Ladies Night For Real

We all know that ladies night promotions are a scam by club owners to attract more men into a bar. The reason, of course, is because men drink a lot more than women. I’ve never been to a ladies night that wasn’t a sausage fest, but there is ladies night here in Quito which is true to its name.

On Wednesdays from 7-10PM at a club in New Town, ladies get in free and drink for free. Yeah, a three hour open bar. Men are not allowed in the bar until 10PM after paying a $3 cover. The line of dudes by 10PM goes around the block. So if you’re a guy the plan is to stand in line by 9PM, be the first to get in, and enjoy about one hour of quality time with a bunch of drunk, horny girls. So you want to know what it’s like?

I do too.

I got a nasty cold on Tuesday and haven’t been out since.

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