Not All Second Tier Cities Are Created Equal

In the past two years I’ve spent a lot of time in second tier cities. Because in small countries they may end up feeling more like villages, I’ve had to revise my thoughts on how a second tier strategy can be used. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before buckling down in one for more than a few days…

1. Does it have a busy center square? If a second tier city is spread out like a suburb, you’ll be at a great logistical disadvantage when it comes time to night game and dating. If you can’t get an apartment less than a mile from most of the action, you might as well be in the boonies. Living in Germantown, Maryland, almost an hour drive from DC, wasn’t that much harder to get laid than living in the “center” of Kharkiv, Ukraine, which had only one bar that was suitable for meeting women. It doesn’t matter if the second tier city has more girls if it’s hard to access them and casually bring them back to your place.

2. Is there a sharp drop off in English speakers? An acceptable threshold is about 33%, meaning one in three girls you talk to will at least be conversational in English. Once you get to 20% or below, you’re in for a tough grind, regardless of how favorable the male to female ratio is. One huge mistake I made was living in second tier Ukraine without being conversational in Russian. I got so frustrated at not finding English speakers that I just stopped trying, spending more time in front of my laptop catching up on work than chasing girls.

3. Is it safe enough where girls can walk alone at night? Second tier cities usually have less police presence and a lack of busy center, meaning less crowds on the street. If the city is a ghost town at night, and girls are scared of walking around, you’re not going to be able to run night street game, a great source of meeting girls in many countries.

In Estonia and Scandinavia, I had many late-night opportunities due to the high number of girls who felt safe walking around, but in Lithuania and Ukraine there were almost none. Common wisdom in the latter two countries was not to walk alone after sundown. Even during the day in those places, your approaches will be met with more reservation. If there are no girls walking alone after 10pm near where you live, chances are street game (day or night) is not going to be fruitful.

4. Is the infrastructure so poor that you’re discouraged from going out? Is it hard to get a taxi? Do they always seem to rip you off? Are there not enough quality night venues or coffee shops? Is the big mall over an hour away? Little negatives in a city add up to dampen your spirits. Saturday can roll around and you spend most of your time wasting away on Youtube instead of going out. A city has to provide you with enough interest that you want to walk out the door. Otherwise, you’ll stay home and have fewer opportunities.

I’ve had good luck in second tier Argentina, Brazil, Poland, and Estonia. In those places you will get as much—if not more—than first tier because the above four points work in your favor. But for a place like Lithuania and Ukraine you have to be careful because any advantage from second tier travel can be wiped out by variables that make your sex goals much harder.

For a second I thought that second tier was a cure-all, that I could just skip first tier and dive right into a better spot, but my experience in the past year says that I cannot skip the research process. I must visit both first and second tier to decide which is better. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut for finding poosy paradise.

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  • Hugh

    Lots of good points here.

    Living in Bucharest, I see that a good percentage of people working here have come from second tier cities. Salaries are a lot higher here than in the boondocks.

    This opens up an opportunity, in that these folk go back home quite often. It would be possible for the enterprising expat, who has befriended such a worker, to go back with him and leverage off the guy’s hometown social circle.

  • rivsdiary

    roosh you are a very smart man

  • Phillyastro

    I would say these points are true for American cities as well as International ones.

  • Marusya

    Living in the city gives you more opportunities -no doubt but living in a second tier gives you another opportunities, you just need to explore and study the lifestyle and mentality of the place you are stayin in for the moment and try to see what locals do(where do they hang out,what time, what they do for fun, how do they communicate etc)and try to live according their standards.Then it will be no problems in meeting interesting people for fun ,sex, relationship etc..I used to live in Athens (Greece) for many years where the night life is one of the best places in Europe and during the day there is no problem to meet pple, not talking about islands etc.Pple love to have easy going relationships, be friends with benefits and talk about sex day and night.You go out daily, learning to live according their mentality and a lifestyle.I come from a second tier in Ukraine and when i just moved to Athens everything seemed so different but i adopted quit fast and forgot how my Ukranian fellows are living back home.Now that Im back to my home country it took me a while to remeber the difference and adopt here again.Night life is quet, low level, higher risk to get ripped off,danger everywhere -you can never be relaxed as in Europe.But other advantages and more exitement in terms of our “game”/I ve noticed that pple in Ukraine love to gather at homes and having their parties there, where you can easily meet pple, they go out during the day ,much earlier hours and they love to go out for special occasions as weddings, school gatherings, where you can also meet pple very easy.Because they dont go out daily as in other big cities they willing to meet someone more during their occassional outs.So no problem to meet someone and approach and get what you want form the night 1/The trick is to promise serious relationship and bright future-they all are family oriented here and even locals using those tricks to get laid:)Of cours eits great to know the language a bit but not necessarily , foreigners still have this magic wibe for local Ukraninan girls so you can easily seduce them by your “foreign status” because most of them want to leave abroad .The key is to undersrtand what is missign from their life and move conversation to that direction.Positive attitude is also welcome despite that they are not so smily here..

  • Infantry

    Good non-bullshit analysis.

    You do well with your readers because you tell it how it is and don’t lie about your fuck-ups.

    This is real world travel game. Not popularity ‘you can be like me too’ big man propaganda.

    I liked your last post when you said ‘I didn’t feel so superior now’

    Most men in the world don’t have major charisma or looks or money (or sociopathy or narcissism).

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • outlaw josey wales

    That’s why I buy Roosh’s stuff. It’s all completely honest…he’s not selling you a dream.

  • Red Pill

    Agreed. I like Roosh’s blog because I can relate to him, unlike some of the other PUAs that try to come off like superstuds fighting off vagina’s with a cattle prod.

  • Nigel Davis

    I feel you. For example, New Orleans is technically first tier city of Louisiana, but sometimes it feels more like a second tier city to me because of the quality of the women there. That’s another thing you should factor in, and that is quality. Some cities don’t got it. That’s why I prefer Baton Rouge, the bitches there have much thicker asses and they got that southern hospitality tradition in them better. They can suck man hard like a good southern belle.

  • Dude

    Dude baton rouge is nothing but a giant ghetto haha, but you aint lying about the asses lol

  • Zill

    Roosh it’s all just your opinion based on your loser american point of view. Why are you idiots reading his crap?

  • Peace Corps

    The Myanmar government is opening up democratically with elections. Time to go teach english or some shit in Yangon to get that asian pussy.

  • thecaptainpower

    2nd tier cites could be good, in new york for example I love going to albany and buffalo. But after you tasted a first tier city you start to realize what you are missing…

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  • Turner

    Second tier still has so much value, but you really got to hunt it out. There is also the boring factor, some of these cities have a just a horrible quality of life. I would say that you can pick a more major second tier city, but just try to evaluate how westernized it is by looking at the level of english but also music and going out scene. I found it pretty straight forward that some places they didnt want to speak with you at all since you were foreign.

    That being said I was in Berlin and it was fun with great food, but the situation there for women is grim (unless you like metal coming out of their face or chucks).

  • Mark Minter

    My advice would be that when you get somewhere, spend a little time to meet the men. Especially in Latin America. But I speak passable Spanish. You have be alert and slightly suspicious that you are not being used and conned into paying for everything. But the men will volunteer invaluable information and if they end up going out with you, they can aid in your preselection, they often will introduce you to their female friends and family, act as translator, and some cases, be your bodyguard, if not in act, then at least in guidance.

    I wouldn’t try to come across like you are there to fuck the woman, but rather you would just like to see the country and the culture. Be liberal with praise for the place and slow to criticize anything. Never say “X is better in my country” or “We do Y in my country better.” It is perfectly fine to criticize and talk badly about American women and speak of them in the most negative terms.

    My general experience about second and even third tier places is that they haven’t tromped over by foreigners but being competent in the language is key.

  • OlioOx

    You guys have to check out “girlwriteswhat” — a Canadian vlogger, antifeminist, seems to really get it, I’m basing my judgment on having seen just a few of her talks so far. I recommend:

    “Look out! It’s a Nice Guy! DESTROY HIM!” — analysis of the irrational knot feminists have tied themselves into over ‘nice guys’

    “No one wants to talk about Anders Breivik” — feminism is responsible for Breivik

    “Atheism, you asked for it” — why the atheist community is increasingly suffering the consequences of too many of its members forgetting what atheism is really all about

    and her most popular video, “Feminism and the Disposable Male”

    Her chan: