My Most Efficient Move Is Buying A Drink

In Poland I started buying drinks for women as an experiment. The results were so good that I have permanently implemented drink buying into my game, even while in Anglo countries. They provide a great way to move the interaction forward, but only under these circumstances:

1. When I want to have a more relaxed conversation. If we’re talking in a loud part of the club (next to the dance floor), and I want to move her to a quieter part of the bar where I can talk to her better, I say, “Let’s go get a drink at the bar.” The drink acts as an anchor in the part I want to stay in. There are also cases where I want a girl to stop dancing and focus on talking. Putting a drink in her hand is the easiest way to accomplish that.

2. When I want her to loosen up. Some girls need booze until they start thinking of sex. If she’s too sober, I’ll perform a double drink buy: shots of tequila and then a regular cocktail. For the type of woman I go after (petite, under 120 pounds), it’s a nice combo that gets her to where I want within 20 minutes.

3. When I want to trigger her reciprocity. Unless you’re dealing with a raging American cunt who actively uses guys for drinks, a girl will aim to be a little nicer to someone who just gave her a gift. After you buy her the drink, you’ll notice how she will be more compliant. She will say yes if you suggest to sit down in a dark booth, speeding up the kiss.

The only issue is that there are many women, specifically in the West, who will use you for drinks without shame. There’s one rule you must follow to avoid this:

Do not buy a drink as a way to build attraction or retain her attention.

If the pickup is going south, buying her a drink won’t save it. She must already be interested in you for it to work. Obviously this means not buying a drink as an opener.

Is $4-10 a worthwhile investment to move the interaction forward with a girl so that you get intimate with her quicker than not? I think so. As long as you follow the rules above, it will even work for you on American girls, albeit at a lower success rate. You can’t go wrong if you only buy drinks when the interaction is on the upswing and after around 15 minutes of conversation (when you know she’s committed to talking to you). I can’t remember the last one-night stand I had where I didn’t buy a girl a drink. For just a few bucks, why go slow when you can go fast?

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