Comment Registration

Requiring registration to comment is working well so I’m keeping it (background). When you register, the software sends you a random password. I recommend the first thing you do when you log in is to change it. To do that, click on your username above the comment box: Type in your new password on the […]

Deal Breakers

The NY Times has an article about deal breakers, qualities a potential mate has that would disqualify him or her from future consideration. First, take a look at the picture of the really awkward looking man holding the stuffed seal. Do you want to know what he does for a living? He writes dating advice. […]

Richmond Pictures

Continued from Big Daddy’s Sports Club. This first picture was taken from the second level of Big Daddy’s. All the way up towards the roof are two planks where bouncers help hired club girls on and off from the swings. They get lowered down and swing back and forth in random patterns while everyone on […]

Newsletter No. 4

This month’s edition will be about the most brutal and effective cockblock a girl has ever served to me, and how it can be repackaged for our own use. If you are not already on the list, sign up is on the top right. It will be sent this weekend.

Big Daddy’s Sports Club

I got the call from Virgle Kent on Saturday afternoon. “Hey I’m thinking of calling an audible today. My boy is having a big party in Richmond.” “Richmond? You mean that place past Kings Dominion?” I said. “That’s far as hell.” “Yeah but there are going to be a lot of sluts.” “I’ve always wanted […]


I have been told that I don’t bring any solutions to the modern dating problem, that I just bitch and complain. The reason is because I’m pessimistic the course we’re on can be reversed within our lifetimes. But I do think about it. Before I present my solutions to the problems of modern dating, we […]

April Fools!

I thought PD& would be an obvious April Fools Joke, but judging by the amount of “Are you serious?” emails I received, I guess not! The phrase ‘puppy dogs and ice cream‘ is from the movie Swingers. You take yourself out of the game, you start talking about puppy dogs and ice cream and of […]

New Blog

Now that I’m all big and stuff, I can take more risk and push projects that would have otherwise ruined my reputation. No one has ever attempted what I’m about to attempt—it’s just so different and cutting-edge. Without further delay: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream will only be updated once a week so that […]

Goodbye Corporate Grind

By the time you are reading this, I have submitted my resignation letter to my master at work. I probably did it at around 10:45am, the time I usually stumble in. Two weeks of coasting and I’m out. I’m moving in with my Dad tomorrow. I’m going to be there for about three months to […]

Fresh Meat

I noticed three new DC blogs that linked to me. Figuring they must have an awesome sense of humor for doing so, I checked them out for a couple weeks. Just Going With It One-night stand no. 5 or 6: We were fooling around, clothes were coming off, so I naturally assumed that sex was […]

I Got The Hives

The goal of this post is to make you feel better about your life. My doctor prescribed me the antibiotic cefdinir because I was having sinus issues. On the eighth day of a ten day treatment, my body got itchy in multiple places at the same time. I wrote it off as crabs (the sexual […]

American Culture

The following is a collaboration by five alpha males. I edited. Click here for more info. American Culture is a powerful force in the world today. It is like a conquering army that either overthrows existing cultures and values or incites strong rebellions that seek to repel its influence. The majority of the world is […]


What would happen if I came up with a phrase and sent it to five alpha males in sequence to add or edit in any way they wish? The answer: a masculine essay that represents the strong realities of real men. I sprinkled some Roosh dust on the final result to bring it all together. […]