The Myth Of The Russian Alpha Male

A common belief in the manosphere is that men in Russia or Ukraine are super alpha and should be held up as examples for Western men on how to act. They take no shit from women. They are firm and direct with their demands. They ooze masculinity that women love. After living in Russia and […]

Stop Saying “Men Are Disposable”

I’m seeing a disturbing rise in guys droning on about how “disposable” men are. This is a questionable viewpoint that does not help you achieve your goals in life or understand the current situation we face. At the same time, it puts pussy high up on the pedestal, brainwashing you into believing that a woman’s […]

Beginners Guide To Lifting Weights

Fitness trainer Brandon Carter is a special guest in my video this week… I also made an appearance on his popular channel in a video called How To Pick Up Women At The Gym. It is approaching 45,000 views. As always, visit my channel for more clips. Previous Video: Are Turkish Girls Worth It?

Is Internet Game Hurting Men?

I can no longer deny that internet game is becoming an important and often principal source of bangs for many American men. Consider that there are men who get more notches than me every year from the internet alone but can’t make a day approach to save their life. They are successfully using a new […]

The Notch Collector

I often meet a certain type of Western man in my travels: the notch collector. He is the man who collects notches like trading cards. He enjoys presenting his cards to you, occasionally dropping a card or two on the floor in the hopes that you or someone else will see it. He insists on […]

Are Turkish Girls Worth It?

In the above video I mention that Turkish girls look very similar to Colombian girls. I made another video that tests your ability to tell the difference: Visit my channel for some more clips. Previous Video: I Found The Biggest Sausage Fest In The World

There’s Only One Way To Know If She’s Attracted To You

I’m sure you already know the answer to this, but before I remind you, allow me to tell you a story that refreshed even my memory. In early summer I met with an American reader at a Moscow cafe. After two horrible espressos, I suggested we walk a block down to another venue where my […]

5 Things You Should Know About Russia

I spent five weeks in the Siberian city of Tomsk and two weeks in Moscow. Here are my thoughts: 1. Russian girls are very similar to Ukrainian girls There are some differences, but they are so minor that you can go to Moscow having read Bang Ukraine and still know what you’re doing. Aesthetic differences: […]

I Found The Biggest Sausage Fest In The World

Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read the 50+ comments that have already been left. Visit my channel and hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog. I also did a video about meeting girls in the pool. Previous Video: The Place You Should Not Go […]

Your Habits Get Harder To Change As You Get Older

All the habits that I currently do every week, at the age of 35, are ones that I was already doing by the time I was 30. I’ve noticed that it has been exceedingly hard to tack on a new habit or routine to my existing lifestyle and workflow. It seems that my brain is […]

Why Progressive Media Is The Path To Riches

Haven’t you noticed what’s happening in the media and on the internet? Companies are cashing in on the backs of those with a brainwashed belief system. Sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Policy Mic, Medium, Huffington Post, and Gawker are raking in money hand over fist providing content which either acts as soothing soma for your modern […]

The Place You Should Not Go During The Summer

This was shot on location in Odessa, Ukraine. Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read the comments that have already been left. Visit my channel and hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog. Also, I also did a video about microphones that may interest two […]

Maybe It Doesn’t Really Get Better Than This

There are two paths you naturally gravitate towards if you want to have sex with a girl more than once. The first path is to pursue a casual relationship where you see her between 1-3 times a week to hang out at the bar, restaurant, park, seaside, cinema, theater, cupcake shop, or so on before […]