365 Ways To Say I Love You

A colleague of mine handed me a book written in 1970 called 365 More Ways To Say I Love You, a sequel to what I’m guessing was a successful book. It’s intended for women to better please their husbands. Because this book is no longer in print, allow me to share some of its advice. […]

Me = Server Hog

On each individual post there are now previous and next post links at the top so you don’t have to click back to the main page to browse through new comments. I’m starting to outgrow my shared web hosting plan so it’s just a matter of time until you come here and get a “This […]

Washington DC Salsa Dancing

I need to learn how to salsa as quickly as possible, somewhere in DC or Maryland. Money is no object. Any recommendations?


This post is about you, the Roosh blog reader. After a couple of months at this, I have noticed some things that amuse me greatly. So I got the idea to turn the tables and comment on you and your writing. Below is a list my observations about you. I look forward to reading your […]


There is a threeway winding down between Virgle Kent, Ashburnite, and Velvet. I don’t have issues with the girls involved but I just wanted to put things in perspective. A lot of people commenting are readers who have never been to the happy hours to see how these three interact in person. Just be reading […]

Smokers Deserve Our Sympathy

This past weekend I got to experience DC’s new no smoking ban. It was incredible. My lungs, hair, and clothes are so thankful that I have decided to send little gifts of appreciation to all members of the DC Council. I no longer have to air out my expensive club outfits after a night out. […]

DJ Equipment For Sale

In case anyone is trying to be a DJ, I’m selling my CD decks and mixer on eBay: -Pioneer CDJ-100s (2) -Behringer DJX400 Mixer 100% positive feedback — bid with confidence! :gay:

Virgle Kent’s New Blog

VK’s Empire Of Dirt. And with that comes the first blog war of 2007.


You may have never heard of the movie Idiocracy because Fox has done all it can to not promote it when it was released last year. The movie is about an average man and prostitute who hibernate for 500 years in a military pod experiment. When they wake up, the president-elect is a former porn […]

Promoters Are Scum

Several years ago a friend and I decided to start throwing parties so we could get laid more. We didn’t have an original idea or even the willingness to make it succeed, but we had strong sexual desire. There had to be an easier way than approaching a lot of girls. Our first party was […]

Cost Per Notch

In late 2005 I wondered how much each notch was costing me. Is my game saving me money over escort services? I decided to add a new line on my monthly budget called “Dating” and keep track of money I spent on dates. I added a separate line called “Nightlife” to account for drinking when […]

Comments FAQ

I posted a comment but it didn’t show up. The page just reloaded. The blog software thinks your comment is spam. Either you posted from an open proxy, used a common spam word, or added several links in your comment. Every evening I go through and approve any comments that got tagged as spam when […]


I recently signed up for my first NRA gun training class. I will soon be taking the NRA Basic Steps Pistol class. People who have known me for a while would probably be surprised by that. I didn’t grow up around guns and I have not touched a gun in years. My only experience with […]