Logistical Nightmare With A Colombian Girl

It’s nice when you have a seduction that’s more like a lay-up and can be approached with copy and paste techniques gleaned from whatever pickup resource you are studying from. If you have a niche then this is very likely, and one bang may look very similar to the rest, but if you’re thrust into new environments then you’re going to have to think on-the-fly and make guesses about what you should do.

I want to give a case study of an early seduction with a Colombian girl, the roadblocks I faced and why I chose to go in certain directions.

Step 1: The Meet. This was a day game approach in a Medellin university. I opened a girl alone sitting on a cafeteria table and within 20 minutes I had her cell phone number, home phone, and email. She spoke no English so the conversation was in Spanish. This happened on a Tuesday.

Step 2: Monkey Wrench. A 3-day holiday weekend was coming up so it would be at least a week until I could get her out (I don’t like scheduling first dates on weekends). Trying to a date for two days later would be way too needy unless there was an incredible connection upon meeting (i.e. sex) and I also didn’t want to call “just to say hi” because that’s idiotic. That left Monday as the next available day I could call her, a pretty long wait of six days. I needed a bridge to keep myself “in the news.”

Step 3: First Contact. I emailed her Friday telling her to have a good holiday weekend and that I’ll call her afterwards so that “maybe” we can do something. I asked her no questions, making it impossible for her to keep me in the lurch if she so decided the play the waiting game with me.

Step 4: First Reply. She replied on Sunday with smiley faces and various other emoticons, but she informed me she lost her cell phone so I have to call her home phone to talk to her.

Step 5: First Call. I called her house the next day. I figured her mom would answer, and sure enough she did, but the girl wasn’t there. I declined to leave a message. Now it’s getting a little sticky—I don’t want to keep calling her house, and she didn’t seem to check her email often. What to do?

Step 6: Improvise. I decided to email her a few hours after my first call attempt. I wrote, “Hey I just called but you weren’t there. When you have time, my cell phone number is so and so, or I can call you later.”

Do you see the mistake? By saying “I can call you later,” I was telling her that she didn’t have to call at all and put in any work, the opposite of what I wanted. So I deleted the mistake portion and hit send.

Step 7: Keep It Alive. Two days later she writes back saying she will call me the second her phone is activated (more smiley faces). This means she doesn’t want to make the first call. Not unexpected, but time is ticking. I couldn’t afford to wait much longer because momentum was being lost. I decided to try setting a date via email.

Step 8: Setting The Date. I wanted to suggest a date a few days away to account for her infrequent email checking, and since I didn’t know her schedule I had to throw out two possible nights so I don’t get an initial refusal that would prolong the process.

My email reply was, “Or we can just plan to do something through email. I know a good bar in Parque Lleras, how about tuesday or wednesday around 8?”

Note my undercapitalizations. This may seem trivial but if a girl is breezy with her emails you don’t want to hire a proofreader for yours. Don’t try harder than she is.

She replied in 10 minutes, saying Wednesday would be best. So she does check her email often, but sits on replies. She’s playing the game a little but not hard enough that suggests she’d be a headache.

Step 9: Confirming The Date. The day before the date she finally called me, confirming the date. It went on as planned.

After attraction is built most of the game is logistical, keeping up hot pursuit, and not doing anything stupid. We only exchanged a few dozen words during the date-setting process, but my timing and the way I structured the ask made the date happen on a somewhat reluctant girl. You have to be aggressive but non-needy, and striking the balance between the two is where you’ll see the most success.

All that mental effort to set one date is fascinating if you ask me. And why do I do it? For the pussy and the old in-out in-out, yes, but also for the sense of accomplishment of tagging something new. I’m sure it’ll get old some day.

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