My Embarrassing Ukraine Confession

Damn you, Ukraine…

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  • Brian

    This is one of the few times you’ve put hard numbers on your success with girls (i.e. 4 months without a one night stand).

    I’d be interested to see a post where you lay out the number of girls you banged in each country, and what you attribute the difference in quantity to in each place.

  • FelixPhi

    Posting this was a poor business move. I lost a lot of respect for you and I will take your game advice with a grain of salt henceforth.

  • Indian_hotguy_Bholu

    Man how many girls you have had, i have only 1 girl so far, i had just 5 times sex with her and she married another indian guy…I am so sad

  • Teedub


    On the contrary, you should appreciate his advice even more, since it’s honest and real – unlike the marketing nonsense pushed by PUA’s.

  • nguyenimproved

    @Felixphi i love when little people with no business acumen give free advice! It’s worth exactly what they charge too :-)
    Roosh certainly doesn’t need me defending him but his advice stands up for itself regardless of what his anecdotes and stories and videos and book reviews and piano-playing youtube videos are about.
    I bet you’re the kind of guy that buys into “six minute abs” and “make $15000 a week surfing the net” type campaigns. You seem to need a unrealistic moneyshot of the successes before you’ll trust the product. Glitzy marketing with no substance is not what this guy’s blog is about.
    Try to trust the advice on it’s own merit not on what “success stories” or otherwise the author attaches to it.

  • nguyenimproved

    PS Roosh, I STILL have more subscribers than you..

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, don’t you ever feel weird? Men in their 30s generally aren’t interested in pulling one night stands from bars. I mean, after the fifth time one pulls it in one’s 20s, the thrill is gone. I can’t wrap my head around a guy your with your history still doing that at 34.

  • Brian

    It’s possible that the Ukraine is just as big on one-night stands as anywhere else, and something else is preventing you from picking up there.

    For example, maybe in their culture the social proof of having a friends is more important, so that a guy who is out by himself is much lower-value than he would be in the U.S. or elsewhere in Europe.

    Or maybe in the Ukraine, the type of women you are most attracted to and hit on most happen to be the type that don’t usually have one night stands.

  • john

    and i tried,and i tried,and i tried..I cant get no..da da dum da dum dum dum I cant egt no…hee hee hee Roosh is faggot!

  • N2Paul

    How about Romania ?

  • Rick

    Honesty appreciated Roosh. And yeah hard to squeeze water out of the rock (go against the culture).

  • Borys Jelcyn

    We wre waiting for you here in Poznan.Come see us, we know where to look for you and your fav places.We will help you sell your liver.Very nice bang

  • Anonymous

    “Men in their 30s generally aren’t interested in pulling one night stands from bars.”

    Mostly because they can’t.

    Sour grapes.

  • Anonymous

    @ 2 FelixPhi
    @ 7 Anonymous

    Obvious feminist concern-trolls are obvious.

    Concern trolling with bullshit like: “Oh I really enjoy your writing, but I think this was a mistake and I think this will sink your business.”

    Hahahahaha…. dumb cunts are still pissed off that they can’t just push a button to get rid of Roosh.

  • Anonymous

    yea, as usual, the validity of what Roosh posts is reinforced by your type.

  • elDuro

    your videos are very boring… maybe there is some good info on them but the delivery is too slow

  • Anonymous

    > Mostly because they can’t.

    I’m 31 and can pull way easier now than at any previous time in my life. It’s just rather boring once you know the drill, is all I’m saying. I know plenty of men who agree. Our tolerance for the hassles and stresses of night life are also much lower. People like Roosh who still find the scene exciting into their 30s are clearly unusual.

  • Mark Zolo

    Good you’re honest. I agree it’s not a ons culture.

  • Tampa

    Anonymous –
    You’re such a moron. Let me guess… you’re a 32 year old DC lawyer chick who weighs about 155 lbs and hates men because nobody of any value would wife you up…

    Why don’ you do us a favor and take a hike.

  • RSN

    You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    I agree with the others who say they like your gritty straight to
    The point blunt style. You inspire me.

    Frankly your orderly creative writing style is quite good and I enjoy reading your blog. You give me the motivation to go of and approach and I have 15 in 2 days. Every interaction makes me grow as a person.

    The town I live in sucks but I did 10 approaches last night on mostly 8 and 9s. You zshouldve seen the looks I got from these chumps who been sitting at a place for
    Hours and just drinking and staring. I hate that crap if I don’t see something I like in here and the vibe of the place sucks (very easy to do in Chattanooga, TN) then I bounce. Some of the girls were stunned others the hottest one (my archetype a redhead with light eyes and a very symetrical 10 face like a make
    Up ad) was a bit bitchy but ill have to remember to neg in the future.

  • RSN

    Roosh I hope you will do some sarging trips to other reigions of the Country in the USA or like others have said- SE Asia.

    As far as America goes it really amazes me how cultures in regions and even amongst regions matter. I’m from the Adouth if I had a don’t bang it would be-

    Don’t bang Orlando (corny ass douche bag people who think they are Miami cool when they’d be lucky to lick the boots of Atlanta or Charleston SC barf I hate that town). My favorite rock star Mark Tremonti (hismsolo record is the shit! vicious and melodic metal) lives there and even said at a show he would love to live in Nashville but his (Puerto Rican) wife won’t leave Orlando which is little San Juan plus white girls who are about 4-7 years stylistically behind So Cal ( a place where Tera Patrick quality women are everywhere!!!)
    Don’t bang Alabama- self explanatory but if you want medieval times meets deliverance and that old lame ass show in the Heat of the Night to here. Worst place in the worst region of the Country. Barf!

    I’d like to see you do Seattle ( the nicest passive aggressive jerks you’ll ever meet)
    San Francisco
    So Cal
    Tempe ( Arizona State 60k students and party central!)
    Chico State (NorCal girls are the best love them best women I’ve met have been from there).
    San Francisco
    Chicago (hot women who dress the best love those Polish treasures I’ve seen there). They’re like Vogue meets penthouse magazine In that town.

    If you come to the dirty south do Miami and Atlanta.’i think you will kick major ass in Atlanta bring your 10 ass hole game in Miami you’ll need it. But the women there are build like Greek mythological figures.

  • RSN

    Orlando is my Latvia. It sucks!

    The guys on the forum are right-Charleston SC has some amazing women(you will see 10s often) who are very friendly.



  • michelin

    Posts like this one are the reason why I love this blog. It’s not just about success stories (often faked by the PUA’s and other gurus who promiss you “magic bullets” to get laid). It’s also about failures and unexpected lows that are part of the game and the research of knowing a new culture. Respect.

  • Marco

    Lol, lots of great deadpan humor moments there man, nice vid

  • Joe Dick

    2 FelixPhi, you must be stupid….didn’t you hear what the he said? He TRIED LOTS OF STUFF.

    If he didn’t ‘succeed’ in Ukraine, it means that other guys would have succeeded even less. It means that you would have failed MISERABLY.

    ‘Bad business move?’ On the contrary, Roosh could ‘fail’ another year and to me he would still be the best, 95 per cent of ‘gurus’ will tell you about their successes, but when it comes to real life, they turn into pussies because they worry about what their ‘customers’ would think of them. They have an ego to defend. Roosh has the balls to lay the bare truth, which is actually the reason why I bought his products. You should admire him for that, look around, especially in America there’s a LOAD of REAL losers who write books about their ‘successes’ , which is a TON of bullshit, (I made my research) even with famous names that tons of stupid people will regard as gurus without having any proof of their ‘successes’. Have a look to the saltydroid website and you’ll see what I mean. It looks you are like the other sheep…..if one TELLS you he had ‘success’ you go ‘wow , that’s the man’. But if you find someone who speaks to you in naked reality terms, you don’t trust his skill and experience. That’s dumb, it shows that you and people like you don’t like to hear what’s real, but what’s fake, as long as the appeareance is good enough to deceive.

    And I am not speaking as someone who’s kissing anyone’s butt….all I know is that there’s loads of phony gurus around, but Roosh isn’t one of them. He’s a real guy who shares his considerable experience

  • Joe Dick

    real men ‘fail’ a lot, that’s just the price to pay. Sometimes things get a lot easier, other times don’t. It’s like boxing, the boxer who ‘lost’ the fight is still a million time more worthy that the pussies in the audience who scream ‘kill him!’.

    As for women, well for them it’s a completely different story, they just have to be attractive and let the fucking guy do all the rest. The worst of the ‘work’ for them is sitting around on their ass or staying in the bathroom 3 hours to do their little Cleopatra thing in front of a mirror.

  • Joe Dick

    and by ‘fail’ a lot I wasn’t talking just about women….

  • Anonymous

    HERO .

  • A


    Could you post that list of good countries to visit for partying and skanky girls? 😉 Thanks for the great video!

  • M

    I must say the advice I have seen Roosh post on this blog has been some of the most thought provoking and humorous but always cuts to the core although everyone may not like what he says you can count on it being to the point even a PUA like Roush still has introspective moments I think he needs to go to Poland and look for a girl and spend a little time with her as a learning experince because you can never criticize what you have not experienced

  • x

    Thx for this info. I ll be in odessa this week so pointing out names means a lot to me. See you on the streets..

  • Observer

    Danish woman. Early 40’s. Wife of celebrity DJ.

    WYB ?

  • Someone

    Dude, I’ve had many bangs in Ukraine. My friends too. 90% one night stands. But I must say one of my friends he was internet dating, he banged a new girl every 2 hours. He started chatting with those girls way in advance before going to Ukraine. My advice. 😉

  • Ugo

    I’ve been to Kiev twice and banged one gal I met in the streets during the day.
    I was with a friend who does online game (shows his dick off for quicker lays if the time of stay is limited) and I swear that he banged 3 girls in two days, and they came to our apartment by taxi. I know since I saw them and heard the screams (fortunately I had a date coming that very night).

    Ukraine is the best

  • John

    Was she Indian?