Perception of American Women As Masculine Is Going Mainstream

Recently, Gawker published a long article about American men who are using social networking sites, particularly VKontakte, to meet Eastern European woman. While it had an obvious slant against men, they let through a lot of facts that are regularly discussed here… “American men are being decimated. That’s one of the reason homosexuality is so popular,” an […]

Do It For The Notch

My seven months in Poland caused my standards to increase to stratospheric levels. The Baltics had a higher talent pool to satisfy that, but I was approaching less because of the winter. It didn’t help that the women were harder. I estimate I was getting laid at a 50% decreased rate. My Baltic tour started […]

Comparing Women Of The Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

A lot of people ask me which Baltic country is best for a visit. If you’re like me, you’d think that all three countries are similar, but after my nearly four months in the region I noticed a surprising amount of variation between them. Of course I’m not talking about architecture or food—my main field […]

25% Of American Women Are Mentally Ill

This is a guest post by Athlone McGinnis. The USA has long had the highest rates of mental illness in the world, but the latest reports on the extent of it are still pretty shocking: mental illness struck one in five U.S. adults in 2010. Among the highlights, people in the 50-plus age bracket had […]

The Roosh Program

I want to share a game program for those of who are starting from scratch, regardless of age. It’s not meant to turn you into a Casanova, but it will quickly take your game above the mainstream average. It’s also useful for beta males who just got dumped. Every step in the program is essential […]

Nature’s Program

For millions of years, the worker ant has been following a genetic program to serve its queen. To maintain a harmonious society, it commits its life in the hive to one of hard labor. It’s good work but not always easy. One day a mysterious mind-altering chemical is sprayed over the queen. It inexplicably leaves […]

Everyone Is Hoping That You’ll Fail

Beta males are hoping. White knights are hoping. Feminists are hoping. Believe it or not, some of your friends and family members are hoping. They want you to fail because your success is their failure. It reminds them of their laziness, their poor work ethic. I’m sorry to tell you that they all want you […]

Asking A Girl When Was The Last Time She Had Sex

In a neverending quest to optimize my fuck funnel, I’m always looking to correlate a girl’s answers to my questions with her sexual behavior. If girls who eventually fuck me give the same answers to a specific question, I will look for that answer in the future. In Poland, I began asking girls when was […]

The Brazilian Government Is Trying To Censor Me

On the heels of being denounced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I recently received the following email from, a domain that leads to Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism. It was forwarded to me, my domain registrar, and the “abuse” address of my host. It’s the first time that a government organ has contacted me […]

Two Foreign Languages Every American Man Should Learn

There is no stopping the rapid degradation of the USA, both with its economy and women. In short time a large portion of the male population will be unable to find a good job or a good woman, despite their best efforts. The smarter ones will pull the eject lever and parachute down to a […]

Becoming A Flexible Smoker To Increase Bangs

The farther east you go in Eastern Europe, the more likely it is that a girl will smoke. Even if she doesn’t, at least one of her friends will, and that friend won’t want to smoke alone. In nightclubs they tend to do it in designated smoke rooms or outside, both of which are quiet […]

World Game

The hardest part of going to a new country is figuring out the optimum game that works on local women. Sometimes you can figure it out quickly, but even with full-time residence you need at least one month to nail something down, and that’s assuming you have strong observational skills. But how about if you’re […]

More Book Reviews 11

PREVIOUSLY: More Book Reviews 10 Top 10 Most Important Books The Amazon Kindle Is A Game Changer REVIEWS: The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich This doozy of a book, clocking in at 1,280 pages, chronicles the rise of Adolf Hitler from homeless vagabond to warlord of Germany, which he came to control for […]