Make Her Think Something Is Wrong

In Bang I wrote that you want to put a girl in a state of insecurity where she’s thinking of her faults instead of your own. You want her to be self-conscious that she’s lacking in a quality that either you want or that other girls have. Here are four ways to implement that strategy:

1. Make her think you’re bored with her conversation or story. Look around the room when she’s rambling about some nonsense. Let out an uninspired “That’s nice” when she was expecting a stronger reaction. Tight game here is pretending you don’t hear a lot of what she says.

2. Make her think she’s not good-looking enough. When you’re with her in a night venue, point out a girl hotter than her and ask, “What do you think of that girl?” She will give her answer and then ask you if you think she’s hot. Poorly evade the question by hesitating for a few seconds and then saying something like, “Her high-heels are nice.” Tight game here is having a roaming eye on exceptionally beautiful women.

3. Make her think you’re going to flake or stand her up. Take a long time to confirm dates, almost as if it was an afterthought. Then show up 15 minutes late, enough so that she texts you asking where you are. You’re doing it right if she’s visibly annoyed by the time you arrive. Tight game here is being forgetful, busy, or putting her last in a list of things you need to do.

4. Make her think you only want to use her for sex. Repeatedly take her to the same bar venues. Insist on “movie” nights. Gently shoot down her suggestions to do something different like a day hike or a wine festival outing. Tight game here is not wanting to be seen too much with her in public.

I didn’t invent the rules of human nature. I didn’t declare that instilling insecurity in another person is the optimal way to keep their interest in you at a high level, but that’s the reality. If you like a girl, you have to do things that show you don’t like her while at the same time escalating the encounter by touching, kissing, and venue changing to your bedroom. While some of these suggestions can be relaxed on more sensual foreign women, with American girls you have to be cold and heartless in other to get the most amount of sex.

Anxiety creates attraction. The more anxiety you create in a woman, the more she will lower her guard enough so that your game will be well-received. It forces her to question her value instead of yours. In any casual relationship, one person is creating anxiety while the other person is receiving it. If you’re not the one creating it, then it’s not her that’s getting gamed.

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