Road To 50

I have a player friend who has 48 notches. No girl who meets him thinks he is a player, and it’s this under-the-radar feel about him which is the probable cause of his success. Girls think he is just a nice guy until he bangs them and never calls again. This graphic gives you an […]

I Have Reached The Pinnacle Of My Game

Years of trolling Craigslist daily has finally paid off: I was recently a missed connection. Behold the glory that is an anonymous female seeking me out: Barnes & Noble? – w4m – 20 Date: 2006-11-19, 1:23AM EST Today. Yesterday, rather. You stayed till closing. I confirmed it was me after an email exchange. She’s an […]

No New Years Club

It’s that time of year where you start asking your friends, “So what are you doing for New Years?” Panic strikes as Christmas approaches and you still have no idea what lame party you are going to. Well I’ll tell you what I’m doing for New Years: I am cooking myself a meal from my […]

December Book Update

“So how’s your player book going?” It’s going well, thanks, girl I used to date. I never realized how appealing cleaning or peeking into an empty refrigerator is until I started this project. And I’m learning that it’s impossible to write without setting up some sort of reward system. I would start a porn download […]


Kathryn and I pulled the plug on our baby after 11 months. Here is what I had to say: There are only so many ways I can tell a girl that a guy isn’t into them. When starting this blog I never thought 85% of the questions would come from women. Because my main skill […]


A friend was recently telling me a story about a wingman of his. It seems this guy has good game and a lot of balls. He is the type of player who will approach any girl at any time, even if she is with her boyfriend. One time his wingman walked right up to a […]

Pictures Of Cookie, And Others

LHH II Reminder

The happy hour is tonight. Look for us by the main bar. Here is a picture of when I brought Judy (tonight’s date) home to meet Mom:

Player Or Poseur?

Virginia Senator Jim Webb and his wife If you saw this man on the street you would probably be revolted by his gigantic forehead and oompa-loompa appearance. It would be safe to say that any woman with him, especially Asian, is a mail-order bride. But Jim has served in the military where he has killed […]

Not That Important

One of the first things I learned after I bought my motorcycle was to always watch my rear when stopped at a traffic light. I would keep the bike in gear and look in my mirrors to make sure the car behind me was slowing down to a stop. If not, I would be ready […]

Blue Dress

What happened to the dress on a first date? The last time a girl impressed me with one was years ago. It doesn’t matter much if she was pretty or not (she was), but she wore something which completely maximized her look. There is this art — I forget what it’s called — where you […]

Gambling = Lame

This weekend I was in an Atlantic City casino where I dominated low-limit poker, not by playing tight-aggressive and using actual skill, but by using mind-games that overworked my opponents’ pacemakers. Here is my TOWER OF STRENGTH & POWER: Nothing intimidates your opponents more than making a bet from a phallic metaphor. After passing by […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I give you video entertainment to last the long weekend. Smashing a Playstation 3 in front of nerds waiting to buy one. Amazing ‘David Blaine’ street magic. “Either the general population will take control of its own destiny… or alternatively, there will be no destiny for anyone to control.” Idiot breaks into liquor store, can’t […]