Legal Update: Stephanie Jane Gari Hires Attorney From South Carolina

S. Jane Gari, who published a false allegation against me on her blog, hired attorney Benjamin D. McCoy to deal with this legal matter. I was expecting fireworks, but according to my legal team, Mr. McCoy has been reasonable, rational, and professional. In fact, my attorney had a lot of good things to say about him. Given how positive of a rapport that seems to have developed, we may be able to settle this issue without a fight.

Her lawyer suggested that we attempt mediation. “Mediation” is when the parties sit down and talk things out. Of course, that might not satisfy the desire I have to punish someone for publishing an entirely fictional claim that I committed an awful crime, but when someone comes to the table with a rational solution, I’ll hear them out. It seems that for any degree of stupid that is bouncing around in Ms. Gari’s head, she was at least smart enough to hire a reasonable lawyer.

Proposal For Mediation

In the meanwhile, I’ve done some personal research on Gari’s possible income and assets. As I’m sure you can guess, all signs point to her being flat broke. Her top-selling book on Amazon is ranked 716,889.


Those numbers translate to selling approximately one book every four days, meaning she earns less than $300 a month from sales. Gari must supplement her income as an hourly worker at a small company that does not seem to have an active clientele. From also judging her past employment, it’s safe to guess that she does not earn much.

So far, my unequivocal denial of her allegation has spread far and wide. My lawyer’s initial letter has been viewed over 20,000 times—which seems to be higher than the number of people who have read her books. I like to think that not more than a couple dozen of the most diehard SJWs still cling to her 50 Shades Of Grey inspired tale. A sign of that is not one responsible or professional media outlet has given credence to her dishonest story. Even worse for her, Google results for her name now point to how little she should be trusted.


This allows everyone to know that she is irresponsible and that she tried to foist a pack of malicious falsehoods upon the public (and they’ll get to see an image of me on the telephone to boot).

Her reputation is in tatters and the world knows of my steadfast denial of her claims. The only thing she has going for her is that she didn’t run out and hire a lunatic SJW attorney, but instead has competent and professional legal counsel. Given that, I am expecting a swift and reasonable conclusion to this mess. In addition, my readers have been civil in response to the entire issue. Besides a few jokes, no one has launched personal attacks against her. It’s clear that we have the moral high ground.

Postscript: Further developments have transpired and will be shared soon.

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