Jerking Off With Your Other Hand

Previously: Video prelude to this post

Have you noticed that when you jerk off with your other hand, it feels like someone else is doing it?

When I was younger, I used to jerk off with my other hand so it would seem like an alien was abducting me. It was all fun and games until my mom caught me. I should not have told her the truth.

If women knew how to please me, I would not have to jerk off with my other hand.


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  • Anonymous

    fucking ceiling cat. he somehow manages to show up every time i jerk off.

  • Sudamericana

    let’s see if it reaches the 500 comments you predicted… this is my humble contribution

  • roissy

    ceiling cat is jerking off to you masturbating.

    roissy’s last blog post: What?s Annoying In This Picture?.

  • evh

    What a great blog post. Much better than your usual Friday material.

    Sometimes I wonder how you do it. You should make an instructional video…

  • shadi

    great visual to go with my morning coffee. thanks.


  • T.

    If you really want to weird yourself out, use your feet.

    T.’s last blog post: A Hot Mess.

  • Peter North

    I will give you an even better advice. Try sitting on your hand for a while to make it numb, then jerk off, in this way you can do it with your regular hand and it will still feel like somebody else is doing it.
    And, if you are really adventurous and massive down there (like me), you can try sitting on your hand AND on your one-eyed snake at the same time and then jerk off, in this way it will feel like smb else is giving smb else a handjob.
    You are welcome.

    Peter North’s last blog post: The Girls of Olive Garden.

  • dchero

    This is such an awesome post that there’s nothing I can add to it. Wait, yes there is. I think it’s good if we can all identify the ‘ceiling cat’ in our lives. So deep.

    dchero’s last blog post: Haters.

  • virgle kent


    So what you’re telling me is that not every guy uses his other hand to put two fingers in his ass crack while jerking off with his other hand?

    That’s not normal?!?

  • mike says

    I love the intensity in ceiling cat’s eyes. “That’s right…do it just like that…that’s it…now faster…”

  • Roosh

    I expected a little bit more conversation on this post

  • eugenius

    So this is how the blog is written ha? Nice work, def on your way to 500……

    PS. My mom caught me in the act one time…..I pretended that the dick in my hand wasnt what she thought it was……..very embarassing, I didn’t get out of my room for 3 months.

  • reality

    I have to admit, I’ve never successfully managed to jerk off with my other hand. I often try, but then end up switching back to old righty after a few unsuccessful minutes.

  • Sherwin


    I don’t think anyone gets it… go back and watch the video from his last post… this is hilarious

  • Matt Savage

    I’ve tried it before but my right hand gets jealous, so I have to put that hand behind my back…

    Matt Savage’s last blog post: Interview with Avalon the Super Stripper.

  • Laura

    Naked Twister, anyone?

  • craig of

    @Peter: I think they call that ‘the stranger’ …lol

    craig of’s last blog post: Miami South Beach Hostels Reviewed.

  • Sarah

    You should try using your other hand to masturbate and then try putting your index finger (from your usual hand) in your ass. :) Then it would really feel like an alien abduction.

  • GetSome

    dude is that pPeter North the pornstar?

  • ListenToLeon

    This shit is hilarious!

    ListenToLeon’s last blog post: Come With Me To Earth Day.

  • spyder11

    Depending on how you look at ceiling cat. The picture might be that wall cat… Wall cat could be looking up at you

  • Anonymous

    whoa, dude, whoa. that’s blowing my mind.

  • StrangerPost

    Nah, the stranger is when you sit on your hand so it gets numb. Then you masturbate. I find it works a lot better and its easier to coordinate.

  • Rtother

    Isn’t that called the clumsy stranger? Assuming one isn’t ambidextrous.

  • Mike Paahana

    we try this at work but no feel good was even better when my friend hoo drive truck with me ended up jerking me off

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh The Sleeper, as its known to the depraved and deprived… Put your arn under the toilet seat and sit on it for a few minutes… The key is to avoid numbness that could harm you permanantly

  • Anonymous

    you know i tried sitting on my hand and chocking the chicken, my hand was completly numb, but heres the problem, it was like it was just a head hand like a clumsy, floppy, cold, hand…

  • Abe

    The blogger vid was genius

  • bdaboy