Research your bank and make sure you are covered by FDIC. If you have over $100,000 in any bank you are crazy. Remember that small, seemingly safe local banks invested heavily in commercial real estate that is also collapsing. Spread your risk and follow the news. If I had money in WaMu or Wachovia right now I’d take it to another bank because I don’t like waiting in lines.

Ten people you’ll find at a bar, including “the sunglasses at night guy” and the guy who “got off work four hours ago, but is still in his suit and tie.”

Jack Goes Forth is becoming a very pleasurable read as he finds his voice.

Meet Wayne Gerdes, a “hypermiler” who can get over 100 mpg fuel efficiency in an unmodified hybrid. He turns off the car while on the road and drafts tractor trailers, among other techniques.

“We’ve been getting a free ride on the global gravy train. Other countries are starting to reclaim their resources and goods, so as Americans are priced out of various markets, the rest of the world is going to enjoy the consumption of goods Americans had previously purchased. This is a natural consequence of this phony economy.”

Blogger Jeff Simmeron started an internet war with a local coffee chain. If his name sounds familiar it’s because he came to a couple blogger happy hours that Kathryn hosted, where he would pass out business cards with his blog on it. I thought it was a neat idea, but others disagreed. How much I miss Kathryn’s events.

Chart of virginity rates among college students according to major. Mathematics and chemistry majors are the big losers. One word: Communications.

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  • jr

    two observations:

    as a public policy grad student, i find it interesting that political science, international relations, and economics are right up there with the hard sciences in high virginity rates; and by interesting i mean it makes perfect sense. people who spend too much time trying to figure shit out have a tendency to over-think in their personal lives as well.

    also, what’s wrong with sunglasses at night? first of all, ‘night’ often starts when the sun is still up, and fuck what other people think anyway. plus, if you’re from the carrot top school of bringing props out with you, sunglasses make great ones. whenever i have sunglasses, girls love to take them and wear them and take pictures wearing them. and, finally, they come in handy on those very very rare mornings i find myself waking up somewhere other than my own bed. when you’re doing a hungover walk of shame, the sun tends to feel like the spotlight in a police interrogation room. sunglasses may just be your second most important form of protection on a night out.

    jr’s last blog post: I’m Not a White Guy, but I Play One in Real Life… Or Do I?.

  • DF

    Did those computer science chicks at Wellesley understand that dirty talkin on IM doesn’t count as loosing your virginity?

  • R.D
  • Kathryn

    You can’t be serious.

  • roissy

    ‘fat girl with high self esteem’ may as well describe half of america.


    roissy’s last blog post: Summer 2008 Ass Challenge.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    Thanks for the shout out buddy. I’m still waiting for VK, Roissy and yourself to walk into one of my bars in the near future.

    The new bar I’m at is a bonafide cougar hunting spot. Some of them are good looking too.

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: Stupid, No-Brainer Bartender Advice.

  • DF

    roissy, you’re not joking. I’ve often come across ‘the girl that thinks everyone is hitting on her’ with the ‘fat girl with high self-esteem.’ The worst of all chimeras.

  • Jewcano

    WaMu and Wacho are way not in the shit that IndyMac was. And even IndyMac was pulled down almost singlehandedly by Chuck Shumer.

    Re: the college majors, as a Math/CompSci major, I think this greatly confuses correlation with causality. Most of the types in the department couldn’t get laid if they were Women’s studies majors. And Communications is notorious for being a degree for people who don’t really want to be at college but couldn’t get into the Journalism department.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: The Left-Wing Mindset.

  • Anonymous

    i guess its better they are “fat girl with high self-esteem” rather than “fat girl thinking of suicide”

    although skinny would be the best, of course

  • Roosh

    “WaMu and Wacho are way not in the shit that IndyMac was. And even IndyMac was pulled down almost singlehandedly by Chuck Shumer.”

    Yeah it had nothing to do with the frauds that michael perry and his gang committed. it was an innocent bank brought down by the vengeance of a liberal who gets most of his campaign contribs from the banking sector

    get that hannity crap out of here

  • Sweatpants

    The problem is that I don’t want to just move my money to another bank that’s about to belly-up, and I have no idea how to determine that. PNC does look nice these days however…

  • Jay Gatsby

    Simmeron sounds like a douchebag. The barrista gave him his drink, begrudgingly, but he did get it. Companies have policies, and he could have simply asked why there was resistance to his drink order.

    I personally used to hang out at Murky Coffee (it was known as Common Grounds) when I lived in Ballston. Free wi-fi was the main reason, but also because Common Grounds had a genuine college-style feel to it. There are VERY few places in the D.C. area that have the same ambiance. I drew writing inspiration from many of the people who would be working on their laptops, imagining that they were creating the next Internet startup, writing the next Great American Novel, or something similar. Working in the office or my apartment just wasn’t the same. The last thing I would want as a patron (or an owner/employee) of the place was to have it invaded by douchebags from New York that don’t know the meaning of the word NO.