“Men’s Rights” Has Become A Euphemism For “Sexual Loser”

A random comment I made on the blog In Mala Fide has made the rounds a bit. It was in reference to the “Men’s Rights” blogs and forums that I notice popping up everywhere. Here’s the comment:

I’m not against Men’s Rights, but a lot of these blogs are written by guys who have no game and can’t get laid, and serve as just an outlet for being a lifelong sexual loser. It’s like women who get around in their circles to complain about about how men aren’t sensitive or caring enough.

These guys dedicate their time to complaining about feminists or marriage, yet they have zero experience with either! I suspect they are anti-social, bitter virgins who simply don’t have anything else to do with their bountiful free time, too fearful of putting their fragile ego on the line to be a man and actually get laid. They have draining corporate gigs and the only thing they have to look forward to are weekly visits to Chipotle Mexican Grill.

In fact you will not go wrong in life by not listening to a man who can’t get laid. He can be very intelligent but his thoughts are not based on the “real world” where there are guys banging and traveling and starting businesses and having a good time with life. Thinking without doing is nothing but masturbation, something that I suspect these MR bloggers do a lot of.

Now I want you to brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you.

You braced?

A lot of guys in the Men’s Rights community do not believe that game works. Yeah I spit out my vitamin water on the monitor too.

Don’t believe me? Try wallowing through these threads:

Is the “PUA” approach to women valid?

Why the PUAs are winning

(This is a good opportunity to gripe about the misuse of the acronym PUA. It stands for pick-up artist, which is a man who uses the art of game to pick up women. If you say, “I don’t know if I believe in PUA,” you’re saying “I don’t know if I believe in pick-up artist.” That doesn’t make sense. Game is a philosophy (or lifestyle) that is mastered by guys who can be called pick-up artists or players or whatever. I prefer the player term, though it doesn’t seem to be popular among white males.)

Pretend you’re me for a second, and you’ve read comment after comment by guys who don’t believe in game, when you yourself have made a complete 180 because of it. What further proof can I offer than myself, a sexless wonder who started getting laid only after studying and practicing game?

Unfortunately no proof is enough for Men’s Rights followers. I can film my pickups from start to end, using several lines that are word-for-word what you can find here or in Bang, film the resulting three-minute sex act and declarations of affection from the girl, and they’ll still find some way to rationalize that I’m not using game at all. They’ll say I’m a natural, when they don’t understand I’ve been working on my game every week for going on nine years.

They’ll say, “Roosh is naturally funny, or charming, or okay looking. I’m sure he would do well even without game.” Wrong. I’m “funny” because I’ve practiced my jokes on hundreds of girls. I’m “charming” because I’ve measured the reactions of women to see what works and what doesn’t, and kept only that which got the result I wanted. I’m “okay looking” because I work out, tried different styles, learned how to carry myself, and have rigorously experimented with different hair and beard configurations. I can tell you right now where a Jesus haircut would work well for me versus a hipster shag cut.

If you see me pick up today it does look very natural because I’ve integrated all these game component parts into something fluid that works a good percentage of the time, but there was absolutely nothing fluid about my initial attempts to overcome my inability to get laid.

I don’t hide from you guys that I’ve been rejected a million times. Of course I still get rejected to this day, by girls who for some odd reason don’t want to bang me. If you’ve read A Dead Bat In Paraguay you saw how bad it can get. But I’m very open to learning, and I continue to do so no matter how satisfied I’ve become with where I’m at. For example I used the lessons from those tough six months in South America to come to Colombia and do pretty well with the women. In fact I almost wish I had more troubles so that I would have a “problem” to base a sequel on. But there are none, and I know no one wants to read a memoir about a guy who is happy and getting what he wants.

Then the Men’s Rights guys will say, “But he is SELLING books.”

Yes because anyone who’s passionate enough about a topic to spend months or years to compile their life experiences into works that teach others cannot be trusted. If someone has written a book or produced anything of value, do not listen to them! They’re ruthless businessmen in disguise! I wouldn’t even listen to someone who has a blog because they’re obviously doing it for the fame of receiving many visitors or comments (and in the case of male bloggers, groupies). Or else they would simply maintain a diary that rests inside their nightstand. They blog mainly for their ego. Same for people who post on the same forums for years. They have an ulterior motive of wanting to feel special in knowing that other people respect their four-digit post count and are getting something out of their words.

In fact if you think about it, anyone who shares knowledge is suspect. Lately I only gain knowledge from homeless men who talk outloud to themselves because they’re not doing it for money, fame, ego, attention or any type of satisfaction that comes from helping others. Approach anyone else’s words with extreme hesitation.

Hyperbole aside, all men can learn and improve, whether it’s in business, women, sports, or Chinese checkers. To think that getting laid is genetically determined and that you can’t improve—what a horrible way to live! If I had to accept my lot I would probably be in some shitty job not getting laid and feeling miserable about how “unlucky” I am while complaining about how much women suck. I would be a Men’s Rights follower. I would camp out on blogs and forums all day posting “intellectual” comments for other guys who are socially awkward because they are too scared to step away from the computer monitor for one minute and take some social risk by practicing conversation with attractive women.

But if you tell them, “Bro, you need to approach a girl and get some action,” they’ll say, “Stop using shaming language on me!” That’s their comeback. It’s like a little boy on the playground saying, “Don’t make fun of me! I like eating my boogers!” For guys who supposedly love using logic, they are completely unable to properly defend their lack of action, and have insulated themselves in a protective internet bubble where they gang up on the slightest bit of dissent by saying it makes them feel ashamed. They can’t get laid, they supposedly don’t like women (especially Western women) and don’t want to work to bang them, yet they whine and bitch about women all day long.

Now I’ve whined and bitched about women plenty on this blog, and I think it’s especially fun to get on feminsts and American women, but at the end of the day I’m also banging feminists and American women, drinking with them, having a laugh with them, and cuddling with them until I get bored and need a break from their sense of entitlement and masculine attitudes. Variety is the spice of life and the reason you’re reading me right now is because of the wide range of experiences I’ve had with many different types of women. While I wouldn’t mind being a one-hit-wonder by wearing my plaid shirt every night and going to a hipster bar in D.C. to get laid with minimal effort, there wouldn’t be much advice I can share for men of the world.

The bottom line is that a real man puts himself in new, challenging environments and pushes the limits of his ability and character to get what he truly desires. I greatly admire the 21-year-old who goes onto my forum and posts about a brutal rejection, but perserveres and weeks later shares a success story. I admire the three guys I met in Medellin who all rolled up with little Spanish but got their flags in less than two weeks after approaching like machines day and night. I admire the guy who I saw do his first ever bookstore approach and get a long-term girlfriend out of it. You think they give a shit about Men’s Rights? No, because they use game to get laid with the women they want. They believe in action to accomplish their goals, not mental masturbation with a bunch of guys who have trouble telling you what a vagina feels like, yet can’t stop obsessing over it.

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