My Name Is Burt

I started using a fake name in the beginning of the year. It was hard at first to be called something completely new, but after a few months I got used to it. Now when I hear the name called out in public I instinctively turn my head as if it was my own. Let’s just say that my fake name is Burt.

Burt lives in an age where curious women can’t help but Google every man they meet. The problem is that Burt’s real name and nickname is unique enough that both lead to the page you’re reading right now. Burt was tired of consoling crying women who found out about his blog after sex and tired of losing prospects who found out before sex. The latter group didn’t want to have anything to do with a man who has written horrible things and has proclaimed his desire to use women as nothing more than cum receptacles.

Burt’s game plays up his worldly experience and creative-type background. He tried rolling with fake office jobs but they didn’t match his personality. The vibe was off because it didn’t explain why he has been to so many countries and likes to talk about culture and life and happiness and all the stuff that comes from not having a soul crushing 9-5 job. So Burt is a “travel writer” who writes little city guides that “focus on the nightlife.” He downplays his work as boring and when a girl asks to see a sample, Burt says that his sister is going to send a care package with his latest book in a month, knowing full well that the odds he will still be talking to the girl by that time are just about zero.

Burt got a fake email address and linked it to his fake Facebook account, locking up the privacy settings so that girls can’t see each other. He also set up two browsers on his computer. One browser is for daily use and the other is for when women are over, with no bookmarks or history that could lead to Burt’s real identity. Since girls love showing Burt their favorite songs on Youtube, one of the first things he does when he gets a girl in his place is to launch the safe browser. But when he takes a shower or cooks a meal, he gets a little nervous that a girl will click the wrong button and find his secret life. He’s thinking of ways right now to eliminate that chance.

Burt started introducing himself to guys as Burt. It’s not because he’s scared guys would find his blog, but because it gets confusing on what name someone knows him as. He’s Burt to everyone now, even taxi drivers and landlords. He even has a resume with Burt as his name.

Burt hides his passport and credit cards. It would be disaster if a girl found out his full name, so he makes sure to keep that out of view. Surprisingly, not once has a girl asked him to see any identification. Burt can be Jack or Stan and he could get away with that, too.

Burt was hesitant to use a fake name at first. What if he falls in love with the girl? What if he wants to get married? But then Burt looked at his past, and realized that it never really mattered if a girl knew his real name or not. If it came down to marriage, Burt would say that Burt is a nickname. “Remember when I told you? You were probably drunk.”

Burt is surprised how gullible women are. He knows he could make up just about any story that is slightly connected to his life and a woman will believe it. Burt used to pride himself on spitting “honest” game, but now he will lie if he thinks it will help him get laid. He found out that only logistical lies are useful, not the “I make a billion dollars” lie. He will lie that he is in town longer than he is or that his apartment is closer than it actually is. Burt’s last lie was telling a girl that after she comes over, he will personally escort her back home in a taxi. After he busted his nut, he could barely be bothered to call her a cab. Burt sees his little lies as being part of the game. In just a few years he’ll probably have to lower his age, too.

Burt is a manipulator. He will do anything it takes to get a girl to willingly come to his apartment. He will hit her with pleasure, pressure, guilt, romance, or cold withdrawal, whatever it takes to get her to open her legs. If Burt was evil, he could easily make these women sex slaves by entrapping them into his dungeon, but Burt is not evil—he just wants a lay, a tidy expression of his masculinity. The girl may even get to experience a nice orgasm in the process if she’s lucky. Burt knows he is dishonest about his real identity, but his lies do not result in physical pain, and very rarely emotional pain, so there is little guilt. He sleeps fine at night, as long as he doesn’t drink too much coffee during the day.

Burt is conflicted. He feels his identity loosening from his grasp, but he’s not making any effort to reverse the course he is on, of telling girls the truth. He has learned the hard way that girls are picky creatures and need certain requirements to consider a man for sex. She wants a guy who lives here? He’s him. She wants a guy who is interested in marriage? He can’t wait to find his soul mate. She wants a guy who loves dancing to club music? More Rihanna, please! He is everyone and he is no one.

My name is Roosh. No girl knows the real me. They think they know me, but they couldn’t even begin to imagine who I really am. They will never find out.

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  • Fedor

    “He is everyone and he is no one.”:

  • Armenian

    Why Burt? That name won’t get girls wet.

  • Old Glory

    Put two user accounts on that computer. Always log out of the one with your real identity. Problem solved.

    If you want to go a step further, you should encrypt the hard drive too.

  • Invictus III

    I’ve actually contemplated coming up with a new identity or even a few (a la Jason Bourne) just to make things fun while going out. If my goal is a one-night-stand anyway, what’s the harm?

  • Colonel Crimson

    Lorenzo von Matterhorn!

  • Steve Lurkel

    Yup, what Old Glory said.

  • computer help

    For the truly paranoid you could simply put two operating systems on and dual boot. That way nothing she could ever ever do could fuck any of your shit up as they would be truly separate. Just put like Windows XP as the girl operating and Windows 7 as yours on the same computer. Google dual boot windows. Not that hard.

    Also, when you come back from taking a shower and she’s clicked yes to every popup on the planet, installed that dancing blue gorilla, and somehow managed to let every russian hacker in it’s no big deal since al your real shit is on the other OS.

  • CPG

    I wondered when the time would come where you’d have to hide your identity with pickups…once the controversy from Iceland hit I figured it was inevitable sooner or later.

    “He sleeps fine at night, as long as he doesn’t drink too much coffee during the day.”

    haha good line!

    Re: lying about age, I’m already there at 30. I had a one night stand with a 21 year old last week, and when she asked me the day after how old I was and guessed that I was 24, I had a feeling she’d be freaked out with the truth. As it was, lying with 28 still upset her and took some work recovering…I’ve have just rolled with the 24 if she wasn’t local and hit some of my regular spots.

    On the other hand, in June I had a ONS with another 21 year old who thought I was 24/25, and post coital when I told her “30” she actually said it attracted her more. But, with her I just had a feeling she’d be cool with older men

  • Tree Soap

    Dude u are funny

  • Rationalist

    Use incognito mode on Google chrome. It never saves anything, it’s like a completely fresh browser every time.

  • cookie9001

    My name is Rexford Baynes.I don’t use Facebook or Twitter after an incident occurred that I’m very vague about.
    Sometimes I have to leave the city or country because “there’s business I need to attend too.”
    Sometimes I forget my real name and actually become Rexford Baynes.
    Sometimes his fake memories and life are so vivid that I actually wonder if they didn’t really happen at one point.

    Rexford Baynes wasn’t always my identity, but then again this wasn’t always my life.

  • muc

    Sadly, Burt, there’s one way they might find out easily soon: Facial recognition software. I heard it already works in Facebook, only a matter of time until a girl is able to snap a picture of you and Google you with THAT as the search query.

    [Roosh: :shudder: ]

  • David Led Roth

    It’s getting to the point in the western world where every guy will want to use an alias just for dating. And the remark about facial recognition technologies, while maybe not fully refined as of late, will eventually become so. It’s creepy just how Orwellian the dating scene is becoming.

  • George

    Significant food for thought Roosh.

    How much will I share with the girl I end up marrying in terms of everything I’ve learned about game? Will she ever know my pseudonym?

    When girls ask me how I know how to give them multiple orgasms, or wonder how they instantly felt so comfortable with me, I just smirk. I think I’ll just keep smirking, haven’t let anyone other than my best mate in on how I learned everything I have.

  • vavavum

    @12 & Roosh,

    It might be a good time for plastic surgery then

  • Nomad77

    I started doing this AFTER a girl Google me and found out about all of my business ventures and real estate holdings. She even found out about my family, where I live, how old I am, my friends, all kinds of stuff. America makes all kinds of information public about you. There is almost no privacy here and now there is facebook. So I just started using an “alias” about a year ago. It’s even on my business cards everything. Then I went back and carefully erased all references to my real name especially any pics. I have two facebook profiles but the alias is the one I use the most. About the commputer. Had the same problem. Best thing to do is to create two user accounts on the computer. One you normal use and a “Guest” account. Then you don’t need to worry about browsers history etc. AND use encryption software to create an encrypted folder for all sensitive material on your drive. Very easy to do a jpg search and pull up all your images…

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, rooshiepoops, uh, pervBurt…..

    so no one see’s your ID when you enter bars????

    I always suspected your hipster beard and excessive arm hair was merely a disguise….

    So, what’s next, the post that roofies work when game doesn’t?

  • Phil

    Of course Burt shouldn’t feel guilt. Girls lie to him and to themselves 24/7.

    Burt is just practicing self-defense.

  • Veen

    “when he takes a shower or cooks a meal, he gets a little nervous that a girl will click the wrong button and find his secret life. He’s thinking of ways right now to eliminate that chance.”

    I use a 4 gb TrueCrypt container. Inside the container I have: Firefox Portable, other portable software, my documents and photos and everything else that’s personal. 4 gb is plenty and easy to backup on a thumb drive or DVD, but it can be any size.

    When the container is dismounted, the laptop/desktop becomes 100% “neutral”. I don’t have to worry about people snooping around when I’m in the bathroom or shower. They can root around till Kingdom come, they won’t be able to find anything apart from some music, some movies and some ebooks. One-click peace of mind. It’s free.

  • Ben

    Ben, achem, I mean James knows exactly where you’re coming from. Including hiding different accounts.

    Tip, as others have said, have two accounts:

    “Administrator = you”

    “Burt” = your “real” account.

    Good luck burt.

  • Sons of Liberty

    Burt is smart. Burt takes steps to avoid the clutches of the feminazi police state. Because of Burt’s anonymity precautions, he is likely able to avoid false rape accusations, false pregnancy threats, false domestic violence accusations and is able to be bolder, more dominant and in control of his bitch inside and outside the bedroom without fear the feminazi state thugs will break his door down because some feminist didn’t like the way he was treating his bitch. Congrats Burt, you are the few and the proud, you are anonymous. Fuck the marines.

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    oh, rooshkie, uh, Bertvert….

    Can I be your Ernie…. uh, wingman….

    then y’know when we don’t get any ladies at the end of the night we can still cuddle like the real Bert and Ernie—platonicaly of course….

    unless you have something more risque in mind 😉


  • The Specimen

    This reminds me of one of my pussy getting-est buddies when I was coming up. He’d yell half the people at school his name was James, and the other half that his name was Semaj, so that if terri women he was fucking ever talked to each other, they wouldn’t know they were fucking the same guy.

    Sure lying to chicks makes you a scumbag; but would you rather be a scumbag that gets laid or a truth teller who doesn’t? That bring said, it ain’t like you’re out there strong arm robbing motherfuckers, regardless of some of the reactions you may get to this post.

  • Older Brother

    My guess is we just a few years away from search engines where you can submit a photo and have that individual’s true identity returned.

  • Melville

    Haha, ease up Patrick Bateman. Did you just read/see American Psycho recently. This feels like the first chapter from some sort of fucked up book I would love to read.

    Best post for a while. Keep up the good work.

  • masculineffort

    If I used a fake name, it would be Bruce, or Jason! Burt probably does not do it for the ladies. But then again, you probably don’t use Burt

  • Rationalist

    Roosh: the other option you have is to become more famous, more successful in game. Guys like mystery and Tyler Durden don’t have to hide their identities.

    This is because at a certain level of fame, it switches from positive to negative. Mystery basically has groupies from what I hear.

  • Roro

    “There is an idea of a Roosh, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our travel lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there.” – Roosh

  • that guy

    Yeah i just have two user profiles on my computer, one is password protected. If a girl asks, i just say i have all my pasaword saved on that profile thats why its private.

  • HeManMasterofthePooniverse

    I think I’ve used every one of those besides changing my name. Something to think about, because I get caught a lot by having a noticable name.

  • that guy

    Side note, maybe you could mutlitask and write a travel guide for places you travel too under a different name, and for a different target audience? Maybe make some extra minoy and have a legitamate alibi

  • LS

    Roosh is Keyser Söze.

  • Willy Wonka

    I’m not surprised… you were already destined to head toward this day the moment you quit calling yourself DC Bachelor and started using a nickname that was “close enough” to your real name.

  • Anonymous

    @32: LS: “Roosh is Keyser Söze.”

    Fuck yeah he is, and we should all be the MotherFrakkin’ Keyser. (Kaiser??)

    Burt should consider legally changing his name in some country or other, and getting personal travel documents to match. Go with the full-on new identity. It will make life easier in the long run.

  • Percy Fulton

    wonka is correct, shoulda been doing this from jump. i employ these tactics & don’t have near the web presence that u do.

    take a cue from ya boy roissy…also check out “how to be invisible” by jj luna.

  • Tampa

    A girls ability to Google is actually an asset if you have an alpha level job. It takes care of all your DHV work without even having to do anything. Just don’t mention what you do for a living and then go home and let her find out.

    No man on this planet should be on facebook. You gain nothing by beingo on Facebook and one bad picutre can ruin hours of pickup work.

    No clue why any man with half a brain would be on Facebook.

  • SamBellamy

    What ethnicity do you tell them you are? I am sure they ask.

  • Dean

    I have a question about name changing or second names. I’d like a second name or an alias, but one not traceable to my real name. Is that possible. I have shit that I want to hide and I hate using my real name. Facial recognition software and the databases that go along with it and wide-scale use are probably a decade away. I’m not worried about that now.

    What I want now is a name that is untraceable; a name that brings up NOTHING on Google.

    What’s the best way to do that.

  • uvilo

    Hmmm….If this becomes commonplace then it’s time for sluts to start charging ala Latvia.

  • Anonymous

    “so no one see’s your ID when you enter bars????”

    He’s been spending all his time in Europe fucknut.

  • Big Ern

    I keep three facebook accounts.

    One with my real name that has 20-30 friends an a basic photo of me, for employers doing searches on me.

    One which is my “real” one, which has the hundreds of contacts I’ve met through the years, and uses a fake name but one that is phonetically similar to my real name. It also has a comical picture as the profile pic, instead of my face.

    And finally another one with a totally fake name and photo, which I use for any OpenID login scenarios, which are ominously becoming increasingly common in order to post comments and opinions online, so I can spew my bile in complete anonymity.

    I am considering creating a 4th one for the purpose of misdirecting girls with which I want to have short term flings with. Up until now, my “real” facebook account (with the explicitly fake name) has sufficed, since I’m fairly up front with reasons for trying to stay incognito, and that account doesn’t really contain anything objectionable. However, women are becoming very suspicious nowadays, and therefore might get spooked at the use of a pseudonym in Facebook, hence the desire to spawn a 4th facebook acount, the NiceGuy account. The only problem with it is then needing to use that fake “Burt”-type name in my social interactions. At this point, I don’t think my situation is enough of a hindrance to justify this 4th account just yet.

  • FSK

    Here’s a Windows security tip.

    Create two logins. Create one for “Burt” and one for “Roosh”. When you’re logged in as “Burt”, the browsing history for “Roosh” won’t be visible.

    (Theoretically, if the woman was smart enough to go to the “users” directory, she could figure it out. You can make the directory locked and not visible to other users. Don’t be so stupid as to call the other login “Roosh”.)

  • Roosh

    “I look around this room and I see a lot of Burts. And that gives me strength. We give each other strength.”
    -Fight Club

  • Giovonny

    I once lied to a girl about my name and nationality. We fell in love soon after. I told her the truth, it was a nightmare! I should have never told her the truth or at least waited another 6 months so she was really invested in me and would forgive me more easily. I told her like a month after we fell in love, to soon to reveal the lie. Fuck!

  • Anonymous

    If you have to lie about yourself to get laid you are living a pretty miserable life.

  • Nomad77

    @Giovonny It’s not a problem to tell someone the truth. I just tell the WHOLE truth. That I use an alias to protect my privacy. I don’t want someone finding out where I live or how many companies I own.

  • Anonymous

    @38 Pick a generic sounding name that you share with a celebrity. Will Smith, Alan Jackson, Jeff Gordon, etc. It will be impossible to find you on google.

  • Rael

    Roosh –

    Ever read Dan Savage?

    There’s years & years worth of archives to go thru
    if you’ve never heard of this guy before.

    You should learn the difference
    between a CPOS & a HND someday.

  • Eugenius

    Metamorphosis in progress…makes me think of that movie Faceoff


    Why are you hiding anything from these women if they are not your Wife? You don’t owe them anything. If they snoop and find something, then that’s on them. I don’t owe an explanation to anyone of these bitches. I had a girl come over..and I had to use my computer to look up something and she glanced at my tabs, and saw some Japaneses Porn open…I’m a Black guy by the way…She was a black girl, so naturally nosy, she asked me so you like Asian women huh, I said you better believe it. And that was that…no need to hide anything if she not down with the program…then you could always get another one to take her place.

  • Umm

    Roosh, you’ll be in jail on rape charges within a year.

    You will be innocent, of course, but that won’t matter, cause you have pissed off the law enforcement agencies of a dozen nations and any of them can come after you.

    Changing your name to Burt isn’t gonna do anything.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    You can take the shortcut to to your real browser and put it in a folder within a folder inside a desktop folder.

    If you’re on a PC, you can rightclick on a shortcut and it will say “change icon.” That leads to a folder with icons, but you can put your own photos or whatever in that folder and make the icon anything. So you can make a browser shortcut look like a boring accounting program.

  • Invictus III

    You can also use virtualbox. Install a “clean” version of your OS and run it at full screen when bitches are around.

  • Tenmagnet

    That’s some pretty dark shit man. I don’t really know what to say.

  • Anonymous

    What happens when/if Roosh blows up into a legit famous person?

    When the manosphere gets a nibble into the mainstream, who is going to be the figurehead to direct the hate attacks towards?

    I seriously doubt it’s going to be the guys that crying about getting fucked over in unfair divorce courts since everybody knows on some level that it’s a massive injustice.

    Nah, it’s going to be the PUAs that going to be attacked and fucked with hard. And guess who is the one with the most visibility? Yup Roosh V.

    So what happens when he gets legit famous? Your game has to change since everybody will know who you are. I guess you should enjoy being ‘Burt’ while it lasts because I’m not sure you will even able to be anon in the near future.

  • Bortimus

    Burt should set up his laptop with dual booting operating systems, one of which has a password protected login. Thus the girl can only get into the operating system with no password.

  • Bortimus

    Also forgot to mention the justification for having two operating systems and your hard drive partitioned is that some part of your job involves doing computer stuff that you don’t want to get fucked if you get a virus while surfing random shit, so you have a standard windows installation you use for non-work stuff.

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™

    ooooooh, I loooooooves me some Dan Savage-heartily recommended by Amanda Marcotte and Jill Filipovitch…

  • Anonymous

    @19 Veen: right on, TrueCrypt is the shit. I tell girls everything personal on my laptop has encryption tech even the NSA gave up trying to crack.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, but inevitable. You have burned so many bridges. What happens if you ever want or need to be employed professionally? What happens when your brother or sister apply for college and admissions officers see who their brother is? You can never hold a political office, or a position that requires a security clearance, or really any position of responsibility at all. You have painted yourself into a little corner, and now must invent a psueudo identity in order to pick up strange girls. If I were your mother or father, I would be heartsick.

  • Peter Phoenix

    “That’s a pretty big trunk on my lincoln towncar, ain’t it. Big enough to take these broken hearts, and put ’em in it.”

  • Anonymous

    @Comment 60

    All those points that you just listed about the cons with this site. Who gives a fuck?

    Anything worth a damn has costs associated with it.

    Having organizations like the SPLC after your ass just proves that he’s doing something right and novel. He just has to be smart and stay ahead of these guys. But if this site wasn’t important, why the hell would the Brazilian government or propaganda machines take notice of it. It’s the ultimate compliment. Going against a someone denotes status upon them.

    When you look back on your life, do you really truely believe that holding some kind of beaurcratic govt job is actually something to be proud of? Maybe making a site that rails back against the feminist ideology that wants to tear apart western civilization and providing support to guys that don’t want to get swallowed by it is a more noble pursuit.

  • José Jimenéz

    My name José Jimenéz

  • tjuan

    I hope you are writing a book about your time abroad and these recent posts (ie. luigi series, excellent) are excerpts to what’s coming. your writing is more captivating than ever.

  • Anonymous

    Set up a Virtual Machine. This is not hard to do. You can use Vmware’s Fusion (Mac) or Workstation (PC). Any idiot can install this and it’s well worth the money for many reasons.

    Invictus III’s solution also works but you’ll have to remember to always turn-on your virtual box.
    I recommend the other way around because life is unpredictable and you won’t always be able to turn-on your virtual box in time.

    Keep your desktop clean. Use your password-protected virtual machine or virtual box for your real life.

  • La mouette

    That anaphora of “Burt is” was really painful to read. You could have passed it in a more subtle way.

  • Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, D.R.G.

    I’ve been rocking a monicker for over a decade. The drawback, of course, is that after being in a certain area for so long your monicker basically becomes your real name, and eventually you’ll be layering monickers. What works well for me is having a general purpose monicker that I go by on a daily basis that I give to gate guards, cashiers, clerks, bartenders, etc. and a separate monicker that I use for gaming. Another idea is to have a fake ID made to keep around as “pocket litter” for a girl to accidentally see, thus “confirming” you are who you claim to be. Also, use cash as much as possible so your true identity can’t be revealed by credit card printouts. It shouldn’t have to be this way, but in the age of false everything accusations it just makes sense.

  • kolovrat

    Who is this “David H. Fucktrelle” person who keeps popping up?

  • Jurko

    Excellent guest post, Burt. Would be great if your pal Roosh would create more in this writing style instead of bashing fat feminists.

  • Dick Fitzwell

    My name is Dick Fitzwell.

  • greenlander

    Another suggestion for setting up an incognito browser: vmware player. You can install a second virtual operating system (ubuntu linux is a bit lighter than windows), install a browser on that and do whatever you want. You can just run in a virtual machine on top of windows, which makes it more convenient than a second windows installation on a second partition (which requires a reboot).

    Chicks are so dumb, they’re never figure that out.

  • Claus

    Hey Burt , nice to meet you. my name is Claus with “c”. chicks go crazy when they hear this shit^^

  • Cyrus

    Me and two best friends did this in high school dude. This is kind of pathetic.

    Why haven’t you started to build a harem at this point? I assume you have the game to do so.

  • Rael

    Here’s some food for thought …

    There is an inherent sexual supply/demand imbalance that comes from human biology.

    Males are wired to be ready for reproductive sex at any time. Females are only truly sexual in the way males are when they are near ovulation. That’s about one week in four.

    About 2 weeks in 4 women are more interested in relationships/bonding than driven by the sexual demand for reproduction. The last week, during PMS & early menstruation, they’re typically not interested in sex at all.

    That’s not to say women don’t have sex outside of their prime-time. It’s just that the drive isn’t the same at those times.

    Females also have a shorter reproductive sexual lifespan than men (men are basically sexual from puberty until death … women are sexual from puberty until menopause).

    This is why male demand for sex always outstrips the female supply of it. This is why almost any young woman can make a living as a prostitute, while most young men can’t unless they take gay clients. Economic laws of supply and demand also apply in the sexual arena.

    This is knowledge you don’t get by doing a string of pump-and-dumps. You have to be with women long enough to observe their cycle many times to start noticing this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    @63 José Jimenéz
    Don’t talk to me, unless you have a boner.
    And yes, I am a girl.

  • Anonymous

    In conclusion, in order to fuck someone, you have to completely be someone else. Otherwise why do it?

  • Anonymous

    @68 kolovrat
    August 25th, 2012 @ 6:40 am
    Who is this “David H. Fucktrelle” person who keeps popping up?

    Don’t you know?
    He wants to BANG Roosh!
    That’s why he keeps popping up!

  • Anonymous

    @70 Dick Fitzwell
    August 25th, 2012 @ 11:19 am
    My name is Dick Fitzwell

    Hi! Nice to meet you!
    My name is Latvia Minora.

  • thecaptainpower

    If you move back to the US you should eventually just get your name changed officially.

  • Anonymous

    @74 Rael
    You still got it wrong.
    If the man is into the woman, we are into it all the time. Let the good times roll…
    If I were you, I would check your performance gauge.

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  • Anonymous

    @74 Raul, good stuff man. female physiology does come into play a lot.

    also I love how anytime roosh posts something he gets like a gillion comments from haters or guys telling him what he should be doing with his life. I’m pretty sure he’s doing exactly what he wants to be doing, and laughing at all the haters and their fat wives. you know those guys you see at the club who are like sixty and they got a hot ass 20-something all over them? pretty sure that’s gonna be roosh someday. the haters will be the ones sharing their bed with a platypus they can hardly stand to look at, wishing they were young again, and that their boner pills could also make their wife look hotter.

  • rivsdiary

    burt’s writing is getting better and better. wow.

  • rivsdiary

    @54 tenmagnet

    “That’s some pretty dark shit man. I don’t really know what to say.”

    yeah, i agree.

  • Al

    American psycho-esque

  • Luis

    I call myself edmond to girls here in el paso and it has worked

  • madmax

    Roosh aka ‘Burt’ is my favourite prick. His honest, no bullshit thoughts always make me think and learn.

    To hell with all that PUA shit that says ‘always leave her better than you found her’. It’s just not realistic, it’s crap, hogwash. This is the jungle: die or survive. The only difference is that the struggle is lived socially instead of cutting grass and killing deer with a machete.

    I am just reading an interesting book, ‘Venus, the dark side’. Unmissable reading especially for nice guys.

    Maybe, when women will realize more and more that there’s less and less nice guys and more and more pricks who fuck them and that’s it, they will start to appreciate nice guys a lot more.

    Trouble is, by then it will be too late, for the pricks will stay pricks. I am certainly not going to change into a nice guy again.

    Yes, women are ‘cum receptacles’ to me too. Gone are the days when I gave a fuck about her interests, her happiness, etc etc, it’s just been wasted breath. Women will be always ungrateful bitches, no matter how well you treated them.

    Example: they always remember what you did wrong, but they never give a fuck about what you did right.

    Roosh, way to go, my man. If you ever come to London UK let me know, your drink is on me.

  • Anonymous

    Roosh, actual computer pro here.
    What you should do if you don’t want bitches ever finding out your stuff is to use a virtual machiene, like virtual box and instal another OS on it.
    Even if she finds it, just start talking about the exciting open source Linux operating system that it runs and she’ll very quickly change the subject.
    It’s a lot less sus than a dual boot machiene or two user accounts. It can be encrypted and password protected also.

  • Burt

    This post is AMAZING.


  • Naughty Nomad

    Dun Dun Dun!
    Speaking of which, Google ALREADY have that ability. Drag and drop any pic of you into the search and see what happens… I’ve already been identified by it.

  • Anonymous

    amazing post, Roosh staying anonymous while gaming saves so much trouble later

  • Emily

    Madmax, there are still a lot of good women and good men still left out there who honestly want to love and be loved by each other. The more you turn away from that, the less you will see of it, until you become convinced it no longer exists.

  • Steve

    There’s something about the entire PUA scene that reminds me of Fight Club. I don’t know if its the “you know one when you see one” aspect of it, if its the nature of the guys that get into it (ordinary, everday guys that want to become better men) or if it is something else I’m missing.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but does anyone ever get the impression that the PUA scene will eventually morph into something beyond women? I get the idea that at some point in the future it will be a movement centered on something greater and possibly more destructive to current society.

    I hope for this.

  • madmax

    Emily, you made a respectable point. Yet, it’s just a fallacy. You believe that ‘the more I turn away from it, the more I will be convinced it does not exists’. But, do you have statistics? Have you made a research? Are you speaking from experience? Then it’s only nice material for a nice movie. Trouble is, it is not realistic, it works against my odds, and, in true ‘woman thought’, you describe more what it SHOULD be, not what it is.

    Also, it might work for a woman, but for a man, it’s just the wrong tool for the job.

    I am no longer going to put my heart into a woman. I will only put my cock, and that’s it. I’ll love myself more than I will ever love her.

    As Roosh implied, provided that I hurt no one physically, I am free to see women as ‘cum receptacles’, and to do all I can to get laid, as long as I am not breaking the law. Like Roosh, I will not give a fuck if I said a white lie, because I know that being genuine with a woman will, in fact, only work against me. I have seen it time and time again.

    Let’s face it: women even LIKE to be lied to.
    Strange? Yup. But hey, so it’s 90 per cent of a woman’s world. A woman doesn’t want to hear truths: she only wants to believe what she wants to believe.

    Anyways, long subject.

    It is very simple: with a woman, I have limited my goal to sex. Therefore, what would help me more, Roosh’s view, or yours? Duh, right?

    I am no longer so interested in love, affection, etc. Sure, if it happens it’s great, who doesn’t want to be loved? Everybody, right? But it’s no longer necessary to me me, because, like Roosh, I have learned to think with my brains, not my heart.

    Nowadays I just focus on fucking, not loving.

  • hargg

    I always thought you were crazy for using your real name for this kind of controversial blog, I knew this kind of shit would happen eventually.

  • Anonymous

    “But when he takes a shower or cooks a meal, he gets a little nervous that a girl will click the wrong button and find his secret life. He’s thinking of ways right now to eliminate that chance.”

    Virtualization + Encryption and not even the NSA will found out about your bookmarks.

    If you’re not familiar what virtualization is here is a short video introduction:

    You can download VmWare player for free from :

    With the free version you won’t be able to create an OS-image so you have to get one premade, here is one site with Ubuntu linux:

    (Obvious caveat if you can’t trust the site you’re downloading the image from it may hinder the safety of this operation since you can’t be sure what monitoring software the OS-image is bundled with. Best option would be to create your own image from official linux distribution disc, however that will require the commercial version of vmware.)

    Next get truecrypt from:

    Then what you need to do is:

    – Buy a small 4-8Gb USB stick
    – Encrypt it with TrueCrypt
    – Place the OS vmware image on that encrypted drive
    – run the image with vmware player

    Even if someone gets the USB stick from you, as long as you have a secure password, no one will be able to access the info on that stick.

  • Omega Male 2012

    Well go figure that most people (male or female) you meet for the first time in a social or semi-social environment will assume that you are not straight up lying to them about basic details unless you give them a reason to doubt.

    Constructing a thoroughly fake identity and then assuming that identity for long enough can and will lead to a disassociation with your former “true” self because just assuming that new identity requires that you stop doing things and thinking about things the way the “old” you did.

    Wear enough masks for long enough and you forget what your “real” face looks like. Maybe it was just one of the masks all along, huh?

  • Anonymous

    This is straight out of American Psycho.

  • Anonymous

    “…there is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there.”
    ― American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis

  • Neil Skywalker

    I’ve had people asking me if Skywalker was my real name. If you are that dumb then I just say yes, haha

  • Tony Stone

    I’ve been using a fake name in bars for years. They may learn it was my “nickname” if they make it past the fifth shag. I also have a spare laptop in my living room for “guest” use. It’s got key logger software to collect their Facebook and email logins, which isn’t illegal as its my computer and I don’t do anything stupid like delete their friends or send out messages. But boy would you be surprised by how many guys they’re shagging as they profess they love you; and what they say to their girlfriends about you and the other guys. Makes it easy to mind fuck the evil ones and suss out the genuine keepers.

  • Superman

    Great post. I never give out my last name. I have also thought about using a nickname with some of the moves I’ve been making.

  • Anonymous

    @ Superman, Skywalker and Tony: its not about a different name. Its about an entirely different identity. Its about a different reality.

    I can’t imagine having to change everything about myself just to get laid. I’d be pretty worried if that was the case. When nothing about your real personality and life can’t land a girl, there is something terribly wrong.

  • Tony Stone

    @ anonymous I haven’t said anything about changing my personality along with my name. That’s your incorrect assumption. By the way, my name isn’t Tony.

  • turbodyke

    This is completely fucking hilarious!

    “If Burt was evil, he could easily make these women sex slaves by entrapping them into his dungeon, but Burt is not evil—he just wants a lay.”

    Thanks for the giggles.

    Also, listen to the boys with the technical know-how. The dual boot ones and the virtual box ones, not the two account ones.
    You could just have no shortcut on the desktop for the everyday browser you use, but the smartest ideas are the ones I mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    Look after your soul.

  • Moose

    “Burt”…you could be a spy if you got tired of the pussy. You know it. CIA’d be asking for “Bang China”.

  • cheshirecat

    The browser problem.

    Easy, Roosh…download “saver starter”, which will lauch your (password protected) screen saver when you park your mouse in the corner of the screen. Then, she can’t access the computer at all.

  • cheshirecat

    Unless, you use a really stupidly easy-to-guess password. (You are smarter than that, I hope.)

  • cheshirecat

    And everybody else, he is using “Burt” as an example, he isn’t really using that name.

  • cheshirecat

    Yeah i just have two user profiles on my computer, one is password protected. If a girl asks, i just say i have all my pasaword saved on that profile thats why its private.

    Fuck that noise. It’s my computer, and she has no business on it, or to wonder why I keep my computer locked up. She’s not my mommy.

  • cheshirecat

    What I want now is a name that is untraceable; a name that brings up NOTHING on Google.

    You are better off picking a very common first and last name (e.g. “John Smith” or “James Clark”) that will turn up MILLIONS of different hits. A woman’s attention span isn’t that long enough to pick through all of those. I suspect Roosh’s alias is probably a very common name.

  • George

    Instead of a fake identity you can do some brand work on your real name. Make really impressive shit show up when she googles the name. And don’t forget the only losers need to lie. If you’re a trule attractive guy that is going to leave town soon, chances are that she’ll just drop her token resistance. Don’t forget that women want sex even more than men.

  • Ash2Ashes

    Don’t worry too much about the facial recognition software. I think your beard will fool it, most of your face is completely covered by beard and hair. Another easy solution is to close your eyes and tilt your head whenever a girl tries to take a pic of you (make up some story about ‘Burt’ being photosensitive if asked).

    The google searching is more worrisome. You need a better cover, I think travel writer, nightlife and short books are way too easy to trace. I think the way to go is a mundane seeming job that doesn’t demand excessive skills but logically calls for some amount of secrecy. Something like I’m a consultant for ___ famous company. My job is really boring, I have to travel around and look for counterfeit ____ some product and write reports. I can’t really talk about it much, but on the flip side I’ve been to a whole lot of countries. Like you could consult for Seagram’s and carry a small eyedropper bottle around with you. Your job could consist of going to bars and ordering vodka and surreptitiously putting a few drops inside the sample bottle to ‘send to the lab.’ You could probably do something similar for coca cola or frito-lay. I think it’d be easy to get chicks to believe you simply by making sure to plant some of the product around your apartment. And mention the real reason they pay you well is b/c you’re expected to keep what you do an absolute secret
    so shhhhh

  • Donny

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