in front of the mirror. This can be done through one simple action: holding our enemies responsible for their words.

Five years ago, a feminist would get away with spouting anti-male rhetoric and not get a single negative response. Then things changed to where her arguments would be defeated in the comments section of even the most mainstream of outlets like Yahoo and The Atlantic (prompting the predictable trend to kill comments sections entirely). Seeing these comments is a good sign, but it doesn’t go far enough. The next step is to hold them responsible for the remainder of their lives.

When anyone searches for a man-hater’s name, the first page of Google should make her hate very clear. Future employers should know of her belief system. If you think that today’s dominance of feminism is temporary, and that their ideology will become background noise like communism, a permanent archive that clearly outlines the views of every female hatemonger must be preserved in Google.

I wrote an article for ROK titled How To Defeat New York City Media Liberals. Here’s an excerpt:

There is also no point in attacking companies like Gawker, who earn millions of dollars a year and can withstand any criticism we throw at them. But the blogger making $30,000 a year, trying to eke out a living in New York City, with hopes of climbing up the career ladder once it’s clear she’s not talented enough to be a real writer, is very vulnerable to being even slightly attacked. Anything that damages her future employment chances will cause her grief, pain, and a decrease in income.

Twitter is a medium that is short and fleeting. Unless we can raise a huge rage army at short notice, which we can’t, there is little point using this medium to fight back. But there is a medium which lasts forever, and where numbers don’t matter as much. That medium is Google.

My casual experimentation with this method has yielded results:

  • Indian feminist Nitasha Tiku helped got Pax Dickinson fired. The second result in Google for her name reveals her anti-male bias.
  • Kyla Garvey is a feminist who used her freelancer position to get Toronto firemen fired. This massive conflict of interest is revealed in the second result for her name.
  • Seetha Kulandaisamy, another Indian feminist, helped get a man fired because of a joke she didn’t like. The first two results of her name reveals her sympathies.

Will these Google results hurt the women as much as they have hurt men? Probably not. Society has gone so far to the side of women that these results may be overlooked today, but if the manosphere continues its rise and feminism peaks (if it hasn’t already), these results will cause great harm to them in the future. Google is forever, and hatred you were able to spew today may be unacceptable tomorrow. For the first time ever, women are being archived for their hateful actions. At the minimum, we make their lives more uncomfortable (I personally know that Nitasha Tiku and Kyla Garvey were emotionally hurt by how their angelic Google results were tainted).

There will be many instances in the future where feminists go above and beyond to hurt men. While it’s fun to lash out at them on Twitter, we must also choose a more permanent and Google-able medium to create a historical record of their behavior. If you have a blog, simply put their name in the headline and state your case. If you don’t have a blog, submit the post to ROK. These actions aren’t as explosive as their rabid Twitter mobs, but it will begin to send a signal to women that they must think very carefully before they participate in male hatred if they don’t want their name in Google to be forever contaminated. The best part of all this is that what we’re doing is completely legal and based on the facts, not at all like hacking or DDOS attempts that have no lasting impact. In fact, it’s essential we stick to the truth, refusing to take the deceptive shortcuts and slander that compose their fallacious arguments.

Getting media articles written about us is fun, engaging in comment wars is fun, but to make a difference it’s time to cause them permanent pain. Let’s see how committed they are to their cause when the whole world can be reminded of their feminist adventures with a simple Google search, as long they live.

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