My Spring 2014 Game Workflow

When I want to get laid, I execute the following steps, which complement my nature, personality, schedule, and sex needs. If I have zero prospects upon beginning this workflow, I will get laid with at least a 7 within 1-3 weeks. Here are the steps:

1. Wait until I haven’t gotten laid in 10 days

My game works best when I truly want to get laid, and this only happens if I have strong thirst. Therefore if I’m regularly getting laid with a girl, I rarely approach unless I’m in a particularly good social mood. While many guys want to create a harem of several girls, my hatred for condoms makes this unwise. In addition, I don’t want to spend more than 10 hours a week devoted to women above my leisure, work, and intellectual pursuits. Because of these two reasons, I’m actually a one-woman-at-a-time kind of guy.

2. Devote one hour a day to day approaching

The bare minimum of work I’m required to do is one approach a day (I use this site to log a continuous streak of daily approaches), but ideally it’s best if I do three solid approaches a day, especially since my first approach of the day isn’t my best. I execute these approaches on the street between 5-8pm when most girls are winding down their day. I usually approach in the city’s main square or somewhere close to my home. If it’s really cold outside, I will go to the nearest mall, but sometimes approaching in severe cold can actually aid with quick venue changes into a cafe.

While one hour a day doesn’t sound like much, it almost always requires me to ramp down some other work or project I’m doing. Because my time is zero sum, getting laid requires me to temporarily eliminate other tasks.

3. Take every approach as far as I can

While I advocate for doing casual approaches where you talk to girls in between your normal routine, I find my results are higher when I’m mentally ready to take any approach (day or night) to its sexual conclusion. Odds are a day approach won’t lead to same-day sex, but I’m nonetheless prepared to make it so. This means that before I do an approach, I will have done the day’s most important work so that there is nothing stopping me from spending several hours with a girl. Once, I had one day approach lead to a 9-hour instant date. If I didn’t finish my work beforehand, I wouldn’t have been able to put in the time that led to what was an eventual bang.

It seems to be common wisdom that girls flake less on you if you meet them during the day, but it really depends. A day number from a girl you talked to for 5 minutes is just as likely to flake if you talked to her for one hour in a bar. There is a positive correlation between the amount of time she invested in you and the probability of a future bang, but you still need to have the mindset of escalating all approaches to sex as the only sure way to minimize your flake rate.

4. Supplement with night work

Night game used to be my main supplier of bangs, but starting in 2013, my game has shifted to the day. There are many reasons for this but mostly I just find clubs to be less efficient and tolerable. I also have less interest in drinking. On a time and effort comparison, day game is superior because the girl is already isolated, eliminating a lot of factors I can’t control like cockblocking and dead nights in the clubs.

If I do go to a club, I force myself to stay out for at least three hours. Anything below that and I’m not giving enough time for statistically favorable events to occur. Sometimes I also do a night walk around club areas to approach girls who are alone. I often find this to be more fruitful than actually running game inside a club.

5. Rack up stacks of no’s

Before every successful lay, I noticed that I get many no’s beforehand. In fact, the biggest indicator of whether I will get laid or not is how many no’s I got since the last time I got laid. For example, let’s say it’s my first day back in the game. It is close to a 100% guarantee I will not get laid on my very next approach, but if you fast forward to a week later, when I have racked up several no’s, the odds of getting laid are now much higher. Therefore when I approach, my mindset is not to get a yes, but to get a no. Every no is putting me closer to success, making it a matter of inevitability.

Getting a lot of no’s can be frustrating for even the most confident of men, but it’s this frustration which actually lets you know you’re on the right path. In fact, whenever I’m feeling self-defeatist and say to myself, “I’m never getting laid again,” I get laid soon after. If you’re not getting frustrated, you’re not getting enough no’s, and if you’re not getting enough no’s, you’re not close to success.

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My current game workflow has no resemblance to my 2012 workflow. By next year, I’m sure it will change again. The reason is because your needs change alongside the amount of work you’re willing to put in for pussy. My workflow is aimed for personal comfort and female quality, but I’m sacrificing speed because it is not at all fast like my night game in the past.

You have to find out what you value and how much energy you’re willing to put in for sex to create a personal workflow—a system—that gets you laid every single time. If I do my workflow, I will get laid. In the past two years I have not gone more than a month without sex, even when traveling between countries, and I thank my workflow for that. All I have to do now is show up and put in the work.

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