Fantasies Tend To Remain Fantasies

There once was a time when I would go to bed fantasizing about this one girl. If I could get her then I would be so much happier and everything in life would fall into place. As the years went on that girl would change, but there would always be at least one. No matter […]

Google Maps Upgrade

Google Maps now displays Metro stop locations and building outlines. All this time I’ve been secretly using DCist’s Map to find closest Metro stops.

Movies I Recommend

Life Is Beautiful – An incredible film about perspective, reality, and imagination. The message: life is beautiful, but only if you choose it to be. I cried like a little bitch. Y Tu Mama Tambien – A movie about two horny teenage boys. The “Oh shit!” ending is a natural result of what happens when […]


There is no one perfect girl that has all the qualities I want. Instead there are many girls who can please me in a lot different ways. This girl pleases me physically while this other girl has an exotic vibe that I like while this other girl is funny and that girl over there is […]

Free Wireless Internet In DC

Can anyone recommend a coffee shop in DC that has free internet? I found this list but there are no user reviews. Somewhere in the Dupont or Adams Morgan area would be nice. I’ve been a regular of Busboys and Poets, whose yuppified hippie vibe I really enjoy, but their internet on the weekends is […]

Respecting Women

The more a man respects a woman, the less notches he will have. While notches don’t yield happiness, if you want to have sex with a lot of women then you should not hold them in high regard. Are women princesses that must be worshiped, or are they are pieces of meat that should be […]

Gazuza Review

I want to get laid But these girls are sitting down Hand party at home Rating: 2/5 Map • Official site 1629 Connecticut Ave, N.W. Washington, DC 20009

Dragonfly Review

A tad pretentious, but no mouth-breathers around Pretty girls I’ve met Rating: 4/5 Map • Official site 1215 Connecticut Ave, N.W. Washington, DC 20036

Chaco The Cowboy

Chaco and his fiance have eloped to Las Vegas and are getting married tomorrow. They have decided on a cowboy and cowgirl theme, which is a little bit surprising to me since I don’t think they have ever been south of Virginia. Anyway, he’s going to be busy now pleasing his wife with marathon sessions […]

New Emoticons

I’ve added some new emoticons because sometimes I can’t find words to describe the complex emotions I’m feeling. :american: :attentionwhore: :bukkake: :catlady: :discussionclosed: :emo: 👿 :fatter: :jailhump: :link: :monkey: :cheerleader: :sadwave: :stfu: :treehugger: :wave: The smilie legend link is above the comment box.

Player Or Poseur?

1. His hand is basically on her breast. 2. Her eyes are closed and she seems comfortable. She’s mentally preparing for sex. 3. His hairy complexion would be better balanced out with some facial hair, but I’m a little biased. He is a player. Don’t believe me? Check out this picture taken a little later: […]

How To Cancel Verizon Wireless Without An Early Termination Fee

About a month ago I read a post on Consumerist about Verizon raising their text messaging rates by 50% and how you can use that to get out of your contract. (Starting March 1 it will cost you 15 cents to send and receive instead of 10 cents.) I sorted through that post and other […]

The Beard Experiment

After my experience as Jesus, I thought it’d be a good idea to grow a long beard, since there is no good reason not to. I let my face grow for almost three months. I’ve never in my life received so many complaints about my appearance. Even my family ragged on me, calling me Taliban, […]