Marriage Doesn’t Make Sense

You probably noticed that I haven’t waged war on marriage like many others in the manosphere. This is because my exposure to feminine women outside of the United States has shown me that marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce rape and a child custody nightmare. Yet even if I were to marry with a nice woman in a favorable environment, I fail to see how it would be a good bargain.

Marriage makes sense for the average man who doesn’t have the will or dedication to study game. Unless he finds a wife, he can go years without getting laid. Even a pathetic marriage where his wife only fornicates with him once a month is still better than his non-marriage alternative. Society will do its best to encourage this man to marry because it needs competent but unexceptional men to commit themselves to one woman, serve corporate masters to fulfill the consumer wants of their wives, and spawn children who will be obedient workers and compliant citizens.

The situation changes for the man who can get laid at will. What benefit will marriage provide him? There is no pleasurable sex act or emotion a married man receives that a bachelor doesn’t. To give up your freedom and tie yourself to one woman because you don’t want to hunt is a high-risk, low-gain pursuit that life accordingly punishes with blunt misery and torturous boredom.

A lot of players, in their open-mindedness towards marriage, cite their future as a reason they may one day settle down. They say, “I don’t want to be 45, prowling the clubs,” but clubs are not the only way to meet women. You can be a Mon-Fri working man and spend four hours on the weekend with day approaching. Even 45-year-old men have a near unlimited supply of 30-year-old spinsters and single moms to finagle commitment-free sex from. It’s not especially hard for him date girls 15 years younger, but it is hard to wake up next to a wife his age, every day, and allow her to be his only source of sexual pleasure.

How about when you’re 55 and near retirement? Your hip is bad and you can’t day game like you used to. Should you resign yourself to an elderly lady and evenings playing bingo? No—you should go to Southeast Asia or Colombia. Sponsor girls for a girlfriend experience. They will undoubtedly give you more “love” than a Western woman your own age.

Every time a high-quality man gets married, it’s not out of desire to legally obligate himself to a woman, but out of fear of loneliness and getting old. He thinks that a wife will alleviate these problems, but from my observation, they only make it worse. You haven’t met a lonely man unless you’ve met one married for over 10 years, detached from masculine social activities with no regular male friends he can confide in, reduced to tinkering in the garage not necessarily because he likes it but because he wants to spend time away from his wife, for a desire of loneliness. When it comes to aging, the only thing that can reduce a man’s sparkle and turn his face into a leathery shadow is a wife. I suspect the reason why married men live longer than their single counterparts is because of wives that force them to go to the doctor so they don’t lose their dutiful mules to the grim reaper.

I recently had a mini-relationship with an amazing girl ten years younger than myself. I’m still debating whether she was the number one or number two girl of my entire life. Spending time with her gave me incredible pleasure, but even then, there is no valid justification to marry her, because the price of trading my freedom can’t overcome being with one great person for the rest of my life. Even in our short relationship, I gradually lost my hunting drive and started to experience malaise. I lost motivation to exercise and take risks. I felt like I was being ushered into a zoo with regular sex feeding times that made me forget about how life was in the wild. I look in the face of long-term monogamy and I see the death of everything that made me who I am today.

So if marriage isn’t the answer, what is? The answer seems to be eternal bachelorhood. The answer is freedom. The answer is understanding that it does not get better for the modern man than banging a variety of attractive women with the occasional mini-relationship. Therefore man has two choices—learn game and be free or marry the next broad that tolerates him out of fear and laziness. My choice has been made.

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