More Cockblock Destroying Lines

I’m a strong proponent of calling out cockblockers, but I noticed that two things have to be present for me to do it:

1. The cockblocker has to interrupt the conversation and stay in the vicinity, as if to rub it in my face. If she whisks the girl away I’m not going to chase them down because the energy to call out the cockblock has to be less than the actual cockblock.

2. The girl has to be high quality. Most cockblockers actually do me a favor, but if I was liking the girl then the cockblocker must pay, especially since in D.C. it will take another month until I meet another reasonable chick.

That said, here are some additional cockblocker responses to the one I already shared.


Approach the cockblocker and say, “Hi do you have a finance or husband?”

99% of the time the answer will be no. If she doesn’t answer or tries to ignore you then glance at her left hand ring finger for confirmation.

“It looks like you don’t. Well I think your time would be better spent trying to find a man instead of worrying about who your friend is talking to. Maybe that’s the reason why you don’t have a ring on your finger.”


Say it like you’re trying to give her relationship advice. If she gets nasty on you then it just confirms how much you upset her.

If she’s in a relationship say, “Well I think your time would be better spent pleasing your man at home instead of worrying about me. I feel sorry for him.” You just called her out for being a shitty wife more concerned with cockblocking you then giving her spouse blowjobs. These are devastating comebacks. She’ll cry, I promise you.

RESPONSE #2 (By Mike):

YOU: “Wow, your life must really suck.”

HER: “What do you mean/WTF do you mean?”

YOU: “You’re life is so miserable and unhappy that you can’t bear seeing anyone else have fun. That must suck.”

[Banshee screed.]

YOU: “No, really, I am so sorry.” *Walk away*

It’s not important what you say, just that you say something penetrating enough that she’ll cockblock at least 1% less in the future. All the guys who say “You can’t change anything” are terribly wrong, and only showing their complete ignorance about human nature. People have changed for much less. One or two public verbal lashings will be all that it takes to temper the cockblocker for the rest of her life. Don’t do it for me—do it for your countrymen.

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  • Genius

    Keep it up and you’ll get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    Genius’s last blog post: Israel & Turkey.

  • dc

    finance or husband

    epic appropriate freudian slip

  • Solo

    The thing with CB’s I noticed is typically their the “ring leader” of the group,65% of the time their drunk, and half the time their jealous that you are hitting on their friend. I was making out with a girl last Thursday, her friend came, thinking she was gonna CB me, she actually hit on me, that felt odd, that rarely happens(well to me anyway)

    Solo’s last blog post: My Last Field Report (repost).

  • Anonymous

    I’ve gotta disagree here.

    You pull either of these and you’ll look like a crazy man.

    Just behave like nothing’s a big deal (’cause really, it isn’t) and go find another girl who doesn’t have a cockblocker with her.

  • Neo

    Good comebacks, I’ve used the ‘your life must suck’ the words spontaneously came out of my mouth after having one too many drinks one night. The girl was devastated.

    Usually though I’d just stand there and let it happen, but I’ll try these.

    Neo’s last blog post: Online Dating Trends.

  • Willy Wonka

    “Don’t do it for me—do it for your countrymen.”


    Cockblocks are so annoying.

    Willy Wonka’s last blog post: Insecurities and Inner Game.

  • Raliv

    “Do it for your countrymen.”

    hahah Roosh you patriot you!

    Hell I’m going to do it to make girls cry.

  • Whatever

    I hate cockblocks, but I also sorta lose my attraction for any girl that gets persuaded by her cockblocking friend.

    A well placed insult will make the cockblocker think twice in the future, but its so hard to do. It has to be delivered calmly and shoot right to the bone.

    Any negativity could easily help prove her case to her friend that she did her a favor… in addition, if the girls don’t really know you it will go in one ear and out the other… it will be very easy for them to chalk up anything you say as simply the angry insults of a frustrated loser who is not getting laid.

  • crocodilexp

    Roosh, you’re getting bitter and resentful. It’s understandable, but still bad for you.

    Focus on getting some, not on futile attempts to make the world a better place and correct American women.

    No matter how you respond, they’ll just write you off as a jerk and reinforce their view that they were right to cockblock you to begin with.

  • Sam Spade

    These lines will place you in a negative mindset, and give the impression that you care way more than you should about the chick and/or her cockblocking friend. It will also validate the cockblocker’s embittered opinion of you, regardless of whether you’ve made your point or not.

  • Solo

    Number 8 is on point

    Sometimes how you deal with CB is a shit test within itself, but then again why deal with a girl who is a sheep and not a Shepard? If chick thinks/does for self she will even tell her cockblocking girlfriend to fall back

    Solo’s last blog post: The Truth about Field Reports.

  • Snoeperd

    I like this counter-cockblock you mentioned previously more:

    “Did you really just do that? I’m being friendly and respectful to your friend and you rudely interrupt. Did your parents teach you to be anti-social like that?”

    Its so logical and if you do it wihtout signalling that you’re offended it will put her on the defensive just like with a neg. And this without insulting her personal life, with sounds like an AFC.

    Anyone agree?

  • Mike

    “You pull either of these and you’ll look like a crazy man.”

    Typical Western male/pussy thinking.

    If some cock blocking whore things I look crazy, so what?

    The more important word a man can learn is, “Next!”

    You live in a world of scarcity, and that’s why you’re a pussy. I live in a world of abundance. If one (or even one hundred) women look down on me, so what? There are so many women in this world, even if 90% hate me…So what? That’s a lot of pussy left to slay.

    Every man’s theme song should be Gangster of Love by Geto Boys:

  • Mike

    “Did you really just do that? I’m being friendly and respectful to your friend and you rudely interrupt. Did your parents teach you to be anti-social like that?”

    Nah. That’s too nice to the woman. It gives HER a chance to lecture me.

    Fuck that.

    If a bitch is cock blocking me, she’s going to feel the pain. I am going to mind-fuck her.

    Try ruining my night? Fine, bitch: I’ll ruin yours. I have sent cock-blocking women away crying.

    I do not feel entitled to a woman’s attention. If a chick isn’t it me, that’s her right as a free citizen. A chick can roll her eyes when I approach, and I am not going to want to hurt her. Again, it’s her right to reject me.

    Cock blockers, though, are straight-up haters. They are trying to pull apart two people who, in this lonely and fucked up world, are actually make a connection.

    Cock blocking is anti-social behavior that must be stopped. Cock blocking continues because there’s not cost to it. Cock blocking me ain’t free, though. You will cry if you cock block me.

  • Anonymous

    make a video with the bears for this

  • jackson

    rape is the best option. it doesnt matter if a girl says no. who cares

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me that your response to cockblocking is to act like a petulant child.

    How is that going to help you get laid?

    You won’t destroy cockblocking by having a group of women think that you are a psychopath. You will only reinforce their initial assumption about you.

    To end a cockblock, you need to tease the cockblocker. Make her feel worthless. Don’t make her feel like she’s right.

  • Peter

    The girl has to be high quality. Most cockblockers actually do me a favor, but if I was liking the girl then the cockblocker must pay, especially since in D.C. it will take another month until I meet another reasonable chick.

    This line completely captured the essence of DC.

  • sloopJohn

    don’t fight the cock blockers. Some of them, probably most, are well meaning and just looking out for their friend. I just look at my girl and smile, shrug as if to say, hey babe, it’s your life. Saving face in such a situation is primary to me, and I won’t be impolite, whatever the cost. won’t fight the cock blockers, never have, never will.

  • Cliff Arroyo

    What about reverse psychology?


    “What took you so long?”

    “Thank you!” (to cockblocker where target can see)

    These have to be said with the air of an adult thanking a parent for getting their unruly offspring back in line.

    All those imply that you’re glad someone came and relieved you of this bothersome girl. If the girl is the slightest bit interested in you it will pique that interest more. If she wasn’t it still makes you look aloof and in control. There’s a chance the cockblocker will stop to ask you what you mean which still gives you a chance with the original target. Advantage: You.

    Any anger (in the words or intonation) will make the cockblocker think she did good. Even in the unlikely event that the words hurt, it will reinforce in her the idea that it is her _duty_ to save her friend from potentially hurtful guys. Don’t give a woman you’re mad at a chance to feel like a martyr – many women love feeling like martyrs.

  • tomtud

    Cliff… LMAO that is hilarious… You’re right,, this may be a better way of going about it to address rude people.

    Cockblockers, girls rolling their eyes,, all of that need to be addressed because it is rude. But this is typical bar/club protocol.. day game, seems to be a little less severe with the pretentiousness of a club.

    Tonight, a girl rolled her eyes at me in the street when I blew her a kiss,, granted she was walking alone in the club district,, so I just said in 10 years you’ll be lucky if guys blow you kisses and she still has the snobby look and says whatever!!! She keeps on walking away, and I yell out,, why are you walking alone… it’s because no guy wants you ,, right???….. bang!!! me and my buddies started to lol… This is typical club district behaviour…

  • thekiller

    If she does have a Ring or says she has a boyfriend I’d say “Don’t take your Anger out on the World because you made a poor choice and are Angry with your Man. We’re not all like him”

    Said with a smile.

  • Basil Ransom

    “Typical Western male/pussy thinking.”

    Agreed. The whole “let it slide” attitude got us here in the first place. Guys need to stop thinking that they can get pussy by letting everything slide. It doesn’t, and it corrupts women, just like it does children.

    True for men too, but men are constantly chastened by their friends and society at large.

  • Phoenix

    I personally DO CARE if a girl tries to cockblock me from her friend. If I just ‘let it go’ and let the CB friend win, then I lose out on the girl I was focused on.

    “Hey, we’re having fun, go away.”

    And if the CB gets all pissy, I don’t give a shit. I’m not gonna let her ruin my night.

  • just another one

    every time i see you writing about this topic, especially like “All the guys who say “You can’t change anything” are terribly wrong, and only showing their complete ignorance about human nature. ” I think you are like the pope, trying to change the world better for all of us!

  • Sexy Pterodactyl

    This is way cool. Roosh, can we be friends? Mommy says if I’m nice, I can have _lots_ of PUA friends.

    Attention Alpha Males: Rooshv, Roissy and I have braved many dangers of the Perfidious Slut Matrx, to bring you top-secret Game truths.

    But there is one amongst you who wouldst deny my alphaness. Stand forth, ye that Female That Blocketh My Sexytime Unmentionables, so that we may throw rocks at you!

    Sexy Pterodactyl

    P.S. With my cigarette at this angle, Sexytime females say I resemble Don Draper.

    Sexy Pterodactyl’s last blog post: Revealed! Roissy and the PUAs’ Perfidious Slut Matrix (now with more Spearhead).

  • Supernaut

    This is why I prefer daygame. No cockblocks to get your panties in a twist about.

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  • Anonymous

    Roosh, these two comebacks SUCK. I would just say to either of these “Wow, aren’t you bitter”, and be done with it. Guess who would “win” then? Stick to the original phrase. These two SUCK balls because they betray that you’ve been hurt/bummed.

  • gevi

    Lol I usually spit in between their tits “accidently” that distrackts them

  • Ty

    I guess all you guys like doing is getting a girl in bed… Pathetic… Roosh, you are truly a loser. Go do something productive…

  • Veni Vidi Vici

    Actually when ever you get Cocky with a Cock Blocking Cunt you are entering turbulent waters. Why? It’s acceptable to be a cocky smart ass to women but never to the women’s BFF. Actually this is the one time where being “nice” can work in your favor. For starters any PUA worth his salt should see the CBC coming from a mile away, and feign interest in the girls BFF to prevent this nonsense from happing in the first place, How: You simply ask questions like: Hey what’s your friends favorite drink or does she like to dance. So when her friend gets bored and jealous you will be ready: ” Why don’t I buy you and Jane another round” or ” Oh yeah Jane said your a great dancer lets dance…” If the girl is fat offer to buy her buffalo wings instead…
    PS: why would I do anything to help a competitor, PUA’s have no friends only wingmen…