Narrative Warfare

We’ve entered a stage of modern discourse that can be described as “narrative warfare,” where the bulk of a person’s social behaviors are meant to defend and propagate ideas that they believe. A narrative is composed of simple memes and stories that are easily communicated without deeper thought and which have been derived from an overreaching ideological foundation. These memes aid the believer in understanding the world while pursuing what they think will make them happy.

Those who exist to spread a narrative—‘narrative bots’—may not understand where the original beliefs came from, their scientific basis, or what the intent of them are. Human beings, freed from the obligations of family or religion thanks to a culture swallowed whole by consumerism and cosmopolitanism, now spend an increasing amount of their time living as narrative bots, useful idiots for the spread of ideas with debilitating effects to their biological human shells.

A narrative bot has been trained to have an instant reaction to a new idea or belief. This does not require higher level thinking. For example, imagine that you are indoctrinated with the following beliefs:

  • Women have been victimized by men
  • Minorities have been victimized by whites
  • Gays have been victimized by heterosexuals

If a new piece of news comes out that discusses a story of a white Silicon Valley executive facing a sexual harassment charge by an Asian female, the narrative bot is activated and begins sputtering its memes without even reading the story:

  • “White privilege”
  • “Male privilege”
  • “Inequality in tech”
  • “I’m triggered”

Someone who is not a narrative bot will read the story, try to determine which side is being more truthful, and then come to a proper judgement. This used to be what education taught people to do, but now it is solely about creating bots that are incapable of rational thinking. Since the bot is not using its brain faculties, and is programmed not to believe in loyalty or even the basic idea of friend and foe, it will often attack bots on its own side when it encounters information that contradicts its own memes (e.g. black transsexuals attacking white homosexuals).

Another example is the neo-Nazi bot that believes in the following:

  • Jews are the blame for every societal problem
  • Blacks are inferior
  • White women are goddesses

Any story involving race will trigger an instant opinion and outflow of race talking points that have been refined on sites like Stormfront and 4chan’s pol.

“Education” in the modern sense is defined as indoctrination of a particular ideology that benefits the ruling elite. This has split group communication into two distinct categories: (1) reinforcing ideology in an echo chamber through victimization or storytelling, and (2) attacking others for the incorrect ideology with economical or physical violence.

Are you a narrative bot?

Neomasculinity presents its own ideology to men, and so don’t those men also become bots? It can happen. You’ll find comments from men that repeat talking points such as these:

  • “Women are hypergamous”
  • “Marriage is always bad”

Even if these points are indeed based on facts and accurately describe reality, a narrative bot will not truly understand where these beliefs came from or their factual basis.

One aspect of neomasculine thought is that it’s based on reality, both present and historical. That feature prevents many of us from descending into bot-dom, because we must continually check real world events and facts against what we believe. This is why most of my readers are stubbornly independent and get little pleasure with participating in mob action against the enemy.

People who are not capable of higher order thinking will be a bot no matter which narrative they adhere to. Modern leftism, from my observation, is nothing more than an ideology aimed at sucking up all the low-hanging bots of society. It’s not hard to imagine the type of person the following beliefs would seduce:

  • “Everyone is equal”
  • “You’re a victim”
  • “Take from the strong to give to the weak”

Many on the extreme left are impossible to converse with because they are bots. We do have some bots on our team, but they make up less than 10% of the total, while the left is composed of 90% bots. When you have academia, the media, and government on the side of your narrative with complete control to disseminate it, it’s no surprise that you’ll have a large grunt army willing to dedicate a huge portion of their existence to meme warfare. They receive feelings of identity not through their race or nation, but through a collection of assembled ideas that were drilled into them from an early age.

I don’t want to engage in narrative warfare. I want to find a pleasant city I like and enjoy challenging hobbies and have relationships with lovely women, but a land that may have peace today will soon be attacked tomorrow whether I like it or not. I left the USA to get away from cultural decline caused by the opposing narrative, but this narrative is chasing me into the foreign countries I live in.

Women I meet in Poland are beginning to look as degenerate as American women. Women in Brazil are increasingly addicted to smartphone technology developed by Apple. Women in Thailand are elevating their sexual marketplace value by using American-owned sites and apps based out of Silicon Valley. It’s fine if you don’t want to engage in warfare, as honestly I don’t either, but the pace at which enemy beliefs approach on allied territory can now be measured in years instead of decades. Soon it will be measured in months. If you don’t fight the enemy, if you don’t stop or at least retard their advances, you will eventually have to live under its rule or become an enemy of a mob that will wage a form of violence upon you. War is coming to us all.

We have no choice but to participate in narrative warfare, not for our physical survival, but to preserve the rights, due process, and activities that men were able to do freely not more than two generations ago. We need to refine our memes. We need to optimize our talking points. We need to take media appearances more seriously (myself included). We need to recruit and convert men to stop being swallowed up by the enemy, because they will not stop. They will criminalize normal masculine behavior, degrade the feminine so the very idea of beauty is destroyed, and ruin countries that were once good places for men to live in.

We will be able to make a difference, not just for our children but for ourselves, so that we are not the victim of legal or mob action tomorrow for something we are allowed to do today. We shall always seek to pursue truth and virtue, but war we must fight, because it won’t stop fighting us.

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