More Flags

Had a couple interesting questions about the flag metric that I wanted to discuss. But first, what is a notch? The most objective answer would be when the plane of the vagina is broken. This means any depth of insertion. Everything else is subjective. If a guy told me his latest notch was when he put it in one inch, I’d roll my eyes but I would not dispute his notch.

I remember a friend telling me his girlfriend had the belief that sex with a man doesn’t count until he ejaculates. Every woman seems to have a different definition that would make the notch count mostly meaningless. The standard definition isn’t perfect, but at least you know, at the minimum, what happened.

Onto flag questions:

“How about if she moves to America at 10 years old from her birth country and is basically American?”

If we go by our objective definition, we’d count that flag. This is one of the downsides of the flag metric that will boost every guys’s count by a couple flags. But notch count has its own problem where even those hogs you’ve banged have equal footing with your more respectable encounters.

It’s impossible to draw the line and figure out how old is old enough to be flag worthy. How about if she moved here when she was one-day old? Well just like with the one-inch penetrator I’d roll my eyes, but I would not dispute it.

“How about if a girl was born in Madagascar to American parents, and then moved back to this country at a young age?”

This is where I tell you to stop thinking about situations that are going to be uncommon for 95% of men. Again, if you want to count that as a Madagascar flag then fine but you are beginning to shit on the spirit of this concept.

So we’ve got the notch, cost per notch, and flags as objective, though flawed, indicators of game tightness. In addition, hanging out with the guy for several nights and viewing a sampling of photos of the girls he has banged would paint a much clearer picture of his game.

I’ve also thought of cost per bang (CPB), which is your total dating expenditures divided by total sex encounters. I haven’t touched this one because betas in serious relationships would probably compete very well with even the most supreme of players. If you do test it out though, I recommend you count a series of bangs in a continuous encounter (for instance a nighttime date that turns into a next afternoon exit) as one “bang.”

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