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In the first newsletter I sent out, I wrote about getting phone numbers from girls. An excerpt:

When it’s time to say goodbye and you’ve exhausted your options to take the conversation somewhere else, you want to give the girl an opportunity to show interest and offer her number before you have to do it. You do this by ending the conversation with “It was really nice meeting you” and shutting up. If she does like you, she will squirm and get anxious, and probably make a move. If she doesn’t offer the number outright she may compliment you to encourage you to get it. And even if she doesn’t make any move, you can still get the number if you want. Your options remain open.

The rest of what I wrote was pretty down on getting numbers. I painted it as a consolation prize for not fucking her. You came, you tried, here is a sequence of ten numerals for your troubles that odds are will not result in anything. But even though numbers are not strong, you still must get them every time. I don’t care if you’ve only been talking to a girl for one minute when her friend starts dragging her away—get the number. As long as you want to fuck her, get the number, no exceptions.

Say you are an average player and have a great month where you get ten numbers. Out of those ten, about four will return your first call (if you are really good, you may hit eight callbacks.) Out of those four, you may get two or three girls out on a first date. Out of those two or three first dates you will probably get one notch if your middle and late game is good. So if you are average, it takes you ten numbers to one notch. And when I say average I mean to say that you actually have game and some alpha qualities. Do you now see why it’s important to get numbers? Behind every number is a chance for a notch. In my scenario there is a 10% chance, but even if you have zero game and there is a 1% chance that the number will lead to sex, it’s still worth it.

If you are still not convinced…

1. Calling girls takes very little time.
You call her up, leave a message, and if she calls back, you spend 5-10 minutes talking to her. There is also a low opportunity cost because there are not many ways talking to a girl for five minutes on an off night could be better spent. But if you are at a club for three hours on a typical Saturday night, and you talk to a girl for one hour who turns out to be married, you just cost yourself 33% of very valuable approach time.

2. It tightens your phone game. Ask any girl about some of the things guys have done when it comes to the phone and you will see why it is a skill you must master. Go out there, collect dozens of phone numbers over the course of six months, and just get your phone game up to a respectable level. There is an optimal way to work the phone and unless you start using your experience now to improve with girls you have average interest in, you will cost yourself some more important notches down the road. You don’t want to be calling your dream girl without any clue of what to do or say.

Even now, when I’m out there I still get phone numbers of girls I’m not crazy about. I’m playing the game, not trying to get married. Plus unless you keep your game in practice, it will atrophy. Ask any guy who’s in a relationship if you don’t believe me. If she doesn’t call me back then that’s fine, no loss, but if she does then I’m going to get her out somewhere and take one of my Durex Extra Sensitive condoms along for the ride. At long as this girl is cute doesn’t and fuck up my CPN, I’m down. And who knows, maybe I’ll find out she’s a special little snowflake.

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