My Appearance On A Ukrainian Talkshow

Click the caption button to activate English subtitles (you may have to go to the video page on Youtube):

The title of this show was “Sex Mission” but it might as well have been called “Roosh Roast.” They came at me pretty hard, from just about every angle. I knew it going in so that’s why I was more impressed than surprised with the stuff they pulled. My main concern was keeping my pocket square from sliding down (I was successful).

Before I go over the highlights, you’ll see that I wore an earpiece. Someone in the studio translated everything for me but obviously there was a delay. Since the show had so many people competing to talk, by the time I heard the complete translations, someone else was talking. This definitely limited my participation. The show also edited about half of what was filmed, including my distinction of love tourists vs sex tourists, among other things.

1:55: Yes it’s true, I did study bacterias in college.

2:39: lol at grocery bag picture.

3:10: Ukrainian nationalist commended me for having the energy to visit so many countries. “He must be exhausted!”

4:00: My longest monologue, capped off with a passport beard shave, one of my newer moves for use in the East.

5:04: They found my Ukrainian girl pictures post and then brought out two of the girls.

5:50: I tell the girls to leverage this exposure into an entertainment career. I suppose my mentality is still American.

6:32: Host tries to get a rile out of me, saying I made everything up in between studying bacterias. I did speak a response (which I forgot), but it was edited out.

6:59: I’m being threatened with a lawsuit. I wasn’t scared. Both of these girls are huge attention whores, especially the brunette, whose hero is Paris Hilton. I promise you they loved being on the show.

9:00: I met this guy on Couchsurfing and we hung out twice at night.

10:14: “Of course I had to lie.” lol

10:37: There goes me, under the bus.

11:05: This girl is a lying bitch—I never approached her. I don’t holla at plastic surgery victims.

12:35: “I told my friend about it,” who happens to be a popular reporter. What a setup.

14:44: Fat Bono comes through with a smackdown on American girls. I enjoyed this. He seemed to be mostly supportive of me.

15:54: Nice camera shot.

16:45: The crazy sex tourist hunters arrive with footage of them making an Italian man cry. Most of the audience was laughing at this. I started losing the spotlight at this point.

19:13: My best pose, I’d say.

19:30: This woman is insane, full of anger. She was not pleasant in any way.

20:41: Sex tourist hunter says I’m breaking the constitution for using the flag. This argument was also used for Bang Iceland.

21:01: Go bang American women, hell if I care!

22:05: The crowd is showing me more support. I’m starting to feel like Rocky in Rocky IV. I wanted them to chant my name by the end, but this did not happen.

23:30: Max the sex tourist hunter takes actual weapons with him when he goes out. After the show, the bodyguard immediately came up to me and escorted me to the backroom, worried that Max might do something.

25:10: Is this shit over yet?

25:57: The hate goes from me to Max.

26:08: This woman (a singer, I think) was very nice to me after the show, but she didn’t speak English. I’d make love to her.

26:41: It’s revealed that Max is a PUA, or something.

27:43: I aimed for the jugular.

28:17: I win?

28:45: Pizza. :laugh:

29:06: And I’m done.

31:26: Lovely lady who was a strong fan. She actually read about my work before the show and said that she agrees with my teachings.

32:19: Pocket square looking good.

33:04: Elegant, yes.

Overall it was a good experience. Going on this show here or that interview there is giving me experience for one day when the stakes may be higher.

Learn more about the book that led to the appearance: Bang Ukraine.

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