Tired Of Not Getting Attention

When a girl wants to leave early from a club or bar, it’s because she’s not getting attention from guys. Many times I’ve seen a girl who is “tired” or has to wake up “early” start her exit, finally get approached by some guy, and then ends up staying longer than me. The question is […]

Exclusively Bad

Every weekend, the same scene is played out in thousands of nightclubs in hundreds of cities worldwide: young, upwardly mobile people are doing their best to get past the velvet rope. If you went to Best Buy to purchase an electronic gadget, and the staff made you wait in a non-moving line, and expressed doubt […]

Animals Are Tasty

I have no problem eating animals. They taste good and the protein in their flesh helps sustain my gym workout routine and muscular development. I go to the store, buy meat that looks nothing like the animal it came from (definitely no hair or feathers or soft skin or anything gross like that) and then […]

January Book Update

I’m halfway done with the outline, which is becoming more and more useless as I go on. The hardest part is finding a place for all the material, much of which doesn’t fit neatly into categories. Right now my goal is to get it in somewhere for now and worry about editing later. I’m making […]

My Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2006

10. The Game It’s humiliating to go out, attempt to dance, put on this “I’m a cool guy! really!” show, and essentially act like a monkey to get into a girls pants — to lower yourself for someone you don’t care about just to get that physical pleasure. I wrote this because I felt weak […]

New Year’s Musings

I am sitting here at 10:16PM and I haven’t written anything for my now regular Friday spot. I usually try to find inspiration around mid-week but this week I got caught up in the holiday spirit and never got around to it. My usual routine is to sit down at my computer on Tuesday and […]

Ghost Wars

It only took me about three months but I have finally finished the 600-page book Ghost Wars, about events in Afghanistan and Pakistan leading up to 9/11. My favorite paragraph: The [CIA] sent out a team of mechanics knowledgeable about Russian helicopters to try to resolve the [helicopter mechanical issue]. Massoud’s men took them to […]


For everyone: TED talks. Short and long lectures from a bunch of really smart people. Check out the ones by Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Gilbert, and Barry Schwartz. For the ladies: a picture of me beating my meat. For myself: a 3.5 pound laptop. My desktop and I had a good six year run.

Very Cool Wine Holder

This one is cool too.

Not Wanting What You Wanted

I never have done drugs, so there are a lot of things about drug use that confuse me. But what confuses me most are how people do coke/ecstasy/meth/whatever to get high but don’t think about the crash into depression that comes after. The crash is as much a part of the experience as the high, […]

Are You Serious?

1. No good deed goes unpunished. Yesterday I posted a picture of a seemingly happy couple, complimenting the guy on his game and the girl on her looks. Turns out the guy is gay (he fooled me) and his friends are getting uppity, all because I complimented his pussy-getting ability. Whatever. They are obviously new […]

Player Or Poseur?

This man appears to be relaxed and comfortable. He has put in a little work to his appearance with the facial pubes and the hand jewelry, but it doesn’t look like he is trying too hard. He is not making any weird facial expressions or camera-pointing gestures. His hands are comfortably wrapped around the girl’s […]


I have no clue when a girl orgasms or not. Unless she tells me, your guess is as good as mine. I know there are some signs like a sudden change in vocalization (e.g. “I’m coming”) or a request for a one-minute break, but it’s impossible to be certain unless I ask. And while I’m […]