You Are The Last 3 Women You’ve Slept With

If you’re seeking a measurement of who you are and where you are in life, simply look at the last three girls you made love to. If they were lined up before me, I would know your tastes, your game, your capabilities, and your environment. They are a strong indication of your value, though of course […]

Cultural Collapse Theory

(To download the PDF edition of this article, click here.) It was Joe’s first date with Mary. He asked her what she wanted in life and she replied, “I want to establish my career. That’s the most important thing to me right now.” Undeterred that she had no need for a man in her life, […]

Washington DC Meetup: April 30, 2014

When I operated, approximately 50% of my readers were from the DC area. Now, it’s about 3%. The city is slowly slipping out of the top 10. Here’s the current ranking: 1. New York 2. Toronto 3. London 4. Los Angeles 5. Sydney 6. Chicago 7. Melbourne 8. Montreal 9. Washington DC 10. San […]

Thoughts On Being An Excellent Man

I recently had a conversation with my college-bound brother that I’d like to duplicate here. Little Brother: I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel so lazy. I just don’t want to do anything. Roosh: Can you give me an example of when you were recently lazy? LB: I went to the gym […]

We Are All Sisyphus

I arrived in a new city and had to start my game efforts from scratch. I went to clubs, cafes, malls, and the town square to meet women. I commited at least one hour a day to this task. Within three weeks, I had sex with two women, but I do not greatly enjoy their […]

Use Your Boner To Judge The Value Of Women

Imagine that you are having sex with two different girls. One is a 5 and the other is a 10. You are not using a condom. Can you objectively say for sure that the strength of your boner is different while thrusting inside them? I would like to think that when fornicating with the 10, […]

6 Life Tips That Will Make You More Productive

Over the years I’ve developed simple work and life habits that have helped me get things done. I’d like to share six of those with you now. 1. Do work in blocks of one hour Your brain can not handle continuous, neverending work. Like a muscle that becomes tired of exertion, it needs frequent periods […]

At What Age Does A Player Peak?

It’s hard for a guy under 35 not to get excited when he becomes good at game and unleashes its awesome power. He sees firsthand how the female species has been given 10 years of immense beauty while giving him decades more of potential peak performance where he can leverage his resources, resourcefulness, and experiences […]

Nerds Will Rule The World

In the past, hustle, effort, and practicality were rewarded far more than analytical intellect. The fortunes of Sam Zemurray, John D. Rockefellar, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Andrew Carnegie were built on guts as much as brains. Back then an ambitious man could identify a scarcity or inefficiency in plain day and create an empire. If you read the biographies of men […]

You Must Space Out The Things That Make You Happy

There is a finite list of things that can give you a feeling of happiness. I’m not referring to everlasting happiness, but a jolt of happiness. For example, sex is a pleasurable experience for most men, but the frequency at which you engage in sex can affect the happiness you get from it. The first […]

We Are Nothing More Than Distracted Sheep In The Real Game Of Power

Beliefs in the manosphere are often termed “red pill,” an analogy to the Matrix, where those who know “truth” are unplugged from the system and can see the world for what it really is, but men who use this analogy did not watch the two Matrix sequels, where we learn that the robots allowed the […]

Кто Я?

(English Translation) Мне 34 года. Я родился в америке, но не мои родители. Мой отец из ирана и моя мать из турции, но её этнический армянский. Дома, они говорила только по-англискии. Я не учился языки моих родителей. Мои родители всегда сказали что институт очень важно. Так я учился микробиологу в институте. После этого, я работал […]

My Spring 2014 Game Workflow

When I want to get laid, I execute the following steps, which complement my nature, personality, schedule, and sex needs. If I have zero prospects upon beginning this workflow, I will get laid with at least a 7 within 1-3 weeks. Here are the steps: 1. Wait until I haven’t gotten laid in 10 days […]