So I’m Leaving

Margarita Island, Venezuela The cowardly belief that a person must stay in one place is too reminiscent of the unquestioning resignation of animals, beasts of burden stupefied by servitude and yet always willing to accept the slipping on of the harness. There are limits to every domain, and laws to govern every organized power. But […]

Alpha Male Of The Month

I need to get more emails like this: I was flirting with this real cute girl last night. Everything’s going great, so i say, “you seem like the kind of girl who’s a lot of fun… blah blah… you want to grab a drink sometime?” Her response? no bullshit—“that can be arranged.” I immediately thought […]

Three Words Recap

Arjewtino – stop touching me Average Jane – loves the commenters Boztopia – hair getting shorter Brunch Bird – heard another rumor Candy Sandwich – little bit Italian Circle V – hurry up already Dagny T – i’m still taller et cetera – i hear laughing Genevieve – new lip ring Heather B – new […]

Pick-Up Lines For Girls

I’m hesitant to advise girls to approach men. I think it’s a man job and while not always the case, if a girl approaches a man chances are he can do better. This is especially true if she’s approaching you solely based on your looks. There are other prettier girls you could manage to get […]

I’m Done, For Now

It’s amazing how productive you can be without having a job, even if you like waking up at 11. Yesterday I finished the second draft and copies will be bound and shipped to my editors after I wake up (is it 11 yet?). It has taken six months to get to this point, more than […]

Keep Getting Phone Numbers

In the first newsletter I sent out, I wrote about getting phone numbers from girls. An excerpt: When it’s time to say goodbye and you’ve exhausted your options to take the conversation somewhere else, you want to give the girl an opportunity to show interest and offer her number before you have to do it. […]

La Dolce Vita

Don’t think that safety is being locked up in one’s home. Don’t do what I did. I’m too serious to be an amateur, but not enough to be a professional. A more miserable life is better, believe me, than an existence protected by an organized society where everything is calculated, everything is perfect. Steiner (Alain […]

Virginia Tech Killings

When something like this happens you want to get on your soapbox and talk about guns, war, culture, and violence. But don’t use these victims to push your politics. Back in November an acquaintance of mine died in a car accident when she got rear-ended. This is what I wrote. VK today had some thoughts […]

Rehab Happy Hour

Photo credit Who: Arjewtino, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me When: Friday, April 20 @ 7PM Where: Mezza Luna (two doors down from Science Club) Technically, I’m not a host this time. I tried to suggest Front Page again but I was pushed aside by the other members of the hosting committee. “We’ll let you know what […]

Before Sex, After Sex

On the surface, it looks like sex ruins things—the dynamic changes, the energy dissipates, and the tension disappears. Sometimes the relationship lasts, but most of the time, it doesn’t. Before sex, it’s all about showing up on time and smelling nice. The sexual tension does the rest. It helps you idealize your partner to keep […]

Present Factoids That Counter Thesis

I know I told you I’m not going to give you another book update, but I lied. I have edited 142 of 193 pages. Once this is in book format, I’m guessing it will be around 125 pages. Here is how the chapters are looking: Introduction 1 Pre-game 5 Internal Game 7 Early Game 19 […]

Maybe Date Rape Does Happen

A man takes a Russian girl named Tatiana out on a bar date. She’s having “a really great time” with “good body language.” All signs point towards him getting laid, to hearing loud cries of “Da” as petite Tatiana reaches sexual climax. Then she goes to the bathroom. To empty her bladder? Maybe—but most likely […]

Same Thing

I don’t get why a girl would go out knowing she will have on the same clothing or accessories as other girls her age. I freak out when I’m wearing the same t-shirt as another guy, but if you go into any club you’ll see at least ten girls with the same purse. And they […]