The Problem

I read through the comments on Solutions For Girls and I’m just pretty surprised that a lot of girls are denying that there’s even a problem, that their lifestyle does not need changing. I first talked about this two years ago (Brooke Shields Is Jealous) and the female shrieking then and now hasn’t really changed. […]

Re: Overly Experienced Mind-fuckers

From a reader… Don’t forget one huge important point — fucking misery loves company. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some stupid washed-up broad do everything in her power to destroy her girlfriends’ otherwise happy relationships with their boyfriends. I’ve seen this pattern over and over, particularly in this DC shit-hole of […]

Solutions For Girls

It’s very easy for me to give advice to a guy: work on your game, have many experiences, and commit to a quality woman on your terms, not hers. Once a guy has game, he will have options into his late 30’s and probably beyond. His biggest enemy is himself. His fear, complacency, and insecurities […]

I Left My Wallet At Home

I didn’t used to mind paying for the 1-3 dates it took to get sex. Spending money on dating is part of the game and getting laid, kind of like how the sky is blue. It just is. But lately I’ve had serious doubts about this model, in part because I have been short-changing my […]


For the last month, I’ve been asked the same question at least a dozen times. Are you going to South America for the girls? No, I’m not. And I’ll tell you why. There are two types of connection: physical and emotional. Physical connection is good enough for the first couple of dates until you get […]

American Stereotypes Are So Hurtful

A German David Hasselhoff lover recently wrote 10 Common German Prejudices About The USA. I am deeply offended as an American and would like to take some time to clear the air. “What’s with all the fast food?” We are BUSY people. Have you looked at our GDP lately? It’s the highest in the world. […]

5 Washington DC Bars For Men

If you are a man who doesn’t need top 40 hip hop, I have five places that are worth your time. This list is a result of six years of drinking and banging. Busboys & Poets map An artsy/yuppie cafe that has food, drink, and coffee. Prices aren’t cheap but there is free wireless internet […]

Newsletter No. 5

It’s newsletter time. The edition I’m sending this weekend will describe a coffee shop game experience I had with some girl from North Carolina. I talk about how you know if a girl is interested or not. Sign-up to the right, or go here. If you just signed up and want to take a look […]

I Would Make An Excellent Father

My 3-year-old brother thinks he’s slick. Every time he comes into my room he brings a toy but doesn’t take it out when he leaves. My room now has Spongebob Squarepants, colorful trains from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Laa-Laa, and a very naked Ken doll. As long as it looks like he’s not […]

So You’re Looking For A Travel Partner

Bologna, Italy Choose a bad travel partner and you will find yourself traveling in an exotic environment with someone who nags and complains; whose negative vibe brings you down as the clock continues to tick for return to the life-sucking routine back at home. Your friend is not trying to bring you down, but he […]

Rising Sun

After sex, the power shifts to me. Vagina strength is highest before sex and declines to almost zero afterwards, assuming the girl is with a man who has options. I relax my game after sex not only because the power shift enables me to, but because if we are going to continue seeing each other […]

Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Brunch Bird has closed up shop: “I started this blog a year ago and it’s been a thoroughly lovely experiment.” She will be missed. Prolific commenter Roissy has started his own blog. Now he’s a fine writer and all, but so far my favorite post of his is the one will all the cats. If […]

Start A Blog Already

I think everyone should have their own blog, for these reasons: 1. It’s a cheap hobby. Other than an internet connection and computer, it costs you nothing. 2. You are a very creative snowflake. When I sit down in front of a blank screen, interesting ideas just pop in my head. Most people have routines […]