New Year’s Musings

I am sitting here at 10:16PM and I haven’t written anything for my now regular Friday spot. I usually try to find inspiration around mid-week but this week I got caught up in the holiday spirit and never got around to it. My usual routine is to sit down at my computer on Tuesday and think of the something that has been interesting me lately and that fits into the general spirit of Roosh’s blog (male-female dynamics, social commentary, sex, etc). Right now I have nothing and I am just writing stream of consciousness style until I get an idea. By the way, Roosh has never once told what I should or should not write: he gives me complete ‘artistic freedom’ (if you can associate any of this with “art”).

Since this is the last post of 2006, I suppose I could offer some New Year’s thoughts. I have been thinking about New Year’s resolutions lately. I never used to make any, but I think I will this year. I used to think they were lame because I felt personal improvement is something people should do year-round. It shouldn’t be some special once-a-year deal that you forget about by mid-February.

But I have been taking stock of things lately and I decided there are some good habits I would like to develop, and some bad habits I would like to get rid of. So this year, I will make some resolutions. I figure if personal improvement is a year-round thing, there is no reason not to start on January 1, 2007. So here is my list of things I would like to do more of, and things I would like to do less of.

1. Do something for my health every day. It can be lifting weights, yoga, Tai Chi, whatever, just something for my body each day. As my girl said recently, our bodies are the one thing that goes with us no matter where we are, so we should make taking care of them #1.

2. Do something for my mind every day. It can be reading a book, solving a sudoku puzzle, playing chess, anything that makes me think or adds to my understanding of the world. Reading does not count.

3. Do some relaxation work every day. Deep breathing, meditation, progressive relaxation. Everyone is too tense, including me. ‘Nuff said.

4. Do not do amusing but mindless things like read blogs or look at porn until after I have done the three things above. Nothing against you bloggers (or porn stars) out there, but it’s time to set some priorities.

That’s it. I think if I accomplish those things, even in a small way each day, I’ll be a better person by Januray 1, 2008. I wish everyone luck with their personal goals for 2007, whatever they may be.

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