Men Need To Be Inspired

To be inspired by a girl means you will push until your fate is sealed, not by being desperate but by using the best game you know and have trained for.

Several years ago it didn’t take much to chase a girl: if I was horny and she was alright looking then I’d go for it. But once that insecurity of not having banged enough girls fades after banging enough girls, it takes more than her just having a working vagina. This is true for most men. I’d engage in sexual intercourse with a typical cute girl I meet, but something she lacks prevents me from putting in an honest effort. Maybe it’s a bad vibe or the way she carries herself (or doesn’t). If she made it obvious she wanted to have sex with me I would, but I would never ask her out.

Then you have girls who have the looks and the vibe. There is “something about her” and I’m inspired to put forth everything I know about girls and game to get her into bed. I will not give up until I get her or get rejected. Most of the time I won’t get the girl, but sometimes I do.

Inspiration breeds desire, persistence, and effort. Why is this important? Because those are the things you need to get the best women. And when you are inspired there is a genuineness that comes out that wouldn’t if you were just faking it long enough to get your dick wet.

In Cordoba my digestive system was at its worst. Looking back I don’t know how I dealt with those symptoms and still managed to go out three times a week, pound Quilmes, and hit on as many girls as I did. I was so motivated because I really wanted those girls. There was so much inspiration in an average club that I squeezed my ass cheeks, blamed any gas on my wingman, and dealt with it. It was rough going until the end but I learned more about beautiful girls in that one month than I did in the previous year.

The biggest problem with the Washington DC area is there is little inspiration. There is always something very wrong with the girls; maybe she is fun but frumpy, hot but status and attention-driven, or cute but so witty it feels like you are talking to a cool dude. I go through the motions just to keep my game in shape, like a body-builder would during winter months. Here I’m lazy, in Argentina I stepped up. I went to clubs alone there, something I would never do here.

So that’s the problem with DC, and probably most American cities. The reason so many girls are complaining about guys barely putting in effort and playing the field, about texting instead of calling and not wanting to take them out, is because the guys are simply not inspired. Inspire a man and you will get the best of him. Otherwise he won’t give a shit.

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