My Top 10 Favorite Posts Of 2013

1. The Perfect Game. “By the time the study concluded, a total of 182 girls gave their number to Mike and a little over 100 was penetrated by his sex organ (in the final month of the study, he crushed 14 out of 15 girls).”

2. The True Nature Of Women. “…within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background, is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber, a narcissist, and an attention whore that is dying to get out and that, if certain conditions arise and she is placed in a certain container at a certain temperature, will thrust her worst upon you, and this, I’m afraid, is the true nature of women.”

3. The End Game Of Feminism. “The end game of feminism is to make it impossible for a female to do any wrong, absolving her from all responsibility for her actions, no matter how reprehensible.”

4. Traditional Gender Roles Create Feminine Women. “You won’t be feminine if you think men are the enemy instead of your provider. You won’t be feminine if you place career before family. You won’t be feminine if you have no shame for being an overweight tatted-up slut.”

5. The Number One Corrupter Of Women. “…it’s possible that an attractive girl would have been contacted over 10,000 times for sex before you even spit your line. In one way or another, you have to compete with all those men. ”

6. What’s The Rush? “Achievement is no longer good enough. In American culture, you must achieve within arapid period of time.”

7. All Experience Is Equal. “Most decisions in life offer two propositions: one is easier but makes you weaker while one is harder but makes you stronger. One month you can be weak, and the next month you can be strong, or vice versa. It makes no difference.”

8. The Unit Of Man. “You must worship at the altar of the hour. Wake up tomorrow and dedicate one hour—not a minute less—at a task that serves you and no one else.”

9. 15 Factors That Determine If A City Is Great For Men. “While you don’t compete with any one man in a city, you do compete with the collective. If the standard of game is higher, you will get less than in a city where the standard is lower, regardless of how high your own level may be.”

10. The Destructive Merger Of Dating Choice & American Culture. “…choice creates an environment where only the tightest game will be rewarded. Not only will a man in this environment have to approach a lot, but he will have to do so with skill so high that his own father would have died a virgin if forced to do the same.”

Here is a list of all recent post. Which was your favorite of the year?

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  • Lacedric T

    Favorite of the year? There were so many. My all time is the Roosh V Program (no bs, practical method to improve)but this year probably the Chisinau Moldova data sheet. I want to game where the finest white girls are.

    Have you ever ran game in Prague CZ Roosh?

    Czech girls are the pinnacle of talent- every hair color, model faces, great bodies, and feminine. I think even better than Scandinavians who are not as attractive because so many of them are almost 6 feet tall.

  • seth datta

    Ive heard this; EE girls are pretty and feminine, though some have succmbed to feminazism. Outside of perhaps Asia and South America, these countries are the places to meet top notch women.

  • seth datta

    The end game of feminism is to enslave men (and women) to the ‘state’ (=bankers). Nicholas Rockefeller had admitted as much to Aaron Russo, the interview of which is on youtube. They funded feminism to break up the family and get women and men against each other, hence the problems we see with Western women today. We are so indoctrinated in the West to think we have the greatest society ever, when its all just a lie to make some fat, old banker even richer. We can see how the young have huge debts today to go to college etc – debts that they cannot pay off, and the older generations have failed them in providing poor guidance and allowing their enslavement.

    I don’t see a future with many players getting women with game. I see the real future, which is one in which both men and women work shitty jobs for very long hours, just to get some food on the table. The women only care for the richest guys (who are there due to family connections, not due to their intellect or hard work). Its probably akin to some third world country where there is massive state oppression and a lack of attractive poosy to whet men’s appetites. This is within a decade or so. I guess finding a country with attractive poor women is probably a good bet for the future. I nominate Eastern Europe, Thailand/Indonesia (if you like Asians) and I have heard South America is good (never been). The West is lost and most men who stay here are going to get f*cked (not in the way that you’d like).

  • helio

    I still enjoy the most the short stories where you meet a girl in a foreign countrie and try to have sex with her

  • Guest

    My favorite in number 3.

  • Quintus Curtius

    I liked “The Unit of Man.”

  • Rogerio

    I couldnt agree more. Our problem isn’t inflation, wars, feminism, political parties, etc. it’s the old Prick bankster Illuminati “Jews” aka ethnic Khazars (read Benhamin Freedman “Facts Are Facts” or Arthur Koetler “The 13th Tribe” or Shlomo Sand “The Invention of The Jewish People” for clarity on the ethnic fraud known as Zionism aka a path for Yiddish money men to have global slavery). Like Martin Luther said the Jews (Rockefeller, Rothschild) and their lies are the problem.

  • Lacedric T

    What’s the minimum number of days needed to explore a City in E. Europe to decide if it’s a worthy City to further game in??????????????????????????????
    Is 5 days enough?????????

    I want to plan a trip and there are so many places I want to go but, I only have 30 days.
    Help me oh Great Game G…

  • Roosh_V

    I think 5 is the absolute minimum, though it should wrap around a weekend.

  • Armchair General

    2 weeks is optimum if you don’t have big savings that you can spend. That being said, EE is not expensive, particularly Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, eastern parts of Poland etc. Don’t get confused with Moscow though. It’s quite expensive.

  • Lacedric T

    I just need enough time to walk around the Town plaza, malls, night clubs, etc. and see if the people are cool for me and my style.
    A research professor of mine said 30 is decent sample size population to have a basis for the most likely behavior for far greater sized populations. My point- do 30 cold approaches in a town and that should give a good enough feel for what game will be like in that City. I can do 10 approaches/day (5day/5night) and know what I’m dealing with.
    Ps- What about Prague and its local scene? I’ve known people even in redneck Murican towns like Nashville, TN that say Prague is super cool. I’d say Orague, Berlin, and Budapest based on my initial research Poznan and Zagreb too. I think Rio would be cool but dark women don’t turn me on and the violet crime I could do without- we all know the beaches there have to be awesome. In my meats Orange County California has the best beaches- gorgeous women, clean, sunny, fun. The OC is a great place.

  • Daddy


  • Juggy Gales

    I’m betting that you “picked up” this plainly imbecilic drivel from the website of David Duke or some other fascist demagogue.

    Like the socialists of old used to say (some still say it) “anti-semitism is the socialism of fools.”

  • Shiva

    Yeah, weird thing to say. I mean, the travesty of American Jewish girls is something that I noticed when I moved from Israel at the age of 7. All the girls in elementary school were…Meaner and uglier. But to blanket all Jewish people in a site that makes comments about women that range from the truthful to the satirical…