Neomasculinity Receives Mainstream Recognition

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson recently did a summary video on neomasculinity:

It has received over 40,000 views in three days.

In case you missed it, I previously laid out the principle doctrines of neomasculinity.

The recognition of neomasculinity by a large outlet reaffirms to me that splitting from the “red pill” was prudent and necessary. The red pill term has served its use in the past five years, but a quick perusal of the red pill subreddit or related blogs show that it’s too focused on sex at sacrifice of greater political and cultural issues. It has become an entry-level group for men in their 20’s who just started getting laid, but this can only serve as a transitory stage.

Once a man has gotten his fill of casual sex, and is looking for deeper meaning in his relationships or satisfaction with life, the red pill has few answers besides running “dread game” on your wife, maintaining “good style” to attract young females when older, or the ever vague “work on yourself.” Neomasculinity will aim to fill in these gaps by serving men regardless of their age or involvement in the game.

You may be confused at all the different men’s groups on the internet. Here’s a brief summary:

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)

This group is for men who do not want to deal with women at all. They have decided to forgo having physical or emotional relationships with them, and so here you will find the greatest percentage of voluntary celibates, similar to the herbivore men of Japan. While a few MGTOW do pursue sex, the majority despises game and any attempt to be more attractive to women, and have the most amount of hostility towards them. They correctly understand the problems of society, but provide asexual solutions that appeal more to men who place no importance in sexual relationships.

Men’s Rights Activists

This group is designed for older men who have already been badly burned by family courts, though many younger men who believe in a literal definition of equality are also members. While MRA’s attempt to provide ideological answers for what men should believe, it yields no answers for how a young man should structure his life, and considers ideas of being masculine and fulfilling your biological sex role as oppressive and “gynocentric” (many MGTOWs believe this as well). It also does not give advice on having relationships with women.

PUA (Pick Up Artists)

PUAs are a collection of businessmen and marketers who share game knowledge to sex-starved men in exchange for large sums of money (e.g. $3,000 for a weekend workshop). Their work is almost entirely commercial and aims to teach men how to get laid with the highest quantity of women with no concern for the long-term effect this has on society or their students’ well-being. PUAs ignore the cultural reality of why game is needed, and sugar coat the results a typical man can get from it.

The Red Pill

The red pill is a non-commercial version of PUA with cultural observations thrown in. They hold firmly and obsessively onto rigid dogmas such as the alpha/beta male dichotomy to explain all male behavior while basing their “truths” upon a shaky foundation of pop evolution. Because it has no council of elders to guide the ideology, it is now being steered by the mob and watered down—or outright trolled—by entryists who are blue pill.

There is no denying that game works, but it can’t exist in isolation without a complementary ideology that gives men life guidance besides just sex. Hence, neomasculinity, which has begun to touch on politics and I predict will soon branch out to aiding women (on separate platforms), for one can easily see the folly of elevating the value of men while not doing the same for women (i.e. “You are now a virtuous man, but during the time you gained great virtue and self-actualization, women have declined in their virtue and weigh 175 pounds on average”).

I will help develop neomasculinity with the community—and its analogous form neofemininity—into a complete philosophy that doesn’t focus only on Western-style casual sex. Men will need answers for how to live and understand the world not just during their most horny years, but also for a long time thereafter. The other men’s groups are needed, for they serve men at a specific point in their lives, but ultimately those groups will be stepping stones for the final destination of neomasculinity.

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