My Best Media Interview Of The Year

During the Canada outrage this summer, I did an interview with Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant. This week he chose it as one of his best interviews of 2015, alongside Noam Chomsky and Miss World Canada. Here is the segment (my part starts at 10:42):

The interview was probably the best I’ve ever done because Levant allowed me to explain my philosophy in full. You can watch the original interview here:

My relationship with the media can be described as abusive, especially with the mainstream media. While they loathe to give me a large platform, they need me to drive outrage clicks that keep the lights on. I generally like interviews because it entertains you and gives us something to talk about for a day or two, like with the BBC, but I’d like to avoid another Dr. Oz scenario if possible. We’ll see who batters who in 2016.

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