My Appearance On A Ukrainian Talkshow

Click the caption button to activate English subtitles (you may have to go to the video page on Youtube):

The title of this show was “Sex Mission” but it might as well have been called “Roosh Roast.” They came at me pretty hard, from just about every angle. I knew it going in so that’s why I was more impressed than surprised with the stuff they pulled. My main concern was keeping my pocket square from sliding down (I was successful).

Before I go over the highlights, you’ll see that I wore an earpiece. Someone in the studio translated everything for me but obviously there was a delay. Since the show had so many people competing to talk, by the time I heard the complete translations, someone else was talking. This definitely limited my participation. The show also edited about half of what was filmed, including my distinction of love tourists vs sex tourists, among other things.

1:55: Yes it’s true, I did study bacterias in college.

2:39: lol at grocery bag picture.

3:10: Ukrainian nationalist commended me for having the energy to visit so many countries. “He must be exhausted!”

4:00: My longest monologue, capped off with a passport beard shave, one of my newer moves for use in the East.

5:04: They found my Ukrainian girl pictures post and then brought out two of the girls.

5:50: I tell the girls to leverage this exposure into an entertainment career. I suppose my mentality is still American.

6:32: Host tries to get a rile out of me, saying I made everything up in between studying bacterias. I did speak a response (which I forgot), but it was edited out.

6:59: I’m being threatened with a lawsuit. I wasn’t scared. Both of these girls are huge attention whores, especially the brunette, whose hero is Paris Hilton. I promise you they loved being on the show.

9:00: I met this guy on Couchsurfing and we hung out twice at night.

10:14: “Of course I had to lie.” lol

10:37: There goes me, under the bus.

11:05: This girl is a lying bitch—I never approached her. I don’t holla at plastic surgery victims.

12:35: “I told my friend about it,” who happens to be a popular reporter. What a setup.

14:44: Fat Bono comes through with a smackdown on American girls. I enjoyed this. He seemed to be mostly supportive of me.

15:54: Nice camera shot.

16:45: The crazy sex tourist hunters arrive with footage of them making an Italian man cry. Most of the audience was laughing at this. I started losing the spotlight at this point.

19:13: My best pose, I’d say.

19:30: This woman is insane, full of anger. She was not pleasant in any way.

20:41: Sex tourist hunter says I’m breaking the constitution for using the flag. This argument was also used for Bang Iceland.

21:01: Go bang American women, hell if I care!

22:05: The crowd is showing me more support. I’m starting to feel like Rocky in Rocky IV. I wanted them to chant my name by the end, but this did not happen.

23:30: Max the sex tourist hunter takes actual weapons with him when he goes out. After the show, the bodyguard immediately came up to me and escorted me to the backroom, worried that Max might do something.

25:10: Is this shit over yet?

25:57: The hate goes from me to Max.

26:08: This woman (a singer, I think) was very nice to me after the show, but she didn’t speak English. I’d make love to her.

26:41: It’s revealed that Max is a PUA, or something.

27:43: I aimed for the jugular.

28:17: I win?

28:45: Pizza. :laugh:

29:06: And I’m done.

31:26: Lovely lady who was a strong fan. She actually read about my work before the show and said that she agrees with my teachings.

32:19: Pocket square looking good.

33:04: Elegant, yes.

Overall it was a good experience. Going on this show here or that interview there is giving me experience for one day when the stakes may be higher.

Learn more about the book that led to the appearance: Bang Ukraine.

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  • Keith

    Next stop, Good Morning America.

  • Jack Lane

    “…it might as well have been called “Roosh Roast.” They came at me pretty hard, from just about every angle.”


  • RobP

    Well-played, sir!

  • Turner

    dude. This is getting unreal. Respect for going on a Ukraine talk show and standing tall.

  • Turner

    Ok – def. think you came out on top on this. Kept your composure. At around 28-29 during your speech about what you are giving to women, it seemed that most of the women in the crowd were pretty impressed and you had them at that point.

    What’s the deal with the male host? He seemed like he was holding back some disdain?


    well done

  • A.

    Roosh, if you stay in Romania during summer, go to Constanta (Romanian Black Sea cost). The mayor of the city, Radu Mazare, is a love tourist.(he bangs Brazil every year) He also wants to grow the “ gambling industry” and make Mamaia the best Romanian love tourist resort. Surely you’ll find him in nightclubs. It would be interesting to exchange impression with him: Don Juan meeting Casanova :)

  • Raul Felix

    I think you held yourself up pretty well. Those women were amazing beautiful though. You weren’t lying about how stunning they are. But one must wonder how they look like without make-up.

  • leo

    I think you struck exactly the right balance emotionally. You seemed unruffled by anything that was said, but you were still responsive to whatever they threw at you.

    It was obviously a setup, especially the part where they brought those two women out, since as I remember, you never claimed to have slept with the Ukrainian women in the photos, you were more using them as examples of Ukrainian beauty.

    But still your vibe was that you were just enjoying the whole experience of being on tv, just soaking it in. You looked comfortable and relaxed, and at the end, after the matchmaker woman kind of had your back, you came off really well.

    The only two times when you got serious, it was totally appropriate. The first was, you were just getting the facts straight: you never saw that woman. And the second, when you defended what you were doing by pointing out that the sex tourist hunters were doing something far worse than you.

    I also found it hilarious, that the host, guests, and the audience, seemed like they were going through the motions criticizing you, and looked to be much more interested in trashing each other.

    My only disappointment was that after the Playboy editor said your book would be good information for Ukrainian women to have, you didn’t jump on it and tell all those women that you were going to translate Bang Ukraine into Ukrainian, and they were welcome to buy it.

    Anyway, great job, never a false step.

    I do have one question though. Were you getting a translation into English in your ear, and how long was the delay?


    [Roosh: The delay varied, but sometimes up to 10 seconds. So when I wanted to interject, I had to do so as the translator was still translating.]

  • Igor Brazil

    Hey man it was a very nice show.

    But are they so dumb like they seem? For me, when I read your post of “25 reasons to go to Ukraine” it was obvious that you just got pictures of 25 pretty ukranian girls. Not that you banged those 25 girls.

    The host talked like you said that you did bang them. “They dont know this guy”. And respect, yeah, fuck that pastic blonde whore.

    Hello from Rio de Janeiro!

  • Anonymousagain

    You gotta love how they keep emphasizing roosh’ work as being ‘scandalous’. How long will it take before being born with a dick will be viewed as scandalous?

    I also loved that complete simp of the Ukrainian playboy. Just what kind of business does that guy think he is in?

    But what I loved the most was the MASSIVE CLEAVAGE a lot of these girls showed, despite not wanting to be viewed as sex objects.

  • John Rambo

    Well, I understand now why guys are interested in Ukraine chicks, they are indeed pretty hot.

    But they also sound like a bunch of bitches, especially that feminazi with the mangina husband. I noticed a lot of a very testy attitude amongst the ladies there.

    I guess it kind of proves my theory that ALL WHITE WOMEN are crap. Yea sure, Ukraine chicks are a lot better than American women, but no white woman can compare to an Asian girl, at least attitude wise. In Southeast Asia, the girls are all super humble, nice, very soft, and so on. White women are just too much shit to put up with. Or as you said, Polish girls are easier and you don’t have to bust your ass so hard to get one.

    Women don’t seem to understand they men are no longer willing to put up with their endless bullshit and bad attitudes. It just ain’t worth it no more, and never was.

  • Anonymous

    An ATTEMPTED “Roosh Roast”, you kept your composure well, making most of your opposition look like assholes in the end. Well played.

  • truth

    The girls at 5:04 are ugly in real life…

  • rivsdiary

    i am proud of you, my man.

  • Tampa

    Wow – those chicks are so hot and feminie. Amazing…

  • truth

    these ukranians are retarded, and the PUA guy who made a video buying the girl is the ultimated retarded of them all.

  • truth

    ukranian girls are not that pretty.
    god. at least not in this vid.

    make a post about the romanian so that we can have a look if they are better looking than these ukranians…

  • seth

    Ukranian girls are so pretty. I’m lucky that in London we get a lot of them (local talent is bad). I’m only 31, but I remember when UK girls all used to be pretty. I think there must be some chemicals in the water. At least the rising obesity is more explainable.

    Oh yeah, I felt that later on the audience came around to respecting you, so props. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t change the fact that many western women have become cr@p and so we’re stuck with this problem.

    I mean what do you do? Short of replacing western women with hotter ones from EE (who will oftentimes adopt the cultural and eating habits of the western women) there seems to be only hard choices.

    We have a problem and we need to guilt trip women into becoming thinner, more feminine and putting more effort in general into pleasing men. Otherwise let society fall (which is the plan of the upper tribe anyways) and they’ll eventually end up seeing that they’ve always been slaves and that feminism is a sham.

  • OlioOx

    Roosh you have got to make international talk shows and interviews the next focus of your career, that was one of the most entertaining things imaginable (and so was that other interview you did a few months ago, you know, the high-troll one)

  • SJ

    Nice job Roosh! Very entertaining. I think that you should play rock music and get excited on tv shows. Not be just calm that would get you more fame and attention.

  • Laura

    What a freak show this was… Typical Eastern European programming, people shouting over each other despite the fact that most of them have no idea what they’re talking about.

    To be honest, in spite of most of the pro-Roosh stuff being supposedly cut out, I couldn’t help sympathising with him a lot of the time, especially towards the end. So did a lot of the audience, and who can blame them, when the opposition are basically armed vigilantes while Roosh is going on about buying Ukrainian girls drinks and pizzas?

    Very entertaining indeed. :D

  • Anonymous

    Roosh did several things very well. First, he was well dressed. Roosh has said he fares poorer in picking up women when wearing a suit, but in this case the jacket looked great. The blue was a nice shade, too. People will treat you depending on how you look and their cultural perceptions of your clothes.

    Second, Roosh treated the entire thing like a giant shit test. The best was when he said the two Ukranian girls should thank him for the exposure. This is almost as good as him dealing with the wanna be lawyer feminist hen he told her to apologize. A great way of re-framing. Well done, Sir!

  • so-and-so

    This was really interesting. … Unrelated question, if someone reads an older post of yours and wants to comment on it, because it’s new to them…. Do you ever read comments on older posts, presuming you are informed of all new comments, somehow, or is it too much of a waste of time?

  • so-and-so

    And do all Ukranian girls look like that sample? Holy shit, I’m in love.

  • wilddr

    I thought the show would be more critizing about you, but in the second part the focus was shifted. I think they gave you a fair show, it was not all against you.

  • leo

    [Roosh: The delay varied, but sometimes up to 10 seconds. So when I wanted to interject, I had to do so as the translator was still translating.]

    I think that must have been really tough to do.

  • wilddr

    you where lucky that they didn’t pick other stuff from your website (cfr. rape an cheating)

  • Anonymous

    That was brave, Roosh. You should do TV interviews and talk shows more often!

    As stated, the ukrainian woman at 19:30 really seemed to be full of anger towards Roosh. Well, she boasted of having two university degrees and of having studied in the States. I wonder if she had developed her exceptionally humble attitude towards men from living in a western country for so long :)

  • truth

    the ukrainian woman at 19:30 thinks she is hot as phuck but she is barely a 7 with a weird nose.

  • OldHornDog

    The redheat would be perfect if she lost about 10 pounds.
    The brunette is sizzling – jeezz…
    The blond is my favorite visually – unfortunately somebody crapped into her head.

    Max – what can I say – typical Ukrainian meathead. I still can’t grasp how a country that produces such beautiful women at the same time creates so many mouth breathing slobs. Those girls should be happy that foreigners are coming to mix things up a bit.

    Roosh – you held up like a champ – takes some nerves to face a roast like that – thumbs up.

  • dragnet

    “I think he’s doing a solid job, but his increasingly left shift is worrying. They’re taking him into the fold.”

    This is laughable dude—where have you been? Matt Taibbi has always been pretty liberal. Great columnist and I find myself agreeing with him most times…because I’m fairly liberal myself.

  • Anonymous

    But NOW all girls inUkraine will know about PUA and Bang Ukraine. It will be VERY hard to pick up now.You should have avoided the TV appearance!

  • Claus

    Talking Videos.. check this out

    split or steal?^^

  • A.

    Pretty cool that Max, cuddly like a teddy bear but also strong :) His story – the sex tourist hunter and the story of the woman who lived in US, didn’t look like a “real life” scenarios. Probably the producer payed them, for the sake of rating.

    @OlioOx: in my opinion Roosh was not well dress (he’s 34, not 54!) but despite the oufit, he looked intelligent and charismatic, not like a typical American. (Americans are stereotypically stupid in EE culture)

  • Dmitriy

    Hey Roosh ! I am from Ukraine and I love your work,I was disappointed with my fellow countrymen in the beginning of the show trying to rip you apart but you kept your composure and it completely resulted all in your favor ! I say so because I witnessed how the main participants switched their stances. Thanks for your books and advice because I’m constantly improving my game now.

  • DAP

    The women in the Ukraine are pretty just like you described, Roosh. But, GOTDAMN, they wear a lot of make-up.

  • Marco

    That redhead was really strinking. Beautiful women, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    You’re the man Roosh

  • Alpha Mission

    I want you to get legitly famous so you can be on Celebrity Apprentice. You’d kick ass on there, and it would be to great to see you picking up chicks on American TV.

  • Senior Beta

    Only got through 12 minutes of this shit show but got the drift. One more reason why 3MM George wise to not give up his identity. Roosh getting used to the foreign idiots trying to embarrass him and, if anything, makes his franchise on the ‘sphere even more valuable. Young ‘uns without the Roosh’s experience shouldn’t risk it if they have jobs they value. The blond chick was disgusting. The others pretty hot. Keep bangin’ em Roosh.

  • moe jones

    As everyone says you held your composure very well. Hallmark trait of someone who gets a ton of pussy. I watched the whole episode and it went downhill after 16:45, where you say you lost the spotlight.

    This show must be some kind of joke. They really did bash you from the start and did not relent.

  • moe jones

    They went way out of their way to make you look bad. I wonder what their motivation was. Perhaps it was just for ratings.

  • John Rambo

    Just read the comment by the guy in the UK, talking about how “there’s too many fat chicks in the UK and in America”.

    Here’s an idea for one of you guys. How about you make a website called or and everyday post a picture of a new fat ugly white bitch, and start SHAMING THESE FAT UGLY BITCHES.

    Until men stop giving any attention at all to fat women, and start shaming them for being fat, nothing is going to change.

    Never, EVER fuck a fat girl, because by doing so, you are reinforcing her bad behavoirs and bad eating choices.

  • Silwer



    I´m sorry guys, I´m really am. Us Romanians and Ukranians have all the reason on this planet to be happy, and acutally proud of our own existence.

  • Maria

    When are you going to settle down and find a lovely lady Roosh ;) ?

  • Maria

    That girl does have amazing long hair though. But I can understand why they’d be pissed. I did some modelling shots and someone stole them off my portfolio and put them on a dodgy dating site. All taken down though. Was furious. But you never know what people are doing with your photos ya know…modern tech is an invasion of privacy.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that all the women in that show are hotter than a random sample of women anywhere in the USA.


  • OldHornDog

    @Silwer: Speed reading research has shown that text typed solely in caps is harder to read and absorb – so if you’re trying to get attention it’s defeating the purpose.

  • Indian_hotguy

    @maria :Marry me, I am a hindu indian hot guy,We can perform great marriage ritual with cow

  • michelin


    If there’s one loser in the show it is this guy called MAX. Roosh leaves the show head up, with support of the lady that speaks at the end, calling Roosh a model for men how to seduce in an elegant way.

  • Asian delight

    super funny how every one in the crowd, including the girls, is more sexist than roosh will ever be because in fact Ukraine is a third world country hahaha…. this is pure comedy!

    “they are our girls!!”
    “the police is no good here!!”
    and Max the Ukranian Pimp with his violent gang and super weird videos… what a shithole oh my

    btw Was the talkshow in russian language? Because the subs state from time to time that the language now is ukranian…. or are they basically the same? sound very similar to me

  • John Rambo

    @ #45 Silwar

    Yea I agree with you on that point, even a fat East European girl, or a fat Asian girl, or fat Indian girl, is FAR MORE SEXY than an American or western woman. You’re right, for some reason, America and UK seems to produce the ugliest fucking bitches on the planet.

    @ #50 Indian_hotguy

    LOL dude are you for realz? Cause I’m a white American guy and I actually married an indian girl according to Vedic Hindu rites and rituals, including the fire sacrifice, and other associated rituals.

  • George

    The look on your face at 5:17 when it finally clicks that they’re bringing the girls from your website out, hilarious.

    You’re right about the girls being stunning Roosh.
    The one in the white top and blue jeans on the couch is divine. The one at 19:00 is a grade A stunner, and the ones on the couch at 29:00 are all attractive in their own right.

    32:30 you look asleep with your eyes open. LoL. Nicely handled with substantial difficulties.

  • Silwer

    Asian Delight. Please do tell me something. What so great about your race? Your country, your culture? Does your race produce equally beautiful females like Ukranian? I don´t think so. Otherwise you wouldn´t been visited this site. So ask yourself this very same question: “Have I ever got validated by gorgeous females within my own culture?”. I don´t think so. You see, you may earn better than your average Ukranian. You may be in a comfort zone which provides your sanity with multiply choices of life styles. Yet your consciousness is still not fullfilled by your own existence.

    For a Ukranian or a Romanian guy who earns a shitty payment for a living will always have his conciousness fulfilled. Why? Because his selfawerenss will always be justifed by those gorgeous females that shares his culture, language, race etc. And through those entites he manage to elevate himself above others.

    I´ve personally seen Romanian Cab-drivers bangning chicks out of your own imigination.

    So tell me Asian delight? Can your culture provide that? I don´t think so. And that goes for all Americans and Britons.

  • Tom Dane

    I hope it won’t be long before we see you on CNN..

  • Theodora

    lol@3:21 “He is sitting here and looks great!”

    The presenter is cool, he could be your wingman in Ukraine

  • Theodora

    and PLEASE make everyone stop using that pic of yours @1:10!! destroy it!

  • asian delight

    @ silver, i don’t get your point. are you one of the guys who is pissed because men are stealing “your” girls? i am german btw and i like asian girls, hence the name. yes, a strong blonde handsome german, that’s me :)

    two more points regarding the video:

    - the intro from Euro 2012 is awsome
    - the blonde “girl” who says roosh approached her is clearly a tranny, and “her” face is done badly

  • A.

    @Silwer: there aren’t ugly women, there are women who let themselves go and women who take care of themselves. A few extra pounds should not be an excuse for dress poorly and lower the standard of behavior and appearance. American women are not ugly, they just have to educate their taste.

  • madmax

    wow man, I think it takes nerves of steel to appear in a place packed full with average (yes, average) people. I would have not done it, I mean, what would I get out of it?

  • madmax

    60 A

    there ARE ugly women, and there are ugly stupid women. The ugly women I actually respect: it’s not their fault. But some stupid ugly bitches I don’t. And no, clothes will help only up to a very limited point. They will make an attractive woman more attractive, but they can’t make an ugly woman attractive.

  • madmax

    I love to see the look of everybody at 4:32, the classic look of stupid people who thought, initially of someone else as some kind of stupid joke and THEN they think ‘oh, this guy actually isn’t a stupid joke as I thought’.
    It always happens with misdjudged people who have insight and experience.

  • team shadow

    this is amazing. when you become a list im going to be a fan biy claiming to know about you when you where ‘underground’ lol

  • madmax

    ”1:05: This girl is a lying bitch—I never approached her. I don’t holla at plastic surgery victims.”

    ah ah no shit, she looks really weird and creepy

    ”16:45: The crazy sex tourist hunters arrive with footage of them making an Italian man cry. Most of the audience was laughing at this. I started losing the spotlight at this point.”

    shit I am Italian and at first I was laughing too, but then I felt sorry for the guy. He was being attacked by that ridiculous whore, too bad she didn’t find an Italian that doesn’t cry and happily gives the shit back. The guy was probably feeling bad that family and friends would see that shit.
    Man, seriously what was that about? That guy should have never let these bastards humiliate him like that. That lurid angry bitch is very unsatisfied with herself and her life, that’s why she looks down at people.

    Stupid people….even if someone is a ‘sex tourist’ so what? People are free to do what they want provided they don’t limit the freedom of others. These bastards should take their issues against rapists and criminals.

    I really hate hypocrites…they are probably much worse than anybody else. That Max is a PUA ? what a shithead

  • madmax

    well done Roosh you handled yourself really well

  • Phoenix

    Max is the worst. Anti-male bitch thats gotta use weapons since he’s never seen the gym before in his life.

    That old Italian man sobbed like a baby because Max and his gang threatened to kill him in the van … that part was of course edited out.

  • Giovonny

    Congrats dude!!!

    You are an inspiration.

  • Silwer

    Asian Delight//

    Unlike Hitler I can restrain myselve from own racial identity. Which make me unique in my own presence in front of the enviorement we all which to be justifed an validated in. So no. I dont fall that easily into someone else state of mind by thinking he is more racial, culturally and intelectual superior than me just for te fact he manage to get attention from a female co-patriot. What is a fact though, and shamefully pitty is your psychological motivation which draws you to countries with declined societies which in your mind validates your existence through females with malformed mentalities who values everything but intellegence. This is where you Roosh and all other guys from western countries comes in play. A romanian or a ukranian dont need kind of validation from their own co-patriots. Why? In their conciusness beauty is part of their life, is inherted into their dna and blood and that makes them more psycological elequentally more superior than you guys. They are constantly more mentally stable and understand the fact that life should be enjoyed.

  • Amanjaw Marcuntte

    Roosh treated the entire thing like a giant shit test.


  • Turkish Maverick

    What i find most hilarious about the whole show is when the so called ‘female expert’ goes onto objectify Turkish and Italian men as the jerks corrupting their country, and acting as if their women have no freedom of choice on who to date and have sex with.

    As if some by some mere coincidence, they just happened to land on their cock and had nothing to do with it.

    While i don’t deny the fact that it’s a mans job to lead a woman and turn her on without her control, assuming he knows what he’s doing. If women want to be taken seriously, then perhaps its time they consider using their logic when making decisions on who they sleep with.

    If it is such a big issue, then its simply not the Turks or the Italians to blame. But the Ukrainian men for not manning up and resorting to money to get what they want.

  • Amanjaw Marcuntte

    19:30: This woman is insane, full of anger. She was not pleasant in any way.

    I bet she “clicks the mouse scroll wheel” when remembering Roosh’s amused mastery.

  • Yeah

    The blonde in the video passes my boner test, so I’d bang. Sure, she’s the dopiest looking of the bunch, and it looks like someone rearranged her face, but I liked the body, so I’d happily feed her my cock.

  • Shrek

    You are my idol and a true iconoclast.

    [Roosh: iconoclast... I had to look that up.]

  • Dr. Giggles

    What good about your appearance is that you maintained perfect perfect body language. All the girls had their arms crossed and seemed to shift around in their seats more than Roosh. You couch surfing friend also had his arms crossed. He then hunched over when he beta back-tracked, sheepishly saying he wouldn’t have accommodated Roosh.

  • Dr. Giggles

    11:40 The luscious brunette sitting in the front row white knights on behalf of Roosh by calling his accuser a whore by criticizing her fishnets and short skirts. See the bitches eyes pop straight out of her sockets? I hope you got the bang afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    @shrek: Roosh seems more an iconodul than iconoclast :) )) Roosh’s icons, painted by words, depict true women and those who venerates the icons are venerating the true feminity that shines in them.

  • Truth

    Roosh …

    First off I love your work and read it regularly. I completely support your ongoing work for the Manosphere but I would like to ask you how going on this chat show has helped anyone apart from yourself and your website hits / book sales ?
    The way i see it you have basically blown the lid off any possible advantage a guy like myself has learnt from your books and teachings reference banging Eastern European chicks by taking it into the spot light on their own TV channels lol. Don’t get me wrong i think its great work you are doing but i cant see how it benefits Jo Average who was looking to go there without being branded a ‘sex pest tourist’ any comment ? again , the mans rights stuff over on ROK is golden, i just feel maybe there’s a conflict of interest here between trying to keep the gameing community ‘man only and underground’ and your book sales / exposure maybe ?

  • madmax

    73 Yeah,

    wow really you liked her body? I think that just fucking her once, she’d snap in two pieces. And the face? Rearranged? ah ah no shit. She gives me the creeps, probably has undergone plastic surgery and identity changes because she’s a serial killer. No thanks ah ah

    Dr Giggles,

    I too was really impressed by Roosh’s body language. It’s obvious the guy has seen places and has a shitload of experience. What the hell, I think John Casanova himself would have been proud of him.

  • madmax

    but the OTHER blonde in the audience…..THAT was a yummy one!! Yum yum

  • madmax

    one thing is certain: American women can KISS ASS, they are the worst along with UK and Australian

  • madmax

    seriously though, the lying blonde bitch is John Travolta’s illegitimate daughter

  • Mr. Rubirosa

    OT:Im still waiting for the answers of Mr Madmax, u wrote u are italian but i believe u are not and infact when i was talking about Rimini and women in Italy there was silence from u because u didnt know what to say ;)

    About ukranien girls i have to say about look they are not the best in my opinion…much better russians but then again when u want to have a perfect mix of beauty, character, personality u have to go to Poland ;)
    The worst in Europe are not only in UK but even in Ireland, Portugal and Greece…so ugly women. But i disagree when somebody wrote that in western countries women are not so beautiful because its not true at all, there are gems in France or Italy but unfortunately the quantity of quality in sense of number of beautiful girls is not so high.
    P.S: I hate when girls use make up too much, i prefer women without and with dresses more simple..not high heels, not at all very short skirt because IMHO they look like bitches ;)

  • Anonymous

    #63:madmax ” I love to see the look of everybody at 4:32, the classic look of stupid people who thought, initially of someone else as some kind of stupid joke and THEN they think ‘oh, this guy actually isn’t a stupid joke as I thought’”.

    The people were ok. Roosh have some guts to be there and say he went in Ukraine to bangs Ukrainian girls :) Ukrainians have the right to be pissed off , nobody likes arrogance.

    I wonder if someone goes to your house and says: “hi Madmax, I came from Russia specially for f*king your sister. I’ve heard she’s hot, not like the ugly bitches from my town”.
    What would he do?
    1.A punch in the stomach (Ukrainain Max style, the sex-tourist hunter)
    2. you’ll give him an advice : “ Dude, improve your game! Nothing is more frightening than active stupidity”
    3.something else


  • Generate

    You’re the man. These bitches make Toronto look like…..Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    Just flat out laughing my dick off watching this… no way Roosh, classic proof. All these sluts in a tissy. lolol.

  • johann steinhoff

    ugh, perverted dutch football fans…

  • Dude22

    “I have sex. She likes it.”
    Uh, didn’t you write an article all about how you don’t give women orgasms and only think about yourself during sex?

  • Christina

    My parents watch this show! How surreal. I wonder if they saw this episode.

    To Dude22, that’s probably what gets them off.

  • Hamster

    Roosh, what is your reactoon to the couchsurfing dude who chickened out and backstabbed you? Would he have hosted you if he knew what you were up to? I bet he had some good nights out with you.

    [Roosh: I have low expectations of acquaintances, so in that regard he didn't disappoint me.]

  • Ukrainian Pride

    Gotta find and slap on the asses the dumb girls who agreed to sleep with this paltry individual. They’re a shame. Bang Ukraine? Bang your Mother Thumb and her four daughters.

  • Vaughn

    Seems dangerous to have gone on that show in Ukraine. Piss off the wrong people and you could end up arrested on a trumped up charge and thrown in jail. That would’ve been my fear.

  • Anonymous

    it astounds me that you get desperate are these girls?

  • Anonymous

    no wonder you have to go to a foreign country that doesn’t speak English..

  • Metronil

    OWNED…My time in the Ukraine i saw the same thing…the women throw their pussy at Americans and the local boys get all butthurt…the women talk shit about the ukranian men too, how they all have small penises that dont get all the way hard and how they are drunk and smell like ass and cant please a women…its no wonder how guys like max are all insecure and feeling

  • Metronil

    your women love American men…face it, you’re a drunk, stupid, uneducated, ignorant slob…you are the exact opposite of an American man.

  • Metronil

    thats why your women throw their pussy and beg to be with American men?

    LOL..must suck to be an insecure, jealous, inferior ukranian baby dick loser…even your women mock you! HGAHAHAHAHAH!!