More Flags

Had a couple interesting questions about the flag metric that I wanted to discuss. But first, what is a notch? The most objective answer would be when the plane of the vagina is broken. This means any depth of insertion. Everything else is subjective. If a guy told me his latest notch was when he […]

John Rambo

This first video shows how much information our brain processes without us consciously knowing it. Some filmmaker sets up two marketing guys with a challenge to come up with a campaign for a taxidermy chain. The end result is creepy. The Rambo sequel is coming out in 2008 but there is a 3-minute trailer floating […]

The Flag Metric

We need a new metric in addition to the notch count that correlates more strongly to game, but one that, as I mentioned yesterday to be useful, is “measurable, objective, and easily tracked over time.” The reason why guys ask other guys “Bang any new girls lately?” as opposed to “So how is your female […]

The Notch Metric

Notch count is a powerful metric. It drives men like GDP drives capitalist economies. But the problem with having only one metric is that it can easily be gamed. If you all you care about is notches then just sleep with a bunch of ugly girls. If all you care about is GDP then just […]

The Fattest People In The World

Joe sent me a cartoon graphic that displays the fattest people in the world by population percentage. We are number one. :american: It’s surprising that a few Eastern European countries made it in the top ten. When I think Czech Republic (15%), I think of this: Not this: …though that may be a Brazilian flag […]

You Better Be Sorry

I noticed there is a special breed of girls out there who when they return your call, say, “I’m sorry I missed your call.” This isn’t a line or move; they truly feel apologetic for not being able to pick up the phone when you called. When I’m going through numbers in my phone, thinking […]

Beta Husband

It was impossible for me to resist an article titled Why I Left My Beta Husband. It’s about a woman who got fed up with her stay-at-home life partner. I stayed home with our daughter for six months after she was born while Mark continued, yes, looking for a job. In 18 months, he got […]

A Run

You decide to go for five mile run. No mp3 player or pedometer or stop watch, just your shoes and your clothes. An 8 minute mile pace is not fast but not slow either. That’s a 24 minute 5K, a time your doctor would appreciate. Five miles is a warm-up to a marathon runner, but […]

Hung Up On The Opener

Guys always ask me the same question when I return from approaching a girl. What did you say? Specifically, they want to know what my opening line was. I ask the same question to other guys too actually, and it’s because the nature of the game dictates that the opener is the hardest part. You […]

The Problem

I read through the comments on Solutions For Girls and I’m just pretty surprised that a lot of girls are denying that there’s even a problem, that their lifestyle does not need changing. I first talked about this two years ago (Brooke Shields Is Jealous) and the female shrieking then and now hasn’t really changed. […]

Re: Overly Experienced Mind-fuckers

From a reader… Don’t forget one huge important point — fucking misery loves company. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some stupid washed-up broad do everything in her power to destroy her girlfriends’ otherwise happy relationships with their boyfriends. I’ve seen this pattern over and over, particularly in this DC shit-hole of […]

Solutions For Girls

It’s very easy for me to give advice to a guy: work on your game, have many experiences, and commit to a quality woman on your terms, not hers. Once a guy has game, he will have options into his late 30’s and probably beyond. His biggest enemy is himself. His fear, complacency, and insecurities […]

I Left My Wallet At Home

I didn’t used to mind paying for the 1-3 dates it took to get sex. Spending money on dating is part of the game and getting laid, kind of like how the sky is blue. It just is. But lately I’ve had serious doubts about this model, in part because I have been short-changing my […]