Club Rain & The Band Theory

Virgle Kent invited me to join him and his buddies at Fairfax’s newest club called Rain, run by a group of guys who used to promote at Love. If are wondering why I would haul my ass all the way to the Virginian version of my middle-of-nowhere suburban location, it’s because I was told the […]

Minimize Your STD Risk

More than one-third of American women are infected with human papillomavirus (HPV), which in rare cases can lead to cervical cancer, by the time they are 24 years old, according to a study being published today. Washington Post This means that 33% of girls you have sex with are carrying HPV. The percentage that will […]

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I Got Recaps

There were a lot of soldiers last night, drinking, dancing, and crossbreeding for up to 7 hours. Writing about the things that happened would damage lives. My life. Recaps: Rock Creek Rambler Suburbanite MM Brunch Bird KassyK Bad at life Designs On You Grateful Dating VK Arjewtino Tex Pundit Across The River People who are […]

Newsletter No. 3

Coming up this weekend. If you haven’t already, sign up on the right. It’s going to be about buying girls drinks.

If You Don’t Look Like Jesus, Why Are You Still Alive?

I wrote some big words in the past: While I’m lucky to be blessed with the genetics to make a monster beard, I don’t think I’ll do it again. February 6, 2007 I RENOUNCE THOSE WORDS. Without a beard I am not a real man—I just don’t look right without long coarse hair covering half […]

Players Happy Hour Reminder

I previewed my happy hour post to Virgle Kent a couple weeks ago and I think the term he used to describe it was “weak.” I challenged him to do better and he did. He took a thoughtful approach where he analyzed the personalities of his co-hosts: RooshV- What many people may not know about […]

I’m Not Sleeping With A Brazilian Prostitute

So I met this Brazilian guy in the bathroom of a club through this belligerent Belgian guy who I met in the same bathroom about an hour before. Above is a picture of both of them that I took while we were all hanging out in that bathroom. :gay: Since I want my next trip […]

Bon Ass Experiment

One of my life’s pleasures is observing ass—high school ass, college ass, twenty-something ass, spinster ass, and old but pre-menopausal ass. Every female who is menstruating is worth a peek. After I went through puberty and my balls doubled in size, I created a null hypothesis that all asses are the same. Every age group […]


Couple reader blogs to check out… Ask Jimmy Suede – Dating column for men. The Art of the Possible – Liberal-slanted blog without the screeching. Tin Heart – Blog of my Craigslist missed connection. I think I am an inspiration to her.

Upon Closer Inspection

I was out writing when a guy and girl sat near me. The girl was a Brazilian bombshell, maybe 18 years old with a curvy thin body and wavy hair. With her was a black guy, maybe as young as 16, who had a generic urban style topped off with a skullcap. Her personality was […]

Long Live Comments

Alright let’s try again. The signal to noise ratio on comments is getting out of hand. There are trolls trolling trolls and the ban list is almost at 100 IP addresses. I decided to eliminate commenting completely but after looking back on older posts I noticed there are a lot of productive discussions that expand […]

Date Rape Druggings Are A Myth

Almost every girl I know has told me a “Some guy at the bar put something in my drink” story. And I never believe them. The purpose of date rape drugs is to render a girl unconscious. But to isolate the girl where he can rape her, a guy has to pick her up on […]