Rehab Happy Hour

Photo credit Who: Arjewtino, KassyK, Virgle Kent, me When: Friday, April 20 @ 7PM Where: Mezza Luna (two doors down from Science Club) Technically, I’m not a host this time. I tried to suggest Front Page again but I was pushed aside by the other members of the hosting committee. “We’ll let you know what […]

Before Sex, After Sex

On the surface, it looks like sex ruins things—the dynamic changes, the energy dissipates, and the tension disappears. Sometimes the relationship lasts, but most of the time, it doesn’t. Before sex, it’s all about showing up on time and smelling nice. The sexual tension does the rest. It helps you idealize your partner to keep […]

Present Factoids That Counter Thesis

I know I told you I’m not going to give you another book update, but I lied. I have edited 142 of 193 pages. Once this is in book format, I’m guessing it will be around 125 pages. Here is how the chapters are looking: Introduction 1 Pre-game 5 Internal Game 7 Early Game 19 […]

Maybe Date Rape Does Happen

A man takes a Russian girl named Tatiana out on a bar date. She’s having “a really great time” with “good body language.” All signs point towards him getting laid, to hearing loud cries of “Da” as petite Tatiana reaches sexual climax. Then she goes to the bathroom. To empty her bladder? Maybe—but most likely […]

Same Thing

I don’t get why a girl would go out knowing she will have on the same clothing or accessories as other girls her age. I freak out when I’m wearing the same t-shirt as another guy, but if you go into any club you’ll see at least ten girls with the same purse. And they […]

My SAT Score

Back in my day, the most you could get on the SAT was a 1600 (it’s 2400 now), and something like 1300 was considered to be a really good score where I came from. I knew I was going to the University of Maryland and only needed an 1100, so I bought a book that […]

God Knows Where My Taxes Should Go

I visited my old job recently. My former coworkers welcomed me back and asked what I was up to. I told them I’m in the process of quitting my current job, the one I left them for. A girl I didn’t like working with said, “Wait what are you going to do about health insurance?” […]

Blogger Love

I gotta give a shout-out to I Now Pronounce You. After Saturday night, all I can say is that he is a white man you need to party with. At the next happy hour, look for the really tall dude. :treehugger:

Comment Registration

Requiring registration to comment is working well so I’m keeping it (background). When you register, the software sends you a random password. I recommend the first thing you do when you log in is to change it. To do that, click on your username above the comment box: Type in your new password on the […]

Deal Breakers

The NY Times has an article about deal breakers, qualities a potential mate has that would disqualify him or her from future consideration. First, take a look at the picture of the really awkward looking man holding the stuffed seal. Do you want to know what he does for a living? He writes dating advice. […]

Richmond Pictures

Continued from Big Daddy’s Sports Club. This first picture was taken from the second level of Big Daddy’s. All the way up towards the roof are two planks where bouncers help hired club girls on and off from the swings. They get lowered down and swing back and forth in random patterns while everyone on […]

Newsletter No. 4

This month’s edition will be about the most brutal and effective cockblock a girl has ever served to me, and how it can be repackaged for our own use. If you are not already on the list, sign up is on the top right. It will be sent this weekend.

Big Daddy’s Sports Club

I got the call from Virgle Kent on Saturday afternoon. “Hey I’m thinking of calling an audible today. My boy is having a big party in Richmond.” “Richmond? You mean that place past Kings Dominion?” I said. “That’s far as hell.” “Yeah but there are going to be a lot of sluts.” “I’ve always wanted […]