Less Knowledge Is More

You have more knowledge in your brain right now than 98% of humans who have ever lived, including men of the past who you’ve read in history books. Instead of accepting that you have enough, you’re trying to gain more, thinking that it will help you in life. It’s hurting instead.

Accumulating knowledge is a fancy way of procrastinating. Learning without acting is laziness. Unless you’re a theoretical physicist, there is little knowledge needed to start on any task. Only the modern man needs to read a book on something that prior generations did through trial and error. Consider that there are men today who won’t speak to a woman without first reading about it, and even then, they need to read several books before finally making a single action. There are men who want to be spoon-fed knowledge to reduce their likelihood of failure, but it actually reduces their likelihood of success.

It disappoints me that as much as I’ve written about game, there are still guys who want more. They are holding out on taking a risk until I first tell them how to do a certain action. “Write about running game in the circus… after the first intermission… when the elephants have been put away.” No, figure it out on your own. You know the principles: if you truly want to succeed at something then use what you already know to make love to women in the circus, or wherever else you happen to meet them.

After a certain age, I wonder if the goal should be not about learning more, but removing junk from your brain that has accumulated over the years and which act as an anchor on your propensity to take risks. If you happen to read newer books and pop psychology blogs, the knowledge you think you’re gaining is nothing more than old knowledge that is cleverly disguised. I hate to inform you that there are no new theories of putting your penis inside a vagina that have not been explained thousands of times before in one form or another: start a conversation, try different things to get her interested, get her on a bed, and stick it in (local laws apply). If you can’t fill in the details with the most minor of hand holding, either accept you are being weak and lazy, or that this goal is not something you desire. I failed too many times to count in my attempt to fill in those details, so I have little respect for a man who doesn’t do the same.

There are only five concepts you need to succeed in life: persistence, hard work, careful observation, experimentation, time. Ignore those who try to deceive you into believing more is required. Seek knowledge for pleasure, curiosity, entertainment, or to connect different disciplines of thought, but you don’t need to know anything more to accomplish your goals. You know enough right now.

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