Notch Paradise vs Dream Girl Paradise

I will now ask you to make a decision between living in two different environments for six months.

The first environment is called Notch Paradise. You will be able to lay one new girl a week in the 6 range with practically no effort. They will be tolerable and sometimes interesting but rarely will you want to sleep with any of them more than a couple times. Instead, you satisfy your sexual hunger through entertaining bangs with a seemingly endless rotation of somewhat cute girls. You will not enter a long-term relationship.

The second environment is called Dream Girl Paradise. You will lay maybe one or two girls within your six month period, but they will be at least in the 8 range and quite pleasing and feminine. You will enter an enjoyable relationship with whatever girl you sleep with. The precursor feelings of love may develop. To add a new girl to the rotation is prohibitively costly, and so you would be stuck with one girl at a time.

Which environment is better? Which would you rather enter right now?

The answer will of course depend on who you are and where you are in life. Most younger men in the West will pick notch paradise, since that is what their general lack of sexual experience will demand and also what they are trained to do by the culture (sleep around for fun). Most older or experienced men who have had their fill of women will go for dream girl paradise, since a one-time lay with a 6 wouldn’t provide them with as much value.

My initial idea of poosy paradise was actually a combination of the two, where I would sleep with very beautiful girls in the 8+ range with little work. Even if I would be highly compatible with them, I’d quickly pass on each girl to keep sleeping with other beautiful girls. Unfortunately, I don’t think such a place exists for more than a fleeting moment, but notch paradise exists, and so does shades of dream girl paradise.

America, Scandinavia, and Southeast Asia are notch paradises, where the right game can allow you to sleep with high quantities of girls that pass your boner test (in the 6 range). Dream girl paradise exists in Russia and Ukraine (and possibly Belarus), where patience, work, and money can yield and hold an 8+ once every so often if you choose to pursue them using a semi-provider game. Other South American and Eastern European countries may also provide you with a dream girl environment, though they will fall somewhere between offering you relatively pain-free notches on cute girls along with infrequent opportunities to meet high quality women.

If you picked dream girl paradise as your preferred choice, you must get ready to expend labor in things like learning a language or figuring out how to move permanently to a new country. The key ingredient in getting your dream girl will actually be time—staying in one location and figuring that place out. If you picked notch paradise, you must get ready to do a thousand approaches. Staying in Thailand one month can yield many notches if you work at it, and won’t require you to do much more than approach like a maniac. Both paths are clearly lighted for you.

There is only one thing you must realize before embarking on your paradise tour: it’s inevitable for all men pursuing notch paradise to ease into wanting dream girl paradise (or at least taper down the pursuit of notches). Scoring notches is fun and important for men to understand women, but it’s not sustainable. After a certain amount of time, the notches don’t bring you much value, and so you’ll want to increase the quality you seek and move into a dream girl paradise search. This pattern is so consistent that I’ve never met a man who went from dating dream girls to going back and seeking notches (though a guy may temporarily want to bang a lot of sluts after he breaks up with his serious girlfriend to ease the pain). Men inevitably shift from a program of notches to quality. From the dozens of hardcore players I’ve met, this rule seems to be nearly universal, for better or worse.

If your notches aren’t giving you happiness like in the past, you have to up your quality, which will reduce your quantity. If sleeping with highly beautiful women isn’t doing it for you either, then you need other hobbies that aren’t centered on women. A piece of advice I’m reluctant to give you is not to bang too many women or even be too good with them, because then you just might get bored of them completely. Then your preferred paradise may be a little cabin in the woods.

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