No Girl Can Hurt A Man With Options

I’ve been fortunate and hard-working enough to fornicate with many great girls in my life. I can confidently say that being with them at the time made my life brighter than not, but even in spite of this, there is one fact I cannot deny: losing them all has not decreased my happiness. No matter how great a girl was, no matter how close the emotional attachment I had to her was, and no matter how mind blowing the sex was, my long-term happiness has not suffered any harm from ending relationships with them.

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of sappy “I need advice with this one special girl” requests on the internet where a man is depressed because he lost his girl. Why do these guys seem to have their happiness irreparably harmed while players don’t? Why do some guys linger on past relationships more than others? The simple reason is that players cope by having sex with new women. It’s quite astonishing how a new vagina makes you forget an old vagina, even if that old vagina was far superior.

It’s happened to me a couple times where I broke up with an especially amazing girl who I knew would take me months or maybe years to find again. The next girl I slept with was maybe only 60% of her worth, but even then, that 60% eliminates any emotional longing for the previous vagina. Fresh pussy that is a touch above average makes you easily forget a great pussy you recently had. As long as a man has options, which is possible through the application of game, a man’s pussy memory is that of an amnesiac. I can’t even remember most of the girls I’ve dated, when at the time I was quite excited to sleep with them, enough that I felt I had to put in at least some effort into keeping them. It’s only guys who don’t practice game and who don’t put themselves back in the market that have a debilitating inability to get over old pussy.

The phenomenon of new pussy easily replacing the old is very important, because it says the following: your life will never degrade because a girl left you, no matter how great she was. There will probably be acute pain (we are human, after all), but the in the long run, as long as you pursue other women, there is no net negative effect. In other words, women are replaceable commodities in a man’s world. Sure you want the 100% awesome pussy you had last year, but the 60% rated pussy is good enough to get you through. I love Johnnie Walker Double Black, but I will still drink Jameson or even Ballantines if that’s all I can order. My life won’t be harmed if I’m forced to drink Jameson for the rest of my days, and it wouldn’t take long until I simply forget the taste of Double Black.

The most empowering feature of being a man is that we’re less emotional than women. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of women obsessing over a man for years or even decades after he dumped her, regardless of how much new dick she’s had, but a player quickly forgets his past flames in the face of bountiful pussy variety. It’s so rare to hear of player crying about some past girl that I’m offended when I listen to a new pop song by a man obsessed with that one special girl. Game is not only the best way to get laid, it’s the best way to get over any girl you’ve loved.

While I do value past times I’ve had with dream girls, the new girl has a nice pussy and makes me laugh once every twenty minutes, and for me that’s good enough to help me forget about what I lost. Instead of lingering on a dead relationship, simply go out and get laid. It won’t take more than two or three fresh notches to get over whatever you had in the past.

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