The Approachable Girl Metric

Every time you step foot into a bar, you’re faced with a choice on whether to stay or not. That decision can make or break your chance to get laid. Is there a way to consistently make the right choice? I believe there is. Simply count the Approachable Girls (AG) in the venue. If it’s […]

It’s The Patriarchy’s Fault

I was late today to work because I accidentally switched the AM/PM setting on my alarm. It’s the patriarchy’s fault! They construct technology solely for men, not understanding that my needs as a woman are different. At a work meeting my manager criticized an idea I had for one of our ad campaigns. I excused […]

The Number One Corrupter Of Women

This blog and others highlight a lot of problems being faced by Western men. Some of them include: cockblocking bad attitude attention whoring flaking banging more than one guy at a time Let’s say that girls who possess at least two of the above traits are “bad” girls, who while fun to have one-night stands […]

Growth Vs. Comfort

Should a man structure his life around comfort or around growth? Comfort, principally in the form of poosy paradise, is very appealing to me. I want to settle in an environment where the sex is easy and low effort. I want to have liberal use of my free time and not be forced to work, […]

An Avalanche Of Feminist Hate

On Return Of Kings yesterday I posted the The 9 Ugliest Feminists In America. I wanted to make an objective statement about the physical appearance of America’s dimmest feminist minds. I didn’t challenge their views, talk about rape, or say that women should be denied suffrage. No matter, because the feminists went apeshit and melted the server […]

Destiny Is Real

When you look back five years and think of how you arrived to your present condition, you probably nod with understanding as you recall the work, effort, and bit of luck that brought you here. The road to now may even have some logic to it. But if you asked yourself five years ago to […]

What Comes After Bang Ukraine?

I’ve received a lot of questions about what I plan on doing next. Here is a video of my thoughts, including a prediction for 2013… After a week of nothing but Ukraine, the blog will return back to normal on Monday. Thanks to everyone who ordered this weekend—your purchases will keep me fed and sheltered […]

5 Reviews Of Bang Ukraine

The first review is from a Russian expat: If you’ve heard that Ukraine is nothing but a bunch of hotties willingly sexing strange westerners (and the fact that a foreign bride site is the first hit on google when you search for “Ukraine” doesn’t do anything to dispel that), you’re wrong. Remember when I said […]

Bang Ukraine: How To Sleep With Ukrainian Women In Ukraine

Today I’m excited to release my final travel guide, Bang Ukraine. Here are just a few things that this 103-page book contains: How you can hack the backwards Ukrainian mentality to get laid How to respond when a Ukrainian woman tries to cross-examine you Description of the 3 types of Ukrainian girls, and the one […]

How To Pickup Ukrainian Girls In The Club

The following is an excerpt from Bang Ukraine.  Ukraine caused me to revise my theories about wanting to be in countries with a high female to male ratio. In Poland, the ratio was much worse (often at one girl for every three guys), but I picked up much easier. I learned that ratio is only […]

25 Reasons You Should Visit Ukraine

I assembled this photo gallery of random Ukrainian girls I found online that are 7’s and up. They exist in plentiful supply in all major Ukrainian cities. Not all will be easy to lay, but they will be available day or night for you to put in your attempt. Note: I did not have sex […]

American Girls vs. Ukrainian Girls

American girl: “What do you do?” Ukrainian girl: “Why are you in Ukraine?” American: Asks you to buy a drink Ukrainian: Expects you to buy a drink American: Flip flops because they’re comfortable Ukrainian: High heels because men like them American: 20 pounds overweight Ukrainian: 5 pounds underweight American: Looking for a stable career Ukrainian: […]

Bang Ukraine Will Be My Last Travel Guide

Before I tell you why it will be my last guide, I’m happy to announce its release for this Friday. If you buy it between then and Sunday, you’ll receive the following seven bonuses: -Bang Ukraine analysis from a Ukrainian player. A man I met and trust went over my book with a fine-tooth comb, […]