DJ Equipment For Sale

In case anyone is trying to be a DJ, I’m selling my CD decks and mixer on eBay: -Pioneer CDJ-100s (2) -Behringer DJX400 Mixer 100% positive feedback — bid with confidence! :gay:

Virgle Kent’s New Blog

VK’s Empire Of Dirt. And with that comes the first blog war of 2007.


You may have never heard of the movie Idiocracy because Fox has done all it can to not promote it when it was released last year. The movie is about an average man and prostitute who hibernate for 500 years in a military pod experiment. When they wake up, the president-elect is a former porn […]

Promoters Are Scum

Several years ago a friend and I decided to start throwing parties so we could get laid more. We didn’t have an original idea or even the willingness to make it succeed, but we had strong sexual desire. There had to be an easier way than approaching a lot of girls. Our first party was […]

Cost Per Notch

In late 2005 I wondered how much each notch was costing me. Is my game saving me money over escort services? I decided to add a new line on my monthly budget called “Dating” and keep track of money I spent on dates. I added a separate line called “Nightlife” to account for drinking when […]

Comments FAQ

I posted a comment but it didn’t show up. The page just reloaded. The blog software thinks your comment is spam. Either you posted from an open proxy, used a common spam word, or added several links in your comment. Every evening I go through and approve any comments that got tagged as spam when […]


I recently signed up for my first NRA gun training class. I will soon be taking the NRA Basic Steps Pistol class. People who have known me for a while would probably be surprised by that. I didn’t grow up around guns and I have not touched a gun in years. My only experience with […]

The Female Date Blog… What’s Hot In ’07

Written by Virgle Kent. Hey are you a single lonely woman in Washington DC and between the ages of 29 and 70? Are you successful in your career but have a pathetic dating resume of seeming to attract twatwaffles and all-around jerks? Are your dating exploits so funny and whimsical that they always entertain your […]

Player Or Poseur?

If you missed it, the last edition of Player or Poseur was the best yet. Reader Mad1 knew the people in the photo so within only a couple of hours there were half a dozen members of the DC clubbing elite taking a break from whatever they do when they are not clubbing to come […]

Monthly Newsletter

If you look over at the top right, you’ll see a form for my new monthly newsletter. I plan on sending the first one in the next week. It will be about getting numbers.

How To Get Your Finances In Order

Humans have not evolved to handle modern currency for two reasons: 1. The paper that currency is based on has zero inherent value. When you are gambling at a casino you tend to make bets you would not have made with paper money because you don’t have a strong attachment to decorative pieces of clay. […]

La Tomatina Video

Here are two short video clips that should have gone in my La Tomatina post a couple months ago. The first is a clip of the mayhem surrounding the grease-covered ham pole that brave men tried to climb. I used my hand to shield the camera from the rainstorm of grease. While the Asian guy […]


I love Cosmopolitan magazine. For about a year I have been buying Cosmo every month and reading through it with my girlfriend. It’s great fun: articles about sex, pictures of hot girls, lots of lingerie ads. Hell, it’s better than a lot of men’s magazines. On the late, great, FDDC I used to tell shy […]