Craigslist Slut

A reader requested I write about this Craigslist posting, about a woman who dated 34 men she met off Craigslist in one year. The posting is written in a universal font size, but when I came across “I’m young, very thick, cute, tall, and blonde,” my brain read it like this: I’m young, very thick, […]


I think it really picked up with those Rules books, when girls decided that giving affection or showing genuine interest is bad game. Successful players have many tools in their toolbox, but girls took “play hard to get” to such an extreme that they became cardboard cutouts, an outline of something that looks human from […]

In The Company Of Men

I saw In The Company of Men, a movie recommended by Roissy. The plot is about an alpha male who convinces his beta male coworker to help him emotionally destroy a woman. The reason is to “restore dignity” in their lives. The plan is for both of them to date her, take her out, buy […]

Girls Are So Naive

I was at some late-night restaurant shithole with a girl. We were at a booth but I was sitting next to her, hinting to the masses that we are probably not brother and sister. Our food came (I got falafel) and I started eating when a random guy I’ve never seen before came up to […]

I Am Not In Today’s NY Times

Remember when I wrote about a script for getting out of your Verizon cell phone contract? A NY Times reporter interviewed me on the phone for a story he was doing on the topic, but I did not make the final cut. :sob: Liza Tremblay, a 26-year-old owner of Bay Burger in Sag Harbor, N.Y., […]

Spinsters In The Wild

Ari is a 34-year-old woman living in New York. She likes quality men but quality men do not like her, not lately anyway. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating specimen. I’m having one of those days where I feel I lost everything I wanted before I even mounted a battle for them. I’m […]

When Close Friends Don’t Accept Your Cats

Check out the second letter on today’s Dear Prudence: I’m a 46-year-old unmarried Caucasian woman. I live alone with my three cats, whom I love dearly. My friends always pick on me because I love cats but haven’t managed to find a man who shares this love with me. Sometimes I feel very alone, although […]

Teahouse of Horrors

Photo Credit Over a year ago I sat down with an old friend at Ching Ching Cha Teahouse in Georgetown. This teahouse was recommended by someone who told me I had to try their artisan tea which blooms like a flower inside your cup. My flower was bright pink in color. It reminded me of […]

Blogging And Sex

After two years I have finally figured out how my blog affects my notch count. If you are a guy who blogs about sex, dating, or how women are inferior to men, pay close attention. If a girl meets me through my blog, my notch count is not affected. She likes what I write for […]

No Headphones

Get a pair of earbud headphones and attach it to your computer or iPod. Jam the buds deep in your ear. Then put on a song you really like, something high energy where both channels are the same. Turn the volume up so you can’t hear anything else but the music. Now listen for a […]

Club Rain & The Band Theory

Virgle Kent invited me to join him and his buddies at Fairfax’s newest club called Rain, run by a group of guys who used to promote at Love. If are wondering why I would haul my ass all the way to the Virginian version of my middle-of-nowhere suburban location, it’s because I was told the […]

Minimize Your STD Risk

More than one-third of American women are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), which in rare cases can lead to cervical cancer, by the time they are 24 years old, according to a study being published today. Washington Post This means that 33% of girls you have sex with are carrying HPV. The percentage that will […]

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