My Most Efficient Move Is Buying A Drink

In Poland I started buying drinks for women as an experiment. The results were so good that I have permanently implemented drink buying into my game, even while in Anglo countries. They provide a great way to move the interaction forward, but only under these circumstances:

1. When I want to have a more relaxed conversation. If we’re talking in a loud part of the club (next to the dance floor), and I want to move her to a quieter part of the bar where I can talk to her better, I say, “Let’s go get a drink at the bar.” The drink acts as an anchor in the part I want to stay in. There are also cases where I want a girl to stop dancing and focus on talking. Putting a drink in her hand is the easiest way to accomplish that.

2. When I want her to loosen up. Some girls need booze until they start thinking of sex. If she’s too sober, I’ll perform a double drink buy: shots of tequila and then a regular cocktail. For the type of woman I go after (petite, under 120 pounds), it’s a nice combo that gets her to where I want within 20 minutes.

3. When I want to trigger her reciprocity. Unless you’re dealing with a raging American cunt who actively uses guys for drinks, a girl will aim to be a little nicer to someone who just gave her a gift. After you buy her the drink, you’ll notice how she will be more compliant. She will say yes if you suggest to sit down in a dark booth, speeding up the kiss.

The only issue is that there are many women, specifically in the West, who will use you for drinks without shame. There’s one rule you must follow to avoid this:

Do not buy a drink as a way to build attraction or retain her attention.

If the pickup is going south, buying her a drink won’t save it. She must already be interested in you for it to work. Obviously this means not buying a drink as an opener.

Is $4-10 a worthwhile investment to move the interaction forward with a girl so that you get intimate with her quicker than not? I think so. As long as you follow the rules above, it will even work for you on American girls, albeit at a lower success rate. You can’t go wrong if you only buy drinks when the interaction is on the upswing and after around 15 minutes of conversation (when you know she’s committed to talking to you). I can’t remember the last one-night stand I had where I didn’t buy a girl a drink. For just a few bucks, why go slow when you can go fast?

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  • Anonymous

    good post.

    what about girls that refuse to drink alcohol? and those who drink too much? both turn out to be tough challenges at times

  • Maverick Traveler

    Yep, it’s all in the context. But if she’s not interested in you, buying a drink won’t help.

  • Eddie Morra

    Hey Roosh, what about women who ask you to buy them a drink, even after talking to them for a few minutes?

    [Roosh: Absolutely not. Interaction over, though you can try for witty comebacks or whatever.]

  • Uruguayan

    This is a true global … NEVER buy a drink to conquer woman, NEVER use trickery to get some female attention.

    My motto: “I’d rather be rejected for who I am than I was accepted for who I have.”

  • Flanker

    @3 Eddie… Here is something to try to determine if a woman is really interested in you or is only looking for a free drink. If she asks you to buy her a drink early on, say to her,

    “OK… How about this? You buy the first round for us. If after the first round we both are having fun, I’ll buy the next two rounds.” 😉

  • Anonymous

    Uruguayan you must be new here. Move along….after you get your head out of the sand

  • masculineffort

    If you’re going to do this in Singapore, you better have a lot of money. The cheapest watered down drink there costs you $20 in a night spot.

  • Anonymous

    @3 all that matters is whether it’s the right time in the interaction, following the above rules.

    If a girl asks for a drink after 10 minutes of good communication it is a big IOI

  • Infantry

    Good article.

    For beginners the rule is ‘don’t buy drinks’. Once you have experience, you know when you can bend the rules.

  • cle

    but most pick up artists say that you shouldn’t buy a girl a drink if you want to pick her up.

    so why would i do that with eastern europe girls?

    [Roosh: Do I care what PUAs say? Do I advise you pay $3k for their workshops? No.]

  • Oregonziggy

    Eastern European women will appreciate it. Something women here in American don’t tend to do.

  • Mike

    If they ask me to buy them a drink, it is 99.9% of the time a No.

    I have seen way to many American women use guys for drinks. Me included.

    Plus I kind of find it sad and a bit disgusting to see women do that. Major turn off for me.

  • cle

    you shouldn’t buy them a drink if they ask you, unless your in a stripclub.

    i will always say NO to girls for buying them drinks eastern or western (i live in malta)

  • Turner

    This post should have been on your site a long time ago. It is def. a gray area and one that needs practice to know when and where.


  • Nate

    Great post.

    Buying drinks and shots is a great way to get a girl, or a group of people involved and having a good time.

  • thecaptainpower

    I pregame for myself (which saves a ton of money) and then I will offer a drink after a while. I usually use it to grab their hand and take them away from their friends…

    “Hey, you want a drink? Come with me”….

  • Tampa

    I never buy chicks drinks unless we are deep in the conversation and I personally need a drink. More or less i’m buying myself a beer and she happens to be engaged in a substantive conversation that is going somewhere. So it will be more of a comfort builder than a hook. It will be kind of a bonding experience. Where i’m like “i need another beer… want something?.”

    But i never ever offer a drink. In fact, a lot of the times a solid IOI is that they will buy themselves a drink because they are feeling insecure about being in this long winded convo with you and they are just standing there with no drink.

  • Drinker

    My rule it is ok to buy them a drink if you are doing it, but NEVER buy a drink if they ask you to.

  • _Cicero

    Recently I’ve been gaming well, haven’t had to stoop to buying girls drinks… If you know a girl is interested, and you wanna increase the probability of a same-night-lay, then “let’s have another round” probably won’t hurt…

    Issue is I’m a grad student so I don’t have any money and will need to use my mind the next day, so more booze isn’t my preferred method of getting laid.

  • mighow
  • Gorilla Dildo

    The only time I buy a girl a drink is when I’m putting a roofie in it.

  • Red Pill

    Even Tom Leykis says it’s OK to buy a girl a drink. Just keep it under $40!

    Eat breadsticks you bitch!

  • Nigel Davis

    Mr. Roosh,

    That only works on a thin girl. On a FAT GIRL it ain’t that easy. The trick to banging a fatter girl is slowing her down with food. I use beer battered double-fried chicken. A tired pussy is a defenseless pussy.

  • Alf


    Never buy a drink for a girl, ever.

  • serious player

    Tick Tock….Tick Tock

    Roosh there will come a time in the not so distant future when you will be thinking more and more about a relationship. All this hunting and failing is a young man’s sport

  • Red Pill

    What’s with all the relationship nerds on PUA websites these days?

    Here is a better website for you:

  • Concerned

    after your last three posts,
    all I have to say, is what the fuck Roosh?
    Killing the Player Inside thee?
    Buying girls Drinks is My Most Efficient Move?

    Is this some kind of early april Fool’s prank?
    Where’s the Roosh I grew to admire,
    the devil may care adventurer who was always chasing after the next bigger and better bang.

    [Roosh: He got older.]

  • Nico

    Roosh, you have written a book on day game but in your posts you are almost only talking about night game. Do you plan to describe more of your day game adventures in the future?

  • YaReally

    Next up, how to hunt animals at the zoo already in cages and tranquilized. lol

  • patrick

    1) is no reason to buy a girl a drink. just say “let’s go somewhere less noisy, i want to talk to you”

    2) legit

    3) come on. are you seriously suggesting to buy a girl a drink so she likes you more?

  • Learning

    I’ve asked girls if they want a drink. Then, when we get to the bar, I say, “I’ll get two shots for us. What are you getting?” This makes them invest equally and seems to have worked well so far. Thoughts?

  • Victor Von Dizzle

    I’m with Roosh. I have no problem buying a drink for a woman IF and only IF I feel she’s showing significant interest. Even if she knows she wants to have sex with you, she will still have that voice in her head telling her that sleeping with you might not be a good idea. The alcohol should only serve to drown the voice out.

  • Cayenne

    Thats true! Worked with me in swingers club in Moscow. Before the banging started there was a disco party, we offered drinks to some girls at the dance floor, in 10 minutes we took them to the sex room!

  • Brian Mark

    I agree.

    I never buy a drink when THEY ask! One exception, you just danced 10 songs with her and it’s hot!

  • MD

    I’m amazed at some of the closemindedness and black and white that people see this in. Never ever ever. Period?

    Buying her a drink, like spending your time chatting, your gas to pick her up, or your effort to wow her with high value stories is an investment. There are times when any of the above can be a smart investment, and times when any of the above are a bad investment. I buy drinks for girls under the same pretense I buy them for guys. Basically if I’m getting one, and it’s apparent we’re both already enjoying the interaction. At no point is it done with the specific intention of trying to get somewhere or get the wheel rolling or an opener. It just goes to show that you’re considerate and not cheap/poor.

  • cle

    lol aren’t you a pua? of course i wouldn’t pay for any workshops or books of pua’s. my question was why pay for drinks for girls from eastern europe (russia, ukraine) when i don’t do it with western girls?