Are You An Enemy Of Liberty?

Does your ideology require laws to aid certain classes of people over others? Does your ideology believe that humans are inherently weak? Does your ideology incentive  idleness through permanent welfare? Does your ideology place more emphasis on victimization than hard work, talent, and intellect? Does your ideology believe in top-down guesswork via central committees over […]

Marriage Doesn’t Make Sense

You probably noticed that I haven’t waged war on marriage like many others in the manosphere. This is because my exposure to feminine women outside of the United States has shown me that marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce rape and a child custody nightmare. Yet even if I were to marry with a […]

Your Life Will Always Be Full Of Struggle

There is work you are doing right now to reach certain goals or improve your standard of living, but even if you succeed on those efforts, the satisfaction that results will not be sustained. There may be moments of satisfaction, especially right after a notable achievement, but then you will return to unsatisfaction and commence […]

I Think, Therefore I’m Erect

My libido, as I enter my mid 30s, is not as strong as it once was. While still robust, I find it easier to talk myself out of bangs and go longer periods without sex. I figured this was a normal result of aging that, beyond working on diet and exercise, fell largely outside of […]

The Rise Of Heterophobia

A new psychological disorder called heterophobia is infecting America. Promoting a heterosexual or traditional family lifestyle is becoming increasingly shamed while criticism of homosexual lifestyle is no longer allowed. Our culture is making it clear that when it comes to sex, only heterosexuality can be ridiculed, especially when it is practiced by men. I believe […]

How We Stood Up To The Mob And Won

Last week, an article Tuthmosis wrote for ROK called “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder” went viral. And by viral, I mean that it was the most shared article to ever come out of the manosphere in its short history, receiving nearly 1.5 million page views in five days. In spite […]

Polish Girls Vs. Ukrainian Girls

I’m ready to do a comparison of these two countries that mainly focus on the women. I’ve lived in Poland for almost a year and Ukraine for seven months, so I believe I’m qualified to attempt this analysis. In addition, I’ve had two trips that took me back and forth from the two countries, giving […]

My Relationship Game Model

I haven’t written a lot of about relationship game because, well, I don’t get into many relationships. Even girls who are high quality to me, meaning the top 0.01% of girls I’ve dated, bore me after a short period of time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a basic relationship model to guide me. Unlike […]

When You Should Not Be Persuasive

The science of persuasion is rightfully seen as an important modern skill. Whether it’s convincing your boss on a certain course of action or sleeping with a woman, persuasion is needed to get what you want from other people. Persuasion techniques are best used on one-off transactions that don’t require your target to make a long-term commitment. For example: getting […]

This Is My City

I’ve lived outside of America for a little over four years now (52 months to be exact), with no real purpose except to have sex with women and enjoy life. As my travels progressed, I became more confused instead of less on what type of city I eventually want to settle in. Only lately has […]

It’s Time To Start Delivering Death Blows To Feminists

As you may have noticed, the manosphere has received great exposure in 2013 from mainstream outlets. While it has yet to have its own 60 Minutes segment, its existence is becoming known by a larger portion of Western society. For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to me being a part of it, despite my previous […]

How To Solve A Problem

It may almost seem like a joke that I am attempting this topic matter, but I am seeing a regression of problem solving skills among the world’s youth. If they experience a problem that cannot be solved with a quick google search, they descend into a fury that blames the world for ruining their lives […]

The Rat Mobility Experiment

Professor Yanek of UCLA’s biology department decided upon a peculiar study: he wanted to determine how a rat’s mobility is affected with the application of electric shocks. The aim was to analyze how mammals weigh pain versus a reward of mobility. It was Yanek’s hope that this line of research could have applications ranging from […]