It’s Your Fault That American Women Are Winning

Several months ago I announced the peak of feminism. Now I realize why the idea for that post came to me: they got everything they wanted. They make more money than us. They’re calling the shots in the mating game (keeping guys like me in business). They put no effort into their appearance. They refuse to be feminine. They are painful to talk to, mere vessels for the bonehead mainstream media. They don’t provide any additional value to a man that he can’t provide himself. And you’ve let this happen.

When was the last time you put an Americunt in her place? When was the last time you called out a cockblocker? When was the last time you made fun of her sloppy dress? When was the last time you demanded a woman cook you a proper meal? When was the last time you told her to fuck off with her offensive, masculine attitude? You haven’t done anything, and neither have millions of American men before you. You complain but continue to take abuse, and now she’s after your job. She’s after your livelihood. She’s going to boss you around at work and she’s going to make the rules in the house, and if you don’t like it she’s going to call the authorities to pummel you. You thought she would stop at equality? She wants it all, and she’s gonna get it, because all you’re going to do is cry about it to your friends while swigging back a artisanal microbrew.

I know you rather have women be the target of my rage while you sit there and laugh at however many funny comments I manage to shit out onto my laptop, but if you’re not prepared to look in the mirror and ask what you’re doing to make this country’s women a better species, you deserve nothing but the coldest, most monotone, most asexual Gap-wearing she-man beast who rather watch an episode of some brain-dead fashion reality show with a box of reduced-fat Wheat Thins than suck the life out of your dick.

A couple years ago I had an arrogant thought: “With some of these American girls I’m fucking, I think I should be compensated, either with drinks or cash payment.” I started to believe that American girls were getting more value out of getting fucked by me than I was by fucking them. I tried to put the thought aside but it only intensified with time, finally hitting a crescendo when an attractive but unstable girl traveled to a foreign country to receive my creamy load on a dirty bus. She stalked me in front of grocery stores thereafter, crying and begging me for more dick. Her obsession proved that she was getting a lot more out of the “relationship” than I was.

The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa. Anything else is superfluous and detrimental to the process of life. In exchange, the man provides for her so she’s not required to work. That’s how it’s worked for hundreds of thousands of years, but now we’re supposed to believe that the last 50 years is progress. To me it looks like de-evolution, one that we all have let happen. The most humiliating thing I can think of is having a female boss at work—being ordered by a woman like a dog. And I bet you think that’s okay, just the normal state of affairs. Fuck, I rather be homeless than let a super-sized Hobbit with ankles the size of my neck tell me to follow up with Stan in accounting.

Go against nature and you’ll feel its fury, as childless cougars prowling clubs on the weekends can tell you. It’s inevitable that men will reclaim the throne once again, but due to your unassertiveness, it might not happen until long after you’re dead.

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