Moths… Flame

I sat next to a Brazilian guy on the 23 hour bus ride to Santiago, where we stayed at a hostel that had a guitar laying around. He didn’t bring this up on the bus but apparently he studied music theory, has been playing guitar for 13 years, and knows most popular American rock songs, including lyrics.


While he played I sat quietly with my hands on my lap. To the girls my physical presence was disturbing his acoustic treatments.

For more on Chile, check out my Chile travel guide.

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  • mike says

    Napoleon said it, man, chicks dig guys with skills.

    You should’ve backed him up on the hambone (thigh and chest slapping).

  • Land-Man

    Smash that shit like in Animal House.

  • cob

    the geeetar when played well is a pussy magnet

  • gn

    You look like you could be in a band — that counts for something.

  • Steve Lurkel

    but how’s his game?

  • shadi

    game is irrelevant when you can serenade a girl on the guitar. instant melting device. there actually is a pussy magnet inside the sound-hole. trust.

  • mike says

    what about the bagpipes? is there a magnet in that plaid sack as well?

  • sk3ptic

    Roosh, is your spanish getting better being in South America for this long?

  • roissy

    yeah it’s tough to compete against a guy and his guitar serenading on the patio. that’s as good a time as any to pull out a didgeridoo and make a sweet racket.

  • Kyle

    I guarantee no one liked that guy in school. I attend a music college, and busting out a guitar at parties is a major foul. It’s worse than saying you listen to John Mayer in an attempt to win a woman’s favor. Whenever girls take issue with being objectified, I remember that they go for stuff like this and all sympathy is instantly erased.

  • jemaine

    kyle, you are right on. only major dooshbags pull that shit, and usually, they suck balls.

  • Kyle

    If you’re still around this guy, since he’s Brazilian, ask him to play his favorite track off the Chaos A.D. album. There’s no way he can win. He either:

    A. Winds up trying to play thrash metal on an acoustic guitar infront of his “fans”.

    B. Looks like he knows less about Brazillian music than some arrogant Yanqui.