More Cockblock Destroying Lines

I’m a strong proponent of calling out cockblockers, but I noticed that two things have to be present for me to do it:

1. The cockblocker has to interrupt the conversation and stay in the vicinity, as if to rub it in my face. If she whisks the girl away I’m not going to chase them down because the energy to call out the cockblock has to be less than the actual cockblock.

2. The girl has to be high quality. Most cockblockers actually do me a favor, but if I was liking the girl then the cockblocker must pay, especially since in D.C. it will take another month until I meet another reasonable chick.

That said, here are some additional cockblocker responses to the one I already shared.


Approach the cockblocker and say, “Hi do you have a finance or husband?”

99% of the time the answer will be no. If she doesn’t answer or tries to ignore you then glance at her left hand ring finger for confirmation.

“It looks like you don’t. Well I think your time would be better spent trying to find a man instead of worrying about who your friend is talking to. Maybe that’s the reason why you don’t have a ring on your finger.”


Say it like you’re trying to give her relationship advice. If she gets nasty on you then it just confirms how much you upset her.

If she’s in a relationship say, “Well I think your time would be better spent pleasing your man at home instead of worrying about me. I feel sorry for him.” You just called her out for being a shitty wife more concerned with cockblocking you then giving her spouse blowjobs. These are devastating comebacks. She’ll cry, I promise you.

RESPONSE #2 (By Mike):

YOU: “Wow, your life must really suck.”

HER: “What do you mean/WTF do you mean?”

YOU: “You’re life is so miserable and unhappy that you can’t bear seeing anyone else have fun. That must suck.”

[Banshee screed.]

YOU: “No, really, I am so sorry.” *Walk away*

It’s not important what you say, just that you say something penetrating enough that she’ll cockblock at least 1% less in the future. All the guys who say “You can’t change anything” are terribly wrong, and only showing their complete ignorance about human nature. People have changed for much less. One or two public verbal lashings will be all that it takes to temper the cockblocker for the rest of her life. Don’t do it for me—do it for your countrymen.

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