Merry Christmas Special For Everyone

I recently put all 18 of my books on three e-book platforms: iTunes, Kobo, and Nook (Barnes & Noble). To get the ball rolling, I’m giving a large discount on my two most popular books, Bang and Day Bang. From now until January 1, you can get either book for only $3. If you’re one of the last few who haven’t yet read these two books, or simply want a cheap electronic copy, follow the links below before January 1.

iTunes: Bang or Day Bang

Kobo: Bang or Day Bang

Barnes & Noble: Bang or Day Bang

I’d appreciate it if you also leave a star rating or review, even if it’s just a sentence or two.

It’s hard to imagine that I wrote Bang eight years ago. Amazingly, it has helped provide me with enough income to live abroad for several years and have the lifestyle I dreamed of back when I was a microbiologist in a Maryland biotech firm. But now I can feel that the direction of the winds are changing, and the subject matter that has provided with so much in the past will be a far smaller part of my future.

I have only one more game book to write. After that, I’ll find a cheap city to live in and focus on pursuits that interest me most, even if they may not provide as reliable an income. I’ve learned that knowing how to live cheaply and minimally is as good of a hedge against the future as having a lot of money in a bank account, because as history has shown, war or the incompetence of a nation’s rulers can make money worthless in a flash. I’m ready for any outcome.

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