Men Need To Be Inspired

To be inspired by a girl means you will push until your fate is sealed, not by being desperate but by using the best game you know and have trained for.

Several years ago it didn’t take much to chase a girl: if I was horny and she was alright looking then I’d go for it. But once that insecurity of not having banged enough girls fades after banging enough girls, it takes more than her just having a working vagina. This is true for most men. I’d engage in sexual intercourse with a typical cute girl I meet, but something she lacks prevents me from putting in an honest effort. Maybe it’s a bad vibe or the way she carries herself (or doesn’t). If she made it obvious she wanted to have sex with me I would, but I would never ask her out.

Then you have girls who have the looks and the vibe. There is “something about her” and I’m inspired to put forth everything I know about girls and game to get her into bed. I will not give up until I get her or get rejected. Most of the time I won’t get the girl, but sometimes I do.

Inspiration breeds desire, persistence, and effort. Why is this important? Because those are the things you need to get the best women. And when you are inspired there is a genuineness that comes out that wouldn’t if you were just faking it long enough to get your dick wet.

In Cordoba my digestive system was at its worst. Looking back I don’t know how I dealt with those symptoms and still managed to go out three times a week, pound Quilmes, and hit on as many girls as I did. I was so motivated because I really wanted those girls. There was so much inspiration in an average club that I squeezed my ass cheeks, blamed any gas on my wingman, and dealt with it. It was rough going until the end but I learned more about beautiful girls in that one month than I did in the previous year.

The biggest problem with the Washington DC area is there is little inspiration. There is always something very wrong with the girls; maybe she is fun but frumpy, hot but status and attention-driven, or cute but so witty it feels like you are talking to a cool dude. I go through the motions just to keep my game in shape, like a body-builder would during winter months. Here I’m lazy, in Argentina I stepped up. I went to clubs alone there, something I would never do here.

So that’s the problem with DC, and probably most American cities. The reason so many girls are complaining about guys barely putting in effort and playing the field, about texting instead of calling and not wanting to take them out, is because the guys are simply not inspired. Inspire a man and you will get the best of him. Otherwise he won’t give a shit.

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  • virgle Kent

    I’ll say it till my face turns blue, “DC women, they all fuck the same, they just wear different clothes”



    Turtle night was AWSOME!!!

  • Tastemakers Blogazine

    I think you just have to adapt your game to fit the environment you’re in. Every now and then, there are women in DC that are inspiring enough to break all the rules. I see at least one or two whenever i hit Fly …

    Tastemakers Blogazine’s last blog post: The Top 10 ways to beat Casinos at their own game.

  • Bobby Rio

    yea its true.. im at the age where im ready to head home from a bar at like 12:30 and hit the sack.. it takes a very special and inspiring girl to keep me out… and the even rarer breed who will keep up so late i miss work in the morning.

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: February Round Up.

  • Brian

    so very true. here’s a interesting little game to play – pick a random day and over the course of the day count how many times you see a girl tht you would consider ‘dateable’ – looks, age range, fashionable, etc….then play that same game when you are in a different city. the lack of talent in the DC area sucks the desire right out of you.

  • Sudamericana

    So, even though you hated Argentine women in the end… there was a time when they inspired you. I am so proud of them!

    To be honest, men in DC do not inspire me at all either.

  • Jack Goes Forth

    I get inspired from time to time, and when I do I try to push my game to a new level, and generally I fuck it up because it can look like I’m trying to hard. Meanwhile the frumpety-frumps who I treat like shit are the ones texting at 2 AM wanting to come over.

    Theres just to many plain, boring chicks and not enough inspiration building beauties in the Bermuda triangle that is the Mid-Atlantic.

    Jack Goes Forth’s last blog post: You Decide.

  • roissy

    cute but so witty it feels like you are talking to a cool dude.

    i swear this is an epidemic in DC. it’s the girl version of trying too hard to be appreciated for personality rather than looks. steer clear of having relationships with these types of girls. they will constantly demand “respect” and “appreciation” from you.

    i’m no longer calling girls cute. they are either inspiring or uninspiring. this is a much-needed corrective in mental state.

    roissy’s last blog post: Things I?ve Learned.

  • Tastemakers Blogazine

    Enough cracking on the dc women already! Am I in the midst of a bunch of Betas? DC has one of the highest ratios of women to men in the nation – get out there and make it happen. My wild oats days are behind me now but it was the same thing then. I had friends who ranted up and down about not being able to find any chicks, but always wondered how I always seemed to have a hot chick on my arm. That’s because when the fellas were playing xbox, ps3 and shit I was out and about U Street, barnes & nobles in bethesda etc

    Tastemakers Blogazine’s last blog post: Sobieski Vodka.

  • Beach Bum

    I always thought being witty is a good thing! No wonder I’m single and move to the “friends” stage too fast!

    Beach Bum’s last blog post: Chivalry is dead?.

  • Nikita

    Shit, am I that guy?

  • Hannah

    The finger always points both ways, doesn’t it? I know plenty of women who would say the same about the men in D.C. For example: On Friday night, a guy approached me at the bar and announced he had $8 he needed to put on his tab to make the credit card minimum, and did I have any suggestions for a drink to make up that eight bucks?

    Wow. Really?

    I don’t know which is worse, lack of inspiration or lack of imagination, but both are hard to come by around here.

    Hannah’s last blog post: Sirens of the self..

  • InterestedParty

    This post hits the nail on the head. The vast majority of my interactions with women in bars/clubs involve me putting in a half-assed effort just because I REALLY don’t care if I “get” the girl. I think after you reach a certain comfort level with walking up and speaking to women, your quality demands go WAY up.

    Part of the reason for this is just basic security within yourself. The *other* part of this is that women are often a BIG HEADACHE. I always ask myself, do I really want to invest several dates that will soak up my (valuable) time and money, both of which I could be spending elsewhere? After you get comfortable with meeting women, the answer is going to be NO 90% of the time.

    “…cute but so witty it feels like you are talking to a cool dude.”
    I like witty girls, but with chicks with whom I’m gaging sexual interest, there has to be a certain edge to it (something you won’t get from talking to a cool dude). There needs to be wit with a sexual bite. Otherwise, I’ll be putting HER in the friend zone.

  • Anonymous

    If this is your assessment of DC, then why live here? You have only so many days in your life. Don’t waste another minute. Get a one way ticket to Argentina. Or Cordova. Or wherever you think the grass is greener. Otherwise… you’re just another DC whiner.

  • InterestedParty


    “On Friday night, a guy approached me at the bar and announced he had $8 he needed to put on his tab to make the credit card minimum, and did I have any suggestions for a drink to make up that eight bucks?”

    Kind of a mid-range line (there’s worse); I don’t see the harm here. How’d the guy look and what’d you say in response and how did he follow up? One line is not “game” or imagination.

    (There’s also the possibility he was asking a genuine question, but I’m going to assume you meet certain minimum standards for sexual appeal. :) )

  • boc

    good post

  • Shoeless Joe

    WTF is up with airbrushed dirt dude? That looks terrible. Yea, I know you’re going with that “gritty” look, but you’re trying too hard.

  • dchero

    i’m no longer calling girls cute. they are either inspiring or uninspiring. this is a much-needed corrective in mental state.

    word, i like it.

    dchero’s last blog post: Body Language.

  • Ava V

    hasn’t caling people inspiring or uninspiring always been the case? anyone can be cute if they try, but inspiring takes effort. these are the ones who get the most attention.

    Ava V’s last blog post: But Mom?.

  • Sarah

    Does Roosh have wood in that photo?

  • shadi

    please expand on what things are deemed “inspiring” in women.

    and i’m surprised you haven’t written a female-guide version of “bang” yet.

    shadi’s last blog post: Are you serious?.

  • terps

    yeah, there may be more women than men in DC, but the quality sucks. here in Texas, the ratio is just about dead even… but the quality is way WAY better.

    Roosh’s post today makes me glad I moved out of DC.

  • vh

    “There is “something about her” and I’m inspired to put forth everything I know about girls and game to get her into bed. I will not give up until I get her or get rejected. Most of the time I won’t get the girl”.

    And yet you sell a book “about how to pick up girls,”

    I don’t mean to trample upon your capitalism, (since you voluntarily choose to pay for hosting and a domain name) but for a guy that claims to have studied and worked in biology (and thus not a total imbecile) you sound like a used car salesman that hasn’t sold a car since the Carter administration.

  • Roosh

    If a man just gets 20% of the girls he wants, he’s doing incredible. Most get 0%. Any man who goes out there and plays the game knows this.

  • roissy

    Most get 0%.

    this is so true. people don’t realize that most men go through life miserable because they never truly got the girl they wanted.

    roissy’s last blog post: Things I?ve Learned.

  • agnostic

    Ha, so true. For me it was Barcelona that ruined me, but from how you describe Argentina the girls and club scenes seem pretty similar.

    Why continue to live in DC or anywhere else in the US? It’s better for working. The only reason I returned from Spain (twice) was that it’s really hard to eke out a living and I ran out of money. Hey, I lasted 3 months, and then 9 months the second time. It was worth it.

    America is superior for working, but Spain is superior for living, to paraphrase a line from a Whit Stillman movie.

    agnostic’s last blog post: Opener to use on indie girls.

  • Jessica

    “People don’t realize that most men . . .never got the girl they wanted.”

    It’s entirely the same situation for men and women. Roosh made the point in his early posts that “the American woman” never gets over the guy who shattered her heart in college. Three years later, I still think about mine. Everyone has at least “one who got away.” Sorry to use the cliche, but it’s true, and we all have to get over this and get on with life.

  • InterestedParty

    “please expand on what things are deemed “inspiring” in women.”

    For me an “inspiring” woman, is one who is tall, beautiful and intelligent (without needing to shove it down your throat). The first two will make me take note, and the last will hook me. I pull out all the stops for these women. I’m not calculating whether she’s worth my time in the back of my mind or looking around the room for other possibilities (in this case, my glances around the room really IS for show). Note: do not equate this to me emptying my bank account for her…that never happens.

    I’ll be generous and say 10% of women meet ALL parts of this standard (I live in Los Angeles btw).

  • Nomadz

    Inspiration is a tricky thing. Fact is, the more inspiring she is, the more likely you’ll be acting like you’re trying too hard, and the game will, as a result, be more difficult to play, because she will notice the attention she’s causing. But, yeah, the game will be bright, really challenging. While any player knows it’s so much easier to attract the girls you don’t want to attract, since the lack of inspiration will make you indifferent, and hence immediately put you on top of the situation…

  • Nomadz

    And, hell yeah, travels are a huge game-booster.

    “I went to clubs alone there, something I would never do here.” ………. sure. Cause you’re in a foreign land. You don’t give a shit about looking ridiculous, or doing weird things. Anyway, for local people you’re already the weird foreigner. Anything is possible, and that’s when your game is at its best. Fortuna audaces juvat.

  • Jewcano

    Couldn’t be more spot on. I feel like my game has gone to total shit here because there are so few girls worth actually trying to use it on. Last time I headed south I felt years younger because suddenly the girls made me actually want to try to hit on them. The girls in that pic would inspire the fuck out of me.

    Jewcano’s last blog post: Dance Of December Days.

  • Roosh

    “since the lack of inspiration will make you indifferent”

    That may be part of it but the reason you are indifferent is probably because she is less attractive.

  • Nomadz

    @roosh : I understand the difference, but isn’t the result very similar ? I’ve known a few very attractive girls who ended up being terribly uninspiring, to the point I felt like dating a can of tuna. I kept on with my game, since it was too late to back up, but felt so bored that I didn’t listen to half of what they said. I wasn’t in a gaming mood anymore, and was like, “ok, you’re hot, but even then i won’t make a big effort to get you, cause you make me feel like i’m talking to a six years old, and i guess even sex will be boring with you”. I’d feel more inspired by a 7 who finds a way to make me throw my best tricks in the race.
    But maybe i haven’t grasped the full meaning of “inspiring”, english not being my best language.

  • DCGirlHeadedtoCalifornia

    Another quality pick-up line from Local 16 this weekend. I wanted to get up to the bar to order a drink and close my tab and asked the guy in front of me (wearing his mock turtleneck) if he was waiting to order. He replied yes. Seconds later, he awkwardly turned around to ask if I wanted him to order a drink for me. I said no thanks, just closing my tab. It was such an awkward, dc’esque gesture and thought it should be shared with you all.

  • DCGirlHeadedtoCalifornia

    I mean to add to my post above- let’s talk about uninspiring…guys need to step it up too, thanks.

  • JC

    Guy requirements to meet and lay women:

    Makes an effort to learn and apply “Game” , dresses right , works out , has to be charming , witty , good at conversation , makes decent money , can hold his liquor , builds social value … and so on and so forth.

    Female requirements to meet (and lay) guys:

    Look good, go out, smile.

    No wonder once guys start looking past a woman’s “looks” we are often uninspired…. or at least after we fuck her.

  • T.

    But once that insecurity of not having banged enough girls fades after banging enough girls, it takes more than her just having a working vagina. This is true for most men.

    Not just that, but when a man gets older his game, his confidence, his swagger, his career all (hopefully) get better, so that he suddenly has more options plus is more comfortable gaming better girls. When we’re younger, our game is so bad that we HAVE to take what we can get. Just getting laid by ANYTHING is inspiring. Once you realize your value as a man and stop assuming hot chicks are out of your range, it’s harder to settle.

    T.’s last blog post: 48 Laws of Pimping.

  • JC

    ^^^ True that, as a guy gets into his 30s , the tables are gradually turned as women approaching their 40s are also approaching infertility.

  • Slater

    Damn, but you’re a cock-bag. Do you ever smile in photos? Unclench for one second and let the wonder of being alive wash over you, you towering mound of menstrual ejecta. Maybe then the girls will be leaning towards you in photos rather than the guy who actually looks like he’s having a good time.

    I pity the men who purchase a book about how to find more passion written by someone who has transformed his entire life into a calculation. Spend a year in a monastery or something so that you learn that the world continues to exist even when women aren’t talking to you or strangers aren’t reading your blog.

  • paul

    hey roosh, this here is a one page motivational book !!

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  • Evan

    The love you take is equal to the love you make. If you only expect disappointment, and put in no effort to bring out the best qualities in others, you will get their least attractive, least genuine and least interesting side.

    You should focus on other people instead of yourself. Your brand of pickup is uninspired. ZING

  • Renn

    To me, an inspiring girl is . . .

    Attractive, sexy (obvious ones)

    has common sense, has traditional values (harder to find)

    That’s my problem in a nutshell.

    The other day, I met this girl who was cute, just cute–but I wanted to fuck this chick soooo bad. I don’t know what came over me.

    I think it was that she was innocent, feminine–she had a skirt on–and was a genuinely ‘sweet’ person.

    I was sitting next to her at a friend’s place and I felt like the wolfman–beads of sweat were forming on my forehead and I was seriously fighting the urge to grab her and rape her (in a good way).

    So I think what’s really INSPIRING is a girl who is everything I mentioned before PLUS . . .

    1) Innocent

    2) Feminine

    3) Genuinely Sweet

    That’s what does it for me. As I write this, I’m also realizing how FEW WOMEN OUT THERE actually exemplify these qualities anymore.

  • Renn

    In Appreciation of ‘The Skirt’

    Speaking of skirts, if there are any ladies reading this right now, I am powerless against ‘the skirt’. And I suspect other men are as well, since we’re basically all wired the same way.

    Skirts make me turn into a perverted sex-beast. The thought that your panties are open to the air and easily accessible just underneath your skirt is incredibly sexy. I think it has to do with the vulnerability a woman displays when she’s out there wearing a skirt that does it.

    Especially if it’s the right cut of skirt. I like a skirt that isn’t too long, but not too short either. It has to look feminine and tasteful, yet seductive at the same time. It’s easier to pull this off than it sounds.

    Then there’s the crossing of the legs. In a great skirt, a subtle leg-cross has the ability to blow a guy’s mind. There’s also always preening gestures, like when smoothing out your skirt, or adjusting the bottom, that bring attention to your delicious-looking legs.

    But the skirt also plays on a man’s subconscious because the skirt is the only garment that is solidly in the realm of the feminine. Other than Scottish bagpipers, men don’t wear skirts. It says to the man that this is a real, feminine woman.

    This presumption brings with it many favorable notions attributable to the girl wearing the skirt. Notions like ‘I believe in traditional gender roles’, ‘I enjoy being a woman’, ‘I like to please men’ and maybe even, ‘I can cook and clean.’

    Ultimately, it’s these connotations associated with ‘the skirt’ that are really sexy more than the actual look-although the look itself is mind-boggling attractive, don’t get me wrong.

    So women rock out the skirt! What are you waiting for? It’s a no-brainer.

    And you don’t have to be dressing up. A casual skirt looks good too. I’m not an expert on fabrics and shit like that, but a denim skirt looks really good too.