3 Game Questions That Keep Me Up At Night

1. Her commitment to a seduction Problem: The best type of game to run leans on the aloof side. Girls want a challenge, no matter where you are in the world, but how distant and aloof can you be until you start to lose her? How much effort is she willing to put in before […]

The Argument Against Chasing Happiness

Chasing happiness works, until it no longer does. I’ve written a lot about how you should make changes to your lifestyle based on how happy the change would make you (as you envision it), but I wonder if I’ve instructed you to chase a rainbow, because once you change perspective from your current location on […]

Masculine Conservatism

It’s apparent that the manosphere is giving rise to a new school of thought. Whether you are visiting a game blog, an MRA site, or an MGTOW forum, there are a lot of commonalities in our belief systems that don’t match existing ideologies. A few months ago I wrote an article on traditional conservativism. Here’s […]

The King Of Warsaw (Part 2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 On a Thursday night I went to a club alone. In order to recapture the glory days where I was the approach machine, I decided to do ten solid approaches. My first approach was on my ideal type of girl, but ten minutes in her friend dragged her to dance. I did […]

The King Of Warsaw (Part 1 of 2)

A year ago I got an email from a reader of mine named Kamal. He lived in Warsaw and asked for some advice on getting with the local models. My advice to him was simple: “To get a star you have to be a star.” Even though I wasn’t swimming in models myself, I knew […]

The War Against Men

Your average American woman doesn’t identify as a feminist, and may even refuse to call herself that due to embarrassment, but a host of feminist beliefs have been installed in her brain that not only determine her personality, but also how she interacts with the opposite sex. Without having to consciously accept feminism, she is more feminist […]

My Appearance On A Ukrainian Talkshow

Click the caption button to activate English subtitles (you may have to go to the video page on Youtube): The title of this show was “Sex Mission” but it might as well have been called “Roosh Roast.” They came at me pretty hard, from just about every angle. I knew it going in so that’s […]

Why Is Working For A Corporation So Awful?

Except for start-ups in Silicon Valley that let you use scooters indoors, it has come to be common wisdom that corporations are horrible places to work. It shouldn’t be like this. A regular salary with benefits in an environment that puts you in constant touch with other humans shouldn’t cause misery, but in reality corporate […]

Warm Up Before Approaching Women

Let’s say you sit in front of a computer all day without talking to anyone. Then at 6pm, I ask you to go to a happy hour that will have a few opportunities to talk to women. How will your first couple of approaches go? Well, there’s a chance you won’t even take advantage of […]

I Lived With A Girl For Five Days

Day 1 The British girl I devirginized arrived to my hotel room with a carry-on bag. I was a bit surprised because we didn’t discuss her staying with me, but since I had no intention of going for other girls, I didn’t say anything. It wasn’t the first time that a girl weaseled a relationship […]

A Few Hours Left

You have a few hours left to take advantage of the massive $1 discount to my new book, Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face? If you order before midnight, you pay $3 instead of $4. Here’s a reader review: Roosh has an approach to writing about his life that is at once clinical, self-reflective, […]

Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face? Stories From One Month In America

Today I’m releasing my new mini-book, Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face? It’s a 52-page memoir about the month-long visit to America in October 2012. Here’s the description: How many sexual partners is too many? What happens when you’ve lived away from your birth country for too long? Why do moms give bad advice to […]

How To Bang A 9

When you go out over the weekend and get a batch of numbers, you’re almost guaranteed to get a response from the ugliest girl you picked up while not getting a response from the hottest one. It only makes sense that lower value girls will see you as higher value. For example, say you went […]