Bang Poland: How To Make Love With Polish Girls In Poland (UPDATE)

Today I’m excited to release my latest travel guide, Bang Poland. Here are just a few things that the 93-page book contains: A breakdown of the best Polish city to visit for getting your Polish flag A detailed description of a Polish girl’s body where I address the stereotype of them having gigantic breasts How […]

13 Personality Traits Of Polish Women

Except for a couple minor flaws, Polish girls are most pleasant to deal with out of any other foreign woman I’ve been with. She has so many positive qualities that it’s best to describe them in list form… 1. Sweet, gentle, and considerate. Even when a Polish girl rejects you, she’s sweeter than an American […]

Bang Poland Drops On Friday With 6 Bonuses

Since I know most of my readers have no immediate interest in Poland, I wanted to sweeten the deal by adding additional content that will encourage you to check out my newest travel guide, Bang Poland. If you buy it this Friday, June 22, you get the following bonuses: -50% discount. The ebook and Kindle […]

9 Things I Want To Say To My International Critics

Two years after I released Bang Colombia, the Colombian media exploded in three days of hate that sent hundreds of angry Twitter comments my way (many from attractive women). In addition to the book making it on primetime news and radio, here are the web articles I found: Publimetro Terra El Pais El Espectador Vanguardia Caracol […]

Why Feminism In America Will Die

Worrying and complaining are inherent human traits. Some cultures lean more to the worry side while others lean to the complainer side. Americans are hardcore worriers and complainers, something that you can perhaps trace back to the makeup of those who founded the country several hundred years ago. For whatever reasons you can come up […]

Culture Parasites

A culture parasite is a person or company who sucks away value from a culture for the sole purpose of making money. They decrease both the intellect, class, and even appearance of the population that it’s targeted against. Here are some examples of American culture parasites: Kim Kardashian Apple Computer Gawker Uggs Jersey Shore Chipotle […]

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Roosh

This post is inspired from a recent entry on G Manifesto’s blog. 1. I was a spoiled momma’s boy. For the seven years before my sister was born, my mom treated me like a petit prince, giving me whatever I wanted and indulging all my tantrums. Even late into adulthood, she would offer to do my […]

20 Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Live In America Anymore

5 Reasons From Estonia: 5 Reasons From Lithuania: 5 Reasons From Poland: 5 Reasons From Ukraine: Do you notice something in common with the photos? The girls are cute, but they’re not all hot. In selecting them I aimed for the 7 range, which would more fit the profile of girl-next-door than model. I purposefully […]

When You Should Walk Out On A Date

In a perfect world, girls would be feminine, beautiful, and sexy. They would insist on treating you with respect. They would feel honored to spend an evening with you in a bar having drinks with their cell phones turned off. The reality is a little different. Through no fault of your own, women may show […]

Don’t Be A Pussy Beggar

While getting laid is important, there are things I won’t do to get laid. The first is directly pay for it. Maybe there will be a day when I become tired of the game, but I’m not even close to getting at that point. There are other reasons that are more subjective: I will not […]

Is Game Making Women Overconfident?

I was talking with a Ukrainian guy who wants to move to America someday. He asked me a lot of questions about our women. Obviously, I didn’t have a whole lot of good to say… “In America, a 200 pound woman who you would never have sex with is more confident than a beautiful woman […]

The Home Dinner Date Move

Some girls can be especially hard to extract to your place. You may live too far from her for a spontaneous venue change or she can be an early riser. As you already know, getting a girl over is half the battle, so why not eliminate that issue completely by inviting her over for dinner? […]

What Is A Misogynist?

A misogynist is a man who disagrees with women. A misogynist is a man who wants a woman to respect him. A misogynist is a man who would hit a woman if she hit him first. A misogynist is a man who thinks children in single-parent households grow up to have more problems than children […]