Ladies Night For Real

We all know that ladies night promotions are a scam by club owners to attract more men into a bar. The reason, of course, is because men drink a lot more than women. I’ve never been to a ladies night that wasn’t a sausage fest, but there is ladies night here in Quito which is true to its name.

On Wednesdays from 7-10PM at a club in New Town, ladies get in free and drink for free. Yeah, a three hour open bar. Men are not allowed in the bar until 10PM after paying a $3 cover. The line of dudes by 10PM goes around the block. So if you’re a guy the plan is to stand in line by 9PM, be the first to get in, and enjoy about one hour of quality time with a bunch of drunk, horny girls. So you want to know what it’s like?

I do too.

I got a nasty cold on Tuesday and haven’t been out since.

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  • eugenius

    Oh shit……..its like they keep the bate inside, feed them drinks, get them drunk, and then let the voltures tear them apart…..i like that……I heard a couple of clubs in Russia do that….must be very effective for any guy who wants to get laid.

    In other words if some dude goes there and doesnt get ass from that set up….he shouldn’t have been born.

  • Beach Bum

    I heard of something similar in Rio, but they were college parties (and the guy’s cover charge was more like 10 bucks). Never actually been to one though, but I’m sure they were just as popular…

  • virglekent

    We have that here too, it’s called a blog happy hour… wait what?

  • Jewcano

    There was a place up north that, on “Ladie’s Night” would block off most of the bar and have male strippers perform in there until about 11. You could sit out in the open part of the bar and wait for them to throw open the doors and an avalanche of horny bimbos pour out. Of course, this being Connecticut, most of them were old mottled sea harpies.

  • rabbit

    Peru might not be the best place to visit right now. Know it’s on your itinerary but someplace that’s just been hit by an earthquake may not be the best place to vacation. My 2 cents.

  • miik

    Try out your cold approach

  • Joe T.

    Jewcano, regarding Connecticut, I’m sure there are a lot of sea harpies there, and I personally wouldn’t live there myself, but don’t you also have hot chicks like Lorelei and Rory Gilmore?

  • Land-Man

    It’s the old actor’s flu you caught.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah good point. Ladies night always sucks in the US.