American Culture

The following is a collaboration by five alpha males. I edited. Click here for more info. American Culture is a powerful force in the world today. It is like a conquering army that either overthrows existing cultures and values or incites strong rebellions that seek to repel its influence. The majority of the world is […]


What would happen if I came up with a phrase and sent it to five alpha males in sequence to add or edit in any way they wish? The answer: a masculine essay that represents the strong realities of real men. I sprinkled some Roosh dust on the final result to bring it all together. […]

Affection Follow-Up

Well that was quick. Why is it so rare to find girls who put out a natural warmth and openness where you can cut through the manufactured bullshit and start to connect like two normal human beings? March 14, 2007 I met a girl in a club one week after I wrote that. Even though […]

Girls Getting Back With Ex-Boyfriends

Many times a girl has dated me after ending a serious relationship and then dived back into the arms of the ex-boyfriend when I put on the brakes. I have nothing to worry about as long as these girls don’t turn gay, but I think I know what this could mean. 1. They can’t cut […]

She’s Like A Doorknob, Everybody Gets A Turn!

Michelle is a cute 27-year-old whore. It says so right on her tattoos: “I Swallow Cum” “Fuck My Whore Ass” “Cum Slutt” [sic] “For Deposit Only” Let’s find out how this came about. I started the tattoo process during the time I was initially trying not to act out on my addiction. Since I was […]

Worst Starbucks Barista In The Universe

I ordered a tall Americano and a water at the cash register. I waited a couple minutes by the bar but the water never came. No big deal, I’ll just ask again. “Can I get a cup of water?” The Asian lady barista said, “Sure I’ll get it for you this time but next time […]

Wearing The Engagment Ring After The Wedding

As a teenager I learned that engagement rings are only worn during a couple’s engagement period. But times have changed. Because women make such a big deal about wanting an engagement ring that costs at least 15% of her fiance’s yearly salary (Zales said so), they’ve become reluctant to hide such precious jewelry just because […]

Free Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee

Photo Credit Dunkin’ Donuts has free iced coffee all day today. While I find donuts to be repulsive, I will hit multiple Dunkin’ Donuts to get as much free coffee as my little heart desires. If I smell like donut grease in the process, so be it. Full Disclosure: Dunkin’ Donuts has paid me $10,000 […]

My Doug

Dear Doug, I’ve been seeing you for two years now without complaint. I came to you after I ended my three year relationship with Anthony and his inconsistent ways. He was much cheaper but you know me—I need complete satisfaction. You were so green when I first started seeing you, with your wide availability and […]

6 Qualities Of A Good Rape Scene

I just saw the movie 300, which had an awful rape scene—it didn’t arouse me at all. Real-life rape is brutal, horrible, and something I don’t believe in, but I dig it in movies and porn where the fake rape is a symbol of male domination. Here is what makes a good rape scene: 1. […]

The Last Book Update

I finished the 1st draft last month. It came in at a morbidly obese 75,000 words. Double-spaced with size 12 font that comes out to 210 pages. So far I’ve edited 50 of those pages, spending at least three hours a day to do so. Each page takes me 20-25 minutes to edit. The blog […]

I Dated A Girl Who Was In A Gangbang

Yesterday I mentioned how a girl I dated told me she was in a gangbang. Let me share with you how that came about. Several years ago I was seeing a brunette who put out a girl-next-door vibe but was a piranha in bed. She was perfect for me. Since she was a keeper, I […]

Teenage Girls Are Better

After a couple recent posts talking about girls and young age, I recommend you go read Irinia’s Teenagers are hotter than me. The most attention I’d ever gotten from men was when I was a teenager. Especially from older men. I used to think they were creepy, but now I realize that they were just […]