Rock Bottom

The first time I went into Grand Central with my wingman, this girl gave me a smile. She wanted me to approach but her appearance was disagreeable. Thirty minutes later she gave me another smile but I still didn’t bite. Finally she decided to take matters into her own hands when she slid up next […]

Summer Love Happy Hour

Image Credit: Kathryn When: Friday, June 15 @ 8PM Where: Grand Central in Adams Morgan Who: Arjewtino, I Now Pronounce You, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me We have recruited a new member to the happy hour team: INPY, who displayed his hosting talent at a successful event two weeks ago. This happy hour will take place […]

My Monthly Nut

Since late last year I’ve cut everything I can from my monthly budget. I’ve reduced all recurring expenses to only three items: Student Loans: $177 Cell Phone: $38 Blog Hosting: $15 Total: $230 If you don’t count the cell phone, which I’m getting rid of when I leave, that means I only need $200 to […]

Newsletter No. 6

This weekend I’m sending out a newsletter about taking advantage of approach opportunities, and when you should beat yourself up for not doing anything. Sign-up in top right, or go here. Some of the free email services act weird with the mailings, so I recommend you add [email protected] to your address book. If you missed […]

Sleeping With Prostitutes

About half a dozen guys I’ve met since college have told me their story of sleeping with a prostitute. There was one thing in common with each guy: none of them actually paid for the prostitute, a relative or friend did. All of them made sure to stress that fact, which tells me that the […]

Live And Learn

Continued from The Encounter. I rolled off her onto the other side of the bed. In Spanish I said, “No me dijiste eso. No pago para el sexo” which I was hoping translated to “You did not tell me that. I don’t pay for sex.” I got on my back and stared at the ceiling. […]

The Encounter

Enough time has passed where I feel comfortable sharing something that happened to me in Venezuela. The emotional wounds have healed. It was my fifth night there and I was on Margarita Island. That night I met a couple waitresses at a restaurant who took me to a club two blocks away. I thought I […]

Basic Travel Tips & Links

I’ve received a few emails from people my age asking for some travel advice. I’m posting this one because it has some helpful links for everyone. To plan trips I used to go to the bookstore and grab the travel books and sit there and read them. I don’t know if you have tried this […]

Only In America

Sunny Lane is a porn actress, which means she gets paid to have sex with random men on camera. Her career is managed by her parents, who are very pleased that their daughter is famous and making money. XXX Family Values (work safe) For them, Sunny’s co-stars are her “dates,” and they say they’d rather […]

Dragonfly Is Closing

Rumor has it that Dragonfly, my favorite lounge/club/whatever, is closing on Sunday or Wednesday. My 5 Washington DC Bars For Men post is already obsolete. I’m surprised because judging by the Saturday night crowds it didn’t seem like they were hurting for business. Someone told Virgle Kent said they are turning it into a boat […]


My Dad has a special dining room chair that only he can sit in. The regular chairs are plain, old, and without ass cushioning, but my Dad has a fancy chair with a large cushion and a carved design on the back. It’s a few inches higher than all the other dining room chairs. His […]

Roosh Pregnancy Test

I’m inventing a new home pregnancy test because I’m not satisfied with the ones on the market. Right now all the pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, which is way too accurate. I want there to be serious doubt if the test comes back positive to buy me some extra time to search for cheap one-way […]

No Escape

For the past two months I’ve been trying really hard to slow things down and not view women as pieces of meat, to just enjoy their company and not always try to bang them quickly. But no matter how hard I try, just knowing I have the ability to make something happen is enough for […]