In Defense Of Women

In this book, H. L. Mencken gives us his thoughts and analysis on American women through dozens of little essays that range in topic from female intelligence to their behavior during marriage. While it is sometimes hard to tell if he is satirizing or not, he does make the case that women have been long […]

How Sexual Feasts And Famine Affect Your Quality

There are two conflicting drives within every player: the need to get laid versus the need to get laid with high quality. They are opposing forces that, when balanced out within any man, yields an average conquest that falls somewhere between his basal boner test and his dream girl standard. My need to get laid […]

2 Things To Focus On For The New Year

Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read the comments that have already been left. You can also hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog. Also, I created a subreddit called Red Kings. Check it out. All the downvotes you see is the attack that it […]

How Many No’s Does It Take To Enter A Vagina?

It will be rare that you have sex with a girl who gives you no resistance before sex. While many men have a “I met her in the club and banged her in the bathroom five minutes later” story, this is the exception more than the rule. You will always receive some no’s before you […]

My Top 10 Favorite Posts Of 2013

1. The Perfect Game. “By the time the study concluded, a total of 182 girls gave their number to Mike and a little over 100 was penetrated by his sex organ (in the final month of the study, he crushed 14 out of 15 girls).” 2. The True Nature Of Women. “…within every woman on […]

The Train

I went out to a DC bar with a new wingman who didn’t have much approach experience. While he wasn’t well-versed in the art of bar pickup, he’d had several sexual partners in the past and wasn’t fearful of stepping out of his comfort zone. There wasn’t much action at the bar, so we talked […]

How The Game Changes When You Get Older

There hasn’t been a lot written about what happens to players as they age, especially ones that have been brought up on current models of game that originated in the late 90’s. The reason is that most players actively using game are relatively young—the average age of my reader is around 26, and most of […]

Player’s Prayer

Heavenly father, thank you for shining the light of game into my life and allowing me to drink from this fountain of knowledge. I was blind to the sexual world that surrounded me but now I can see. Thank you for giving me the legs to approach a woman, a voice to speak to them, […]

An Epidemic Of Thirsty Men Is Making It Harder To Get Laid

For every girl that you reject for being unattractive or bitchy, there will be a line of men behind you trying to win her over. Every time you “punish” a girl by rejecting her after she displays bad behavior, she will not have to wait long until another man close to your value wants to […]

10 Reasons Why Heterosexual Men Should Leave America

The following list describes the benefits you will receive if you take a long journey to Eastern Europe, South America, or Southeast Asia. 1. You will sleep with thinner women who don’t have attitude American women can be quite beautiful if they maintain their appearance, but there still exists problems with their attitude that comes […]

Are You An Enemy Of Liberty?

Does your ideology require laws to aid certain classes of people over others? Does your ideology believe that humans are inherently weak? Does your ideology incentive  idleness through permanent welfare? Does your ideology place more emphasis on victimization than hard work, talent, and intellect? Does your ideology believe in top-down guesswork via central committees over […]

Marriage Doesn’t Make Sense

You probably noticed that I haven’t waged war on marriage like many others in the manosphere. This is because my exposure to feminine women outside of the United States has shown me that marriage doesn’t have to end in divorce rape and a child custody nightmare. Yet even if I were to marry with a […]

Your Life Will Always Be Full Of Struggle

There is work you are doing right now to reach certain goals or improve your standard of living, but even if you succeed on those efforts, the satisfaction that results will not be sustained. There may be moments of satisfaction, especially right after a notable achievement, but then you will return to unsatisfaction and commence […]