I think game should be approached seriously, especially parts of it that you can control. You should put in an honest effort by studying the right resources, setting goals, doing the necessary amount of approaches, and perusing prospects. But when it comes to the outcomes of your game work, you should take things lightly. How a girl responds to you after you did your best is completely outside of your control and not something you should get worked up over. It’s best to have a sense of humor in dealing with the infinite amount of responses you’ll get from women, many of which will be negative.

To make light of those responses that can happen to players, I created a game image macro. I’ve always been a fan, first with lolcats and most recently with Socially Awkward Penguin and Advice God. I noticed there wasn’t one for game so I grabbed this famous picture of Mystery wearing heavy eyeliner to use as the background:

Then I made eighteen lolgame images that you can judge using the smiley face rating system. Here are my favorites:

Click here for the other thirteen. What’s cool about the QuickMeme site I put them on is that you can easily add your own caption.

LOLGAME CONTEST: I will be giving the electronic editions of all my books to the one man who creates what I deem the best caption by Monday at noon (EST). Click here to add your caption (submit as many as you like). I’ll announce my favorite image on my Twitter feed and the winner can email me to claim his prize. I’ll be using the hashtag #lolgame over the weekend to evaluate noteworthy submissions. Good luck.

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