New Isn’t Always Better

What should the measure of success be for players? Number of notches? Quality of notches? Quantity / quality of sex?

The better my game, the less new notches I get. When you have sex with a growing number of girls, your rolodex gets large. Do I call the girl who is fun and knows how to do the anal move on me that I discovered in Brazil, or do I roll the dice in the field?

There is a large time / money / energy cost to new notches, and many times they are a total bust. I say build a pleasant stable and let that ride until the girls get tired of your shit. Or vice versa. Even lions don’t hunt all the time.

Are You A Heterosexual Man With Standards?

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  • Anonymous

    Young people naturally pay more attention to the negative. Older people are faster than younger people to orient to smiling faces rather than scowling ones in advertisements, finds Laura Carstensen, a professor of psychology at Stanford who studies how age influences time perception and goals. Similarly, young people are quicker to pick up on negative stimuli. This youthful attention to the bad may be a necessary part of growing up—a cognitive mechanism that helps with survival. Since the young are focused on new (and therefore possibly dangerous) experiences and acquaintances, they may be more likely to put themselves in harm’s way. “Young people need to take risks, and as such, they need to pay attention to the potentially negative, to recognize the lion or bear that is going to jump out at them,” Carstensen explains. As we grow older, though, we are increasingly drawn to the familiar, like close friends and relatives. If given a chance to meet either their favorite author or a close friend for lunch, younger people chose the former, while older people preferred the latter.

  • Bobby Rio

    haha my first year in brazil i met a girl who did a really cool doggy style twisting move that would have me explode in seconds…

    haven’t met a girl since who does anything even similiar..

    DAMN… now you’ve got me thinking about that move.

    Bobby Rio’s last blog post: Tucker Max Movie Announced.

  • mike g

    The idea of a “stable” is something I recently learned about and makes alotta sense. I heard the concep tintroduced as a “bullpen” with certain women for designated roles. For example, you wouldnt bring your freaky-party-wild-sex girl to a business party…but she would definitely be the starting “closer” on a night out.
    For me, player status will be attained when I can consistently pull quality 9’s and 10’s into my bullpen…I want an all star team of starting pitchers, middle relief, lefty specialists, and game clinching closers…but with goals like that, I might need the Yankees payroll haha

  • Cocktails & gadgets

    Quality over quantity, all day everyday!

    Cocktails & gadgets’s last blog post: Vodka is making a comeback – Zyr Vodka.

  • Anonymous

    If you banged VK, it’d be worth 100 Heidi Montags. Peace

  • eugenius

    Not so fast…I know everyone will say quality, but in reality good quality or shitty quality become old memories, 50 vagines or 5 quality vagines…ends up being the same thing. Quality only matters if you want to settle down with it, otherwise entertain your 2 inch with it no matter what the quality rating is, life is too short to always look for 10s.

  • Anonymous

    My god, due to the massive amounts of testosterone and ego here there doesn’t seem to be room for any decent postings today.

    Ah well…if you can’t beat ’em then join ’em!

    Ya so..I got some of my bitches and hos here and fuck them up the butt and then dump their worthless asses and they come crawlin’ back fo mo! I’m a playa and learned it all by reading Bang by Roosh!

  • roissy

    the lion just sits around and smacks down a hyena every once in a while, and muscles in on the choicest morsels of the kill that the lionesses hunted. and he does no childrearing. and sleeps and fucks whenever the mood hits him.

    sounds pretty good to me.

    roissy’s last blog post: The Gayest Show On Earth.

  • Joe T.

    Quantity is for losers who try to compensate for lack of QUALITY by banging lots of girls. I’ll rather hold out and have a long dry spell, while concentrating my efforts on bringing in true quality over the long haul. I’ll take quality over quantity any day!!

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Airline Armageddon Seems to Pause.

  • Anonymous

    Those who claim that they will take quality over quantity any day only say so to try to cover up the inability to get some. I bet thats the #1 excuse used when someone asks you why you can’t get ass.

    Quality = overrated

  • Joe T.

    @10 Anonymous…

    Quality = overrated?

    If that’s what you think then:

    1) You must have very low self-esteem because your standards are so low. Self-esteem and standards are ALWAYS inversely proportional…


    2) Your sex drive is ridiculously high as in mutant high, if you’ll sleep with cretinous chicks. All that says is that you’re banging some gruesome looking girls. That’s nothing to be proud of and your turbo-charged sex drive does NOT mitigate that fact. Animals also have turbo-charged sex drives, but I wouldn’t have sex with a goat.

    Your kind of miserable thinking is exactly the crutch a lot of woefully desperate guys in places like DC use to rationalize the fact that they can’t get good-looking pussy. They claim to value quality over quantity and think it makes them appear more manly. Just the opposite is true, because you can never really be a man if you’re sleeping with chicks who look like dogs…

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Airline Armageddon Seems to Pause.

  • Joe T.

    On my post just above, I mean “LOW SELF ESTEEM” and “HIGH STANDARDS” are inversely proportional, of course.

    My bad… now crucify my ass for that mistake.

    Joe T.’s last blog post: Airline Armageddon Seems to Pause.

  • word choice boy

    Joe – so confusing! Why don’t we just say that “high standards” and “high self esteem” go hand-in-hand?

  • mike g

    We all enjoy quality, don’t we?

    …and what’s wrong with quantity? They’re all pink on the inside :) plus, lower quality usually is willing to do more to please you, in my experience

  • DoItRight

    Ahh the classic ROSTER implementation. The roster is hands down the way to go. You get 5 players and maybe a 6th man for the bench. The benefits are obvious and should be noted.

    1) random one night stands usually dont lead to good sex. We all know this. Get a roster and you have some build up of great sex. You have 1 tall sexy one, you have a thick one for doggy, you have one for great head, you have one that does it anywhere you want, one that takes you on trips, etc. You can even teach some of them that great move you learned Brazil.

    2) Get a roster in a few good neighborhoods and a few major cities and you always have a toothbrush, warm pussy, and a bed waiting. You’re at the club and nothing is looking good? You are in PennQuarter? Great! call roster position number 3, tell her you will be over in 15 min. Take her to brunch in the morning.

    3) You will never lose by giving one roster girl too much attention. You will always having to maintain the roster so most girls always are feening for more. Pressed guys always finish last.

    It should be noted that having a roster is like flying many kites at once. As soon as you leave one kite to tend to another one, the original one starts flying away. You have to be on top of it to make sure they all don’t fly away. Very time consuming.

  • Angelo De La Vega

    I’m always annoyed by this quality vs. quantity argument. No reason to knock the gentleman who resists easy ugly tail to wait for something high end; but, at the same time, you certainly can’t criticize the cavalier choices of a chap just seeking something wet for his penis.

    I tend toward the latter category and it has nothing to do with confidence/notches/etc. If I’m out and I find a fun girl with analogous energy, why wouldn’t I enjoy her company until morning?

    Angelo De La Vega’s last blog post: As Clean as Listerine.

  • Todd Hackett

    if roosh was pushing numbers over quality, i’d think his book was garbage. ultimately: numbers (relative) + quality = grand master.

  • Anonymous simplify things for this crowd, one possible definition of a FEMALE = nothing more than a mouth, a pair of boobs, a cunt and an asshole. Who cares about the rest, right? And if you purchase Roosh’s book, you will learn how to access the maximum volume of holes in your neighborhood.

  • Roosh

    I think balance is somewhere in between quantity and quality. There is nothing like banging a beautiful girl, but there is also nothing like banging a lot of girls.

    “And if you purchase Roosh’s book, you will learn how to access the maximum volume of holes in your neighborhood.”


  • Todd Hackett

    the key then would be having a choice

  • leena

    allocation is key (different neighborhoods) -unless your game is so tight that the ladies being aware of being one of many on your roster just dont care… but instead try to please you harder in an effort of being you main or only girl.

  • angela

    i hope more and more women read this blog and stop acting like stupid, desperate whores. i think this is great. pass this on to everyone you know that way maybe the next generation won’t have it so fucking easy…no pun intended.

  • leena

    angela…. my point in the previous post was, some girls “just don’t care” -and reading this blog, similar blogs, and the comments posted here, wont change that.

  • Jennifer

    yeah Angela!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Roosh:
    I hope that someday you realize that there is more to a woman than the sum of her holes.

  • angela

    leena-i understand your point but i am referring to the younger generation that is coming up that are unaware about how men really are.

  • JC

    In his posts lately , it seems Roosh may be experiencing a form of existential angst.

    Lifted from Wikipedia …

    “” Existentialism
    A different but related meaning is used by existentialists, first attributed to Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard (1813–1855).

    In The Concept of Anxiety, Kierkegaard used the word Angest (Danish, meaning “dread”) to describe a profound and deep-seated spiritual condition of insecurity and despair in the free human being.

    Where the animal is a slave to its instincts but always confident in its own actions, Kierkegaard believed that the freedom given to mankind leaves the human in a constant fear of failing its responsibilities to God.

    Kierkegaard’s concept of angst is considered to be an important stepping stone for 20th-century existentialism.

    While Kierkegaard’s feeling of angst is fear of actual responsibility to God, in modern use, angst was broadened by the later existentialists to include general frustration associated with the conflict between actual responsibilities to self, one’s principles, and others (possibly including God). Martin Heidegger used the term in a slightly different way. “”

    ….. Where the animal is a slave to its instincts but always confident in its own actions.

    Holy cow … that describes men in general.


  • Roosh

    It’s more simple than that.

    I’m freaking out about what i’m going to do with my life, and where I’m going to do it.

    The existentialism crisis was a couple years ago.

  • angela

    its called a quarter life crisis.

  • InterestedParty

    I FEEL you on this post. Having some interesting women who are willing have sex with you is often better than “new” sex. As you said, most new women you pursue aren’t worth it.

    There are several women I’ve known, all of whom I’d trade in for one or two particular women. There are women out there who are worth 10 “regular” women.

  • Nina

    it’s common sense! After words (it could be good as heaven or hell), nothing is better than “new sex”