My Experimentation With “Older” European Women

During my first trip to Poland, it was tough to find a single woman older than 25 in the club, but something happened in the proceeding three years to where the the night scene is now full of them. I regularly witness a consistent flow of older women (ages 25-30) who failed to find a man during their prime and is looking for a handsome prince to sweep them off their feet.

There are four main advantages to dating older European women:

  • They flake less
  • They answer the phone and respond to text messages promptly
  • They require a lower level of game
  • They are more desperate to meet a man

The last point is what made me curious, because who wants to “game” a girl and have to be methodical about every text you send when you can just lay back and let the girl do most of the work? So for nearly two months, I did not exclude these older women from my dating pipeline, racking up a large enough sample size to understand what they are like. Considering that I’m 35, these women still felt “young” enough for me, but definitely older than what I’m used to.

There’s an important fact you need to understand about European women: she understands the urgency of her biological clock. European women are not as delusional as American women in thinking that she can postpone marriage forever. This is why the most elegant and feminine women in Eastern Europe are those who are older—they understand that a strong feminine essence is required to land a man. While a younger girl takes her beauty for granted and often dresses like a hipster, her older counterpart knows that men like beautiful women with long hair and red lips. This is why Eastern European women rarely hate on traditional ideas.

But even though they know of the great difficulty in finding a man after 25, they are still single. This endures in spite of the fact that there’s absolutely no shortage of beta providers in Eastern Europe who orbit these women starting from a young age. How is it possible that a woman who is hyper-aware of how hard it is to find a man after her physical peak and who had several options to land a beta male is still single?

The answer: they have severe issues that make them undatable.

An available Eastern European girl who is 30 years old is equivalent to a 40-year-old American woman because her loneliness persists in spite of her advanced mating knowledge and upbringing in a far more traditional environment. She’s still single even though her mother and grandmothers have been nagging her to find a man for over a decade.

All their issues can be boiled down into two categories:

1. Irrational standards. She believes that she can land a perfect man even though she’s not perfect.

2. She is more likely to disrespect the boner. Young girls can act silly and annoying, but older women consistently make boner-killing statements and exhibit frigid behaviors. Many of these come out of left field, suggesting some kind of social maladjustment.

I’ve had older Polish women say amazingly retarded things to me that just kill my sex drive for them. They also have emotional displays that fall on the far extremes (emotionally cold like an iceberg or completely unstable like a child). It can get to the point where you hope that they don’t speak because what they do say will make you less eager to have sex with them.

If we look at this problem from the perspective of natural selection, there must be a reason why European women remain single even though there are unlimited provider options for them while fully understanding that things get harder with each passing day. They are either turning down men in the hopes of doing better or are getting dumped by men for being a poor partner. Unless they had a serious illness that prevented them from dating between 18-25, they have no excuse. At least American women can say that they were working hard on their office “career.”

Even worse, older women are not easier than younger girls when it comes to sex. They understand that men generally don’t respect easy girls so they purposefully adhere to their “no sex until X time” rules, trying to snag you into a relationship before you get a sample of the goods. If you want to waste dozens of game hours, pursue older European women because you think they’ll be easier.

I’ve concluded that women over 25 have little place in my dating life—not for relationships and not for casual sex. While younger women take more game, more effort, and a higher tolerance for bullshit, the rewards are far greater, because the relationship is more pleasing to my boner. She also doesn’t see me as a marriage parachute before hitting the dreaded 30. This is a shame because I expect an exploding population of yoga-practicing older women to hit European streets in the next ten years, but I can clearly see them as the damaged goods that they are. I rather work my ass off for something younger.

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