London Sucks

I go to shitty places so you don’t have to…

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  • OldHornDog

    Yup – I could have saved you the trouble. As you said – British girls are what they locally refer to as mingas. Plus the food sucks, plus the weather sucks, plus most of the landscape sucks. Not sure why anyone would bother going there.

    BTW, did you film that while sitting on the toilet? LOL :-)

  • Bronan The Barbarian!

    Looks like this answers known troll “3agle 3yes” question. Yep, british chicks are fugly.

  • agent X

    Gotta confirm that, it sucks even in the most popular places you will hardly see good looking girls and when you do, they are completely surrounded from hordes of men, locals, indians, middle eastern and so on.

    Pointless especially since you waste tons of money for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Food sucks? I was told by a French guy that London has the best food in the world, precisely because their “own” food isn’t any good so they have the best of everyone else’s food in that city.

  • Frederique

    Are U sure? London is PARADISE compared to other cities (Brussels, Madrid, Paris)…

  • CaptainChardonnay

    Don’t forget the crooked teeth. Thats my biggest pet peeve.

  • Onder

    London is probably the most cosmopolitan country in the world after New York. That’s why daygame in Central London is so popular. Most of the women guys approach are from Eastern Europe and from either Scandinavia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland or Sweden.
    I would say give it another chance. It’s worth doing day game here because of the variety of women available.
    Where I live (Leyton/Stratford) is full of Lithuanian, Romanian and Polish girls.

  • Pedro Cristiano

    London night game is very high paced. Even fat chicks get approached like crazy (every 2 to 5 minutes).

    British people are social by default and there is a big PUA community. Chicks are happy there because egos can reach and mantain sky high altitudes.

    Day game seems the way to go there.

  • anthony68

    Well, we were out last night in London, and it was like ‘munters town’.

    English girls are either overweight or just over drunk!
    I suppose its the culture of pissing it up every weekend, and crap food too.

    Don’t agree with the teeth comment though, most english girls got this fakery game down to a T. So they rocking: overly white fake teeth veneres, fake lashes (ridulous ones), controlling pants, tight controlling dresses, hair extensions, too much foundation and makeup, ridulous fake tan product… the list is endless, and all this before we even take a good look at the face.

    And it seems London is a mecca for the ugliest Eastern European girls too. I’ve been Poland and the girls over there are better looking than the busted selection that find themselves here. It seems as soon as they get here, they getting in the swing of things by gorging on our crap fatty foods too.
    And things are only getting worse on this front!! : (

  • DBCooper

    London might be the capital, but it’s not the real England!

    Give me a shout if you come North – the further North you go, the friendlier the people are and, in my opinion, the more feminine and traditional the women.

    In a rural county like mine, the talent is unusually high for what you’d expect. The nightlife is a bit gash admittedly, but the attitude of girls in general is very positive.

  • londonDude

    crap food too.

    Don’t agree with the teeth comment though, most english girls got this fakery game down to a T. So they rocking: overly white fake teeth veneres, fake lashes (ridulous ones), controlling pants, tight controlling dresses, hair extensions, too much foundation and makeup, ridulous fake tan product… the list is endless, and all this before we even take a good look at the face.

    And it seems London is a mecca for the ugliest Eastern European girls too. I’ve been Poland and the girls over there are better looking than the busted selection that find themselves here. It seems as soon as they get here, they getting in the swing of things by gorging on our crap fatty foods too.
    And things are only getting worse on this front!! : (

  • Andy

    Yep London is a shit hole and the women are ugly. But the women of GB are all ugly sluts so you would do better to leave.

  • cfd

    Next time, try Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh. Much better cities for clubs and quality females, much cheaper too. There is so much more to the UK than just London. But Americans only go to London, or think London IS England.

  • Towelhead

    Here goes Roosh with the anti-british propaganda again

    The truth is that he will probably get laid in London much easier and with higher quality than anywhere in Eastern Europe, and he knows it

  • Ray

    Trying to find a female in Great Britain that doesn’t have cankels and / or an oversized crapper is a daunting task. What’s worse is seeing British men swoon over their women. British men are beyond desperate.

  • Wtraveler

    Just there a few weeks ago. I can relate to what you said but there is more talent if you dig a little deeper. Some of the outlying smaller towns and upscale neighborhoods are better than Central London, it’s very neighborhood dependent.

  • Rudebwoy

    Oh what a surprise Roosh!

  • cheapskate

    The upper middle class people, and thus the cute English girls, are out in Surrey. London proper is now too expensive and hectic and full of browns for normal English people. Check out an outlying town like Guildford.

    Towns like Guildford and Woking and Kingston have proper urban cores; they’re not “suburbs” in the American sense.

  • OttoAu

    If you dont mind fucking drunk girls, London and similar is your town.

    Friday and Saturday night the whores/sluts come out around 1am pissed-as-a-fart, easy pickings, just dont let them vomit on you

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  • Kenny Lives

    Krauaer seems to do quite well there,so I don’t know.

  • saphire

    I have a question of advice. I’m a bi guy but I’m mostly into men. I don’t like the idea of totally ignoring women, but given how unpleasant they are in the US, and that even in other countries there are difficulties, should I simply not try for them at all? I don’t have enough motivation to put a lot of work into getting women and my own experiences as well as these blogs make me think it’s not worth it.

    My gay-side options are decidedly limited by the way. I know there are gay dudes who have free and easy sex and 100’s of hookups but I can’t do that because my tastes are set. I’m only interested in straight muscular young men. Obviously I have to pay them. There are only a couple of countries where you can do this easily (Brazil is one of them).

    Personally I’d like to have a relationship with a woman and even turn mostly straight but they are so unpleasant that it’s starting not to be worth it. If you had the desire for men, would you go totally gay in the present circumstances?

  • Anon

    British men invented Beta. To this day, they remain the undisputed world champions of Beta. This is why their women are fat, foul, and beligerent, and their cities are falling to muslim invaders.

  • WJ Thomas

    British women are the most feminist and most bitchy, of all women on this planet. British men are the most hen-pecked.

    If you meet a British woman, run the other way.

  • k


    this site is not for gays or bi-s ……go away

  • Mo’kneeqwuh

    Roosh, would you ever visit Australia?

  • Infantry

    ‘I go to shitty places so you don’t have to…’

    Ha. This should be the tagline on your banner.

  • saphire

    It’s a legitimate question.

  • OlioOx

    5 days in London? Well I’m sure, Roosh, you’re offering the most expert advice available today for this particular niche: Men who want to hit an expensive major international city for a week to get a flag. But aren’t you quite experienced in living (and getting laid) on very very little money when it suits you? Why don’t you try to set up in London on the cheap for three or four months, hang out with Krauser, go see some of London’s great cultural and historical attractions, see some plays, all that sort of thing? During all of that pleasant stuff, it won’t take you long to find seriously worthwhile women, English or otherwise. It’s true that London is rather appalling, but a few months there can be a truly memorable adventure, trust me.

    Same goes for Paris. You get a sublet ‘chambre de bonne’ for a few months, it’s a tiny furnished room up in a garret under the roof of old apartment buildings — but they can actually be quite clean, comfortable, cozy, and even picturesque, and you can bring girls back there to your heart’s content. Ah, French girls speaking English — *sigh*

    You really need to treat yourself, and your readers, to a seriously extended and in-depth Western European experience. If anyone can do this on the cheap AND get valuable and entertaining experiences of babes to relate, it’s you.

  • lick my taint

    Saphire – If you lack so much game that you have to lick hairy balls and sweaty taint, maybe that’s just your problem. Men fucking men is kind of regressing back to the baboon phase.

  • Anonymous

    least the arabs keep it alpha..learn from em…seems migrants from africa an latin america faollow the same concept as well
    new zealand i heard sux…austrailia and south africa are filled with hotteis(russell peters love SA)

  • Starting Young & Aiming High

    @31 I’ve met a lot of South African girls, those Afrikaners are better looking then Aussies for sure. NZ has a rep for being uglier then Australia, but also a rep for being mad easy (I think there was some study about it). Australia is not “filled with hotties”. I don’t know why people think that Australia’s a paradise filled with hot tan blonde surfer chicks as if Australia’s where all the hot Brits went. Roosh needs to come down under at some point, would be very interested to hear his opinion and comparisons to the rest of the West.

  • Sherpa

    all girls in the uk arent hot like kate beckinsale?!…damn….

    on a serious note i think you should make a trip to southern europe…countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, southern France…ive had mostly(heavily emphasis on mostly) positive experiences from those places…

    i would love to hear your opinion on life in southern europe….

  • billy

    I would be interested to see where you went as I was out in London Friday and Saturday and there were plenty of hot girls around. Not EE hot but still plenty to work with. London is Expensive and the fit girls go to the best places so it would be better to say that London is crap if you don’t know where to go and don’t want to spend.

  • Nudge

    London isnt the greatest place for getting laid, everyone knows it. Competition is fierce for what quality chicks there are around and its very expensive. However, if you sort yourself out here with good logistics its possible to do pretty well and you can really rack up some flags. Girls from all over the world come here.

  • Nudge

    Also no thread on the forum?

  • BillyPilgrim

    went to Edinburgh recently and was appalled by the degree of ugliness/fatness of the women.

    but getting laid with them would have been easy if you are a man of low standards, edinburgh is probably not as expensive as london but still way more expensive than Berlin, so i would recommend it to the man who has either dropped out of the game for a while and just wants to get a few easy notches (although none to be proud of) to elevate his damaged ego or to fat lovers.

    and yes there are decent and hot chicks around as well, but their heads are sky-high, due to the ugly nature of th competition

    and roosh:

    why dont you check out Berlin?

    it is mainland europe, actually the only city with a western and eastern european history, cheap in terms of western europe, full with international girls as well as the creme of the crop of german girls. diverse nightlife, many oppurtunities for daygame.

    would kinda like to hear what you think

    but do it in the summer, now it sgetting cold and girls are going into hibernation mode, actually i once overheard a conversation of two girls talking about the cold season and that its time to get themselves a “winter-relationship” a guy to cuddle up with in the cold months and to drop as soon as it gets wramer…

  • Anonymous

    I’m beginning to think that YOU suck, Roosh. I bought your book, but lately you seem to be getting more and more jaded and negative. Not to mention borderline creepy.

  • anon1

    “British girls are busted”
    “put makeup on like clowns”
    “mostly spanish or french girls”
    all true.

    Welcome to Britain.

  • anon1

    take the worst parts of american women, and ad uglyness and you have our women. i cannot overstate enough how tiring it is to here american red pillers wining about their women when we have it so much worse over on this side of the pond. why the hell do you think krauser and his ilk are slaying the slavics? queen victorias virginous juices have long run dry

  • Drama

    I had my first visit(as an adult) to London this past summer after coming from Poland and Ukraine.

    Cost alone put me off. It’s easy to go broke in London, there may be some good free museums but everything else costs a limb.

    After being used to paying a quarter for a bus/metro ride in Ukraine I was shocked at having to paying 7-8 pounds(~10 bucks) for a day pass on the London metro.

    I was only there to visit friends and sightsee for 3 days but I don’t recall seeing many attractive women, and I was people watching since I noticed great swaths of time without hardly ever hearing anyone speaking English.

    As far as I see it there’s two considerations to make if someone wants to travel and look for women. 1) Where can you find good quality women? 2) How long can you afford to stay there?

  • The Chrome Microphone

    Most everything’s been covered except the overly loud, shrill mannishness of our girls and the annoying prevalence of fucking leggings

    Over the last few years more and more leggings are popping up; they’re like a lazy, zero-effort, less feminine, all-purpose alternative to tights and I hate them

  • saphire

    @ #30 …I prefer men over women. It’s not a matter of resorting to men because of having no game…put a hot girl and guy in front of me and I’ll choose the guy 10 times out of 10. That said, I’d rather still have occasional affairs with women and I think it’s better for me to have a girlfriend than to live the way I do. But I’m wondering if it’s even worth it given the difficulties of modern women. If you had the choice and you liked men and it was easier just to pay straight guys to get off, would you do it? Would you give up on girls if you could is the question? Do you go to them just out of biological pressure and necessity? I don’t have that necessity but somehow I think I “should” be more with girls because it’s healthier, etc.

  • bad blake

    Roosh. You should head to Vancouver. It is a beautiful city and i think the girls are pretty approachable.

  • savage spartacus

    Bang Australia is next bet. I’m from Canada where everything is cold including our women.
    in a year I will have my journeymans ticket and i will move to Australia permanently. The women are still obviously feminist, which sucks, but for me it is easier to get laid in perpetual summer, because I have a specimen body. Warm cultures are more receptive to the body building types, because our bodies will always be exposed. So my theory is that their will a higher quantity of high quality hot babes in Australia. Plus they love Canadians.
    lol on the ugly toothy English feminist toads. What a shitty country I would hate to live there lol.

  • GentlemanSlut

    London is an acid-test of game.

    If you can’t get laid in London, your game is not as good as you think it is. Simple.

    Sorry dude. Someone had to tell you.

  • NotQuiteSoSimple

    Hey Roosh,

    I lived in London last year. Don’t underestimate London. It’s impossible to get to know even a small part of the city without living there a long time. When I first went out, I went to shitty clubs and had a rubbish time. There are amazing places in London with cheap drinks and many hot girls, but there are shit hole clubs too, usually the more you pay the worse it is. I managed to bang some super hot cuties, thanks to London + your book Bang.

    As Kenny Lives pointed out, Krauser does quite well there, and even, in fact, I was doing pretty good myself. It’s probably one of the best cities in the world (IMHO), so next time please stay a few months, because the night club scene takes time to figure out. Like I said, many easy hot girls – but you gotta do your homework!

  • _Cicero

    Agreed with some of the commenters above. 5 days in a place like London won’t really do. You should put in some serious time in the main western european countries… and aim to do/write a bit more serious book that doesn’t have bang in the title. Why not go for a more anthropological tome about what pickup, sex, and love is like in France vs. Germany?

    I think you have a gold mine of an idea here, but you could afford to really man-up on the implementation…

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, I’m from London – you don’t have the kind of look that British women like. There are very negative stereotypes about Middle Eastern guys there. They also don’t give a shit about the fact you’re American too, so you’re screwed both ways.

    Did you visit Edgeware Road where the Arabs and Iranians hang out? A lot of women hate walking down that street because a lot of creepy middle eastern guys try to pick them up.

  • Dani

    As I have predicted in a previous post, the gay men (#22) of this website will start to come out. And he is saying it all, all the complaints you guys have against women is the same he has, so he is making the right decision for him.

  • Dani

    @Roosh, I think it should be in the worst places that your game would rise, it’s easy to bang a girl from a country where there’s lots of women competition, I want to see you do that in cities like London, that’s what your readers want to learn, I guess…

  • Andy

    Oh and Glasgow has the vilest, fat tattooed slags on earth. Avoid at all costs.

  • / Apocalypseman

    Going to London for 5 days is going to present it in an ugly light. London is the type of place where you really have to know where to go.

    Living here offers a different perspective. I believe this is the best city in the world. You will find cities like Berlin similar. It isn’t obvious where to go, but from people who’ve lived there its similar to London, you have to know where to go.

    On the surface London can be tough. NYC is much, much better for a short term jaunt. But living in London is entirely different.

  • Anonymous

    Is the bisexual guy some kind of troll? If you are gay and want to only bang straight guys, there is something very wrong with you, like rapist wrong.

  • honky tonk man

    Yes, London is a tough nut to crack.

    There are unbelievably hot girls here if you hit the big money spots…like Mayfair etc. But you better have your Ferrari waiting out front if you want to take them home. Requirement to buy bottles to get into nice clubs (where the rocket girls are) is also a problem.

    Also, the girls who aren’t necessarily gold diggers hang out in groups of friends with dudes. They don’t seem interested in meeting strangers but if you can break into their social circle it’s much easier. Not really my style to hang out with chicks though.

    The easiest way to get laid in London is to find American girls!

  • Anonymous

    I am from one of the countries Roosh recently visited but currently live in UK. Not gonna lie, at first I found content of this website disturbing. The more I read it, the more things I can agree on. I live in UK since 2007 and I am still shocked by what I see here on the daily basis. Women here are lazy, scruffy, aggressive, provocative and have really low self-esteem. They are ready to open their legs to anyone, as if its not enough, they will brag about it afterwards as if it is some sort of achievement. Also, absolutely boring, shallow and will never miss a chance to bitch about foreign women (the fact how bad they are at geography is more sad than funny). In the end of the day, women need to stop blaming men for cheating, playing their feelings and disrespecting them. This is all our own fault. If all sluts around the world learned how to keep their legs closed, remembered to look after themselves and the man they are with and started to spend more time on their individual development rather than being a lazy ass, selfish bitches, men would started treat us properly and all the chaos would end. Decent women like me, who are educated, good looking, caring, soft and feminine have to deal with disrespectful, full of shit men who have never actually met a real woman in heir live and have no clue how to behave when they do. Women of UK and other countries, sort your shit out and don’t blame men as they are the perfect reflection of your own image and what you have turned them into!!!

  • prepman

    Thanks for saving me a wasted trip to London. I guess if a guy wants UK flags, it’s best to just pay for ’em rather than dump loads of cash trying to get it for free.

  • madmax


  • madmax


  • madmax


  • Jimmy Dean

    You are fucking amazing. B.S. like that on the website. Your fucking face looks like crap. How are you going to get laid in UK? Maybe getting rammed in the butt hole by some Scottish monsters.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to London, Roosh! :-)

    It’s hard to get laid here, especially when you aiming to bang quality chicks (>7hb). I have heard it’s true test of game.

    Krauser does not bang in London. He lures girls from other countries to UK instead.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Roosh,

    Have you ever seen the Big Book of British Smiles?

  • team shadow

    you should have come out with me! seriously london has the hottest women in the world and im including british in this statement

  • David

    “Plus the food sucks, plus the weather sucks, plus most of the landscape sucks. Not sure why anyone would bother going there.”

    —– Actually Britain has more Michelin starred restaurants than Spain. And the Fat Duck restaurant was voted the best restaurant in the world in 2005. As for everyday food, if you live on greasy, poor quality food then that is your own fault. Our supermarkets, bakers, butchers etc stock every kind of food you could ask for. And far superior in quality to American food. (I tried a selection of American candy bars the other day, they were disgusting and made from very poor quality ingredients). Moving on, the weather is generally mild all year around compared to most other Northern countries. The problem we have here is cloud cover and the lack of sunshine can be seriously depressing. As for the landscape, Britain has more world heritage natural sites than any other country in Europe, South Africa or New Zealand. Our countryside is beautiful and varied. Much more so than other countries in close geographical proximity such as Belgium or the Netherlands. Peace.

  • Emma


    No Roosh, don’t come to Australia! As an Australian woman, I can guarantee that you would hate it … save yourself the flight :p

  • Andy

    why is anybody indulging this fucking cockend?.Another Dimwitted American know it all…who knows fuck all…about fuck all.

  • benvad

    I guess he’s gotta get the jet set Italian look to succeed, god knows the English hate Americans. I work in Japan and the things I hear from the English about yanks is pretty pathetic. I guess they need a convenient punching bag that won’t fight back.

  • GT

    I live in Australia and it is insanely easy to bang here, the women are sluts! The only problem is they have been infested by the feminist virus – just check out are most recent PM as an example of the ‘charming’ feminists that exist down under. Roosh, if you think feminism is bad in America, it is way worse in Australia, trust me. When my mate and I were in America, we did very well and noted they didn’t seem as feminist as back home! I too would be very interested to read about what you thought of Australia..

  • saoconrado40

    Roosh, come to Australia and tell us what you think. I really think you’d be shocked by how bad it is. You complain a lot about American women, but trust me, we have it much worse in Australia. Feminism is very strong here unfortunately. It is very easy to get a root (local language haha) but extremely difficult to have a nice, pleasant girlfriend, let alone worthy wife to be the mother of your children. At least American women are wild in bed, we Aussies don’t even have that – our women are masculine, loud, rude and crude, but they also suck in bed!

  • Kizman

    So true mate!

  • Al Mighty

    Where? What places should one go to?

  • Al Mighty

    Care to share some info on those nice places to go to?