Katie J.M. Baker Purposefully Distorted My Work To Advance Her Socialist Agenda

Jezebel writer Katie J.M. Baker recently wrote an article in Dissent magazine that reviews Don’t Bang Denmark. And by “reviews,” I mean cherry-picks the contents to create a fictional narrative that game doesn’t work in socialist countries. Many left-leaning outlets such as The Hairpin, Washington Monthly, Kottke, and NY Magazine celebrated the article as proof of socialism’s doubleplus goodness and game’s ineffectiveness. I imagine it was like hitting two birds with one stone for them. I can forgive these outlets because they didn’t read the book, but Katie did. She knows her argument has no standing, but chose to mislead the public instead. I would like to set the record straight.

While correctly stating my age isn’t a big deal, I knew the article was going to be a doozy when the very first opening sentence had a factual inaccuracy (I’m 34, not 33). Another blunder:

He vows never to return to the Polish city of Katowice unless forced to “maintain the pussy flow.”

I’ve never been to Katowice. Here’s what I wrote in Bang Poland, which she apparently skimmed:

Two cities I wanted to check out, but was unable to, were Warsaw and Katowice.

Minor mistakes aside, she proceeds to misconstrue my conclusion that Denmark is a place of low-quality women who require a more beta-fied game.

What’s blocking the pussy flow in Denmark? The country’s excellent social welfare services. Really.

But the book never stated that the pussy flow was blocked in Denmark, just that there was low quality, masculine pussy.

Fans of the travel writer will be disappointed that “pussy literally goes into hibernation” in this “mostly pacifist nanny state,” where the social programs rank among the best in the world.

Allow me to reveal the full quote from Don’t Bang Denmark so her dishonesty can be made clear:

One big problem with Denmark is the weather. The winter is long and dark, with the whole month of December seeing only forty-two hours of sunlight. Pussy literally goes into hibernation, as I got to experience upon my still-cold March arrival. Not until the weather warmed up slightly in late April did I start slaying Danish women, making me feel almost like I was in a different country compared to when I first arrived.

She changed the meaning quite a bit, didn’t she? All cold environments suffer from this hibernation effect, even Washington DC, where women “bun up” for the winter, but Katie maliciously distorts my quote to make it appear that I’m saying pussy goes into some sort of neverending hibernation because of… social programs. Only a Jezebel writer can come up with something so fantastically strange.

Roosh’s game cannot accommodate the Danish women he meets because the PUA community assumes women seek evolutionarily advantageous traits in men that boil down to a dominant, caveman masculinity, even if they don’t realize that’s what turns them on; one PUA tactic, “negging,” refers to the art of dropping backhanded compliments (“I’m not usually attracted to women with broad shoulders”) to weaken a woman’s self-confidence and therefore render her more vulnerable to seduction.

Here she sets up a straw man where my game is equated with the PUA collective. The fact that I don’t teach a strategy of negging shows how she is attempting to pigeonhole my work into her existing prejudice about game.

Jante Law is technically fictional, but like many stereotypes, it contains a degree of truth: Danish women don’t reward the alpha male “with more sex for his alphaness because alphaness breaks Jante Law.” In Denmark, the fail-proof pick-up artist cheat code does not compute, causing Roosh to get increasingly whiny—and disturbing—as Don’t Bang Denmark begins to flail in earnest.

Only someone who is unfamiliar with Danish culture would describe Jante Law as containing only “a degree” of truth. It is the principal material driving through the cultural vein of Denmark, and there is no other rule you can point to that better describes their mentality and motivations. I also take offense to her equating my game teachings to a “cheat code.” My program involves a substantial amount of labor, requiring you to improve your long-term value as a man.

Roosh comes to the conclusion that women who aren’t as dependent on men for financial support are not susceptible to the narcissistic salesmanship that constitutes phase one: “attraction.” That’s why Roosh fails to advance to the second level—”trust”—without being creepy. Thus “seduction” is almost always out of the question.

These are not my phases. She is attributing someone else’s material to my work, either spitefully to confuse the reader or through sloppy research as shown by her earlier mistakes (my guess is a bit of both).

By his last night in Copenhagen, Roosh’s game is not on point. His face is shining “a molten red” at the injustice of it all. He can’t stop himself from calling his buddy’s friend a “stupid, ugly, fat, cock-blocking bitch.” He ends the night by lying his way into bed with an apprehensive eighteen-year-old virgin.

Socialism did a great job in cockblocking my penis into a teenage virgin. The cockblock that got away! The truth is virgins are the hardest of all female breeds to get a one-night stand with, and yet I did it in Katie’s socialist paradise.

I was the first to admit that my default Western game was met with mediocre results in Denmark. So I adapted, and developed a game that worked in getting me several one-night stands, lays that were just as easy as in America. I was cockblocked by the culture only temporarily, until I went back into my game toolbox and pulled out the right tools for the job. I clearly spell out successful tactics you can use, but Katie makes no mention of them. Here are a couple excerpts from my book:

Danish girls don’t like masculinity, cockiness, or outspoken guys. Because of Jante Law, any attempt on your part to even indirectly show that you’re more experienced, knowledgeable, or smarter than her will terminate the interaction. Even if you’re definitely more experienced than her (she’s likely to only be a student, after all), you must pretend that you’re both equal. I don’t care if you’re ten years older than her and have lived in a dozen locations around the world after succeeding at a milliondollar business built from scratch, but you must treat the stupid opinions of a 23-year-old Danish girl with reverence and respect if you want to get laid.


The optimum night game to have is this: nice guy who approaches a lot and isn’t shy about going for the one-night stand. I understand that this is a bit contradictory, since nice guys don’t go for one-night stands, but that’s the best way I can put it. Be aggressive about approaching and sealing the deal, but be passive and slightly meek while in conversation. It’s better to be a generic, neutral, pleasant guy who wishes for world peace than one who has strong opinions and wants to share deep wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of rich experiences. Don’t rock the boat if you want to get laid in Denmark.

So what do you talk about? What do you share opinions on? Anything but Denmark. If you want to talk about Denmark, frame it so that you’re asking her for help, not that you’re sharing observations. From a getting-laid standpoint, being selfdeprecating about your own country to fit her stereotypes is
much better than criticizing hers.


Be a little bit careful about giving too many humorous responses to the personal questions she asks, because Danish girls are very sensitive to cocky humor. By not answering directly, she may think you’re making fun of her, thereby breaking Jante Law. My advice is to give one playful answer and then calibrate to see if she went along with your joke or not.

I even address logistical issues you’ll face to handle a Danish girl’s bicycle (most people in Denmark ride their bikes to nightlife venues).

The best logistical solution to the bicycle problem is to live within walking distance of where her bike is parked. When it’s time to go for the afterparty move by inviting her over for a drink, you’ll state how you live only “five minutes walking distance” away. The hamster in her brain likes this because she knows that regardless of what happens in your place, she won’t be far from her bike.

Does this sound like the writing of a man who “flailed in earnest”? I faced difficulty, tried different techniques, and then settled on a game strategy which got me one-night stands with girls as young as 18. I was 31 at the time. If that’s failing, what’s winning? I’m not a Denmark all-star by any means, and I’m sure there exists thousands of Danish men who can pick up their women better than I can, but I know of no other non-Danish man who moved forward game techniques in Denmark more than I have.

His guidebook concludes with a resigned “bottom line” acknowledgment that his time in Denmark “liberalized me when it came to a government taking care of its citizens….Denmark sucks balls for women, but it kills the United States when it comes to having a higher standard of living.” Still, he won’t be going back anytime soon.

I have to admit that my time in Denmark did create temporary sympathies for socialism. The reason is because, unlike Danish citizens, I’m not taxed at 50% or more. This doesn’t include mention of a monstrous 25% VAT on most sales purchases. It’s easy when you’re on the outside looking in to admire the fact that homeless people have health care, but do you want to give up half your income for that and other things which you can easily purchase on the free market? I much rather get no social services from the state and use the market to provide my needs at a competitive price. If I can’t afford those services then I must work harder or get some additional training or schooling to improve my station.

An unfortunate consequence of Denmark’s extensive services that I clearly mentioned in the book is how it cultivates a passive populace of liberal automatons who avoid risk, and therefore, innovation. There is a reason why Denmark has been so quiet on the world stage in the past 100 years, having to piggyback on its more accomplished neighbors like Germany and Norway. The only thing I credit Denmark on is that their income confiscations eventually makes its way to the people, while in America socialism benefits corporations first. 

Katie has long been familiar with my work during her time at Jezebel, so I imagine that the Dissent piece was her opportunity to strap on a big black dildo and then insert it into my anus without consent. Judging by the accolades she’s getting for her piece, she successfully got away with the crime because of her privileged status as a white female liberal writer in America. The victim is not me but truth itself—truth about Denmark, the disincentives that socialism creates, and the indisputable effectiveness of game.

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