Never Listen To A Woman

You’ve probably read my thoughts about not listening to a woman about dating or relationships, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t listen to a woman about anything. I’ve observed almost no cases where a man’s status or position has been increased from following a woman’s advice or opinions, and it’s much more likely for him to be harmed from it.

Within any topic a person’s level of expertise will likely fall within three categories:

1. Expert Status
2. Familiarity
3. Unqualified

If I were to pick the topics that I’m an “expert” on, it would be game, American dating culture, and South American travel and dating culture. A conversation in any of those topics may have me teaching my audience some things since few others possess deeper experiences that match mine.

I’m familiar in a handful of other topics, but with those it’s not uncommon for someone to know substantially more than me. I would gladly defer to another man’s more superior grasp of the subject matter by expressing humility and an open mind.

I’m wholly unqualified to discuss things like monogamous relationships, maintaining a marriage, or sports. If those topics come up I completely shut my mouth and nod my head.

The problem with Western women is they pretend they’re an expert on topics that they’re unqualified to talk about. Think for a minute about what the average American woman has expert status on. If she graduated from a regular university and works in the Human Resources department, for example, her expertise would be shuffling papers, conducting job interviews, talking on the telephone for long periods of time, flaking, text messaging, Kim Kardashian, and primetime television. She is probably familiar with dieting, fashion, and whatever subject she majored in college, and then she’s unqualified on everything else. Therefore if she’s trying to assert herself on those other topics, you can safely ignore every word that comes out of her mouth.

A woman thinks after reading a couple articles on Huffington Post she’s qualified to jam public policy down your throat, or that she can competently discuss statecraft. She’ll go to Thailand or Argentina for a week, glance at the abject poverty, hear about a new microlending organization, and then all of a sudden think she’s an expert on geopolitical concerns. She’ll watch some news report on the environment and buy “green” products, urging you to do the same because she thinks she’s saving the world. She’ll read health articles in the New York Times and start making comments as if she’s a trained nutritionist. She’ll go on about the importance of feminism even though you may actually know more about the history of the movement than she does. The epitome of this overreach is your 35-year-old lonely spinster giving relationship advice when we all know the only relationships she’s qualified to discuss are those with felines.

Even a girl’s opinions on friendship, a basic element of humanity, are completely useless. Just about all female friendships are poisoned with jealousy, envy, drama, frequent abandonment, and a neverending series of petty fights and backstabbing that leave the average man scratching his head about where all that anger and disloyalty is coming from. Personal attacks that would stun grown men are weekly occurences in female friendships.

So what’s left? Well, if I’m on a date with a girl I will happily listen to her stories, observational comments, or experiences with a committed hobby she has worked hard on, but the moment she starts trying to preach or educate me on matters she has little true understanding on, I know she has gotten too big for her britches. Too many guys before me allowed her to ramble on about nonsense without telling her to shut the fuck up, and because of that she actually believes that she possesses wisdom or knows how to solve problems like men have done for centuries.

If you peel back the layers of a modern woman, you’ll find that her life’s total education has little real-world application. It’s filled with liberal idealism and pop culture nonsense that has no positive bearing to you or any other man. Never ask a woman for advice on anything besides maybe fashion, and never let a woman influence you with her flawed and shockingly incomplete body of knowledge. Seek out a woman for her beauty, femininity, sexuality, and pleasing, low-maintenance personality, but not for her intelligence. The more of it she thinks she has, the more pompous bullshit you’ll have to put up with.

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  • Adventure21c

    “now I’ve come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t listen to a woman about anything.”

    I’ve realized that in my early or mid-20’s. It just hit me like a bold of lightening.

    The way women think don’t make sense! Especially the young ones!

    If you listen to a woman as a man, you’re really f-ed up.

    The only woman worth listening to is your mother, whom speaks out of a genuine concern for you.

    Not even your wife, certainly not your girlfriend, is worth listening to! If you heed to her saying, you’ll be royally ass raped.

  • Gmac

    It’s funny [sad] that today’s women know more about celebrities and the latest fashion than anything remotely practical… like cooking.

  • Anonymous

    Pleasing, low-maintenance personality is all I want.

  • Adventure21c

    A bit more addition to the post #1:

    A woman tells you something for one of the two reasons:
    1. To satisfy her wants and needs, and to get them from the man she’s talking to.
    2. Out of a genuine concern for your well-being.

    Now, a wife or girlfriend never, ever, says anything to a man out of the reason #2: It’s all about her.

    On the other hand, one’s mother, although she does speak out for the reason #1, at times she speaks her mind for the reason #2. So, be discerning.

  • Ed

    I would have to agree with Adventure21c. Your mother is probably the only woman worth listening to and taking advice from. Any other women is just pointless to listen to as they never seem to make any sense whatsoever.

  • gringoed

    What about seeking a woman with a nice sense of humor as well? That is something derived from intelligence.

  • CSPB

    Never pay very much attention to what people say. Pay attention to why they say it. What are they covering up? – Archbishop Fulton Sheen

    There is great wisdom in this. Figuring out the “why” reveals how any particular rationalization hamster works.

  • Anonymous

    This definitely goes both ways. I can’t count how many times I have listened to a guy speaking authoritively about a topic he knows very little about. That being said, I think knowing even a little bit about a wide variety of topics and attempting to appreciate and understand topics that are unfamiliar is an attractive quality in either gender. Personally, I think I’d rather be on a date with a person who has something to say about most conversation topics, rather than someone who just sits there and “shuts his mouth” about any topic other than “game, American dating culture, and South American travel and dating culture”. Even the sometimes arrogant, sometimes ignorant alternative sounds more interesting than that.

  • VI

    Nothing turns a man off like a girl full of opinions.

    A girl’s recipe for success with men
    1. Feed him
    2. Fuck him
    3. Shut the fuck up

    If we share common interests, it’s fine to discuss them, but the minute you start telling me how to save the world based on what you learned in your 3 weeks in Bolivia, my dick goes flaccid.

    She is probably familiar with …whatever subject she majored in college

    If that major is sociology or women’s studies, don’t listen to anything she has to say about anything.

  • VI

    I’ll also add that STEM women can be listened to when the subject matter is their own field. A female electrical engineer probably knows what she’s talking about when discussing technology.

  • Yams


    “The only woman worth listening to is your mother, whom speaks out of a genuine concern for you”

    This is true up until you leave the house. Once they start giving women advice then you should ignore everything they say.

  • Jamez

    My friend has been been seeing a relationship counselor with his gf of 4 years. The counsellor is a woman… How well do you think the relationship is going?

    He tells me of the advice given. I’m certain that unicorns will be mentioned soon

  • Jamez

    I almost forgot

    Roosh you’re a mummas boy

  • Phoenix

    I believe my mom means well for me. I really do. But plenty of times she says things the wrong way.

    “You should do this, you should do that” = well guess what? I’m not doing it.

    Sometimes, girls do know their shit and when you need advice on a certain subject, they’ll tell you what you need to know. One of my girl friends I’ve met online ended up linking me to some sites for acne-scar removal, after I told her I should probably get laser surgery done. So she was helpful, and I’ll save my money by using her cheaper tactics. Or who knows, maybe it won’t be good enough.

    But anyway, if a man wants to be truly happy, he needs to find it himself. Be optimistic, drama-free, and not worry about keeping a girl around. For there are many others who would take the priveledge of spiraling around his orbit.

  • Solo

    The only time I pay attention to what a women has to say is when I fuck her doggstyle and she tells me to call her a “whore” and “pull her hair”

  • Rooshy

    You, um, forgot to say this is true regarding most american men also. Including yourself.

  • Gmac

    @ 16 Rooshy

    Did you even read the article?

  • germanguy

    In general this is true. For me, I basically ignore everything a girls says or expects of me.
    I basically will my dick into her p….until she says no or is not comfortable with it. But as long as it does not happen I ignore and do and push the topic aggressively.

    This is a great post. Also some very funny/insightful comments. Keep commenting. I will check back later.

  • Twenty

    “A female electrical engineer probably knows what she’s talking about when discussing technology.”

    Errr … maybe. “Technology” is pretty broad. (E.g., the EE related to power transmission is quite different from the EE related to computer h/w design, which is quite different from an “EECS” degree that’s really about s/w.) Lots of the degreed are completely incompetent at what they’re *supposed* to be able to do, let alone anything outside their area of expertise. This, in my experience, is doubly true for women.

    Sure, some are good. The problem is that almost all of ’em think they’re better than they are, and, ironically, this problem seems to get worse as competence rises. A dumbass thinks she’s competent, and a competent girl thinks she’s a genius.

  • Roosh

    I love my mom, but here is her advice for me…

    “Go back to your old microbiology job”
    “Buy a car”
    “Get a Turkish girlfriend”
    “Get a nice apartment close to me”

    I’m respectful when she tells me these things, but they go in one ear and out the other.

  • Dustin Tash


    I doubt the majority really sit and digest these articles before running on an internet long rant with them.

    Some people take a frank open opinion as an insult rather than an opportunity to gain another’s perspective.

  • greenlander

    hahahaha, too funny.

    I was on a date last night in San Francisco with this over-educated 27-year-old blonde chick who thought she was the bong. Her opinions were just undefensible, uninformed, illogical and plain stupid.

    It’s pointless to argue. I just ignore them and then change the frame.

    The thing you have to realize about how women argue is that they reach the conclusion they want first, and then come up with the argument afterward. It doesn’t matter if the argument is logical or not as long as it arrives at the conclusion they want.

    Sometimes, I think the Arabs understand things that we don’t…;_ylt=At6P_aba3meIlQgC61t2Fw.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNwODIzN2hhBGFzc2V0A2FmcC8yMDExMDMyOC9zYXVkaXZvdGV3b21lbnJpZ2h0cwRjY29kZQNtb3N0cG9wdWxhcgRjcG9zAzUEcG9zAzIEcHQDaG9tZV9jb2tlBHNlYwN5bl9oZWFkbGluZV9saXN0BHNsawNzYXVkaXdvbWVuYW4-

  • Big Cock

    Roosh, I have had one good piece of advice from a female even I am sure you will agree with re. dating.

    ‘Move faster’

  • Jordan

    Dude, you really are a man with great perspective. This is just another piece of great work. I love your Blog!

  • Sam Spade

    It’s funny to me how women are the self-proclaimed authorities on “relationships.” You cannot convince a female she is wrong on this topic. They refuse to see any points other than their own. Of course to them a man’s POV is irrelevant. In their minds they are the arbiters of the relationship “rules.” (In practice, they rarely follow any rules.)

  • Bortimus

    I don’t think the tendency to blather about something of which one has little knowledge is a gender thing, it’s a self esteem thing. Sure, young attractive women natter on, but also observe that older men are really prone to going on like they’re the authority on everything. In the girl’s case she has too much self-esteem in her youth so she expresses idle thoughts freely, and in a man’s case he loses enough self-consciousness in his old age that he begins to do the same thing.

  • The Private Man

    “It’s funny to me how women are the self-proclaimed authorities on “relationships.” You cannot convince a female she is wrong on this topic. They refuse to see any points other than their own. Of course to them a man’s POV is irrelevant. In their minds they are the arbiters of the relationship “rules.” (In practice, they rarely follow any rules.)”

    Ironically, most online or printed relationship advice comes from women.

    It’s most often wrong.

  • Aaron

    I’ve thought about this for a while, and I think it’s because women don’t have a good mind for logic; i.e. they’re susceptible to logically fallacious thinking. They appeal to authority without realizing there is disagreement amongst authority figures (e.g. one climate change article is pure authoritative truth to them simply because it is published writing). They’re inclined to think in false dilemmas. They don’t understand concepts like “theory”; i.e. they can’t understand that scientific claims started as conjecture and have only been corroborated, many times minimally corroborated; there is room for refutation. They don’t understand skepticism about their own thoughts, in much the same way they don’t understand skepticism about their own feelings. At least not in their personal or social life. In the workplace or university or places like that they’re more diffident.

    Basically, it stems from the same reason women are more inclined to believe in horoscopes and shit like that.

  • d

    Everything here i gospel truth.

    I finally learned this this year after a decade of gaming.

    Women equate the desire to do a thing with the actual expertise to do it. Whereas Men understand the difference between the two.

    I can no longer take any of them seriously. The more “educated” they are the worse.

    I accept what they bring to the table – femininity, etc. – but always remind myself of the main point. 99% of them don’t know anything.

  • Squared

    This post is cold, hard, truth. You’re in inspired form.

    Aaron: Excellent summary.

  • Dubious

    I learned a shit ton about manufacturing attraction, building rapport and quick closing from strippers. Some women do have the kind of info and life experience that can raise “a man’s status or position”. You just gotta tap the right kind of women.

  • Jay Hammers

    “STEM women can be listened to when the subject matter is their own field”

    Rarely. Most women in engineering, at least, don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Plus, they tend to be bitchy for no reason. And then they get promoted for it. Women engineers do not compare with men engineers, not at all. There are a few good ones here and there, but they are exceptionally rare. On the other hand, solid male engineers are the NORM.

  • Jeff

    I think it’s more a function of how grounded in reality a person is; I wish I had a dollar for every fledgling male gym member that I’ve witnessed espousing their training philosophy to everyone in earshot instead of shutting the fuck up and finding a veteran to mentor them.

    Though I would agree that the fairer sex is much more likely to have their heads in the clouds.

  • Peter

    Dude, we know American women suck, these posts are getting lame. Almost as lame as said American women, ha ha…
    Let’s hear about the Icelandic and Danish women. Doesn’t sound like Europe is really improving your mood any. Are they pretty much the same as the women here?

  • samseau

    Aaron, spot on.

    i think a lot of people who disagree with Roosh on this point fail at basic reading comprehension.

    roosh is not saying women are incapable of understanding complicated subjects. He is not saying they could never be knowledgeable about anything.

    roosh merely claims that women live their lives like stupid animals and never use their time to learn about other things outside of their superficial needs, and as a result offer little to no value except for their sex. women used to have additional value as homemakers, but that is rarely any longer the case.

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad I’m a lesbian.

  • WELL….

    I think this is very biased, what Roosh pointed out is just human nature trying to boast its own ego, and less about gender, I’ve met a lot of people of both gender that try to act as an authority when they have no idea what they are talking about. we all do it at some point. An expert in social sciences may have the green light to accuse you of such endeavor by pointing out to your own post….the beheavior its a human thing, the topics to act as an “expert” might be gender related. but hey who knows

  • Anonymous

    Just because you’ve gone to and lived in South America doesn’t make you an expert on S. American travel and dating culture. You’re just one more person with a qualified opinion.

  • flamethrower

    STEM is a very real problem. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics are all the major fields that women are not entering. they have a majority of graduate degrees but they are underrepresented in STEM fields. Why? WOMEN DONT WANT TO DO THAT SHIT. Regardless, Congress might apply Title IX to the Sciences. Disasterous!

  • flamethrower

    American scientific excellence is a precious national resource. It is the foundation of our economy and of the nation’s health and safety. Norman Augustine, retired CEO of Lockheed Martin, and Burton Richter, Nobel laureate in physics, once pointed out that MIT alone—its faculty, alumni, and staff—started more than 5,000 companies in the past 50 years. Will an academic science that is quota-driven, gender-balanced, cooperative rather than competitive, and less time-consuming produce anything like these results? So far, no one in Congress has even thought to ask.

    don’t listen to STEM women. vi, idiot! read this…

  • flamethrower

    i have to say i agree with whoever said 99% of women will just tell you cockblocking lies, but there is a 1% redeeming force. the above article is written by a woman and it is some of the realest talk ever.

  • Yahyaa

    “Seek out a woman for her beauty, femininity, sexuality, and pleasing, low-maintenance personality, but not for her intelligence.”

    What? Are you talking about one night stand or marriage? I mean, anyone sane who is planning to impregnate a girl would most definitely want to know that she’s not an ogre on the intelligence level.

    This article seems to generalize A LOT.

  • Brian

    I wish I would have heard this years ago. After being raised by domineering women relatives and having mostly bossy female teachers, the main thing learning game did for me was to free my own mind from the years of demasculinizing social conditioning that came from listening to women and being told what to do by women and trying to please these women who are incapable of being happy. Also, I now know that grades don’t mean shit, so I would like to be able to go back to schools and give them the finger. Many women will say do THIS, and then if you actually listen to them, they will then say why did you do THAT? Therefore, props to this post.

  • Anonymous

    damn bro

    u mad

  • chonkers

    RE: 44 Anonymous

    (insert picture of smug face)


    have an upboat!

    hey wow look i’m from reddit too, except i’m not a snide cocksucker

  • Adventure21c


    I love my mom, but here is her advice for me…

    “Go back to your old microbiology job”
    “Buy a car”
    “Get a Turkish girlfriend”
    “Get a nice apartment close to me”

    I’m respectful when she tells me these things, but they go in one ear and out the other.


    The trick is to listen what’s only beneficial to you.

    Everything she told you above she said it for her, her desires. To feel a degree of security, have a readily accessible son for easy and convenient contact and help, to have a daughter-in-law she could feel close to and have fun with, etc.

    Had my own mother told me such things, my responses would’ve been:

    “I have a better job now. I travel the world and live the life of an adventure.”
    “Only if I need it.”
    “Yeah…because it would be easier for you.”
    “If you put me on a trust fund, maybe I’ll think about it.”

    Yeah, I can be that kind of douchebag, but I truly believe the only advice worth keeping to your heart is the one that’ll be beneficial to you, to your desires and wants.

    The key is selective listening.

    My mother had told me,

    “Be a financially capable man.” (so that she can get some financial help from me.)
    “Be a man of success.” (probably she didn’t want me to have the hardship that an unsuccessful man go through.)
    “Don’t be a man who has nothing to give to a woman.” (probably that’s too pathetic.)

    I tend to heed to those kind of advices, or earnest concerns rather, because I have liked the idea.

  • Brian

    @Jay: post 32

    That definitely hasn’t been my experience. Mine has been that most female engineers that are pretty, or even think they are pretty, are basically useless. Granted, their self-image is skewed because there are so few of them around. It’s common when someone says a girl is hot here at the shipyard to have them clarify whether she’s actually hot, or just “shipyard hot”.

    The ugly ones have had to actually get by on their ability, and end up being some of the best engineers around. My boss (who looks like she was probably pretty hot when she was younger) is definitely an exception to the rule as well. But the few things she says about her home life make it pretty obvious that she’s married to an alpha.

    Also, there’s actually one big plus to female engineers. You can generally tell which ones are useless purely on appearance. With the men, you have to deal with them fucking up repeatedly, and cleaning up their mess, before you know you can’t trust them to do real work.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know a woman who has holed her self up in her office/den/basement for the better part of decades studying science/technology/engineering so they can expand or develop new ideas that will advance society? I can’t.

    This is mainly the domain of men. Beta men to be exact. Women won’t do that because they see it as nerdy (uncool) and that is why they despise these beta men. With women comprising more and more of the work force and accumulating more of the wealth, this is the downfall of our society. The service sectors that they excel at won’t ever do anything to advance us.

  • d

    Beta men create stuff – as per STEM because as Freud stated – all of “civilization” and progress and based on rechanneled sex instinct.

    The betas channel their sex instinct – presumably because they are not getting any into productive endeavors and this advances civilization.

    Alphas get all the sex they need so tend not to be STEM.

    And females have no evolutionary reason to channel their sex instinct into productive behavior because they don’t need to pursue sex per se – only a provider.

    Frustrated betas are the key to civilization itself.

  • Flank

    What does your mom & family think about your writing?

  • Bernie

    You mean I should not listen to the sage advice of the yentas on The View?

    Not even Whoopi Goldberg with her poncho, running sneakers and coke bottle glasses?

  • Chad Daring

    Good lord its true. I Know I tend to regurgitate information I read or view, but I always qualify it as not my own, saying “I read” or “I saw” basically letting whoever is on the receiving end that this might in fact be bullshit.

    My favorite real life experience of female bullshittery has to be health. Growing up a fat kid I was never as fit as I am now, and it took me a lot of hard work and research to get here. Ive spent the better part of 15 months reading, working, and testing what works for weight loss, muscle gain, and general good health.

    Without fail, wherever I go if I mention my recent trend in healthy living and weight loss some FAT girl or some clearly out of shape woman will come out of the wood work to not just give her opinion, but tell me why I’m wrong.

    I try to be reasonable, and explain that Ive lost almost 50lbs, while consistently adding muscle mass.

    “Yes, but… you should *something about raw food* blah blah *read this in a magazine* blah blah ”

    All the while getting winded from the effort it takes to simply put that sentence together.

    What gets me is the arrogance. It isnt that women are wrong, its not that they think they’re right, we all think we’re right, its that, regardless of the facts, they KNOW they’re right and the basis of that is usually “my ovaries told me so”

  • Johnny Mac

    @Roosh #20
    yeah, you’d go back to your old job just to support that optional lifestyle of a car, girlfriend and house. makes sense, doesn’t it? Well, I think its a generational thing. No wonder your mom is proposing that stuff.

    Keep doing whatever your heart tells you is right.

    btw, Turkish girls can be damn hot. They look like Colombians. You should jump the Istmus and pay Istanbul a visit. If not for you, do it for the blog and your readers. You owe us that. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever her thoughts are about changing the world after 3 weeks in Bolivia, contradictory and shallow as they are, couldn’t be much worse than the current “rape everyone who isn’t rich” way the world’s economy is being administered. Just sayin’.

  • Lolz Unrated

    Okay. So Roosh here is making a generalization. And sometimes I love generalizations, sometimes I hate them.

    But I think that what he says here applies a whole lot to American women and less so to foreigners. The thing with US, there is this belief that everyone’s opinion has an equal weight. Kids have had that idea beaten into them by the school teachers quite thoroughly.
    Now with men, there are always arguments, debates, put-downs. If you continue spewing shit opinions out of your mouth you will be put into place by men that know their shit. Plus men are hierarchical so we naturally accept the opinion of an expert.

    Not so with women. They are precious little flowers that could do no wrong. Hence their opinions are pure gold.

    Foreign women in my experience are much more humble with their opinions.

    So. Yes, you should not follow a woman’s opinion blindly. But it’s okay to consider it.

  • Roosh

    “Foreign women in my experience are much more humble with their opinions.”

    Yup. A problem with a lot of them is they rarely share their opinions and just go along with whatever you say/do. I much prefer that than American woman method of jamming shit down your throat.

  • Lolz Unrated

    “A problem with a lot of them is they rarely share their opinions and just go along with whatever you say/do.”

    I think they become less restrained with time. At least about the topics they legitimately know about.
    Although that’s kind of a tricky topic.

    I don’t have good statistics on LTR with different foreigners, but for Easter Europeans you have to stay alpha all the time or they naturally become the man in the relationship.

  • Timothy

    Something I read in Esquire some time ago stuck with me. It’s from the “What I’ve Learned” section:

    “Listen twice as much as you talk, and when you talk, ask a question.”

    I can’t recall who this quote was attributed to, but it’s something to live by. A woman’s first instinct is to TALK. No matter what, she thinks she should be SAYING something. They are more interested in being heard – not necessarily arriving at consensus on their opinions. Does your girl ever ramble on about something or someone you have NO interest in or know, and actually get annoyed when you don’t acknowledge that she’s speaking? She doesn’t give a fuck if you’re interested or care. She just wants someone to be listening and have her “feelings” acknowledged.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree, as long as we’re talking about men too. Nothing worse than hearing some nerd drivel on about libertarianism because he read Atlas Shrugged.

  • Zigote

    Roosh, this is The-Spearhead worthy, please submit this article over there and get yourself more exposure.

  • Zigote

    I’ve thought about this for a while, and I think it’s because women don’t have a good mind for logic; i.e. they’re susceptible to logically fallacious thinking. They appeal to authority without realizing there is disagreement amongst authority figures (e.g. one climate change article is pure authoritative truth to them simply because it is published writing). They’re inclined to think in false dilemmas. They don’t understand concepts like “theory”; i.e. they can’t understand that scientific claims started as conjecture and have only been corroborated, many times minimally corroborated; there is room for refutation. They don’t understand skepticism about their own thoughts, in much the same way they don’t understand skepticism about their own feelings. At least not in their personal or social life. In the workplace or university or places like that they’re more diffident.

    Basically, it stems from the same reason women are more inclined to believe in horoscopes and shit like that.


  • hydrogonian

    these comments are amazingly free of trolls, given the subject

    there is also a very relevant, nay crucial, game element to be learned from the dichotomy between logical thought processes of men and women. That is that you shouldn’t ever give women advice. When you happen to be a logical man, its natural to want to do that. Women don’t want to hear it, over time. Just nod your head and agree with any bullshit that comes out of her mouth, or somehow communicate that you want her to shut up. But don’t get into an advice giving habit.

    The exception seems to be in the very beginning of a hookup/relationship, wherein you can come off as a bit more daddy/authoritarian with your smarts, which can help you along if you aren’t a total robot. But once its passed the first week, shut the fuck up and let her believe her own bullshit.

  • Timothy

    @62 hydro…I understand where you’re going with this. It’s that scenario where a woman claims to not want you to advise her or solve her problems, but merely wants you to listen to her unburden herself. At which point men think, “if you don’t want me to solve it, don’t bring it to me.”

  • hydrogonian

    Right…like every day after work. Or when she’s complaining that she doesn’t make enough money, complaining about whatever social drama she’s experiencing, etc… If she tells you that the sky is green, just nod your head.

    Women will first appreciate advice, and then resent it after a while. The things that she will need advice on will be ceaseless… Therefore, you have to resign yourself to creating the right interpersonal dynamic (just listening to her) rather than trying to solve her problems with logic. Unless those problems affect you.

  • Anonymous


    I agree to a point, but you aren’t mentioning the other issue with just agreeing and nodding.

    Women abhor most forms of ambiguity, especially ambivalence. Unless you plan to agree and explain how she is right and sell your soul to the devil in exchange for the perfect poker face, she will see through your simple agree and nod over time. They may be logically dumb in general, but woman are still instinctive.

    She actually wants the argument over how your advice is stupid, inappropriate, insensitive, blah, blah for her “particular” situation. She thrives off of the interaction, whether the topic is positive or negative (since illogical thought including trashing close friends does not require the need to separate).

    She doesn’t really even want you to agree with her most of the time. If it’s family, personal, or work related, agree 99% of the time. If it’s theory based bullshit or scientific anomalies, she actually just wants the debate.

    Yes, I often make the mistake of giving a certain woman logical advice and it fucks me every time. And because this trait exists within almost every women you will even meet, its not as simple as nod and agree. If you spend any serious time with any woman and still want to keep some form of dignity intact, you just have to tell a bitch when she’s way off base. Deep down she loves being told to shut the fuck up, so it eventually works out, of course after the ensuing argument.

    There is no solution except in finding the hottest girl that you can stand for any decent period of time and enjoy the moments where she isn’t trying to be intelligent. Otherwise, accept that this is just part of the game.

    Yes, it is less of an issue when you talk to women in non-westernized countries.

  • hydrogonian

    Well, if she asks your opinion (wants a debate) then feel free.

    What I’m talking about is the more frequent times when she is just railing on about her problems. All women do this.

    If you argue with/correct/advise a woman too much and always subvert her illogical opinions, unless you are her father, then she will resent it after a while. It will suck the sex out of the relationship. Its much cooler to just be laid back about whatever it is that she’s illogical about, perhaps smile a little, and tell her uncondescendingly that she’s cute (as in change the subject). Or lead her on with a line of questioning that will allow her to arrive at the correct logic herself(although unnecessary).

    Of course, the rare egghead woman might like to debate a little more. But I’ve never met a guy, who is good with women, who agrees with those women enough to make them compatible as mates. Its usually the beta type pro-feminist kiss ass who is that type of woman’s ‘debate friend’. And even then, a more masculine guy can come along, who doesn’t debate her at all, and sweep her off of her feet.

  • sabril

    It’s true that a lot of men are the same way.

    But I still think Roosh has a point. Look at it this way: Once in a while you meet someone and come away thinking “wow, that guy really knows what he’s talking about.”

    Of people who are genuine experts on a subject, about 95% are men and 5% are girls. (This excludes stuff like entertainment and celebrity gossip. A lot of girls have very impressive knowledge of celebrity gossip.)

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  • Lemon

    Really, it’s simple. The only thing that women are reliably expert on is children, family, and cooking. As a man gets older, he learns to appreciate how important these things are, and he will defer to a woman (his wife) on all matters pertaining.

    But work, technology, etc? No way.

  • Timothy

    There’s a line in “The Dark Knight” that comes to mind. It’s the scene where Salvatore Maroni (Eric Roberts) is in the club with his bimbo, and she says, “Can’t we go someplace quieter? We can’t hear each other talk.” He replies, “What makes you think I want to hear you talk?” Now tell me every man on this site hasn’t had that exact thought dozens of times!

  • mikeraw

    Roosh, you’re a cool guy and I like you, but you’re not a South American dating expert.

    I cringe at some descriptions of your interactions down there. But from the sounds of it, you’re sticking mostly to clubs towards the low end of the class totem pole… I know all of my friends, family, and acquaintances in Nicaragua would stay away from you (especially the really conceited, stuffy girls), at least based on outward first impressions.

    Don’t take it personal, though… it’s about that whole “it-takes-10,000-hours-to-be-an-expert) thing.

  • PeteinBrazil

    This reminds me of some story I heard of the guy who started McDonald’s. He tells his wife he is going to open another one and she says something like “but you already have one”. Women are pretty retarded one you leave a middle school classroom situation. Name one Wmen to start a famous company or franchise, case closed

  • Peter

    I read this to my girlfriend and she laughed and agreed.

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  • Anonymous

    Bullshit. Men are dumb and day by day this is becoming more obvious to everyone. You may be able to physically over power us, but we trump you men when it comes to mental abilities.

  • Anonymous

    75 anon– well you FEEL that way, so you must be right! And that’s evidenced by womens’ great inventions in the realm of..medicine? electronics?…no… music? …no…, you still FEEL that way, so facts don’t matter.

  • PhilosopherKing

    “The price of sex is the company of a woman”

    One has to understand women are not truly interested in ANYTHING . They will only do or learn things that garner a practical result or appeal to their emotions or love. For example, women are interested in fashion, beauty, shopping, romance, relationships, etc, because it benefits them in their search for love.

    For men love is the spice of life, for women love is life. Nothing not of practical interest really concerns them. Only time they are engaged is when emotions or personal revelation is involved. They are not objectively interested in any topic or subject. Think about it, cars, science, philosophy, theology, anthropology, technology, geopolitics, name any subject. Womens interests are confined to those of practical concern: health, diet, fitness, homemaking, etc

    The acclaimed equality of women is based on nothing but social revolutions, nothing new in physical or social science has brought about a change of views.

    Read:: Enlightening, must read!!!
    Schopenhauer – On Women

  • AR

    This is sheer unadulterated brilliance. LOVE IT.

  • Theodora

    @77 PhilosopherKing:

    You had a point there, but lost it when you quoted Schopenhauer..I have a quote for you:

    “But an examination of his life reveals a yearning for marriage frustrated by a train of rejections.” In the year 1831, Schopenhauer fell in love with a girl named Flora Weiss. At a boat party in Germany he made his advance by offering her a bunch of grapes. Flora’s diary records this event as follows: “I didn’t want the grapes because old Schopenhauer had touched them, so I let them slide, quite gently into the water.” Apparently, she was underwhelmed.”

    “The Leuven Philosophy Newsletter”. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. pp. 42–43.

    If you ever had a girlfriend who actually liked you and you liked her back then maybe your own thoughts are better than his on women! Then again maybe you’re both prejudiced pessimists..

  • Anonymous

    …or maybe it’s the fact that the type of women a bunch of dumbass think-with-your-dick types like you are able to pull tend to be, well, dumbasses too?

  • PhilosopherKing

    @79 Theodora

    This has been the view of philosophers and students of the feminine gender throughout the ages. The problem is most men cannot objectively study women because they are fooled by their appearance and emotions. Schopenhauer only made it explicit. I have no problem with women, I just find their minds boring, not their bodies. Any man of intelligence will find them boring intellectually. And there again, females can only think of things or hold views on things that are personal, that is why you assume that men who critique women’s nature have trouble with women, when we are just stating reality.

    Schopenhauer was not successful with women, but that does not make his statements false! It could be affected by his life, or maybe he’s stating truth as he knows it? Use some logical thinking, I know its difficult.

    Observe women objectively and see if you think differently, don’t involve your personal bad experiences or your emotions. And this view leads to success with women, quite paradoxically, just dont state it directly but think and act like it.

  • Theodora

    @ 81 PhilosopherKing

    I’m sure you’ll eventually realize the paradox of valuing the views of “students of the feminine gender”(!!). Meaning, if I think of something as of lesser value/interest, I would definitely NOT go study it. OR trust a person who does (astrologers come to mind).

    Second, it’s sad that you haven’t met any interesting women so far (your prejudice may be the reason why though, ie you never expect to meet one, so you never do as in the self-fulfilling prophecy). I have met an equal number of stupid guys and girls in my life, and I’m sure you will too eventually as you grow older. So you’ll see that “stating reality” is not as clear-cut as you might think now.

    I’m all into Philospohy, I couldn’t live without it, but at some point you’ll stop idolizing certain people and you’ll see that some of their views were awesome, but others were plain wrong/prejudiced, cause they were only human, just like you and me and “boring” women and “stupid” guys. Human nature is bigger than genders.

  • nomad77

    While I am in general agreement with a lot of your view points I would have to disagree here. I think you are being a bit rough on women. Because a lot of men I know, talk about a lot of shit, they know nothing about.

    Personally, I use women as my top business advisors and have had great success with them. My lawyers, accountants, realtors, doctors, dentists, actually all my professional consultants are women.

    I agree that when it comes to relationships and women you should not listen to women but there are no more or less proficient in other areas than men.

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  • Dan

    Waw. You are so sexist. I’ve learn a lot a good things from girls.

  • Anonymous

    How do you know a woman is talking shit? Her lips are moving.
    I never listen to what a woman says because it has no relevance to reality.

  • Anonymous

    I am dumbfounded by the rampant sexism and misogyny in both the original post and the comments.

  • Rasha

    I think Roosh has cracked the code of the female “mystery.”

    Now I get the joke of the old man who died laughing when he figured out women.

    It was all so simple.

  • I’m a girl. You’re an idiot.

    “Too many guys before me allowed her to ramble on about nonsense without telling her to shut the fuck up, and because of that she actually believes that she possesses wisdom or knows how to solve problems like men have done for centuries.”

    Are you serious? Is this some kind of joke, or do you actually believe this is true? And shame on every single person who commented their overall agreement.

    I’ve met my fair share of stupid people-some male, some female-but I must congratulate you when I say that you take the cake. Your bigotry is insurmountably more insulting than anything else I’ve heard in my life so far. I’m going to surmise that 99% of the people on this site are 40 year-old virgins with little more to do than sit at their computers munching on Cheetos and insulting an entire gender.

    I can’t even begin to express how stupid you really are. I’m in total and utter agreement with 87 Anonymous.

    Grow the hell up. You’re all idiots.

  • Dini

    If Patrick Bateman had a blog, it would read exactly like this. Although I’m sure you’re nowhere near as attractive or rich. Only equally sociopathic.

  • youngturk

    Women are boring is an objective fact. Yes, they can be great at their jobs or know a lot of what has practical application, but there are extremely few women intellectuals. Women who are interested in things for their own sake, women who are genuinely curious and want to understand how the world works. Look at what women read, what books they consume, what they talk about, what ideas they hold, examine for yourself. The topics women are interested in can be counted on one hand, while truly educated men are interested in everything. If there are women like this please let me know, I would love to meet them

  • Mr. Mitchell

    I take a quote from “Crashing Thunder: The Autobiography of An American Indian”:

    “My son, when you get married, do not make an idol of the woman you marry; do not worship her. If you worship a woman she will insist upon greater and greater worship as time goes on. This is what the old people used to say. They always preached against those men who hearken too strongly to the words of women; who are the slaves of women. Now it may happen that a man has received many warnings as to his behavior in this regard and that he pays no attention to them. It may go so far that when he is asked to attend a war-bundle feast he will refuse to go…after a while he will not be allowed to go to any feast; his wife will not let him. He will listen to the voice of his wife. His relatives will scold him, his sisters will think nothing of him…Finally when he has become a real slave of his wife he will even hit his relatives if she asks him to. It is for these reasons that I warn you not to listen to women.”

    Heed counsel of the wise…Cheers galore!

  • Timbo

    This is great and all, but what actionable things can you do or say to ignore what they have to say, and how they negatively treat/test you?

  • Anne Lindberg

    OMG what planet are you guys living on!!!!! This is the most ridiculous comments I have ever read.You seriously need to look at yourselves and ask why the women i your lives treat you as they do? And why they talt to you as they do!!! MAN UP!!!!!!

  • Nathanielle

    Yeah, intelligence is a gender thing, come on people. A woman is only good for femininity so a man must only be good for masculinity, now go grab your spear and hunt us some dinner, stop jabbering on with all this intelligence nonsense.

  • Rocinante

    “…I am dumbfounded by the rampant sexism and misogyny in both the original post and the comments…..”
    Ummmm…, dear, you were found dumb before you got to this site, “..rampant sexism AND misogyny..”, GOSH!!, do those two qualities really go together, or aren’t they kinda one in the same?


  • PJ

    I can’t defend women. I’m only one of millions and have no obligation to be the representative for all. But I think a line by the mother in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ sums it up nicely. ‘A man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck…’

    As for the rambling about male versus female logic, I can only share my own personal experiences. And they mirror the above in spirit.

    *Yes dear. You are a strong man.

    *Yes dear. You’re the one with the mad mechanical skills.

    *Yes dear. You’re the only one strong enough to get the tire iron to move.

    *Yes dear.
    *I see.
    *Yes dear.
    *Uh huh…
    *Yes dear, we both know I stink at math.
    *Yes. There is no other reasonable explanation.
    *You’re right.
    *Of course you’re right.

    *But my love… it’s a Saab. You must put it in reverse for it to start.


    I have found myself staring at a train wreck for the last four hours or so and I’ve been thoroughly entertained.

    I’ll return once I get my vision back in a few days.

  • mo

    i agree with your message “never listen to a woman”… but what worries me these days is that a lot (and i mean a LOT) of men now fit the very description you gave above, about women. men have become extremely feminine, and i find it absolutely revolting.

  • skwisgaar12

    This is dumb. Anyone who at least graduated high school knows that the smartest kids were mostly women. Not by that much, but at least 60% of any college is made up of women. Never listening to women and telling them to shut up wont get you anywhere. I am an American girl and I cant read one of your posts without getting offended. It’s not right the way you think of women, its not right the way you generalize woman, and its not right the way you get other people to think this way.

  • The Big Bang!

    I want to get laid with Rooshv, now that’s a woman!

  • Nouseforaname

    women are things

  • Sebastian Cohen

    The problem with most females who read things like these and complain, is that they present themselves as being incapable of objectivity, and actually listening and figuring out the points being presented from the author’s perspective. They only seem to read “oh it’s demeaning to women! I must object!!”, and “oh no its politically correct!!”. They seem incapable of trying to understand how and why the article was written. All they see is an attack on women and not the events and reasons which leads a man to have beliefs like these (which yes I do concur with, having far too many experiences like these growing up).

    In short, often, (in fact closer to 99% the time), women are incapable of actually separating their feelings from their logic, much to the chagrin of us men, who often prefer to leave “feelings” at the table and discuss the subject rationally and more objectively.

    Sure, there are men like this too, but there are way more many men who have the humility to know that he is wrong and shut up than women, who when you get into an argument them often present useless rhetoric and “win” the argument more by acting emotionally, resorting to ad hominem personal attacks and falling on non-sequitur logic. Women who are not like this are a rare breed (which is why we should appreciate females as special as that breed, because they are very rare indeed).

  • madmax

    100 per cent agree. Women just talk ridiculous nonsense. Moreover, what they talk about and what they want to hear, is just mindless pap, junk. 90 per cent of them are shallow in thought.

    Case in point, the girl who wrote comment #89 is a good example of the above.

  • madmax

    some of women’s most ridiculous advice that they give, is about dating. Ah ah, crap like ‘I just want a guy who makes me laugh’.

    I never read a book written by a woman. I wasn’t so selective before, but now I am. The reality is, women have many fallacies, issues, and just crap beliefs. I don’t want these installed in my conscious mind. Crap like ‘just be yourself’, ‘just be confident’.

    The world was built by men, not women.

  • Sarah

    By your own standards, you are unqualified to say anything about the “average American woman” or really any woman at all, as you lack even standard knowledge on the subject.From what I can surmise from your blog, your expertise boils down to how to get certain women into bed. Once there however, you retreat into your head, and obsessively calibrate the current conquest’s influence on your scrolling self-worth ticker. The end product of a decade’s worth of these hollow interactions is very little real information about women or any human apart from yourself. You do seem to know quite a bit about what you want and who will give it to you. So please, follow your own advice and stick to what you know. Do not presume to believe that you can write anything of substance about women, about whom you have compiled a “flawed and shockingly incomplete body of knowledge.”

  • Sarah

    Also, Sebastian Cohen (#102)-
    I’m considering writing a paper about women’s almost universal deficiency in rationality and objectivity. I was quite impressed by your demonstration of these very faculties when you argued, “In short, often, (in fact closer to 99% the time), women are incapable of actually separating their feelings from their logic…”
    Please forward me a reference for the empirical investigation on which these conclusions were founded. Your assistance in furthering study into this matter is much appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    i read that it times magazine it said mens neurons are more closely packed together, womens brains cells are spaced out which is why most women arent very good at abstract thought

    i just take it as a fact that women are objectively dumber

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  • Howard Blasingame

    Women control men sexually & emotionally & they continuously test our commitment

  • madmax

    # 106 Sarah, the way you express yourself is unsexy and unfeminine. You don’t need to impress us with your grammatical accuracy.

    As men, all we give a shit about is how hot and sexy you are. So focus on these things, don’t worry about your dissertation shit. Is your pussy dripping wet? Focus on that.

  • Raul Felix

    Exactly. You want to consult experts of certain subject matters. I read your stuff because I know you’re a subject matter expert in the game. A few other writers. I read Nate Green because he is a subject matter expert in Nutrition. Ramit Sethi, a subject matter expert in Personal Finance. Very few woman know as much as these men do, so I never seek their advice in that shit or anything else for that matter. Only when I’m truly confident someone knows their shit, will I pay serious attention to them.

  • :)

    The male ego is such a predictable thing.

  • Joe

    Amazing article, you have right on the money, I have re read this several times and it gives support to men, could you please write some more on this – never listen to a woman, or let them effect you..thank you

  • Mark

    “”This reminds me of some story I heard of the guy who started McDonald’s. He tells his wife he is going to open another one and she says something like “but you already have one”. Women are pretty retarded one you leave a middle school classroom situation. Name one Wmen to start a famous company or franchise, case closed””

    This is because wimmin have the financial acumen of a dead rodent! Why do you wimmin owned and runned business’s only attribute to 5% of GDP…yet government jobs are 62% of wimmin employees…..wimmin want the gravy jobs….government…big money less work!

  • Father Marker

    Speaking as a Christian it seems to me that very few have observed that the first sin of the first man was not to eat the fruit. It was to listen to the woman. We’ve been in trouble ever since.

  • Shivalingam.

    Listen to your Mother till you are in Her care, and as far as nourishment, health and being a good human being are concerned. When You take off and for all else, You are the Man. Mothers love their Sons more when they see them become Good Men. My Mother used to tell me when I was a boy, ” you are what you are because of what I am, I lovingly and impatiently wait to see the time when I will be because of what You are, My Son.

  • Shivalingam.

    And woman came from a Mans rib. I love ribs..licking, sucking, sniffing, savoring their most unimaginable contours…. the most proportionate ones…

  • Greg


    These liberal-minded bimbos are so sickening. Their influences are all over the teevee screen. Liberal bimbos and other assorted characters talking out of their asses on most every channel one comes across these days.

    These air-heads think men are intimidated by them…no, repulsed by the joke that is the average female these days. Most of them don’t even have individual personalities, they’re just a big cult of indoctrinated characters….They’re all like parts of a gigantic robot that is liberal feminism.

    I do not bow down to women nor take their shit. I’ll tell them to STFU and get the fuck out in a heartbeat. I’m sick of these timid over-emotional creatures thinking they’re greater than a man. They think they’re saviors of the world with their liberal indoctrination but the bimbos are products of the marxist/communist doctrine which will (and is) lead to poverty, genocide,mass rape and destruction of the Western world.

    I could dish out fact after fact about what is happeining in America and to the Western world and who is behind it and all a liberal bimbo could say in response is……

    “Sexist, racist, Nazi, redneck, old-fashioned, ignorant, uneducated….etc.etc.etc.” And then pat herself on the back for her intellectually intelligent response aka teevee/public education indoctrination.

    Most women today do not have an original thought in their heads…everything is force fed through the media.

    The sad thing is that many men have become limp-wristed in their attempts to please these mentally/emotionally impaired thingys called women.

    Get the women and the men will follow…Straight out of the commie playbook.


  • Alex

    To # 115,

    That allegory gives us more insight into the male-female dynamic and truth of the weak points of each of the sexes than anything else.

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  • Frank

    If this blog post was gender neutral I’d be right there with you in agreeance that yes, you shouldn’t listen to misinformed idiots, because they will lead you astray.

    However, making this gender specific just shows your own ignorance to the equal number of men who show these exact kinds of behaviour. This also makes you one of them.

    I will bet you all $1000 that the women this man somehow manages to have sex with have NO idea about his narrow-minded, sexist blog. Yes, some women like a ‘bad boy’, but no sane woman would voluntarily bed someone who would openly and incorrectly insult her in this fashion.

    I feel embarrassed for my gender.

  • Tessa

    I have no idea why you think you’re bringing anything useful to society with this blog.

    You are clearly completely in love with everything you say and bitter to the whole female gender.

    I have no idea why you feel victimized by women who display intelligence and conversation, but i’d guess it’s probably because you don’t have it.

    Go educate yourself about gender roles, sexism, male privilege, and then look back at what you’ve written.

  • Soviet71

    I’m a man, I love all women, they’re the bright in my life, they’re what make this world have a true sense for me, I repect them, want them and I am witness of many of the amazing things they can do, also, I’m not an expert on any subject, no psychologist, no degrees… I haven’t done any research on how women’s minds work… nothing, but, with all that being said, I agree with this article… just because of life experiencies. I used to follow all girls advices, I was that guy who actually believed that women knew everything, that the things I believed I had to do were actually wrong. So me, following their advices through my life: fails after fails after fails of following women’s advices on almost any subjects (studies, relationships, work, personal insecurities, etc) I realized that they simply wouldn’t work for me as a man, and that women think with their heart unlike us mens who think with our brains, wich IS NOT a bad thing, but for us will just not simply work thinking like that, at least not for me. I agree with one of the comentaries above wich said that girls put their feelings in almost everything they do, and I came to the conclusion that is not really a problem, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid or that we’re better, they’re just different, it’s just NATURE, that’s the way the world is supposed to be. And women, with all their pros and cons, I still love them all as the amazing human beings they are.

  • Anonymous

    If you guys think women are not good enough to have intelligent discussions with, it’s ok. You rather have that talk with your buddies, and you prefer eyecandy for housekeeping and sex. You get what you want.
    Due to your opinions you’re not the kind of guys I’d go for, so I don’t feel offended if I’m not your type. For that same reason I don’t understand the complaints from women here. We’re not the target audience of this article anyway.

  • Dima

    Roosh, I’m a guy. And I have to say whilst I agree in “general” there’s very SPECIFIC women I’ve met that have had all the good traits you mention…

    Sexy, low maintenance, low-drama, caring, affectionate


    Actual intelligence and humility/inquisitiveness when it comes to subjects they’re not very familiar with.

    These women also tend to know that they’re VERY good catches.

    My best friend whose also one of the best naturals I’ve ever met has dated 2 such women in the last few years and is currently moving in with one of them.

    Basically, these awesome women are out there, and frankly, about as rare as truly successful, happy, and intelligent dudes that have their shit together.

  • Anonymous

    This is pathetic. You are pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, your blog should be called ‘a blog for insecure & frustrated men with tiny wangs’.

  • Tagore

    Oh dear, the irony. Where to begin – firstly, this hilarious overgeneralization makes it
    clear that you pick daft pretty airheads to interact probably because of low self esteem. Now, why would you expect daft airheads to have anything valid to say?

    Self-admittedly, you do not like women who have actual opinions, however well-informed. So, where or when would you ever meet well-educated women with valid opinons and achievements of which there are many? – You wouldn’t. So really, you are unqualified to comment on these women and by your own advice, shut shut up about the topic.

    Also, for someone who is not interested in a woman’s thoughts and intelligence, you whine a lot about their lack and/or level of education. You’re just all around such an inconsistent and miserable man that it makes me laugh.

    I do hope that some day you will meet a woman who takes pity on you and gets all of that nonsense out of your head and stuffs some actual knowledge and appreciation in. You are in dire need.

    Being a mysogynist doesn’t make you an alpha male. It makes you an asshole. You’re welcome.

  • richard

    wicked article and where i used to appreciate a girls sense of humor, now i see it as just another tool used to get under my skin …. sly bitches

  • Not a Farmer

    Amazing. As a woman, I was unaware that I was just a dumb whore who couldn’t contribute anything intellectually. I earn income by teaching certain skills and concepts online. I guess I should make a big disclaimer that I’m female, so that guys like you can avoid “learning” anything from me. But wait. Obviously that would be impossible–to learn anything from me, I mean–because I am a useless, stupid female.

    Again, Comedy Gold! lol

  • Courtney

    I have come to the conclusion that it is a great thing I don’t think like you do because if I did I would think that all boys (you definitely don’t deserve the title of a man) are incompetent assholes. You talk about women as if you know what goes on in our heads yet you have absolutely no knowledge of what truly does, so according you the information you have provided us, everyone on this page should completely ignore you!!

    The girl you will end up with (if anyone would ever even take you) will have no opinions of her own, she will be a twig who dresses and does everything you want her to do. I feel bad for this girl because she will have absolutely no individuality. The reason for this is because she ended up with such a stereotypical, self indulgent asshole.

  • Anonymous

    I am oh so happy that I have finally learned that I am a dumb slut who thinks I know everything. This knowledge has really opened my eyes to see what I truly am. If you had never told me I would have gone on my whole life assuming that men are arrogant, and they assume that THEY know everything. I would have gone on living my life thinking that men only expect women to cook, clean, be quiet and look nice for them. I am so happy you cleared that up for me, thank you!

    Now, if you were to stupid tell that was called sarcasm.

    P.S. I know that not all guys are as naïve and dense as the one who wrote this article.

  • Impressionable Playa

    Thank you Roosh V, you’re right,women must are full of “pompous bullshit”, and there’s no-one better to tell us this than you, a man who writes a pick up website but evidently knows nothing about vaginas on legs, I mean women. I too am a neanderthal, so unsure of my own individual merits that I have to delude myself with the idea that I am part of a superior sex. And if a woman comes along to pull me into the real world by showing that women can be educated, further than reading an article in the paper (women have degrees now, fancy that!) put my hands over my ears and shout “LALALALALA” like a child because respecting, and even learning from a woman would damage my fragile masculinity, and no-one wants that. I, like you, would feel like nothing if I didn’t degrade half the planet’s population.

  • Correcter

    “a competent girl thinks”

    I didn’t know so many oxymorons can be packed into such a small space.

  • Thinker

    The women that are commenting haven’t actually refuted some of the assertions mentioned here in the blog or the article regarding general intellectuals that are men vs. those that are women. The statistics are clear in regards to the great philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, playwrites, authors, artists, etc. Women have a very well regarded place in history where they have had the opportunity to provide the most success…in the home giving support to their husbands and children. There are a number of “white papers” out now that establish definitively that young boys learn much better when taught my male teachers than female. One of my best friend’s wife has two master’s degrees in teaching and math. My son is beginning his final undergraduate year in math. She has no idea about any higher math at all. She could not solve a differential equation or wrap her mind around abstract algebra or real analysis if her life depended on it. Yet she is teaching high school math! The strides that women have made in STEM subjects are nearly non-existent. They are less than 5 percent of the total. Please look at the graduate school admits for the top 100 graduate schools in these areas and get back to us. Could more women in western societies please focus more on being strong wives and homemakers so the men aren’t constantly trolling for sex because their women are totally unwilling to have sex consistently and passionately with their husbands?? Stop blogging and start being there for your husbands day and night. The divorce rate will drop precipitously from 60% to the low teens if you only did what you are supposed to be doing.

  • Thinker

    And the constant ad hominem attacks are not only not assistive by any measure, but just further substantiate that women are ruled nearly entirely by their emotions and leave solid reasoning and logic at the door in most every instant. This forum does not permit the typical many-worded rant that often belies the total lack of foundation for any interchange. Perhaps one of the women will seek to counter or agree and pose solutions by which the masses could benefit. Ladies?

  • Anonymous

    hey Roosh, why does mom your ask to get a Turkish girlfriend? I grew up in Turkey and actually was offended by one of your posts saying “I would rather say i am a dirty muslim Turk”. Dude that is racist, no matter what. Turkish Americans are mostly of high profile, they are well educated and obtained scholarships to study in the universities there.

  • Anonymous

    The article is full of problems (like appealing to authority and some exaggerated generalizations), but it does touch on an a related issue: no matter how educated, women don’t provide refreshing conversations. They steer away from topics which are mentally challenging. Even if they specialize in one, they’ll never discuss it unless they absolutely have to (i.e. job).

    Only once in my long years have I met a woman who willingly initiated or joined in a conversation where the topic was either science, technology, history, philosophy, economics, or politics… and her outrageous stupidity was surpassed only by her disgusting behavior toward anyone who disagreed with her.

    On a final note, as much as this article lacks refinement, the angry replies to it are downright pitiful. Nothing but direct insults, snide remarks, and shaming tactics. Makes a bad article look like gold. It’s almost as if they’re trying to prove it right.

  • Unknown

    Says that guy who has no girlfriend. A lot of girls have very good advice, but you probably think they have bad advice because you got off on the “wrong foot” with many girls because you suck at getting girls. If you actually cared, you can see that girls, well some of us girls, are very intelligent with amazing personalities. We can help because we were in a family once and we know what drama is like. We’ve ALL gone through it. This guy probably was on his “man” period and got all pissed off and wrote a false, idiotic article about his past girlfriends. He doesn’t realize the advantages of having a real girlfriend, or what it is like. You sir, probably dating dumb blond’s with no high artificial intelligence. Fat, alone, eating chips on your couch playing video games is all you are now, and you deserve every second of it. You guys think we have bad ideas or bad advice because you guys don’t listen to us. You aren’t “programmed” to, but we are actually very intelligent creatures/mammals. Have fun being forever alone. By the way, for your next article, you should write how you think men are the over lords of woman.

    P.S. You also have no proof that woman are bad at giving advice, nor do you have the proof that we are only good for our beauty and “part-intelligence” which is actually high intelligence.
    I know woman may change the topic, but men do that , too! Us woman are just like you guys, but not lazy. Not like all you men are lazy, but we change the subject in a conversation because it may be too awkward and/or it may bring back terrible memories. Worst article ever, it’s just a rage note.

  • StoryOfMyLife

    It’s funny reading through some articles and seeing some guys spell woman as “wimmin” and many words wrong. They think we’re the idiots? We’re the ones who know how to cook, how to raise a kid, how to live through pain and anguish, and us woman know how to deal with all the bullshit you dumb men do. You guys sit on the couch asking for sandwiches, playing video games, being over weight, and getting drunk every night, and most of all, you guys cheat on a girl by having sex with another girl behind your girlfriend’s/wife’s back. Funny to see a guy put all his rage in one article because he never had a true, beautiful relationship with a smart girl who loves to keep a conversation going, looking decent, but not to slutty, and listening. Woman are good listeners, cooks, mothers, helpers, and they raised you and took you to the mall to get you clothes that you needed as a kid to live through out the days. I wouldn’t be talking smack about girls if I were you, because you won’t be able to find another girl if you have that mouth… you might as well put a diaper on your face, because that’s where all the shit is coming out of.

  • Extinction

    Frankly, I would not listen to any person who mixes certain thought or opinion with emotion, especially if they are emotionally distressed. Feelings and rational thought do not mix well after all.

  • NotEvenRemotelyInterested

    It’s funny seeing all these inadequate women going batshit crazy because they don’t like what they hear.

    I believe many women who arrive to this page are seeking out misogyny and sexism to justify their uncontrollable anger and bad attitude. Usually you will find that people who are incompetent or inadequate in several ways will always rationalise to themselves why they are not to blame and how it is always someone elses fault.

    It seems the common response they all have is “Enjoy being alone for the rest of your life, you’ll never get a real woman like me”. Scare tactics or what? Funny but I would have thought that was a womans biggest fear…

    It’s bad enough most woman are train-wrecks in their own inimitable way and right, but when they exhibit many of the same fallacies that men have and then go about complaining about these “male traits” you really cannot take most of them seriously.

  • Anonymous

    As a man that just stumbled on this.

    Roosh you are a pathetic excuse for a man, all ego and no substance and butt-hurt at women 1000 times more accomplished than you.I’m wiling to debate this with you here with you in a logical manner. It would be wise to listen t your intellectual superior. Also all you men trying to claim that you are logical and emotional thinkers, that’s one funny joke guys. The pathetic stories people tell themselves…

  • Cynthia

    Brilliant. I advise all men to always listen to this man. Sincerely, Cynthia.

  • son of a beach


    Shut up you bytch

  • Unanimous

    Reading the comments by females on this post affirms the very comments made by Roosh in this post. I’ve met the so-called intelligent women before. Without fail, every single one of them constantly dribbles stupidity out of her mouth. It’s similar to listening to philosophy majors, whether male or female, discuss the issues of the day. Thunderclouds without rain. In conversation, the vast majority of women are extremely boring. The women who aren’t immediately boring to talk with invariably fall into the trap of speaking beyond their understanding. Generally when a woman speaks she becomes less attractive with each word. We men have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit. And if it wasn’t for sex there’d be a bounty on women.

    A perfect example is a rather nice girl I know who thinks she’s very wise. Her girlfriends congratulate her on her writing and the beta males surrounding her do so as well. But what she writes is always rather trite and inane. It is also filled with logical fallacies. If a man were to write such blather his friends would rightfully tear it to shreds.

    I know another woman however who doesn’t write such pap and instead ends up posting quotes, generally from men, that she agrees with. Her only goal in life is to be a faithful wife and loving mother. Normally on a scale of 1-10 she’d only rate a 6 or 7. But because of her goal she immediately rates 3 to 4 points higher. And when she does express her own thoughts it isn’t with the arrogance of the previously mentioned woman. I don’t find the urge to slap her down a few pegs when she voices her opinion. Many of them are still rather trite, but she isn’t trying to pass them off as pearls of wisdom.

    Logical thinking isn’t native to the female brain. I have a good friend who openly admits this and states that she and other women have the logical capacity of Winnie the Pooh. Women wanting to post comments to this thread would do well to remind themselves of this point. Otherwise you’ll end up affirming everything in the OP and looking like a bitter old twat to boot.

    As an aside, tramp stamps, short hair, male mannerisms, and the idiotic idea that you are just like men, is not found attractive by men. We prefer women who are women. Short haired tramp stamped i’m-as-capable-as-a-man-in-all-things women are only good for pump-n-dump. You’ve sold your birthright for a mess of pottage. Or because you’re probably too ignorant due to your so-called education to understand the aforementioned illusion, you traded what makes you distinctly female for a bowl of shit.

  • Unanimous

    *allusion. Damn you autocorrect!

  • A Cruel Heart

    I think you gave too much credit to women in your post. I am of the belief that you should never listen to a woman, full stop.

  • Anonymous

    To all the comments referring to women only being good for a fuck: It’s the women you surround yourself with. You are all drop kicks and if you manage to somehow score with these women they must be as stupid, uneducated and delusional as you, so I understand why you would have issue with them. That being said, no amount of self-hate would bring me to even share the same room as any of you.

    It shocks me that this sort of thinking is still prevalent in society today. But what would I know? I am just a women with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering earning $110K a year. As you said in your post: I only know what I have been taught. Maybe I should stick with what I know and leave the social studies to you big boys.

    (Note: maybe the relationship advice from women is ‘stupid and flawed’ to you because you’ve never been able to hold down a relationship. I wouldn’t blame it on the advice. I would blame it on the fact you have shit for brains and are a disgusting excuse for a human.)

  • Anonymous

    So a man will love a woman if she admits that shes a worthless pile of garbagejusr waiting to be taken out.I get it now :)

    Men love women soo much…






    women just sit around,droling like an idiot while poor men work away.Taking care of the kids and his home and working a job..what does she do??

    shes probably cheating on him…..shes a heartless bitch!

    bo lets kill women..tehe

  • SpaceCowboy

    Why a man should always let the woman speak first.

  • Anonymous

    Almost all of you sound like and actually are just little insecure bitches. Roosh you are a weak, dumb, inexperienced, pathetic, whiny, clueless, narcissistic, sexist, abusive of little to no worth man. You haven’t a fucking clue. Where do you go to get this information!? You can’t go nowhere of quality seeing that this is your opinion. I was born and raised in Eastern Europe and then moved to North America. European women especially Eastern will be polite because most are good natured. Though afterwards will stay the fuck away from you for you are of no worth. Especially Eastern European women who need a real man not a little weak abusive sexist child like you. Dude, you’re fucking ugly and you are telling women that you only talk to attractive women. Nice one bro, seeing that you have nothing to offer and do nothing but expect everything. No intelligent and experienced man will listen and will know that you are full of shit. Asshole how the fuck can you not know that everybody is full of shit and boasts about information that they don’t have from time to time and some often!? You seriously are brainless and dickless. You are one of the most parasitic animal that I have ever come across. I hope you get a clue.

  • Anonymous

    “So a man will love a woman if she admits that shes a worthless pile of garbagejusr waiting to be taken out.I get it now :)

    Men love women soo much…






    women just sit around,droling like an idiot while poor men work away.Taking care of the kids and his home and working a job..what does she do??

    shes probably cheating on him…..shes a heartless bitch!

    bo lets kill women..tehe”

    If you are serious then you are such a worthless piece of human shit. Good luck in life being such a burden to society. Also if you think that way then your mother and your possible sisters are all this…really? Damn, you are a weak bitch.

  • James R.

    150 Anonymous If you are serious then you are such a worthless piece of human waste. You are a burden to society and I hope you receive a grim fate for you are no longer needed. Also I hope a man fucks you up the ass dry. Bye bitch!

  • http://- Free-Man

    Never listen to a woman. Only focus on sleeping with her. When you realise this you graduate and become a Man.

    I wise man once said “We are here for two things, To eat and to fuck”

    Its the ONLY way to keep the right control in the relationship and by doing this you focus on your sexual desire for her.

  • Unboxed

    30+ years ago when I was twenty, I was so confused about women. Nothing they said to me matched what I saw them do. At the community college, there was a lady teacher whom I learned to trust during the course of the night class I was taking. At the end of the semester, I stayed after class and asked her my most troubling question. She was a woman, maybe she could tell me. Why, I asked her, do women tell me the qualities they like in a guy, but as I work to be those qualities, they prefer the guys that treat them like dirt?

    I noticed in her eyes that she saw her answer would be important. She replied: When I am asking a woman what she likes in a guy, I am activating her intellect, and she will present to me an answer from her intellect, saying she likes a nice guy, one who treats her with respect, etc. However, when the woman is, say, out and about in a bar, she will respond to a man with flash, sparkle, a little bit of dirt and disorder, etc. as it is her emotions in operation, not her intellect.

    Finally. An answer that made sense and one that has carried me all of these years. Women have bifurcated minds. One part does not talk to the other part. Kind of Jekyll and Hyde if you ask me. So the comments in this thread that state women are not logical certainly resonate with me. As well, I have also learned to know what a woman can be counted on to know, and what she cannot be counted on to know, even if she presents both with the same conviction. As men, I think we do women a disservice to coddle them intellectually, if that is what we do, and this thread is a testament to how a blunt lack of coddling seems to profoundly shock the women here who read it. Ladies, what you read here is not new. It’s not specific to “losers with small penises” or whatever other furious language you provide. That you believe such invectives will control outcomes is laughable. There is a theology out there that has existed all along, basically indicating that women talk too much and say nothing. I commend this thread for being unapologetic about what men think, even as we walk among you in our daily lives with trained tongues.

  • Li Chéri

    Girls and women have been held back for at least 4000 years, kept from education and work, basically forced into being either wives, nuns or prostitutes. Still there have been quite a few female authors, artists, politicians, great philosophical thinkers, activists, inventors, reformers, leaders etcetera. Women have, despite great adversity and opression, helped change the world. It is thanks to women that not only white rich men have the vote, but peasants like yourself do to. Educate yourself.
    And, may I ask, what have you invented, designed, built, protected and maintained? Do you think that beacuse you have a penis you can claim partnership in the inventions, creations and ideas of Einstein, Tesla, Steve Jobs etcetera? There are plenty of men and women inventors, designers, builders, protectors and maintainers. You are an uneducated, unintelligent misogynist. Do some research before you spout your cretinous idiocies.
    In reality only a handful of extremly powerful men rule and run the world. Opression of women is the consolation prize to unintelligent male wage-slaves who are not part of the top of the hiearchical patriarchy – No matter how powerless and helpless you feel, you can always make a woman feel even more powerless and helpless. Congratulations on being a drone, and for perpetuating the inequalities inherent in the current system.

  • Li Chéri

    Wimmin? Ok, quick lesson:
    One woman
    many/several women.

  • Li Chéri

    The problem with some men is that they deliver emotionally based factless opinions while (misre)presenting them as rational, objective and logical arguments.

  • Abdullah

    LOL at the copious amount of Roosh Haters!

  • Tycoon

    You’re good Li Cheri. You slayed the guy with your comeback.

    Even though you’re probably a Man yourself.

  • arevr18

    Buy why should we listen to you, “anonymous”? You can write about your degree and income all day long, but that doesn’t prove anything. What’s your name, where did you go to college, and who do you work for?
    You are a failure telling lies to make yourself feel better.

  • arevr18


  • bear

    no one gives a fuck

  • Alogon

    ” Woman are good listeners, cooks, mothers, helpers,”

  • Jack LaBear

    Cool, I’m an electrical engineer myself. Analog hardware.
    Let me guess, you’re a SOFTware engineer, aren’t you?
    How feminine!

  • eastwestbrainer

    I make more money than you

  • eastwestbrainer

    On of the most brutal life lessons for highly intelligent men is that even the smartest women are a complete intellectual disappointment.

    Maybe 1 in a trillion is a Marie Curie or Ada Lovelace.

    In these days of feminist double-speak and history-revision notice how women-inventors are ALWAYS “the exception that proves the rule”

  • eastwestbrainer

    Roosh is a better writer than you

    Roosh gets more attention from women than you

    Roosh makes points, you use ad-hominem attacks

    Roosh has a bigger audience than you

    Roosh puts his name on his writing, you’re anonymous

  • eastwestbrainer

    I cook better than you
    I could raise a child equally or better than you can
    I know all about pain and anguish, just as much as you or probably more
    Your list of “guy’s activities” is gay and doesn’t reflect on me
    (Maybe you should improve yourself and get more quality guys like me)

    I guarantee I wouldn’t have a true, beautiful relationship with you. I couldn’t. You’re a CUNT.

  • eastwestbrainer

    Yes, tell us more about the

    dumb blond’s

  • eastwestbrainer

    Work on being concise and forceful.

    You’ll convince more weak-minded people that way.

    They really respect it.

  • eastwestbrainer

    Sorry, I was


  • eastwestbrainer

    She sounds like a great fuck can I get her number off you

  • eastwestbrainer

    Well, his blog comment section provides a valuable outlet for moronic fucks named Tessa,

    although I agree in principle – that doesn’t seem of much use to me either

  • eastwestbrainer

    Good, now broaden that to feeling embarrassed for this whole sick show of humanity and you’ll be the perfect post-feminist redpill man

    Nobody gets a pass

  • eastwestbrainer

    nah, I control them sexually and emotionally

    they spend more time begging for my commitment than testing it, probably because it’s hard to find evidence of something that doesn’t exist

  • eastwestbrainer

    Blah blah blah, if I had a nickel for every time I listened to a feminist “ignore reality, I’ll tell you what’s right to think”..

    Well, I’d have a lot of money but since I don’t really need more, I’m gonna skip the listening and just jump straight to the part where I laugh in your face

    (“But.. but it worked when he was 15, why isn’t it still working on him?!?”)

  • eastwestbrainer

    Like you… just fucking did?

    Literally just now in front of your own dumb-fucking face?

  • eastwestbrainer

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is comedy gold, hold on I need a minute here.

    1) As the “actual” smartest kid in my school, it was patently obvious to me that YES, girls made honor roll more than guys… for parroting back and doing all the assignments like little bitches.

    Meanwhile, the brilliant guys were lol’ing at how stupid the hard workers were, how much effort it took them.. we were already planning our businesses, teaching ourselves programming, and reading literature intended for the adults, not snot-nosed high school kids.

    You think I gave a fuck what grade I got on a social studies diorama? Seriously, do you? Brilliant guys are also filled with testosterone, leading us to not need to get teacher’s approval in the form of grades, before heading for the firmament. I’m just plain smarter than you, sorry – it’s not about a letter grade, it’s about a bell curve.

    I didn’t have time to be #1 in my class, my intellect was needed elsewhere on things that mattered more to me (let me just repeat, since you probably missed it the first time – at high school reunions classmates STILL go out of their way to tell me I’m the smartest person they’ve ever met, and even if they didn’t, I’d know I was anyway.)

    2) Your claim about % of college made up by women proving that women are actually smarter – actually fuck it, I don’t have enough concern with you right now and it’s tedious to me to run through this again. Just know that you’re a moron and please never go into science where your inability to put 2 and 2 together could slow down the development of the human race by a few minutes.

    College is bullshit. I graduated from one in the top 4 in the world. It’s bullshit. It means nothing.

    3) Re ignoring women “never working”: Actually, never listening and telling them to shut up (well, usually just making them feel like idiots when they say stupid things in my presence) has worked just fine for me, and CERTAINLY has worked better for getting girls than any of the “treat them nice” bullshit. Long term or short term, my facts on the ground trump your speculative, insecure fear that Roosh may be right.

    Or in other words, how many women have YOU actually fucked? Because I’ve fucked a ton. But maybe being a woman gives you ton of insight into fucking women? I’m pretty sure not, though. I’m a man, but can’t claim to know much about fucking men. But then what do I know about anything – I wasn’t on honor roll.

    4) “It’s not “RIGHT” for Roosh to point all this out: The best part – I DON’T GIVE A FUCK that you’re offended by reality

    Mother Nature doesn’t care if you think it’s “RIGHT”
    My dick doesn’t care if you think it’s “RIGHT”
    My current bitch doesn’t care if you think it’s “RIGHT”
    My sex-soaked sheets don’t care if you think it’s “RIGHT”

    Feminism can chew dick

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  • Indifferent

    There is a train of thought that men built civilization for women. Then why were the greatest male minds Democritus, Christiaan Huygens, Isaac Newton bachelors and in Newtons case a virgin their entire lives? Because they didnt have a woman on their case telling them alot of horse shit.

  • allsaver

    I am from India. In my country there’s an age old saying; the man who acts upon ideas that come from women is definite to meet his doom. This article reminds me of that saying

  • NotACunt

    You’re definitely the bigger cunt here.

  • woman hater

    i hope your gay because your gonna die alone otherwise

  • flagasaurus

    The amount of additional aid girls receive in engineering, just for having a pair of tits, is astounding. For every one girl in engineering, she has 5 beta orbiters lined up to do her schoolwork just to sit next to her. I agree there are a few true female students that honestly care about learning engineering, but they are exceptionally rare.

    And then besides the beta-orbs, you have a thousand Women-in-(insert activity women suck at), which provide even more additional aid in schooling. What is the end effect of all of this?

    Women devalue engineering degrees for both men and women everywhere.

    In effect, those who truly learned engineering will suffer because of those who slid through the cracks on the chariot of victimhood.

    Why do women ruin everything they touch?
    Absolutely anything that men do better than women, they must organize to invade and destroy. Even engineering, which used to be boring enough to keep them out, is now corrupted with emotional, illogical humans.

  • Lookinfor Buford

    Unfortunately it seems to always be the heady chicks who are DTF

  • People are dumb.

    The virgins have spoken. Ladies and gentlemen, men dislike women who are more intelligent than them. That is sadly the message of this article.

    Listen, dude, I have been in a friendship with a woman for all the 22 years of my life, and there has never been “jealousy, envy, drama, frequent abandonment, and a neverending series of petty fights and backstabbing.” Never once has there been.

    I don’t give care about fashion or the media. Most of the women in my class had higher grades than men, and more women are in college, getting degrees in scientific fields. My sister is becoming an electrical engineer, and I have a Ph. D. in psychology.

    “Seek out a woman for her beauty, femininity, sexuality, and pleasing, low-maintenance personality, but not for her intelligence.”

    Aww, you see you are Iranian and Armenian. It doesn’t surprise me that you dislike American women, because our culture emphasizes freedom for women. You want someone who is dumb and will put up with your so called intelligence, which you clearly lack. You want a submissive woman who will just listen to your so called “knowledge,”which is not useful in the least bit. I mean you all you are doing is blogging, which is a female thing to do, right? Your knowledge just helps the world out like a scientist, or a psychologist right? No? I guess I am more useful than you are Roosh. : ^ ( Imagine that, a woman who is smarter than an MRA blogger.

    Sorry, but where’s your scientific evidence of your generalizations? Nothing? I thought so. So kiss my American grits, and deal with the “pompous bullshit.”

    “I’m wholly unqualified to discuss things like monogamous relationships, maintaining a marriage, or sports.”

    It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t have knowledge of lifelong commitments with women. Jee, I wonder why.

  • Jared Arrevois

    What Roosh is saying goes for western men too.

  • Matt

    I’m from Seneca Falls and it’s appalling how many women call me a male chauvinist pig because I disagree with their opinions on equality, women’s rights, and Pride & Prejudice. Most women don’t know anything about the history of equality and what it actually means.

  • asus kybd

    2-way street, as YOU are being pompous in your assessment. I’d hazard a guess you’re pretty quiet around your women and don’t enjoy conversing.

  • asus kybd

    You have to be good at FAKING a listening stance, is all. Mostly only gay guys will truly listen to the twaddle she spews. When I meet a woman who has $500k in savings, yeah then I’ll listen! But you should still enjoy conversation and TRY to listen to her shit OR you’re not getting any HEAD for years to come (no cum). Best sexlife is with the one you actually are BFF with, mine used to wake me up every Sunday morning with a blowjob. I’d drag my fat hungover ass outta bed and cook her pancakes after. Then we’d watch cartoons and do the crossword puzzle. When the company picnic came around, I had no trouble getting her to wear dental floss shorts to the event, she looked like a total slut! Which won me respect from my boss, they were totally freaked by my playmate.

    You really need to have MONEY to kep a woman, I wouldn’t even stay with some poor schmuch if I were them… I’d lick pussy instead!

  • asus kybd

    Besides, if you’re an ALPHA MALE, you’re not even supposed to be getting angry on these issues, are you? Alpha’s don’t let their babes rile them up, their too in control to even need to write stories like this.

    In which case author is BLOWING SMOKE UP OUR ASSES! Later….

  • asus kybd

    You CHILDREN need to keep one thing in mind about anyone trying to sell you an AGENDA or set of Ebooks: It feathers their nests and has nothing to do with your success, They could care less about where you park your penis, I don’t care either! Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one.

    I see these courses as not much more enlightening than reading Penthouse Forum stories, Oh and you’d better WATCH YOUR ASS for women who cruise these sites as well, ladies are NOT as dumb as you WANT TO BELIEVE. As for only getting good advice from your mother: That’s a momma’s boy right there. No advice from that one required. Or anyone else on the planet, for that matter! Learn some self-sufficiency and whether you have a pussy in your life or not won’t even matter to you because with PEOPLE come PROBLEMS.

  • asus kybd

    Hey…. GET ONE PREGNANT who refuses to have an abortion!
    You’ll regret the day you even came on here.

  • asus kybd

    It’s clear to see WHY the legalized gay marriage in the USA last week.

  • James Force

    How come my comment was detected as spam and deleted?

  • Tomaji

    Most single women seem to have DOGS…many have more than one DOG. I believe this is the perfect “man” for them to be in relationship with. What they were disappointed in with their failed marriages/relationships, and what they want NOW when dating men, is someone who listens to them, obeys them, easily recovers & laughs & smiles when they punish or discipline them, sleeps with them with no demands for sex and is expected to follow THEIR instructions. They get all that from DOGS. And, of course, the men they were with were all WRONG…the woman is ALWAYS RIGHT…that is “equality” in the perverted and spoiled mind of the “modern feminist”. Women operate in a “protective bubble”, but none of them have any idea of this. They don’t have to fight wars. If there’s an argument and she cries, then SHE is the “victim”, therefore she gets her way and is rewarded for this horrible behavior of INEQUALITY. Men need to stand up and “man up” toward a new future where they have respect for expecting a REAL EQUALITY. I love you, you love me and we dance love together EQUALLY. No head games, no controlling behaviors…let go of POWER…only THEN can you have EQUALITY.

  • Tomaji

    You guys are talking WAY TOO MUCH WITH YOUR MOTHERS!!!…how old are you? Maybe the reason is that you won’t, or can’t talk WITH women. You don’t have to listen, ENGAGE in the conversation…if you don’t WANT to talk WITH her about the topic, then say THAT as your INTERACTION. It’s called a RELATE-SHOWN-SHIP for a REASON. One way men FAIL to man-up is by ignoring or walking away, rather than being PRESENT and IN THE MOMENT. One reason the “feminist movement” thinks it’s ALWAYS RIGHT is that men do not MAN-UP and say “WE DON’T AGREE”…or, “OKAY, you get THAT, but what about THIS”…like, if we fight the wars, then what do we get in return for EQUALITY?? …or… since child custody is a “priceless thing” (how much would I have to pay you to give up custody of your child?) – what does the man get in return on his side of the ledger if he has to give up custody of his child?…….. MAN-THE-FUCK-UP!!!!!! Will this help you gain equality?…YES…will this get you LAID?….NO. Watch porn and jerk off, hire a whore or just don’t worry about SEX so much….the feminist are using MEN against MEN this way…..WAKE UP!!!