It’s Your Fault That American Women Are Winning

Several months ago I announced the peak of feminism. Now I realize why the idea for that post came to me: they got everything they wanted. They make more money than us. They’re calling the shots in the mating game (keeping guys like me in business). They put no effort into their appearance. They refuse to be feminine. They are painful to talk to, mere vessels for the bonehead mainstream media. They don’t provide any additional value to a man that he can’t provide himself. And you’ve let this happen.

When was the last time you put an Americunt in her place? When was the last time you called out a cockblocker? When was the last time you made fun of her sloppy dress? When was the last time you demanded a woman cook you a proper meal? When was the last time you told her to fuck off with her offensive, masculine attitude? You haven’t done anything, and neither have millions of American men before you. You complain but continue to take abuse, and now she’s after your job. She’s after your livelihood. She’s going to boss you around at work and she’s going to make the rules in the house, and if you don’t like it she’s going to call the authorities to pummel you. You thought she would stop at equality? She wants it all, and she’s gonna get it, because all you’re going to do is cry about it to your friends while swigging back a artisanal microbrew.

I know you rather have women be the target of my rage while you sit there and laugh at however many funny comments I manage to shit out onto my laptop, but if you’re not prepared to look in the mirror and ask what you’re doing to make this country’s women a better species, you deserve nothing but the coldest, most monotone, most asexual Gap-wearing she-man beast who rather watch an episode of some brain-dead fashion reality show with a box of reduced-fat Wheat Thins than suck the life out of your dick.

A couple years ago I had an arrogant thought: “With some of these American girls I’m fucking, I think I should be compensated, either with drinks or cash payment.” I started to believe that American girls were getting more value out of getting fucked by me than I was by fucking them. I tried to put the thought aside but it only intensified with time, finally hitting a crescendo when an attractive but unstable girl traveled to a foreign country to receive my creamy load on a dirty bus. She stalked me in front of grocery stores thereafter, crying and begging me for more dick. Her obsession proved that she was getting a lot more out of the “relationship” than I was.

The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa. Anything else is superfluous and detrimental to the process of life. In exchange, the man provides for her so she’s not required to work. That’s how it’s worked for hundreds of thousands of years, but now we’re supposed to believe that the last 50 years is progress. To me it looks like de-evolution, one that we all have let happen. The most humiliating thing I can think of is having a female boss at work—being ordered by a woman like a dog. And I bet you think that’s okay, just the normal state of affairs. Fuck, I rather be homeless than let a super-sized Hobbit with ankles the size of my neck tell me to follow up with Stan in accounting.

Go against nature and you’ll feel its fury, as childless cougars prowling clubs on the weekends can tell you. It’s inevitable that men will reclaim the throne once again, but due to your unassertiveness, it might not happen until long after you’re dead.

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  • modernguy

    Son, in this culture we worship the almighty dollar, inflating egos is a lucrative business. Get back to your cubicle.

  • Anonymous

    Your a idoit

  • The Truth

    It is true. The day the average beta, mangina, white knight says enough is enough, is the day he starts winning. Grow a pair.

  • Anonymous

    Youre a idoit

  • Yams

    Feminism was never about equality, it was about supremacy. Its pretty sad that they think they are a catch just by making as much money as you.

  • dufu

    Anonymous 2, 4:
    Subtle roosh circlejerking.

  • kissmeimshomer

    you have a pretty dark view of women. I agree in the sense that I hate the feminist too, but I also hate a woman who asks me to do everything for her. “can we go out tonite, can we this, can we that” Stop asking me bitch, if you want to go just say it!

  • Carl Sagan

    because all you’re going to do is cry about it to your friends while swigging back a artisanal microbrew.


  • Anonymous

    1. Men still make (significantly) more than women. This is especially true once women have children (notice the study you cite is only for young childless women).

    2. Most American men don’t make enough money to support a non-working wife, especially when you add kids to the mix (which is why most women work: most working mothers for example would rather be at home).

    3. Even when women work, they still do the vast majority of housework and childcare; this is true even when men and women work the same amount of hours. Men have more leisure time than women partly for this reason.

    Your analysis of the current state of American life is 1. based on false information and 2. draws wrong conclusions. Were you drunk when you posted this? It’s kind of incoherent.

  • quepaso

    ” female boss at work”

    I hate working with female bosses…

    btw you should check out the book “black players: secret underworld of black pimps” and Pimp story of my life.

  • Workshy Joe

    Right on Roosh!

    Every man needs to get HIS OWN house in order. Simply complaining about things doesn’t work.

    As Ghandi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    Decide as an individual that you have had ENOUGH and OPT OUT of the social, legal and political structures that are NOT WORKING.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you just come right out and state the obvious? You hate women.

  • mr. pilkington

    Quepaso- Iceberg Slim’s autobiography should be required reading for everybody.

  • Frost

    The problem is that mouthing feminist talking points is (was?) an effective way to get into women’s pants. In the 60’s and 70’s, men who were down with the movement were 1) Rebels and 2) Non-judgmental, so they got laid. Men will do pretty much anything if it means more and better puss, so men gradually converted.

    At this stage in the game though, the market is saturated with men who will recite feminist platitudes. They are no longer interesting and sexy, but boring SWPL pushovers. In 2011, being a judgmental asshole makes girls wet, and that’s whyw e are in the midst of a resurgence in judgmental ass-holery.

    There’s no point imploring men to treat women a certain way for the good of male-kind. As Saul Alinsky wrote, focus on your followers’ self-interest.

  • Crioca

    Oh boy, it’s the male equivalent of those shrill radical feminist bloggers.

    You’re an extremist, a fringe loony and exactly the sort of person we don’t want associated with men’s rights. All you do is talk about women, you obsess about women as a concept, your entire self esteem, the sum of your ego is built entirely around women.

    Reflect on this.

  • Anonymous

    “The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa.”

    I wouldn´t want to pull the “You hate women” -card but hey… you serious? And why exactly is this?

  • donlak

    Roosh, I’ve done all the things above, demanded a decent meal etc. fairly recently too, of course I got compliance, but also a heavy dose of feminist rhetoric – “I’m controllng”etc. Not to mention most girls can’t cook to save their lives. It’s gonna take everyone to fight back, not just a few of us.

    Girls will never figure out on their own why their miserable, and I could care less at this point. I’m not looking to get married so I’ll just keep turning in old ones for new ones. Fighting the battle along the way.

  • craig

    you are right to a point….I would also lay some of the blame on the government and current media

  • samseau

    “The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa. Anything else is superfluous and detrimental to the process of life. In exchange, the man provides for her so she’s not required to work. That’s how it’s worked for hundreds of thousands of years, but now we’re supposed to believe that the last 50 years is progress. To me it looks like de-evolution, one that we all have let happen.”

    That’s right Roosh, but you must understand that the casual sex you enjoy only comes from this de-evolution.

    When sex is regulated, civilization results. When it is free, you get the ghetto and third-world countries. And right now, the civilized world is reverting back to old pre-civilization norms, and predictable consequences should follow.

    You can’t have it both ways: A world where women are loyal and are excellent marriage material, yet also provide sex on the fly. It’s impossible. You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.

    The closest ideal conditions have ever resulted for men was back in Greco/Roman antiquity, where men could have a loyal housewife to bear legitimate children, and plenty of whores on the side.

    But this meant that some men got to enjoy most of the poon while most men had to become homosexual or simply do with masturbation.

    Moreover, the men in these cultures ultimately became corrupted by their immense power over others, and started engaging in destructive social policies (such as reckless wars) that destroyed the civilization which made their lives so great.

    As it goes, humanity is perpetually in a state of fucked up affairs. Something is always wrong, we are human.

    Back to your Peak Feminism post:

    “I’ve long since picked my side because, well, I like sex with different women. I believe that some things aren’t worth saving, and if you don’t like the women here simply import one from another country or go somewhere else. Just not Argentina.”

    So I wonder: have you recanted your old views? Because they do not make sense given your hatred for the current state of affairs.

  • Anonymous

    There have been many cultures where women were given at least as much respect as men. Those cultures thrived and the people were happy. Sex was abundant and downtime was ample. Of course, none of those cultures were industrialized.

  • Dok

    I won’t claim that I know anything about feminism, I’ve never taken a class or read a book and I don’t plan to. But nearly every chick I’ve dated has claimed to be a feminist to some degree, and here’s what they’ve had in common: (Roosh you’ve mentioned some of these things before)
    -Not only are they cool with casual sex, but they almost expect me to have multiple partners. Win.
    -They’ve all been girly. Smell like roses. Wear thongs. Work out and take care of themselves. I like.
    -The career oriented ones had their job to distract them, preventing them from becoming clingy
    -True, none of them cook, but I can cook for myself
    -Sexually adventurous. Someone on some post made a comment about how an American girl will take a facial before she’ll make you dinner. I’m not sure why this is a complaint. I like giving girls facials after I’ve handcuffed her and fucked her ass. Again, I’d rather they do this than cook for me.

    I’m not sure what the “ideal” is for you Roosh. A gorgeous, self respecting girl that has traditional values and hasn’t slept with more than 3 guys and is pleasant to be around? Sounds like someone you’d want to settle down with, is that the case? It seems to me that if you found a girl like that you’d probably just treat her like a whore like every other girl you encounter.

  • hydrogonian

    @9 Anonymous

    Your reply actually vindicates everything Roosh says, when everything that you state is false:

    “1. Men still make (significantly) more than women. This is especially true once women have children (notice the study you cite is only for young childless women).”

    Not true. Did you go to the above linked to article in the Roosh’s post? And when women become less productive, by choosing to have children, they should make less money. But we all understand that feminists “don’t see” the inherent increase in financial risk that comes when hiring a woman, even though 50% of whom will leave the workplace to have children within a few years. That’s a lot of risk and lost revenue for a company that has trained her. Hence, one of the reasons for possible lower salaries in some professions. As a woman, you do have to shoulder the risk that other women create, through the child bearing statistics. Its the free market that determines a workers worth. Legislating higher pay for women in welfare.

    “2. Most American men don’t make enough money to support a non-working wife, especially when you add kids to the mix (which is why most women work: most working mothers for example would rather be at home).”

    This is the greatest irony of all. They used to make enough before women flooded the workplace, suppressed wages, and enabled producers to inflate the cost of living to rise in accord with the increased income of a two income household.

    “3. Even when women work, they still do the vast majority of housework and childcare; this is true even when men and women work the same amount of hours. Men have more leisure time than women partly for this reason.”

    Vast generalization and poor argument.

    “Your analysis of the current state of American life is 1. based on false information and 2. draws wrong conclusions. Were you drunk when you posted this? It’s kind of incoherent.”

    The great irony is that your conclusion applies to your post perfectly.

  • hydrogonian

    @15 Crioca

    The reason that feminism took hold was due to people like those shrill “radical feminist bloggers.”

    When feminism starts to lose its grasp, those same women will be at the front line of its defense.

    Not meeting their tactics with equally strong tactics is an absolutely fatal mistake. Nice people don’t win, especially in politics.

    Being a moderate pussy, in the face of injustice and a sociological catastrophe, will get no results, attention, or respect.

  • He’s Right

    It’s the truth. It is exactly the god-damned truth.

    The only way we’re gonna win is if we start doing what it takes to change the culture. We are all guilty of playing the role of enabler (either by manginahood or white knighting) for the femocracy at one time or another. It’s time to atone for that stupidity by taking a stand against the crap.

    Know that the fembots do not give a damn about you at all, and stop the pedestalization.

    Spread the word.

  • Rich

    If you post as Anonymous – you’re soft. Don’t hide.

  • Anonymous

    Feminism EXPOSED!–The Movie:

  • will

    oh this is serious? I thought I was reading an Onion article.

  • Omega Man

    Deference to women is deeply ingrained in American culture. Even if you don’t want to you have to in a lot of situations, especially at work. But it’s all part of the passive-aggressiveness of American culture in general.

  • Firepower

    fookin bee-you-tee-full.

    Damn right feminazis got ALL they wanted – and all wimpy American dills do about it is whine on Spearhead.

    This Saturday, I let a pair of ’em hear the truth. Even the bouncer had had enough of the cuntpair. lmsao

  • Mike

    This was an impressive troll job, Roosh.

  • Firepower

    I vehemently disagree it’s a trolljob. Much of Game is pretext, which lends itself to smarmy subterfuge when practiced by the neophyte.

    Bet ya need a thesaurus.

  • Firepower

    This “Game pretext” apparently lulls to sleep unwary males who pedestalize women for having The Magic Slice of Pie. Social Robots and whatnot…

  • the great decay

    Roosh, I’d be curious if you’re also a primitivist in other matters as well — for instance, in social views of race, class, and homosexuality. Surely you stand against the social safety net, since it isn’t Darwinian? Food stamps, Health care shouldn’t be provided for the poor , etc. Life expectancy used to be around 30 years old — surely that was superior? Technological advances are not natural and interfere with evolutionary traits, right? So discard them? You’re a cancer upon society.

    And for all those fucking morons who are about to assume I’m a female, I’m a guy you neanderthals.

  • Wize

    There can be no equality between the sexes, there can only be respect. You get that, there’s nothing else you need to know.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, I’m not one to hate on your lifestyle – in fact, sometimes I’m envious because it is mostly carefree. But from your posts, I seriously doubt you can financially support a wife or a child. So you shouldn’t knock women when they try to earn more money, and traditionally, the best way to do that is by having a career.

    And that comment about having a female boss makes no sense. It was disappointing coming from you. In fact, the worst bosses I’ve had were men. Probably because all my female bosses loved me (in a sexual way) – I’m wonderful you see.

  • hydrogonian

    @the great decay

    Straw man arguments, of which you have been guilty of in other posts, are a sign of a weak mind.

    You’ve previously established that you have no ability to make logical associations and cogent points.

    I can say for sure, without bias, that every one of your posts continues to be a source of embarrassment for you. But as per usual, slow and/or crazy people really don’t get how their communication appears to others.

  • Firepower

    yah, that crazy roush. Eschewing marriage to an ever fattening warpig, when hbs abound. Why not have 2.3 kids to be indoctrinated into feminism and Global Warming in Government Schools…

    Sadly, women no longer are alluring for a lifetime of sweetness – their allure is only superficial now.

  • Dok

    In re-reading this post by Roosh, some thoughts came to mind. About the Jezebel nonsense, and increased traffic I’m sure he’s getting. Writing extreme, inflammatory, and polarizing pieces like this is only going to fuel the fire. If nothing else, it’s highly amusing. I predict in 3 years we’ll see him on CNN or Fox News delivering soundbites deploring feminism in a panel with Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Ann Coulter…etc…


  • Roosh


    Pro-Roosh comments viciously downvoted. Who’s running that subreddit anyway… schoolgirls?

  • hydrogonian

    Do you think that you are a smarter or more well reasoned person than Napoleon Bonaparte?

    If you think that you have a superior political and sociological mind to Napoleon, then you need to see a shrink for your grandiose delusions and irrational narcissism.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte dominated European history from 1799 to 1815.
    He never stopped reminding the French that he preserved what was beneficial in the revolutionary program.
    Napoleon was born in 1769 on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.
    He went to a military school in France on a royal scholarship.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    In 1785 he was commissioned as a lieutenant in the French army.
    For the next seven years Napoleon educated himself in philosophy and the world’s great military campaigns.
    The French Revolution and the European wars that followed it gave him the chance to use his knowledge.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    By the age of only 25, Napoleon was made a brigadier general by the Committee of Public Safety.
    He won a series of victories as the French commander against armies in Italy.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon’s combination of intelligence, charm, wit, and decisiveness allowed him to win the support of his troops and other people.
    Napoleon took part in the coup d’etat that overthrew the Directory.
    Even though in theory France was a republic, Napoleon held absolute power as the first consul of a new government called the consulate.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    He appointed members of the bureaucracy, controlled the army, conducted foreign affairs, and influenced the legislature.
    In 1802 Napoleon made himself consul for life, and in 1804 he had himself crowned Emperor Napoleon I.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon made peace with the Church to restore stability to France.
    He himself was an Enlightenment believer in reason.
    In 1801 Napoleon made an agreement with the pope that recognized Catholicism as the religion of most of France.
    The pope gave up asking for the return of Church lands seized during the revolution.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    With this agreement Napoleon pleased both the Church and those who had seized its lands.
    Napoleon’s most famous domestic achievement was codifying French laws.
    Before the revolution France had up to 300 separate legal systems.
    The most important part of the new unified codes was the Civil Code, or Napoleonic Code.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    It recognized equality before the law, the right to choose a profession, religious toleration, and the end of serfdom and feudalism.

    The Code also outlawed unions and strikes.
    Napoleon’s Civil Code also undid revolutionary changes, such as making divorce easy for both men and women, and allowing children, including daughters, to inherit property.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    The new code made it harder for women to divorce.
    Their husbands controlled their property when they married.

    Women were considered minors in lawsuits, and their testimony was considered less reliable than that of men.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon developed a powerful, centralized administrative machine with promotion based on ability.

    Opening government careers to individuals based on their ability was one change the middle class wanted.

    Napoleon created a new aristocracy based on merit in the state service.

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    He created 3,263 nobles between 1808 and 1814.
    More than half were military officers and from the middle class.

    The Civil Code recognized equality of all citizens before the law, and he did open government careers to more people.

    Once when asked who the greatest woman of history was, he answered, “The one who had the most children.”

    Napoleon’s Empire

    Napoleon’s conquests began soon after he reached power.
    First, he achieved a peace treaty (1802) with the many nations warring with France after the execution of Louis XVI.
    However, in 1803, the war was renewed.
    From 1805 to 1807, Napoleon’s Grand Army defeated the Austrian, Russian, and Prussian armies.

    Napoleon’s Empire

    Napoleon now could create a new world order.
    His Grand Empire had three parts: the French Empire, dependent states, and allied states.
    The dependent states were kingdoms that Napoleon’s relatives ruled, including Spain, Holland, Italy, and the Grand Duchy of Warsaw.
    The allied states were those Napoleon defeated and forced to join him in war against Britain.

    Napoleon’s Empire

    These included Prussia, Austria, Russia, and Sweden.
    Napoleon sought to spread some of the principles of the French Revolution, including equality before the law, religious toleration, and economic freedom, through his empire.

    “Women are Nothing but machines for producing children.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Good Luck Chuck

    I agree 100% with the spirit of this post but I have to wonder exactly what it is you expect men to do about the current situation?

    Awhile back I had to put a bitch in her place. She tried to cut to the front of the line at the hotdog stand and I promptly directed her to the BACK of the line. She tried this twice and the second time I was a bit less than courteous.

    Her response? “B-b-b-b-but I wave a three year old at home!”

    So let me get this straight. You’re out ho’in’ it up at 3am, trying to get some junk food to soak up six vodka redbulls you chugged, and the only excuse you can come up with for cutting in line is your three year old kid? Classy.

    Some dude came up and shook my hand for putting this bitch in her place. That felt pretty good. But was this really a victory?

    The problem with “taking a stand” is that it only works if the offense is blatant and observed by others. Women can rationalize away most poor behavior. So when you call a woman out most of the time it only serves to make you look like a wuss in her eyes and a bad guy in the eyes of society.

    This country is beyond repair. The only REAL way to initiate a drastic change would be for a good majority of men to reject these women altogether, and no one will ever convince men as a group to sacrifice short term mating opportunities so the chances of this happening are pretty much zero.

    The only hope I see is in the downward pressure that is created as more and more men realize that American women are worthless and begin to look for greener pastures in EE, Russia, Asia, and South and Central America. American chicks are more concerned about money than family so as long as they are getting a steady supply of attention and a shiny new cock to play with every month or two nothing is going to change. In other words, if you bang them you are still contributing to the problem.

  • Rivelino

    roosh is mostly right. girls now are like a spoiled, indulgent dog without a strong master. neurotic. unstable. angry. whiny.

    just watch cesar millan and how he treat these whiny, erratic, nervous dogs — with calm assertive, dominant energy.

    that is exactly how you need to treat a girl.

    every girl needs a master.

  • HarmonicaFTW

    I’ve got a female boss. An old, diseased (MS) female boss. A fucking tyrant in a man’s industry. Thing is, her past is full of shit tests and freak outs. Didn’t get her promised supervisor job a few years ago, quit on the spot. Makes nice nice with the only other female at the site. Has written up every male but the new guy. I stopped taking her shit a while ago and I can feel the target on me, but I’m also playing by the rules to the letter so she can’t do shit. I hate her with all my being but I also have a smirk on my face when her screw ups are made public knowledge to the client. Early on, she’d get away with shit because she’d cover it up like a woman usually does, but now I and others make sure the client knows she screwed up. Client has to know when mistakes are made. She can’t get away with anything anymore.

    If you’re suffering the effects of a cunt boss, grow balls.

  • speakeasy

    My dad had it good. My mom cooked, cleaned AND worked. And never complained about it! I think the early 70s was probably the best time ever for men. Feminism had opened society up enough for women to be able to bring in that extra income, but without the excesses of 90s era feminism that wanted to destroy the idea of feminity. Yet women were still traditional enough to believe it was their role to take care of the home. So it was like the best of both worlds. Oh well, all good things come to and end I suppose.

    Btw, I think Roosh is going a bit overboard in this post.

  • Pingback: Working Under A Woman | HarmonicaFTW 2.0()

  • Entropy

    This post feels forced… looks like you’re trying to just get more feminazi attention.

  • Pedro

    Roosh, I’m moving down to Argentina next month. Before I leave, I’d like to update my severely outdated wardrobe a little. If and when you get a chance, I would really appreciate a post about hip men’s fashion in South America. What do you recommend as a good approach, especially for someone living on the cheap and/or out of a backpack for a bit?

  • From the can

    I’ve had occupations that do not even allow female participation. When I found another job I vowed I would never follow a woman. Since then I have met women that I willfully follow because they are confident, smart, driven and purposeful. However, I pity their husbands.

  • Dopilsya

    Gents, women are all about “feewings” so a she male boss treatment of you depend on how much manipulation you have on her emotions. They’re all under the assumption they have to prove something against the patriarch. Check Bond’s caddish swagger with M and then proceed to shmooze Helen in HR to approve all your requests.

    Workshy Joe summed it up elequently
    “Every man needs to get HIS OWN house in order. Simply complaining about things doesn’t work.”

  • P. Bateman

    Roosh is right. Good Luck Chuck adds more intrigue to the conversation.

    I have seen countless females get promoted in the workplace who don’t deserve it. This is because the mangina bosses, who couldn’t get tail if their lives depended on it outside of work, slept with them and then caved into promoting them. This simply just mirrors behaviour we see in society where men will offer anything to get in woman’s pants.

    For every guy that stands up to a woman and doesn’t let her use him as an atm or a doormat, there are countless others who do the exact opposite. This problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Here’s hoping more men wake up and realize what these weak actions do to society. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ll promise to do my part.

  • Anonymous

    dammit it’s your fault i clicked the like button, fuckin fb is everywhere!

  • IshGibbor

    I like your critique of American men but your sexism is starting to become a little out there. Women should be allowed to do what they want and all because they don’t just cook and clean for you does not mean they are any less of a woman.

    I never will understand why so many men think that their manhood has to come from the subjugation of others. Women have routinely told me I am a dominant man or an Alpha male despite the fact that I am not that big, have no meat head features and could give a shit about making a woman do and say what I command. This puzzled me as to what the hell they meant and I did some research on the concept of the Alpha male, from a woman’s perspective. Come to find out later it is their desire to want to submit to my leadership that makes me dominant, not ordering my wife around, forcing her to stay ignorant of the world and relegating her to strictly a baby maker.

    I’ve read novels of female Nobel peace prize laureates; Shrin Ebadi, Jane Addams, Mother Theresa and others and your argument is that these women, who have accomplished far more with their lives then practically everyone active member in the forum combined (well minus G Manifesto of course) are just good for cooking and cleaning? Seriously? I am not one to say that feminism is good nor bad (haven’t done enough research) but what I will say is that if you plan on having a decent relationship with a woman you better learn to respect her, otherwise you will be hooking up for the rest of your life (no happiness there, especially if you have to work for it).

    Oh well, at least this post was entertaining.


  • Gmac

    It’s true. The women of this generation have been raised to believe they’re ‘entitled’ to equality in everything as if it’s their birthright and already been earned.

    Girls have been pampered, told that they are princesses, and showered with compliments and support their entire lives. It’s conditioned them to believing the lie that they are superior (or in many cases, perfect).

    We need to knock them down a peg (or four).

    Be unapologetic and underwhelming. Give her skittles instead of roses. Stop complimenting her and instead subtly point out her flaws. Buy her a cookbook instead of jewelry and then make her cook you 10 things from it.

    Let’s get these women out of the office and back in the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    reddit is all fucking losers man…great site tho. the community is so weak.

  • mr t

    roosh said it best:

    “The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa.”

    Make a tee shirt out this. Hell, make a billboard.

  • Carl Sagan

    In re-reading this post by Roosh, some thoughts came to mind. About the Jezebel nonsense, and increased traffic I’m sure he’s getting. Writing extreme, inflammatory, and polarizing pieces like this is only going to fuel the fire. If nothing else, it’s highly amusing. I predict in 3 years we’ll see him on CNN or Fox News delivering soundbites deploring feminism in a panel with Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Ann Coulter…etc…


    LOL, totally agree.

  • Timothy

    The era of the one-salary household is long gone. Most men don’t make the kind of money that allows for it, so men are going to have to figure out a way to make it work if you live with or are married to a woman.

    Yes, it’s true that women still do more of the housework and child care in families. But men STILL work longer hours, even if the woman works also. And women still have the OPTION on the table to stop working when they have children, even if just for a few months. So men still carry a certain responsibility to support the family.

    In those instances where a woman makes more than her man (20%? I’m not quite sure of the figure, but it isn’t significant), I guarantee that in most of those cases she resents having to carry more of the financial burden. I can’t think of a woman in my own circles that wants to date/marry a man that makes less than her, and we’ve HAD that discussion. Women want to earn what men do, but still don’t want the weight that comes with being “breadwinner.” They see you as less than a man if you’re not making more. They’ll say a man’s ego can’t handle a woman making more than them as the reason they don’t date or marry a man that makes less, but that’s not really it – they don’t want the responsibility. They still see their money as just that – THEIR money. Women still want to defer to certain traditional roles when it best suits them.

    As for women in authority in the workplace…well…they use power and authority differently than men. Their emotions play a part in how they treat people. Women inherently are vindictive and petty. A great many women will tell you they’d rather work under a male boss than a woman. That says it all.

    Yeah, thinks were simpler for men pre-70’s. And when women first started entering the workforce the dynamic was still in place because women worked largely in supporting positions under men. But we can’t go back, so we have to make it work. And as many of you suggested, it starts with setting tricks straight when they get out of line in those little day-to-day interactions. We have to be careful, because the law protects women against us “abusers.”

    Me and my boys have this discussion from time to time. About how in your grandparents’ home, and maybe your parents’ home, the man was the leader of his household. For most of my married friends, that’s still the case, but they get tons of pushback from their wives. They aren’t willing or capable of leading, yet accuse their men of being controlling. Women are full of contradiction. They claim to want a strong man, yet constantly fight him about being strong and taking charge. Ridiculous.

  • bunga bunga

    I don’t know how many of you have followed this Silvio Berlusconi thing but thought this would fit in well with the general conversation….I find this both hilarious and sad at the same time. Twenty dollars says there stupid cunts protesting are all middle aged fatties who are just bitter because they haven’t had sex in years.

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  • Matt Larson

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile, liked it alot at first, lately, not so much. Your attitude is starting to mirror the very attitudes you rail against. Namely, whiny, entitled, and narrow-minded. Could it be that your own shit doesn’t stink?

  • dc

    i once was a secretary to two female bosses

    they both found it so unnatural and uncomfortable to order me around that they hardly ever asked me to do anything at all. it was a pretty good job actually

  • dc

    RE: acceptable duties-

    Men shall be trained for war, women for the recreation of the warrior. All else is folly.

  • Timothy

    bunga bunga, I have been following the Berlusconi foolishness. He, and men, really don’t hold women in high regard professionally. Women’s value there are as sexual playthings, and to take care of the home, etc. Berlusconi’s soon-to-be ex-wife is a former stripper. Some women named by Berlusconi to government positions are basically the same – former “entertainers.” I visited a friend that was living there last year, and by extension am friendly with some of her friends that still live there. One desperately wants to leave because of the way women are treated in general, and how little respect she gets even though she works for a living (no, she isn’t a fatty…HA HA!). When your Prime Minister owns much of the media, and presents women as sexual playthings, and makes no apologies for it, you’ve got a difficult situation on your hands as a woman. Attractive women probably have less complaint, but if you’re NOT attractive, you’re FUCKED (not literally…HA HA!).

  • kristi

    Dirk Benedict wrote the original Modern Male Manifesto years ago called “Starbuck: Lost in Castration.” Please give it a read.

  • kristi

    Women don’t want “equal rights” – they, like any other minority want “special rights.” (Gays are next, you just wait. Then the fat people.)All this feminism & you still never see women getting up in arms about…well, being up in arms like men getting drafted & all that. No woman ever cries about picking up the check. So much confusion because advertising has promised women they can have it all: perfect prince charming husband, wonderful family & career on a golden platter. Trouble is, most women don’t really know what they want. You could give them what they say they want, but then they will change their minds. Again. Reject you for something opposite. Then be unhappy with that.

    Nope, didn’t see ANY women on tv fighting for revolution in the streets like the men last week in Egypt. Thought it was kind of sexist that they did appear on camera just in time to report for clean-up duty. But then when I thought about it again, isn’t it much safer to be complaining about being on clean-up duty rather than fighting in the streets/riots for democracy?

  • Frank N

    this is pure fuckin gold.

    pure fuckin gold.

    a litmus test too.

    if this doesnt ring true, it’s because u are a piece of walking, talking shit.

  • Roosh

    “if this doesnt ring true, it’s because u are a piece of walking, talking shit.”

    Amen. Those saying I’m trolling or sexist didn’t bother to refute any of my arguments. I suspect Valentines Day spiked up their estrogen levels a bit. Maybe they were feeling a little sentimental?

  • kristi

    PS Roosh,

    You forgot to add one thing about the overbearing females in the office – they all choose to own male dogs that must suffer through obedience school! This is no lie! Maybe it’s a western states kinda thing as people tend to have their own homes with yards, but no purry kittens for these office seahags. Nope, it truly is a dog’s life!

  • pepini

    The girl i´m currently dating I told her this:
    ” My life is good. If you wanna be a part of it you´ll have to bring value to it. Fucking you will not be enough, since I can get it every weekend from a different girl. If you don´t bring value to my life and expect me to carry your bags, hold the door, etc. I will dump you on the spot.” She made me a chocolate cake next day.

    Women are what men allows them to be. This is pure truth. Don´t only criticize women, criticize the pussies.

  • Squared

    Epic post. Roosh FTW.

  • Timothy

    pepini…that’s it in a nutshell. What does a woman add to your life? For me (I can’t speak for other men), all a woman can do for me that I can’t do for myself is fuck me. That’s it. And as you stated, you need to come with more than that. I need a woman to show that she gives a fuck about me. And you need to show me without me asking. That’s MY test. What little things does she do to improve your life? Does she pay attention to your likes/dislikes? Is the time spent with her pleasant? Or are you just a tool for HER OWN happiness? Granted, for men that aren’t interested in LTRs, fucking and her baking an occasional cake may be all that’s required…HA HA!

  • Brian

    True, there is not many genuinely feminine women left in America. The goal of most American women is to become a “career woman” to make money to get power and materialistic things for herself. Even for the women who get married it’s more for her materialistic and status agenda for herself. Probably most women would not stop having some type of job, so maybe instead of becoming this masculine “career woman,” more women could still do a feminine-type job she likes doing that’s of a feminine nature to make some money to buy her own clothes and things, so she doesn’t just sit in the house all day and get fat or f*ck her personal trainer while you’re not there during the day. I would rather be her Lover (s*x), than her Provider ONLY. To win this game I make my own rules: our “relationship” is framed from the beginning as s*xual (I exclusively go out with the few younger women who act feminine and if she does not continue to be feminine then she is gone), if she doesn’t authentically like doing things for me then I’m onto the next woman who wants to), I treat her with respect and if she ever disrespects me in any way/directs anger at me/tries to control me/or ever tells me what to do then goodbye, and if she continues to be feminine, s*xual, and happy then we both win. I recently bought BANG and I will start reading BANG tonight.

  • Anonymous

    For someone that is supposed to have an “above average” intelligence you sound very stupid…your way of thinking is too backward. I think the reason you travel so much is because of your inability to adapt is a progressed society(to a certain extent)…I will not deny that some feminist woman are more of a turn off than the vice versa, but If you want for the human species to move one, woman have to be independent and INTELLIGENT…You have a BS in microbiology, I assume you have heard of Rosalind Franklin. That is progress. Wishing otherwise to the extreme you impose is hypocritical since in one article you complain about how stupid American woman are and in the next about how Smart they are…YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh … you overshot it man. Enjoy Iceland and why worry about things that you cant do much about …

  • San Fran Native

    I’m a 45 year old male, never married, whose gone through alot of women in my life. Most of the Alpha tecniques trumpeted on this blog have come naturally to me, or just weren’t needed. In my relationships I’ve treated the women with respect, provided they earn it, and i really don’t care what their social status or various philosphies on life are, as long as we mesh well enough and can avoid excessive drama (which is a qiuck relationship killer for me). I’ve never felt inherently superior to women because I’m a man.
    All that being said, one of the reasons why I felt I’ve done well with women, ie getting laid, is because I’ve truely been able to take it or leave it. Even when I was 22 I would let a hot woman slip through my fingers if in my opinion it wasn’t worth the effort. I’ve always lived for myself, pretty much a lone wolf, and valued MY life and opinions over others. Not saying this is better or worse than any other guys situation, but I’ve been happy with it.
    When I was in my prime there were no cell phones – I remember when my oldest brother brought home the first answering machine I’d seen. I have one single friend left – my best friend – who still likes to go out and carouse, and yes, get laid. It’s also pretty natural for him to. When we see these young self-taught alphas(?) banging away on their smart phones we just shake our heads…
    Guess I’m rambling, but when I read some of these blogs/comments I feel pity for alot of these guys. All the anger, scheming, stereotyping, just plain negativity, makes me realize how lucky I’ve been.
    If you ain’t happy, it’s your fault, regardless of whether the men or women are “winning.”

  • StrikeForceMorituri

    I really wish that guy’s would get a clue sometimes. I personally agree with everything that Roosh is saying.

    All you guy’s talking about having a woman for a boss is great don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Some of the most vindictive, back stabbing, and calculating bosses I’ve have ever had were all women. They had no problems dressing down someone in front of their peers and when there in full swing they have no compulsion destroying peoples lives for sport.

    If you’re a single man that lives alone that makes over 60k a year and has reasonable credit your life is gold without an entitled bitch in your life. In my dealings with women I’ve learned when they start that entitled shit up I call them on their shit and let them know I have no problems kicking their ass to the curb.

  • IshGibbor


    The negativity is what got me. I don’t think anyone calling Roosh a sexist is on an estrogen binge. I just think that given his body of work on women that it can be a warranted judgment. Human civilization was built on the progress of male patriarchy and the submission of women? I swear if one were to insert “blacks” instead of “women” around here people would think we were participating in a white supremacist website.

  • StrikeForceMorituri

    @San Fran Native

    “I’ve treated the women with respect, provided they earn it, and i really don’t care what their social status or various philosphies on life are, as long as we mesh well enough and can avoid excessive drama”


  • Desert Storm Vet

    I feel this probably
    approximates the average devotee of this blog: Commenter 62, a male secretary spouting off on war and women, cerca the 14th century.
    Whats the over/under on this guy? Twice in his entire life?

  • kristi

    I wanna take back what I said earlier about the Egyptian Revolution.
    Apparently CBS newsreporter Lara Logan was brutally beaten & sexually assaulted in the streets while she was covering the story when separated from her group. She was saved by a group of woman & approx 20 Eygyptian soldiers. I should think more before making flippant comments about revolutions. Much apologies.

  • Anonymous

    fuck, you;re a total loser. you need to be neutered

  • Anonymous

    you’re view of what natural is kind of flawed. In some primitive and pre-modern societies women work a lot, in some they don’t. In some areas of the globe the “mans job” of hunting held greater (caloric/nutritional) importance than the “womans job” gathering.

  • roissy

    all i wanna know is… did the girl you bang look like bjork?

  • Matt

    Roosh, you might have American citizenship but you think like a Saudi. Check the immigration records, no-one wants to move there and for good reason!

  • Progress?

    shit, people here are talking about progress? Does american society look like its progressing in any way but to the shitheap of history? The more feminine & watered down the country gets, the worse it is. What fucking progress are some of you idiots talking about?

  • DUrrr

    oh wow lara logan got gangbanged. This is the chick who wanted to play GI joe and be a hotshot reporter so she could show us all her big brass balls remember. Dumb fucking cunt, what did she expect would happen in the middle east in the midst of a revolution with recently free muslim men dancing drunkenly in the fucking streets?


  • Seed

    FB mad a great post about that cunt.

    I completely agree.

  • Anonymous


  • Christian Philips

    ‘The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa’

    LMAO I will buy you a drink if you’re ever in London mate.

  • Fireworks56

    Thank you, Roosh for finally pointing out that American (“Western”) CULTURE and VALUES are probably primarily to blame for the end result in our women you describe in this blog post. ALL of us are responsible in shaping the culture and values of our American society and demanding improved cultural norms.

  • straightken

    A) So don’t date American girls.

    B) I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a good long-term relationship. They’re not perfect, but they can show you a side of women you’re not used to, where they care about you as a person, want to take care of you and do nice things for you just to make you happy.

  • InterestedParty

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Get out of DC!

    That’s your problem in a nutshell.

  • Kanya East

    “The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa. Anything else is superfluous and detrimental to the process of life. In exchange, the man provides for her so she’s not required to work. That’s how it’s worked for hundreds of thousands of years, but now we’re supposed to believe that the last 50 years is progress.”


    The only women that had the priveleged of remaining inside the home were royalty, aristocracy and otherwise wealthy women.

    Since ancient times ordinary women always did something to generate funds. Mostly hard labor of some sort.

    It has ever been thus.

  • andros

    “The most humiliating thing I can think of is having a female boss at work—being ordered by a woman like a dog. And I bet you think that’s okay, just the normal state of affairs. Fuck, I rather be homeless than let a super-sized Hobbit with ankles the size of my neck tell me to follow up with Stan in accounting.”

    Fucking true that. I have absolutely no idea how ‘men’ go on living with a femme for a boss. Embarrassing, emasculating… nothing really captures the visceral patheticness. I’ve never worked for a woman (technically I’ve never worked for a man either, but still) and I never will.

  • andros

    “Men have more leisure time than women partly for this reason.”

    Which fuckin’ planet do you live in?

  • andros

    And Roosh, I wouldn’t worry about Reddit. It’s mostly a cess pool of fat lib pussy-whipped men and queerball nerds (there was a thread recently where they convinced some poor fuck to raise a kid produced by his cheating wife).

  • Timothy

    I was rooting through some clippings and articles I’ve saved over time to weed out junk, and came across this little nugget…

    “Trade Up Your Lady – How to date out of your league” by Californication’s Evan Handler (he’s the little bald guy that plays David Duchovny/Hank Moody’s agent on the show)

    “First, choose a non-American. I’ve had relationships with foreign beauties who were sensible in ways I found lacking in domestic models (meaning they take into account the entire driving experience, not just the look of the car). Women want confidence in a man, so long as it stops short of being creepy. That said, don’t mistake “creepy” for “kinky.” If she sees you as her sexual liberator, you’ve successfully over-ridden the eyes for the power that lies behind them: You’ll have worked your way into her brain. Which is the last stop the train makes before the station you want to be pulling into.”

    Here we have a man that has achieved a certain level of fame (he also had a guest-starring role on “Sex and the City” as Charlotte’s husband) who could probably pull decent American women (even though he’s short, chubby and bald), but still prefers to go foreign. George Clooney’s last couple of serious girlfriends were also non-American, and he could REALLY pull tons of prime American women, but rather not after already being married to one.

  • Solomon II

    One of the best posts I’ve read in a while. There’s nothing like personal responsibility. I touched on this a bit in my post “My Will Be Done”, but you sir, have knocked it out of the park.

  • William

    The only woman a man should be worried about are the ones he’s associated with, and even then there’s a limit.

    I’m not gonna waste my time dealing with woman i should’ve gotten rid of a long time ago.

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  • Paul

    “The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa.”

    You sound like a Muslim savage. Yes women have taken feminism too far. Yes I try to be a real dominant man and think women should be submissive.

    But locking them inside the house as a slave? If somebody made me stay and clean a house for “financial security” I would smash their face in with a hammer. Women are human beings and deserve to have the right to go out and start an intellectually stimulating career–as opposed to taking care of kids all day.

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  • Drive by

    BTW Poster no. 9 is a fat dyke

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  • almost 40 year old virgin

    “Her obsession proved that she was getting a lot more out of the “relationship” than I was.”

    Finally one you PUA´s is noticing the elephant in the room.
    As I already mentioned on Roissy but got censored, the ONLY way to win this game is by NOT playing it.

    All that you supposed alphas are actually doing is scratching THEIR itch. The gina tingles, but much more importantly their need for drama/”Twilighty emotional porn”.

    PUAs, the “studly” handmaidens of feminism.

  • John

    So Epic, 5 stars Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    It is also a lot of womens fault. This article was written by a women and she pretty much agrees with everything that roosh has said in the past.

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  • kyle

    yeah nice

  • Mark C

    Great blog man, I discovered you through Roissy’s links.

    First I agree 110%. Men allowed women to become like this because of their fear of being called a “sexist” misogynist” etc. Its the same reason you can’t have a real discussion about race in America. Anytime someone brings up the truth of racial or sexual relations the PC mafia shout them down.

    But much like yourself, I found a solution. Don’t live in America. I have, in the last 10 years, lived in Eastern Europe, Central America, and Now S.E. Asia. And in that time I have found many wonderful, feminine, women who still know how to be women. So far as I can tell, until the average American male grows enough of a pair to be called a man, and puts these women in their place, the sheer weight of the eunuch class will simply smother any attempts by Men such as ourselves to overcome inertia.

  • Anonymous

    “Those saying I’m trolling didn’t bother to refute any of my arguments.” God.

    Feminists often go too far, but you go WAY too far in the other direction.

    “The only acceptable duty for the female human is to take care of the cock and the casa. Anything else is superfluous and detrimental to the process of life. In exchange, the man provides for her so she’s not required to work.”

    What about the women that hate cock? I love my boyfriend, but I only have sex because he likes it. He’s not neutered by any means, and he gets it almost every time we’re together, but if he started treating me like you say you treat women….he can kiss this little cockfucker goodbye.
    (I would actually much rather be with a woman. But you try finding a feminine out lesbian in the rural South that isn’t popping Xanax she’s got so many issues. And yes, I am all of the above, except for out.)

  • Timothy

    @111…I’d have to say that this post pretty much wasn’t aimed at you. But I will say this…too many heterosexual women feel the same way about sex with their significant other as you do – they see it as a chore that they HAVE to do for him. Once they get theirs (house, kids, status, etc.) his needs become secondary. And they insist he remain faithful. I don’t agree with the premise that a woman should be “barefoot and pregnant,” and I don’t question that being running a household and raising kids isn’t grueling and tedious. But when a man is out grinding to support it all, THAT’S pretty grueling too. He’s doing his job, and the home becomes hers. He accepts his responsibility without complaint, so she shouldn’t be complaining either. In jobs I’ve worked where overtime was almost mandatory, women were the ones that always begged out of it. They always had “plans” while the guys stayed and grinded. Sure, work-life balance is more important to women, but men are still the ones putting in the hours while women ultimately benefit from his hard work.

    Have you considered moving out of the South? Perhaps move to NYC or San Fran, or another gay mecca where you can find one of those fems you’re looking for? It’s apparent that you’re miserable, and you lie to your boyfriend daily.

  • Aaron

    First of all I want to say thank you brothers for putting your views here and supporting your fellow males.
    I can tell you from first hand experience the arrogance and lack of respect for males U.S. women have as a super beta male but my situation in life is very unusual.
    I am the exception to most of the rules and things you guys think and live because I was stuck in a cult from 16 to 24 and then married to a girl in that religion/cult until 24 to 28 then kicked out of my own house and then went to LA to stay with my father (that I never knew) for 2 years (38 to 30.5) until he told me I was not his son then left to San Diego.

    Again I was caught by more females in that cult here in LA here at 28 and they threatened me with outcast by everyone unless the trick they pulled on me to work for the church I did not fulfill.
    I lost my second job, my truck everything.

    I can tell you from childhood to adulthood to now women have dominated my life most of my life and this is a very unhealthy thing to do to me. I have been scarred for life and despite my good looks (6′!’ handsome and muscular) I am so used to being kept poor and docile and cooperative it took me the last ten years 31 to 40 to recover and figure out what life is really all about and how american women are really the least valuable of all women in the world.

    All of my bosses were female in that cult. These were mostly housewives that took out there frustrations and anger against there husbands on me.
    Trying to make me feel bad in front of large groups of people or tricking me into a long term obligation is what these women’s bed and butter were.
    Add to that a childhood female bully that would beat me up encouraged by her older brothers in front of large crowds of people how can I not be scarred?
    I was bigger than her and I could have course severely beaten her if I wished but I did not understand her actions towards me and would not hit a female even as a kid and viewed it as insanity and tried to run away from it which did not work. I was just a kid and she tried it 4 years later and I just ignored her.
    Now I’m 40 and I think it would be justice if I could confront her and punch her in the face and challenge her or fight her but nobody else would think of it that way, too bad for me. I have no rights to revenge since we’re all adults now.
    Wow thanks USA
    I should be able to beat her if I wish now in public and tell her she should show respect to a bigger male that is being nice to her but I can’t and I think that is very wrong. She gets to get away with that, why?
    I’m sure I would feel bad after punching her in the face once or twice and getting revenge and then what will I do? Suffer from a lawsuit she files on me and wins for the rest of my life I will pay her money. Thanks USA

    These females in the cult that were my boss were absolute authorities on me and my life and really took advantage of my good intentions and super honesty level.
    I was a book keeper for them and they had an intensive lie detector on me regularly so I learned quickly to be very honest.
    In fact dishonesty for me is very very hard to do and I have no poker face and cannot “fake it until I make it.”
    If a pretty female asks me the truth I just spill it all out because I’ll feel guilty if I dont.

    It’s taken almost 10 years for me to realize I have a right to privacy and the right to lie if i wish. A thing that cult took away from me. I’m just learning now the last 4 years I can lie if i wish but it is still very hard. The one benefit I got from this is that I can clearly see when others lie.

    Since I was so used to be being kept poor my whole life this 30k a year job I got making solar panels which is super honest and helping the whole world and country (because we also export) makes me feel very good and makes me feel superior to many of you on an honesty level because I can see you do not care how dishonest your job is and about how you do not care at all for people in third world countries especially you white american women that do not donate or care about people in poor countries. I have donated over 2k plus to Filipinas last year no strings attached but I bet 100% you did not do anything close to that.

    We consume the most resources of the world and yet you spend most of your energy and time in public making men feel bad for talking to you in public. Men are not allowed to act discrimanatory on the job like an attractive white female is allowed to do here in the U.S. and the other races follow her example.
    There is a very attractive white female at the bank where I cash my check and she openly avoids me in front of everyone making me lok and feel bad in frnt of everyone, how is that right or correct in any way?
    Can the young attractive white male tellers that work there do the same thing to women? No they wqould get fired or disciplined right away.

    Don’t I have the right to run my errands in public without getting treated like a penis pointed in your direction? Ugly/overweight girls and men are not acting in that way on the job yet these humans have specials rights above all others?
    I’m so super angry at how white attractive females here think they are above all of humanity it presents a very big barrier to me now because even if a pretty white girl is suddenly nice to me in public I can’t believe it, I just can’t. I wonder how are you trying to trick me, my hatred stays there and wont go away.

    I mean really you break my heart and I know that does not matter to you because you really do not have a heart after all. Nice men equals pussy and pushover.

    I wonder how you U.S. white females would feel if I could bring 1000 women here from Thailand or the Philippines or actually a country as rich as our own, 1000 South Korean women and suddenly plop them down into a night club or bar here and expose your fake “I’m pretty and white so I can look down on all men” BS.
    Your obnoxious disrespect, unfriendliness and lack of admiration of males leads to this pick up artist market.

    71% of the country is obese or overweight leaving us very little choices of females and so you take advantage of us in every way and spend a lot of energy creating
    approach anxiety by openly treating men like they are beneath you in public. Was I born with approach anxiety? No. Was any man? No.

    I thought when I was a young boy pretty girls would be nice, but they are not.

    We have the most men in jail and insane of any country in the world and I submit to you that it is directly the result of attractive females treating men liek shit in public
    which leads to depression and/or criminality.
    The pursuit of happiness (rememember the constitution) includes sex and freindship with pretty attractive females.artist market.

  • PB

    Your facts are wrong. The average number of sexual partners for a women in her lifetime is actually 4. For a guy between 8-12. I know…. there is a small percentage of guys that bang hundreds of women but most people don’t want the stress of diseases, drama etc… get my drift?

  • NotJoeRogan

    The fact that I wasn’t aware of my losing is proof enough that feminism is winning.

  • nick

    i read your article and then some comments . frankly your analysis is wrong .i ve been to france and to Malaysia and pakistan. lets just say i m proud of american women . seriouly dude all the dollars progress you see is due to birth control . and empowerment of women .so what if they are bloody whores ,or sluts. if they raised so many kids america would not have seen such prosperity .men are not angels ,they are also violent creatures. who needs that. well you can weep it off or jerk it out . or fuck a pussy. all your choice. no one knows where are we heading but global trends tell its gonna be good. have fun.

  • Johnny

    Stop playing the game…transcend! Evolve….let go of desire. Get your zen on gents…

  • Opted Out of the B.S.

    All you men who disagree with this mans words of wisdom, you should go the last ten yards and have a sex change. Your so friggin screwed up in you heads half of you don’t even have a pair. You feminist sissy-fied ladyboys. You make me sick. It is because of men like you, not being men that things have gotten so out of control.
    Go to any nation in Africa and you wont see the same problems with women that we have in the western world. All you ladyboys, do us real mean a favor and slit your own throat’s.

  • J.M.

    “no one knows where are we heading but global trends tell its gonna be good. have fun.” Nick what the hell are you smoking, I’d like to smoke that too. By the way I’m engineer and the numbers don´t add…

  • Bret

    holy shit, you are a faggot!

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  • jon

    You’re mixing things up by talking about the days when women stayed home because they had to stay home and WORK at home. Men farmed and hunted while women fixed meals, chopped wood, repaired tools, and did all the other odds and ends from sun up to sundown. Nowadays if a women isn’t working it’s because she’s sitting at home watching Oprah and whining about her worthless husband that’s working overtime to support her fat ass. Typically women need to work nowadays too just as they worked in the past, only now we’re not all on farms. Women have to add value one way or another and if it’s not working on the farm then it’s working in the office, school, etc. We can’t have a bunch of whiny fat ass women sitting around watching TV being a drain on society.

    So you’re right that women in America are lazy self entitled brainless golddiggers but the answer to that problem isn’t telling them not to work. They need to work and have ambition so they exercise their brain and stop wasting their time making poor decisions (kind of like teenagers not having afterschool programs getting into drugs).

  • Rosa

    I will fully admit to being the manliest woman I know (short of becoming a dyke) only because I had to become it. There were no men that were manly enough to assume the role around me. Not all, but a great deal of men around my age range-I’m 30 now- have ended up a generation of giant pussies. Entitled, lazy-assed pussies waiting for their big opportunity to become rock stars or the like while unemployed, uneducated, and playing video games all day. I’ve had to explain the phenomenon of ‘man-boy’ to several older male relatives who don’t know what to do with their aging sons who still live at home and are waiting for their big break. I’ve supported ALL previous boyfriends financially, because they were “too good” to have a menial job as a server-labor-whatever, because they deserved a six figure salary even though they had no education or experience. As I’ve moved up the ranks in my career, I easily outearn most men I date. I’ve given up on the idea that I will find a man to marry and bear children with and all that blah. If I didn’t work, then who would? I’m obviously not going to be a ‘trophy wife’ to one of the 5 real men left in the country, so I’ll just keep my money, my Adult Friend Finder account, a jacked faggot friend to open jars when need be and be done with the droves of dumbasses calling themselves men. Yes, I’m trolling on this entertaining little blog, but I felt the need to agree with the statement that you have done whatever the fuck you are crying about to yourselves. So I say, STOP FUCKING CRYING ABOUT IT AND GET A GOD DAMNED JOB. Simple. I would gladly bear the skirt and stay barefoot in the kitchen but wait, that’s right, I’ve had to man up to fill in the spots of the men that are away. Like Rosie the Riveter, except the men aren’t away at war, unless WoW counts…

  • madmax

    I am already impressed enough with Roosh’s articles, but this one blew my fucking mind. This guy ‘sees’ things that most guys are unable to see, including me. I am no longer the nice guy I was. The problem with being unassertive (i.e. nice guy, I think it’s the same thing. Whether you treat a cunt too well because you are a good guy, or whether because you don’t have the balls to tell her to fuck off, YELDS THE SAME RESULT).

    The problem is this: your beliefs about women. Nice guys have the belief that women are like they were in these old romantic movies. You must destroy these beliefs, by ALWAYS think and seeing the UGLY PARTS and DEFECTS of women, both physical and mental. Start by reading the book ‘Venus, the dark side’ for a pretty good fucking start. See how we attach the ‘halo effect’ to ‘beautiful women’. I , for one, am destroying this tendency. Everytime I think ‘ohhh….she’s so pretty’, I imagine her taking a shit, picking her nose, and dealing with her period. Not so hot anymore, uh? The ‘halo effect’ has to go. These beliefs have to go. You should even PRACTICE giving some shit to attractive women and calling them out on their shit, but be careful: never by whining. Calling women out on their shit doesn’t mean whining. You cannot be a whiner.

  • madmax

    # 123 Rosa

    shut up, stupid bitch. We create jobs, including your own. By the way, if you are fat change this immediately, you’ll get paid more, as a man I care more about your appeareance than your brains, as long as you don’t give me any shit.

    So we play too many videogames, uh? I do from time to time, maybe once a year. But wait, when I go out I see all this silly bitches fucking with their hi-tech phone crap….and I am pretty sure you are one of them.

    In a few years no one will give a shit about your used-up ass, so I’d suggest you make more friends by stopping being the ridiculous bitch you are.

  • madmax

    PS. Rosa, what the fuck YOU know about war? Shut up, silly little bitch.

    Oh, another thing…..a man’s worth is not measured by his ‘education’. I am a school dropout but write and speak 4 languages, never formally studied any, and I have done things that you can’t fucking do at law school.

    All this, while probably you were ‘studying’ with DAD’S money.

    Look, just shut the fuck up, girls like you are so silly, they think they know, but they don’t know shit.

    Where I come from, we have a proverb: ‘He (she) who says he knows, knows nothing’. You are a perfect example for that.

    If you are an attractive woman, try this: put your worst foot forward when you go out, dress like a stupid dork, be masculine. In no time you’ll see men stopping giving a shit about you. That would certainly be my case. But even if you were very attractive, I’d probably fuck you and dump you, as I can’t stand stupid bitches like you who act like they know everything.

    You don’t know shit, you have spent TOO MUCH TIME at school. The real school is LIFE, not a fucking course paid by your dad.

  • Coyote

    It is you fucking fault!

    And its Hollywood Whore Values portrayed in the media that emasculate men. You ever see a woman get kicked in the cunt and the laugh track goes off. Ah no but men get kicked in the balls all the time and there goes that laugh track! You ever get kicked in the balls? – funny stuff eh?

    Here is something that always gets a rise out of readers” the reason some people fly planes into tall buildings is because some cultures want women to be man eating whores while degrading the importance of motherhood and a whole family (degrading fatherhood as well). And other cultures do not like it.

    I voted with my feet and live in Latin America where women are still feminine.


    These are the same men that if a man said the things a woman said to them in public there would be a fist fight. But they just suck it up and say nothing! Fucking pussies! Then even worse when a guy with balls say something other idiot men defend the women, as if she is honorable and helpless – when all the time she is the instigator and provocateur – hardly helpless, rather a manipulative subversive Americunt destroying brotherhood and demoralizing men at every turn – and you guys let them, even protect them.

    Remember I left…

    I did not stand there in the US and take the abuse…

    Most of you guys do! You say nothing like neutered “men” that WORSHIP their “women” – when you guys are really nothing but blinded by gender blur and constantly humiliated to the point where humiliation seems normal to you guys… it so fucking sad that not only did I leave I can’t even stand to go back and see my pathetic friends whose wives hate me or tolerate me only because I stand up to their shit! Every fucking time in public and private. And people look at me like – what the fuck is wrong with him (he is not a just take male in genitalia only. I got a dick and I am proud of it cause I use it like a man! I just don’t loan to women at times. I own them with it. You punks do anything for pussy… you’d probably take it in the ass for pussy and frequently do (literally and figuratively speaking). The majority of you disgust me..

    Stand up and reclaim your dignity. Ah but no – the majority of “men” are say nothing balless fucks that make me ashamed to share the same gender… There are very few men in the US – I really don’t know how to describe you subservient scapegoat punching bags, you are more like jailhouse punks passed around and used sans Vaseline… Rape victims is what you are… you have been defiled so often that you are void and vacant of anything resembling masculine… so very sad… I wish it was not so.

    But you cannot see it because you are in it.

    Get out of it!

    Travel to Latin America where men still are men… then you might understand that I am not ragging on you but rather pleading with you for the sake of raising healthy children to FUCKING WAKE UP and assume the role of a man…

  • Fuck You

    Fuck you, like seriously
    I hope you will die of a really painful death
    And lose your legs before


  • Fuck You


  • Fuck You


  • Fuck You


  • Fuck You


  • Fuck You

    So yeah, take a bullet to the knee, and let us feminazis cut your balls

  • candid

    RooshV: As a man, I don’t want to win. I just want my two sons to have a woman who will put their family before her own selfish desires and feminist ideology. This is nearly impossible to find in the USA. I have to start by truly appreciating the rare wife I have found. She was no virgin, but she is certainly not the typical American feminazi. We have been married nearly 20 years, and I hope that I don’t mess it up. Maybe it has to do with her Polish anscestry? lol.

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  • LKS

    For the one who says die die die, how old are you?

  • Atroxa

    Men lol what a bunch of pansies, bitching about how women hurt their poor little egos.

  • lls

    For the one who said ‘die’ would you saidthat face to face to a muslim man if you are so strong?

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  • Pita

    :a2m: What a misogynistic asshole point of view. With your attitude there probably isn’t a woman who would have you unless she’s a Stepford wife. You’ll end up fucking yourself.

  • Anonymous

    here is a great idea for you you worthless waste of skin. stay at home stay off your computer stay in bed and masturbate! thats all your good for!

  • Alex

    Wow. This post was a kick in the nuts.

    I cringed when I thought of being ordered around by a woman, like a dog. What a horrifying mental image.

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  • Americunt aka Yidbankistan


    And this is awesome lol-
    Fuck, I rather be homeless than let a super-sized Hobbit with ankles the size of my neck tell me to follow up with Stan in accounting.

  • Melissa Finn

    Yeah…we still only make 72 cents to a man’s dollar, and most of us aren’t in dream mode of being a subservient human to cater to man that “provides” for us. We are human, for God’s sakes, human. It’s men like you who aren’t against rape or slavery, because you think having a Dick and being white gives you some entitlement to women and minorities. Fortunately, you and other Tea Party misogynists are a dying, laughable breed. No, you’re the one that needs to learn his place. We are women, we are people, we are all human. No amount of whining about other humans fighting for the right to be recognized as such will deter that. You just make yourself look bad, and looking down on you sooo easy. The number one problem for chauvinists is their feelings of inadequacy and lack of control that they choose blame on women. Well, unless you have a time machine to before the beginning of the women’s suffrage movement, or better yet, for you, when slavery was an accepted practice, you don’t get to whine your way into trying to control other humans’ lives. You should get a higher education and learn your role in society before its too late.

  • you’re a dumbass

    lol so mad bro huh? go have a heart attack

  • E Sewra

    Haha. Not that funny actually, a little over the top (you should be writing for the Onion). But so many people seem to have taken this site seriously. Distinguishing satire from the real thing is more challenging than ever!

  • Tom Dane

    Ask yourself what women really are worth at the workforce. What value do they really bring. NOTHING.
    They all work at HR departments or some public relation company or other worthless shit. Do they invent? Do they innovate ? do the human race progress because of their worthless paper pushing jobs ?

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  • mindy

    100% correct. Women today walk all over men because they know they can get away with it. Men are hard wired, socially conditioned, and taught it’s macho to take shit and abuse from women, which is why America is on the eve of destruction. I’m not worried though – it’s gotten so bad it won’t be much longer until a collective “FUCK YOU” !!!! comes from the male gender – it’s long over due…and when it comes, in whatever form it takes, female supremacists are in for one fuck of a bumpy ride.

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