Orgasm Or Money

After Luigi left, I saw Riga in a different light. I felt like every responsive girl was playing some sort of angle and wanted to get to know the monetary part of me instead of the real me. It seemed pointless even to try.

But my dick. It wanted to fuck something. It didn’t care that whatever I fucked would probably try to scam me. It needed release inside a real vagina.

I went into a quiet coffee shop for a couple hours to catch up on work. I walked out late, around 11:00, and stood in front of the door to zip up my jacket and put on my scarf. It was a Tuesday night, not the best day to go out. A girl with brown pigtails walked by, giving me eye contact. In an instant my hand went up and made the universal “wait a moment” sign. It took about three more seconds for an opening line to enter my head.

“Do you know a good place to go on Tuesday night?” I asked.

“Actually, I could ask you that. I don’t usually go out on this day.”

I eliminated her as a scammer since she was alone (they always operate in pairs), but something just wasn’t right about a pretty girl walking alone trying to find a place to go out in her own city. Even so, I decided that as long as I controlled most of the variables, I’d come out on top.

“There’s a bar near where I live that usually has people,” I said. “How about we go there for a drink?”

She agreed. She didn’t hook my arm or grab my hand, a telltale sign of a scammer, but my guard was still up.

“What do you think of Riga?” she asked.

“It’s hard to find a normal girl here. In a lot of the places I’ve been to the girls are working, trying to trick guys. I know there are a lot of sex tourists here who don’t mind that, but I just want a nice conversation.”

I told her about the scammer clubs and she said she had never been to them before. I wanted to think she was telling the truth, but I had decided not to believe a single thing that came out of a Latvian girl’s mouth.

My apartment was next door to the bar. I told her that I wanted to drop off my laptop bag.

“You can meet me at the bar or come in with me.”

She decided to come in, which I thought was peculiar. She had only knew me for ten minutes. How did she know I wasn’t going to rape her?

I couldn’t help but ask once inside my place. “How do you know I’m a good guy?”

“You have an honest face. You seem like a nice person.”

She unzipped her coat to reveal a thin body. I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes. When she saw me shirtless, she gasped, “Oh my god!”


“You’re so… hairy. It’s amazing. I love hairy men, but I never meet them. It’s hard to find that here. You’re like a bear.”

“Not many girls like it.”

“No, it’s very nice. I have hair, too. Do you want to see?”

Was she about to show me her vagina?

“Yeah, sure,” I said.

She slipped one side of her dress off and showed me an armpit full of hair. I can’t say I was expecting that.

“A lot of guys like it,” she said.

“I find that hard to believe, but okay.”

Everything else about her checked out, so at that moment I still thought I could bang her. During the sex act I wouldn’t even see her pit hair, but I wished she hadn’t shown me. Curiosity killing the cat, and all that.

Before leaving for the bar I showed her a bottle of champagne I had in the fridge. It was my afterparty move since finding out that girls in this part of the world went crazy for bubbly.

At the bar we sat on a couch, getting to know each other a little. As I told her some of my recent travel experiences, I noticed that she was much more comfortable with silences than I was, something I had noticed about Eastern Europeans in general.

I said, “We Americans have a need to talk constantly. When we hear a silence, we get this urge to fill it. I know it’s something that’s a product of my culture, but I can’t help feeling that silences are weird.”

“So everyone just keeps talking?” she asked.

“Yes. It’s a little different if you’re in a big group. Then it turns into a competition to talk. People have a list of things that they want to share and then, at the hint of silence, they blurt them out. So everyone is talking about their own thing, but hardly anyone is giving feedback to what was just said.”

“That’s stupid. There’s nothing wrong with silence. Sometimes you can understand a person more with silence than with words.”

“I’m starting to see that here.”

I told her that the biggest challenge for me was understanding a culture as quickly as possible, not only so I can write about it, but also so that I could get along with “the people.”

“When I go to a country,” I said, “I like to notice what’s different. How human beings, even though they’re the same animal, have a wide range of culture, beliefs, and behaviors.”

“So you see a lot that’s different, but what have you noticed that is the same?”

My mouth opened, but no words came out. I wanted to say sex, but that can actually be quite different. I mean, the act of sticking your dick into a woman is the same, but the moment leading up to it and what a girl does during the sex act can vary widely.

“You know, I don’t really know,” I said. “That’s the first time a girl has ever stumped me with a question. I’ll have to think about that.”

She smiled as if to say, “See, I’m not a typical Latvian girl.”

She said she was only 26, but I was sure she was hovering near 30. Earlier she had mentioned having a boyfriend, so I followed up to see what the deal was.

“I live with my boyfriend,” she said. “He’s 55. He’s a famous artist who has published a lot of work.”

“He doesn’t mind you going out alone?”

“He doesn’t care. Our relationship is open. I think the best relationships are open, or else the passion dies and it gets boring.”

I started to relax, convinced that she was just a horny chick out for an easy lay and not running a scam. It helped that she wasn’t talking on the phone to coordinate with a potential accomplice and that I was in a bar I had been to many times before. All seemed right in the world, except for the armpit hair.

When I came back with a second round of drinks, our faces got quite close and she kissed me. Then she asked, “Do you want to fuck?”

Trick question?

“Maybe,” I replied.

“50 lat.” [$100 US]

Oh, come on.

I maintained my composure. “Look, I don’t want to waste your time, but I’m not going to pay for sex. You should move on to another guy.”

“I’m just joking,” she said, kissing me again. “I like you.”

My shields were now fully up. I figured her Plan B was to get me so turned on that I couldn’t help but pay, and that was exactly what she tried to do.

We talked for another half hour and she didn’t bring up money again. She was actually an interesting girl, raised in the school of hard knocks where she tried to take advantage of every situation. I wanted to proceed with the interaction, not necessarily because I was dying to bang her, but because I wanted to see what would happen. As long as I watched her like a hawk, I was straight.

We went back to my apartment to open the champagne. We sat on my couch and she started stroking my dick through my jeans. She took off her dress and sat in her bra and panties. I wasn’t surprised to see a carpet around her vagina. With her panties on it looked like a mustache. I still had a boner, but I can’t say I enjoyed the hairiness. It was more novel and weird than gross, like something out of an old porn movie.

She went to the bathroom and asked if I wanted to watch.

“Why would I want to watch?” I asked.

“I don’t know, some guys like it. They pay me 5 lats.”

She came back and I asked if she normally tried to get money for sex.

“I only did this one other time, with an English guy. He was a doctor and very nice. I think he was a virgin.”

“Only one time?”

“I swear. But I’ll have sex with you for 50.”

“I’ve never paid for sex in my life,” I said. “I want to see how long I can go until then. Tonight isn’t the night I’m going to do it, sorry.”

“You never paid for sex in America? Girls don’t ask for money?”

“No, they don’t ask for money. If a girl likes me and my personality, we have sex. There is a song that goes, ‘The best things in life are free.’”

“Well, that’s stupid. They should ask, because if you ask you get to have sex and you get money, too. It’s normal here to ask. A girl should always get the best deal possible.”

“I don’t know if that’s really sad or really smart.”

“But I like you, so if you don’t want to pay then just give me an orgasm.”

“And how do you want me to do that?”

“Lick my pussy.”

I looked at her vagina mustache. She moved her panties over so I could see a little bit of pink. She started playing with herself and making fake moaning noises.

“Is there a third option?” I asked.

“No, orgasm or money.”

“Maybe my dick will give you an orgasm.”

“And if not, you’ll fall asleep, and I won’t have orgasm or money. I’ve learned that a man must give you one of the two upfront, so no matter what, I get something out of the sex.”

“Yeah, I’m never coming back to Latvia.”

I turned on the television and we watched some music videos. When she realized I wasn’t going to give her orgasm or money, she started telling me a sob story. The government had just levied a 1,000 euro tax on her. Her parents were suffering in some shack. Her boyfriend didn’t give her passion. She started crying and said it was my fault that her parents were poor.

“Why is it my fault?” I said, unmoved.

“Because your parents have a pension. Your pensions fucked up our economy!”

“Neither of my parents have a pension. They work for themselves. Good try, but it’s not my fault.”

“Okay, fine, but help me. Give me some money.”

She was crying and shrieking, doing the whole bit. There were actual tears, but the only way I could have been more disaffected was if I had been snacking on some popcorn.

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend for money?”

“He won’t give it to me!”

Smart man, I thought.

Then she leapt up and snatched 25 lat that was sitting on my dresser.

I grabbed it back and said, “Look, I’m not a charity. I’m not giving you money. I told you an hour ago to go find another guy. Go to Scandal where guys will pay you to fuck.”

“But I like you. I’m scared that if I have sex with you I’ll fall in love with you.”

“Right. Hold on, let me call the Academy to nominate this performance.”


“Never mind.”

It’s interesting that telling a whore you don’t pay for sex doesn’t discourage her. She thinks she’s more seductive than the other whores and can get you to open your wallet. Whores probably think a guy like me is just being coy.

As she put on her dress, I heard a crumpling sound and instinctively reached for her pocket, thinking she had stolen something. Inside were four condoms.

“You’ve only done this once before?” I asked. “It seems like you’re mighty prepared.”

“Okay, well, tonight I wanted to make some money. I’m just in bad situation right now.”

“Why don’t you get a job?”

“There are no jobs.” What she actually meant was, “I don’t want to work in a coffee shop. Tricking guys for sex is a whole lot easier.”

The whole charade was starting to bore me. My dick had been soft for quite a while. If we weren’t going to fuck, I wanted her to leave me in peace so I could jerk off.

“I think it’s time for you to go,” I said. “I want to shower and do some other things.”

“Go ahead and shower, I’ll wait,” she said.

“No, that’s okay. It will be a while.”

“Do you want to hang out tomorrow with me and my boyfriend? We can show you some art.”

“Sorry, but I have plans.”

She persisted in seeing me again, in what I think may have been a genuine desire, but I’ll never know for sure.

The thing I had been hating most about Latvia was the acting. I thought I was good at detecting lies, but Latvian girls were on a level I hadn’t seen before. I didn’t know what was real or not, so I assumed they were acting about everything. It wasn’t a good way to build any sort of connection or normal relationship, but at least I wouldn’t be surprised.

After she left, I scanned my apartment for missing items. Nothing was gone. Then I thought about what she had said, how it was stupid for American girls not to ask for money before sex. Was it possible that the sexual culture in America and other Western countries is fantasy, and that the best move for women was to get as much as she could out of a guy? Or was she just lying about Latvian culture to make me feel better about giving her money?

It makes logical sense for a girl to get paid for something she was going to do for free anyway, but it would change everything—the dynamic, the game, and even the sex act. To me it’s unbearable to think a girl might be spending time with me only because of money, something that isn’t an inherent part of me. If she was into me solely for my looks, I’d more be okay with it. I wonder if I’m being insecure for thinking this way, but I’d rather play in the fantasy world than in a place like Latvia.

The above article was adapted from Don’t Bang Latvia, a 63-page hater travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Latvian women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, sex stories, and hate. Click here to learn more.

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  • DaemonMan

    FIRST again damn im good !

  • Hustle Swoop

    What the fuck…

  • HCE

    It depresses me when a girl is into me just for one thing, be it looks, money or even game. I view that as my weakness more and more as time passes…

  • Titaniac

    Damn, Roosh. I love your writing style. Who are your influences?

  • geo

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago in a southern American City. A 19 yo hottie contacted me on OK cupid out of the blue. I’m 46.

    She had recently been to Spain.

  • muc

    Well written.
    “I don’t know if that’s really sad or really smart.”, indeed.

  • Babes

    What a sad wanker you are!

  • pdwalker

    Clearly your time with Luigi wasn’t wasted.

  • bodmon

    lol stupid latvian whore

  • Tyler

    That is ridiculous! I would have been pissed! I’m sure she would have patiently waited for you to take a shower…while she robs the hell out of you. Hell, I’m mad!

  • Anonymous

    “There are no jobs.”

    In the EE country I’ve lived in, there really are no jobs. Even the bottom feeder jobs are difficult to get as there is fierce competition because of high unemployment rate.

    And that’s why those semipros exist. Not because they “don’t want to work in a coffee shop”.

  • greenlander

    The thing that’s great about you Roosh is that you’re totally honest and straightforward. You tell about both your ups AND your downs. A guy who only tells you about his ups isn’t giving you the whole truth. You clearly have a great lifestyle going on but no lifestyle is without its minuses. Sometimes life kicks you in the ass for no good reason like it did on the night you wrote this story.

  • newtry

    “To me it’s unbearable to think a girl might be spending time with me only because of money, something that isn’t an inherent part of me. If she was into me solely for my looks, I’d more be okay with it.”

    Normally, honestly earned money says more about the inherent character of a guy than his looks.

  • Tree Soap

    Think about this:
    If you were a girl, and there were enough idiots to pay you sufficient amount of $$$ to have sex, would you do it? Easy income, great pleasure……
    Would you be happy if u have received $100 for every girl u have fucked Roosh? i dont think u would mind..

  • HalfAsian

    There’s a place in the world for hookers, but having to both use game AND pay is outrageous.

  • Lord Osis

    “In the EE country I’ve lived in, there really are no jobs. Even the bottom feeder jobs are difficult to get”

    That could be close to the truth. Ten years ago it certainly was the case – life in the Baltic countries was very hard. One can still see it in small cities and on the countryside, but visiting better places like Tallinn or Pärnu, one quickly forgets it.

    In some of the hellholes in Europe things are VERY bad. In Kosovo (Balkans) some people have to pay bribes to get a decent public sector job. Bottom-of-the-pile jobs (such as a security guard) pay less than 200 eur/month, teachers and policemen get maybe 300-400€/mo. Food is not cheap. Government handouts for the unemployed are perhaps 50€/mo. Unemployment runs somewhere between 25-50%, depending on the city. Feed yourself, your spouse and children, support your parents with 300€/month…

    As for the girls selling sex, I guess it is a combination of a genuine need to earn money in case of some, and vanity in case of others.

  • David H. Fucktrelle-Male Feminist Extraordinaire™


    it’s sounds like you are afraid to eat pussy rooshkiepoohs…..

    you shoulda manned up and put your face on the pussy and licked like a champ. That’s what a male feminist does….

  • Diomedes

    Educating post.

    Why shouldn’t a woman charge for her services?

    We’ve all known girls who take a few new men home every month and the majority of these women do it out of desperation in ensnaring a partner. This type of woman, more often than not, hates her life of casual sex and is happy to bemoan her lack of finding a good man after a few glasses of vino collapso.

    A woman who charges hard cash for her cunt obviously rates herself and – christ – there are enough tricks out there ready to be played.

    Any woman who charges for sex is getting a decent return. Any woman who gives it away for free lacks sense.

  • Diomedes


    it’s sounds like you are afraid to eat pussy rooshkiepoohs…..

    you shoulda manned up and put your face on the pussy and licked like a champ. That’s what a male feminist does….”


    Here’s something interesting you can all try out at home: When you’re next having a sex chat with friends, keep an ear out for the guy who boasts about being talented orally. This gentleman will often be lacking in assertiveness and sexual confidence.

    You can come to your own conclusion.

  • DeCode

    Roosh are you serious? by now you of ALL people should know that just like we (men) are into women for the sex – first and foremost – women are only out for the security we can provide.

    it’s nice to think that the majority of that security is emotional, but in reality, they by their actions, have proven time and again that all they want from us is our MONEY, and resources.

    i’d have kicked the chick out as well…not because i’m against paying for it, but because from what you describe, she would definitely not be making my dick hard.

    but i gotta give her props. she understands the dynamic between women and men, and ain’t afraid to come clean. male-female interactions would be better across the board if all women approached men with the mindset of whores.

    men are never unclear about their intentions toward women; we wanna fuck. women on the other hand don’t even know what they want most times except: SECURITY, and to be provided for. so she may as well come clean with it.

  • DeCode

    @ Diomedes, “Any woman who charges for sex is getting a decent return. Any woman who gives it away for free lacks sense.”

    you and i are on the same page. i’m more than happy to plunder free pussy with nothing more than my charm, wits and looks. but ANY chic who gives up the kitty with no guarantee of commitment, or at least a courtship leading to marriage, is a world class dumb-ass and isn’t even in the running when it comes to playing the game.

    we want the sex, she wants the commitment. themz da breaks! a chic who can’t lock down a man for the rest of her life is akin to a Beta looser who’s still a virgin at 30.

  • team shadow

    real talk if you would have got the excalibur out you would have got some…. on the other hand the sheer audacity of that ultimatum would have sent my cock into soft scoop mode. This sort of ingrained hoe mentality is surely why theres an abundance of latvian pornstars

  • NYN

    “Is there a third option?”


  • Kenny Lives

    So you couldn’t keel down and Bob for salmon? But you DO expect her to polish you off? I don’t understand what would’ve been the big deal? You couldve asked her to take a shower first . Not TOO much to ask. Jeez don’t you like seeing a woman come . Nothing hotter than to be the source of such pleasure..You’re one choosy beggar.

  • Wilson

    You should have paid her the $100 to shave off all the hair, and you could say you got the sex for free. As a traveler you should really try to leave countries a little a better than you found them.

  • AssNeck

    “we want the sex, she wants the commitment. themz da breaks.”

    C’mon, man. Did you go to an American college? Girls were almost as bad as the guys in terms of going out to get laid.

    I live in the DC area. I don’t hit the bar scene much anymore but when I did it was usually easy to score some bird for sex. Money never came up once.

    Also, I am married and use the Ashley Madison site. The women there are mostly married. They are on the site to get laid – not for commitment or money. They already have that for the most part.

    I realize there are differences between men and women. But sex is a biological need for women too. Take advantage of it!

    Oh, and if a woman asks you to pay for sex tell her it is she who should be paying you!

  • 20th Level

    Last week here in SoCal this black chick that was so hot she was at that “even guys that aren’t into black chicks would be in to her” level of hotness actually jumped into her car and chased me down honking and blinking her lights when I drove by. I pulled over and she’s telling me she wants to hang out and get with me that night. I was already feeling edgy but then she was rolling with two Queen Latifa cornrow wearing chicks I went on full red alert.

    I told her to give me her number then I would call her. Then I fucking bounced. I mean hell, I’m good looking but I’m not THAT food looking. I’m not the fucking Beatles.

  • Lost Gringo

    Attractive girl/gato (AT/G) goes out on a quiet weeknight. Winks at a lonely sex tourist, who quickly takes the “bait”. ST employes “game strategy” to…..give her presents (e.g. drinks, Champagne). AG/G plays ST while enjoying presents and then goes for the “Jing” (aka: “bang” for the girl). ST says “NO”, I don’t pay for sex! AG/G laughs to herself; “silly clowns…..they ALL pay….(pay me now on the cheap, or pay me much more, later). AG/G keeps working the deal, all the way to the end, even employing an offer of free sex (eating pussy) but ST finds the concept eating pussy repulsive (WTF?). AG/G slogs through the sales pitch, which began hours ago. AG/G finally gives up calls it a night. On the way out she bumps into a guy named Greek Kamaki, gives him the wink and he quickly takes the bait. No bullshit cocktails or bubbly, he goes straight to the business at hand. GK knows that any girl on the street on a school night, alone – is working. After two minutes of she pops the question – its getting very late and the market is slowing rapidly. GK knows this from experience. He waits for her to make the first offer, which is $100. He smiles at her, knowing that he’ll be hers for the price of some other clown’s cocktails and bubbly – $30. In a short ten minutes he has passed her the cash and he is drilling her, first in the pussy and then goes for the anal. He finally finishes by having AG/G suck the leche off his shit-stained cock. He’s been around and respects her for being the same cretin that he is – and adds in a $10 tip for the cock cleaning job. He thanks her, she takes cash and goes on her way.

    All is good in the world

  • Should I hate or love you?

    At this point I don’t know if I should hate you or love you. As a woman, I want to hate you for calling all women sluts. But as a writer, I really appreciate reading your stories. You have a gift for vivid writing, and it’s very addicting. I thought I would stop by and give you shit for the way you treat women. But now, I am not so sure. Damn it, why do I keep coming back? Your stories are funny and addicting. Maybe I will just keep coming back to read your stories, and hell to women who fuck you. If they fall for your tricks, well too damn bad for them. But I like your stories. Could you write a novel or something about your life and romances or whatever you call it. What can I say? You are a damn good writer. Damn it! Why, oh why?
    A fucker and a writer!

  • female groopies, hail roosh V!

    Roosh, groopies have arrived! (see post 29)


  • Anonymous

    To me if you dont have a spare $50 to absolutely vandalize a girls pussy for 2-3 hours (that you want) then you should still be back at home base saving chips. Even 2 movie tickets cost a $50 spot now. There is no secret badge of honor that you get when you only spent money on food/drinks and not directly on pussy FFS. Out of the 80 girls ive smashed in the last year, maybe 3-4 cost straight cash. If im drunk, want to fuck, like her enough, then? 3-5% pussy payout is great ROI, especially when you dont look like Tom Cruise.

    Boys be smart. Get as much money and pussy as you possibly can as the golden rule. Dont worry about $50-$100-$5,000. Fuck it. Money comes easy when you dont overvalue it. Just like pussy.

  • Must we burn Roosh V?

    welcome to the XXIst century Sade….

  • Cash or orgasm?

    Put’em up!
    Cash or Orgasm?

  • janice


  • stupid girl

    Really good story. It is always amazing the sob stories and total bullshit that girls like this spew. It is funny how nothing is ever their fault. Everyone else is to blame for their situation. STFU and get a job instead of being a whore. Good job not giving in

  • 20th Level

    Never paid for it directly in my life. The hunt and mind controlling a woman is 90% of the thrill.

    Maybe when I’m 65 and the game and looks no longer get it done.

  • Aleph One

    To all y’all who are giving Roosh a hard time (heh!) for not eating the pussy…

    You can’t be serious. I mean it’s one thing to eat a regular girl’s pussy. But we’re talking about a whore, here. You know what she does with that pussy?

    As your momma used to say, “Don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been!”

  • Jordan

    Very interesting post….the culture is so different everywhere you go. One thing that isnt different is women are manipulative

  • Ian Ironwood

    “Before leaving for the bar I showed her a bottle of champagne I had in the fridge. It was my afterparty move since finding out that girls in this part of the world went crazy for bubbly.”

    Nice one, Roosh. That’s a good technique.

  • mike

    Why do you call her a whore? She’s a semi professional sex worker. So what? When high levels of unemployment and poverty hit the West, it will be exacty the same.

    Rich society with unemployment below 15% = women fuck for good looks and acceptable personality.

    Poor society with high unemployment = women fuck for money or gifts.

  • Anonymous

    I would have gave her the 50Lat and drained my sack.
    I mean what the heck if u spent the same time in a bar or other u would have spent the same.
    Dont think of it as money for sex, more like a donation.
    If u dont drain your sack it could well get into your bloodstream and kill u, so its important to do this.
    Its a pity now that Latvia looks totally fucked for free sex and no scams, the place is bad to the bone
    Move on, other countries are more friendly

  • Anonymous

    Typical scam lie female
    U should have relised IMMEDIATLY she was a whore when she tried to sell you her pussy for 50 Lat
    And fancy asking for a orgasm and to lick her out, free bonus VD/AIDS/HERPES to boot?
    I would have gave her the 50 Lat and fucked her brains out for 2/3 hours, would have been a great fuck for that kinda coin
    ANY photos of her?
    No love in Latvia, they are all money hungry whores, the place has gone to the dogs

  • Steven

    To be honest, as much as this sounds like a cop out, i’ve personally had it with all of this song and dance. Women don’t seem to realise just how difficult it is for us men to get as close to something called intimacy. At the end of it all, you realise all of it is is just a bunch of lies, manipulation and bullshit.

    This is most certainly elaborated the minute you attempt to call or make contact with a girl a day later trying to build something worthwhile, only to realise that all you ever did was give her something she will enjoy for that one moment until her emotions are back to zero again.

    I have a hunch that in the next 5 years or so, dating and relationships will all be transactional. A guy pays a girl money and they have sex. Latvia may have caught onto it, but mark my words, as Game becomes more and more cultural, more and more girls will have to resort to it.

    Bare in mind, that Latvia only became this way due to the extreme cases of sex tourism happening in the country. So it’s only logical that as Game becomes more extreme and diluted in a country, so will the effects of prostitution and transactional hookups…

    Watch this space.

  • Soup

    For most guys, game isn’t inherently part of them either.

    That said, I think it’s an honor thing. I would feel like I didn’t do my best if I didn’t make the girl come after me- like flip-the-script.

    The only way I’d pay for sex is if I found it to be some kind of kinky turn-on.

  • No Sex

    Roosh, did you manage to get laid even once in Latvia during your stay there?

    [Roosh: You can dig for that answer here: ]

  • Timoteo

    I have to give her props. She ran a good game, and a lot of guys would have coughed up the cheese after that performance. I wouldn’t have eaten her pussy either if a woman had laid it out to me that way – pay and fuck, or eat for free. With the cooch being that hairy, it was less appealing to lick the pearl. I’m sure she was able to score, if not that night, that week. I applaud her honesty. She’s not a hooker, but she probably would have turned theif if you had taken a shower and left her alone in the crib…HA HA!

  • theakinet

    55 lats is $97.50. Is that a lot for a pro?

  • hypesession

    Great story.

  • stupid girl

    The guys saying that would just pay this stupid skank are idiots. Totally agree with Roosh in this situation.

  • Joe

    It is time for Roosh to post picturrs of the cities, the houses, the clubs, the people !

  • jseliger

    Then I thought about what she had said, how it was stupid for American girls not to ask for money before sex. Was it possible that the sexual culture in America and other Western countries is fantasy, and that the best move for women was to get as much as she could out of a guy?

    It’s possible, but moving unpaid “labor” into the “paid” labor can have the nasty, unintended effect of monetizing a lot of activity that’s better left outside the conventional economy. What you’re describing is the difference between a gift economy and market economy, which Lewis Hyde describes in the linked book.

    Most of us don’t want to live in a purely market economy with every potential transaction: when our significant others come over, we don’t charge them for dinner; if we did, the charge would create very different expectations.

    Plus, it’s very inefficient to price everything, and to continually think of pricing. It’s better for individuals and the economy as a whole if people trust each other and create value for each other without (always) charging for it. Relationships are, in part, a movement from market economies to gift economies, and in the process they create a lot of value, along with love, trust, and assorted other positive feelings—the ones that many of us live for, beyond the money.

    Dan Ariely also discusses gift and market economies in Predictably Irrational, and how angry people get when someone tries to convert the former into the latter.

  • Old lady on a bus

    A new hit story AND a new video, I’m about to have an orgasm myself! :)) Dave fucktrelle, come here 😉

  • Moses

    You lose the holier-than-thou “I don’t pay for sex!” thing as you mature. It’s funny how young guys vest so much self-validation in not paying. Please — you pay one way or another.

    Obviously if you can’t get laid without paying it’s a problem. But if you can, you’ll learn that paying from time to time has its advantages. You bang, she leaves and you turn on the TV– no muss, no fuss.

  • TAllagash

    yeah…a girl being around you only for money….might…be…like…you only being around a girl for sex.

  • Moses

    Oh yeah, and it’s discreet and professional. No worries about her calling your wife or gf. Especially good for married guys.

  • Daxamite

    MyGod. My first read here and Roosh is talking boner and hairy pits **ergghh**cold shiver*** latvia just went to the end of the list, maybe never. She wouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds after the show-n-tell. Sure is great for a male contraceptive. Hope I never have to see that, reading it was something I regret. Bring back the 1950’s (I’m 21 male)style-wise at least or there’s no date. I wonder for how many other guys grooming is so important, I can’t get started otherwise…

  • Thomas

    get out of that country, I wanna know which EE nations don’t have semi pros.

  • truth

    Only fat losers pay for sex. You can rationalize it all you want with the common moronic refrain “you pay for it one way or another.” Only undesirables straight pay for it. PERIOD

  • Edgar

    That is weird. I have lived in Latvia all my life, and have never even heard of Latvian girls demanding money for sex. At least from Latvian men. Seems that the money-asking whores are concentrating only on tourists.

  • Rael

    A couple things surprised me in this post, Roosh …

    “If a girl likes me and my personality, we have sex.”

    The girls don’t like *you*, they like your *game* …
    which is nothing if not a kind of manipulative acting:

    “Hold on, let me call the Academy to nominate this performance.”

    Seems to me like you two were gaming each other here ….
    it’s pretty funny actually.

    Good read … interesting story.

  • madmax

    hey my man, are you going all mushy? what do you mean ‘I wonder if I am being insecure’ ? Fuck all that shit, she was just a whore. Agreed that women are whores anyways ( except in very few cases, you have to pay anways), but her shamelesness was pathetic.

    And good for you that you didn’t lick her pussy, and you should not have kissed her either, man who knows how many dicks she sucked that week? I once knew a beautiful 20 yo, she not only would suck your dick and allowing you to fuck her for 35 dollars, she let guys cum in her mouth.

    Seriously man, that Latvia place must be really fucked up. I will buy your guide just so that I can be more aware of whores like these. It’s not the first time I hear about EE girls who try to milk out money from some shmuck or worse, fuck him up totally, there’s girls who will marry you, live with you for 3 years, get a Visa or whatever, and then throw you away like a pair of old shoes.

    Which is what most US and UK women do with their husbands when they divorce them, anyways.

  • tuffy

    “I’ve learned that a man must give you one of the two upfront, so no matter what, I get something out of the sex.”

    That is a Master Jedi Hamster right there. You had met your match, Massah Roosh. Of course it all fell apart in five minutes and devolved into tears, which is the default end of the line hamster station, but for five minutes she was a Jedi Hamster.

    (Insert Heartiste hamster of the month gif here)

  • http://[email protected] Mangina

    You’re being a hypocrite Roosh. You go out looking for women just for sex, that’s all you see in them, but you don’t want them to see you as free money.
    Pot kettle black.

  • random

    I’m not sure if this story was supposed to be funny or not, but I laughed to myself a few times while reading it. I’m glad you didn’t let her hose you…

  • Anonymous


  • Rael

    They gamed each other to a stalemate
    in which neither one got what they wanted.

    A close game is always more interesting than a shutout.

    For dramatic resolution, though, it should go into overtime.

  • Anonymous

    In FSU they know all too well the sex tourists like Roosh. He stands practically no chance to meet a naive female out there. It’s not even Argentina. ST has only a chance to hit on a certain types of women who’re spot on to exploit him the maximum possible extent, period. And the part of the problem is the tide of STs themselves who were swarming FSU for decades by now with either their “game” or money. The word got out long ago.

  • Jonathon Factory

    “Yeah, I’m never coming back to Latvia.” Comedy.

  • Jimmy

    The story is great, but in the very beginning, there’s a flaw.
    The girl simply knew you were a tourist, and from America, and she started speaking English immediately

  • Anonymous

    Lets calculate net income of a ~ 30yo semi-pro

    Some shitty job: 300-400 USD / month
    Sex: 100 USD / lay

    This gives us approx. 800 USD for action once a week or 1300 when twice.
    Not bad for an Eastern European country. And this is just a recreational job. She can pretend chaste life, have a boyfriend, children and no shame in contemporary society.

  • OldHornDog

    Wow, Latvia sounds like a really fucked up place. That’s basically the issue I see with almost all of Eastern Europe. Beautiful feminine looking women – but the cities, the culture, the weather, and apparently the women are depressing. Plus I don’t like slavic languages very much – but that’s a lesser issue.

    Loving it here in Spain – I just looked out of my apartment and saw three fat chicks taking photos of a gothic church in front of my house. I thought to myself – they must be American and a few seconds later I heard them chat with each other in a Southern drawl. At the same time this Godess came walking down the street talking on the phone. She must have been 5 11′ with super skinny legs, long dark brown straight hair, in a summer dress. As she passed below my balcony I heard her talk in perfect Spanish – of course…

    I have to go back to L.A. in October for a month – looking forward to seeing the country side and some national parks while I’m there. But that’s pretty much it – not missing the people and definitely not those L.A. skanks.

  • Cruze

    Roosh wrote:
    “…how it was stupid for American girls not to ask for money before sex.”

    As a rule US girls don’t ask for cash.
    But have u ever suggested “going dutch” during/after a dinner date?
    I learned on the hard way that going dutch is an actus reus in the USA…

  • Mike

    You might enjoy reading “Paying for It” by Chester A. Brown — it’s a graphic novel (or autobiography, really) about a guy’s experience deciding he’s not going to have relationships anymore and he’ll just pay prostitutes. He has some interesting ideas about money and sex. Not sure I agree with him, and he openly admits he has zero game, but it’s a good read.

  • RealitiCzech

    You don’t do oral on a whore, guys. Nothing good will come of it.

  • DarkTriad

    “You’re being a hypocrite Roosh. You go out looking for women just for sex, that’s all you see in them, but you don’t want them to see you as free money.”

    He actually wants them to look at him the EXACT same way as he looks at them….for fun sex. Only a really twisted feminazi could take an EXACT desire for equality into something wrong.

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  • Burt


  • Ryan Mega

    i guess if that hairy bitch was in my vicinity, it wouldn’t have gotten that far anyway, but it seems you wanted to learn the depths of the latvian whore. i’m just saying, it doesn’t sound like she was worth fucking for free either. good story though

  • sirmarjalot

    Interesting story was considering a trip through the baltic states this year but leaving now maybe next year. considering buying your bang series for these countries do you go into details of travel and accomodation?

  • joey

    I don’t pay em to fuck me. I pay em to leave me alone.

  • Gift

    Don’t be a feminist fag:

    “And that’s why those semipros exist. Not because they “don’t want to work in a coffee shop”.

  • Gift

    You too Burt, what is with all you “nice guys”?


    I suppose Roosh should have helped her out with a bit of money and gone to look at art with her and her old boyfriend? You fucking fag.

    He should have fucked her hairy cunt then thrown her the fuck out on the streets with a boot up her ass.

  • Mike

    So why do you think women (in general), don’t like to mess with guys who are broke and have no prospects??? Money is the key you idiot. I spent time traveling all over the world and this is a constant. Whether the women are pros or not, you have to have money my friend – No finance, no romance is a time honored espression deeply rooted in truth. The trick is to find the hottest chick that will want to fuck you for the least amount of money – in short the “the best bang for your buck”. Most people would not pay $60,000 for a Honda Civic, but would gladly pay that amount for a top of the line 7-series BMW. Stop with all the self-righteous bullshit – if you want to fuck whether a chick you meet in a club, library, church, Synagogue, wherever, if she gets the idea you have no money or prospects she is going to dump your sorry ass! All women fuck for bucks – You don’t really think you bought that half a million dollar house and expensive cars just for yourself did you!

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  • Latvian girl

    I couldn’t help but read your story with a sarcasm. There are many things I could agree with you but at the same time many I can’t!
    I am from Latvia and I am quite well informed about Latvian culture, economy, lifestyle, characteristics and people in general.. I have an active social life, many friends and I have spent my time with different kind of people from Latvia and from other countries too, also I have a higher education. I have had some one night stands, a lot of parties and afterparties… Why do I mention this? So you can know that my opinion is worth to hear and it can be close to being objective!
    I can agree with you that you can find cheap girls in Riga easily (in different ways..either they ask you money or they try to pull you into some strip club to leave there as much money as possible.. or they just are easy to get..just buy her a drink and its enough to get laid..) And I am ashamed of that.. Also I should admit that in Latvia there isn’t a great environment for foreign people as Latvians can have a very discriminatory attitude or even racist. People in Latvia are cautious, judgemental, cold, reserved… Usually Russian-Latvians are impolite and aggressive (they are about 45% in Riga) and it’s not right to put these two nationalities together. But despite of that I have friends who love to come here in Riga to spent a vacation here.. but they are spending time with friends here not with some whores you can meet on the street! I am sorry for your experience but if you act like this (i try to avoid rude words :D) you cannot possibly expect something else?! which girl/woman with some brain actually would agree to go with a man they have met on the street in late evening?! and to his apartment? are you fu**ing kidding me?! so..don’t you- poor men feel so sorry for yourselves?! all these comments are just fascinating! all women are so mean, without heart, dumb and blah blah… they want only money and so on! yes, there are a lot of gold diggers!!! so what!? as well as there are full of men who are tricking nice girls only to have sex..and after they throw them in the trash like disposable shit! so what i wanted to say with all of this… Nowadays society is full of shit.. men and women both have to be blamed for that. There are cultural differences, of course! But next time before judging the whole nation making us look like vulgar, pathetic sluts and prostitutes, think twice!! You cannot put everyone in one bag and judge by just some few experiences. are you really sure that your conclusions are objective and logical?? the whole Latvian country should not suffer for one tourist who apparently met only the lowest class girls/women! hope that you find this useful :)

  • Anonymous

    So a male prostitute (tricks and scams women into sex with him, then writes about this sexual experience and not in a flattering way at that, and earns money – in other words, sells sex for money, a camboy of sorts) got outgamed by a woman who isn’t even a professional prostitute or scammer. Sob, sob. Indeed, dear sex tourists, steer clear of Latvia! Latvian women are just too smart for you – not too flattering an experience for your likes :)

  • yaahh..

    hahah…Roosh… you think you are clever! :) You talk about women without any respect, you think you can get anything you want, but you know…we-women-we are more clever than sooooo narrow-minded guys like you! Look at yourself in mirror and than talk about someone else-ugly, fat etc. I need to laught about all your experiences…..such a slut! :) Looser….. couldn’t get any good girl in Latvia! :) hahahaha….i am proud of Latvian girls! God bless Latvia…. and you better go back to America….and have your beautiful American girls! :)

  • Kairu

    Decode: “we want the sex, she wants the commitment. themz da breaks! a chic who can’t lock down a man for the rest of her life is akin to a Beta looser who’s still a virgin at 30.”

    Most true comment so far.

    HAHAHAHA Beta Bitches! The easy lay.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Roosh. You mentioned, in another post, not managing to get a rush anymore from your writing and the books you sell.

    My humble advice (which you didn’t ask but which I choose to give, with the most genuine of intentions): keep the dialogue. Exactly as it took place. Your words and their words. WITH the mistakes they make when they speak English. Keep the descriptions of the girls. Including their pronunciation. Descriptions of how you met them, of what you did, of what they did. Action. Verbs. Keep adjectives to a minimum. Dry. Simple. Raw. But please do not include thoughts or feelings. Not because they aren’t good. Because you’ll be happier with the end result. You’ll sell more than Bukowski. If you don’t do it, trust me, someone else will. This is novel material. And I’m not the first to tell you.