Never Let A Girl Reject You Twice

How many times has one of the following happened to you:

Scenario 1: You approach a girl in a bar, talk for a minute, and then she abruptly ends the conversation first. You gracefully move on, but then a few minutes later she’s giving you obvious stares, maybe even positioning herself close to you. It seems like she changed her mind and wants to talk to you again. You reapproach her and she rejects you immediately.

Scenario 2: A girl you like in dancing in the club. You do a dance approach. She rejects you. Then two minutes later you see her grinding the stripper pole. She’s giving you deep eye contact while licking the pole and making her booty clap. You glance behind you to see if she’s staring at another guy, but she’s indeed looking right at you. You approach her again. She frowns, tells you to go to hell, then calls the bouncer, who kicks you out in a rough manner.

I even made a reenactment video when a girl who had previously rejected me stood too close for comfort. She tricked me and I was rejected again:

Why does a guy go out? To get laid. Why does a girl go out? To get validated and maybe get laid. There is no better way for a girl to be validated than to create some mini-drama where the same guy is jumping through hoops to get at her after she already rejected him. I’m so hot and desirable that that man over there keeps approaching me. I’m going to update my Facebook status about how clueless men are.

Even though she’s not interested, she will encourage the hell out of you just to get you to keep trying, all so that she can receive a big validation boost (something she will never admit to wanting). It’s your job as a man not to give her that boost unless your dick will also be boosted by penetrating one of her holes.

If she ends the conversation first on her own volition, meaning there was no cockblock or fire in the bar, it’s 100% over. I don’t care how close she stands next to you or if she accidentally touches you. I don’t care how many brief stares she gives you. If she ends the conversation saying she’ll come back, but doesn’t, it’s over. If her friend enters the conversation and she doesn’t make an attempt to include you, it’s over.

On the other hand, if she ends the conversation but then walks back up to you to reinitiate contact, or she waves and smiles at you from across the bar (Polish girl method), feel free to resume the chat. Other than that, any attempt on your part to restart something that she so eagerly killed would be providing her with validation at the expense of your sex goal.

You’re not a bus that comes every 10 minutes. You’re not the 7-11 that stays open 24 hours a day. You’re the once in a millenia asteroid that lands in Siberia and kills a lot of small animals. If she happens to miss that then she will die before having the chance to experience it again. She has one opportunity with you and that’s the opportunity that you create with your approach. If she does not explore that opportunity with her most capable social being, then she can fuck off.

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