The Ditch Move

My new Danish roommate, a 22-year-old student, figured out that it was a whole lot easier to get laid if he let girls come to him. He set up a CouchSurfing profile that advertised his apartment as being “just a few steps” from the central train station. He sorted through a dozen requests each week […]

How To Pick Up Girls On The Street

1. Consider another venue. Yes, the first step to picking up on the street is asking yourself why you want to pick up on the street. It’s the hardest venue, hands down, meaning every other day venue you can imagine is easier. Is there a mall or retail shop nearby? Coffee shop? Grocery store? Hell, […]

Not All Women Of The World Want An Alpha Male

If you only interact with women in the United States, particularly the big cities, it’s easy to conclude that most of them want an alpha male. They want an outspoken, masculine, and cocky peacock that treats them poorly and plays hard to get. They don’t want an agreeable nice guy who gives them compliments and […]

How To Pick Up Danish Girls At Night

I made a response video the criticisms coming out of Denmark. Click here to watch. Night game should be any strapping young man’s bread and butter. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to visit a bar or club to pull pussy for the night. Unless… every venue is a fucking sausage fest. Going […]

Women Who Still Say I Hate Women

I still get criticism from women that I secretly ”hate” them even after I previously addressed the issue. In that post I also took a stab at the “you hate strong women” comment that I’ve been getting more of recently. A more amusing hater comment I come across is, “He hates strong women.” I’ve always thought “strong […]

He Who Hesitates, Masturbates

I patiently waited to order a drink behind another customer. I was looking around for talent when I saw a gorgeous brunette slide up to my left, also wanting to order a drink. She gave me eye contact then slowly opened her purse to fetch her credit card. She had trouble finding it. I wondered […]

The 3 Types Of Danish Girls

Don’t Bang Denmark was recently the subject of a panel discussion on a Danish morning show. Click here to watch. There are only three types of Danish girls that I’ve noticed: the perma-student, the older woman, and the mom. You know those people that have been students for what seems like forever, always working on […]

More Book Reviews 10

PREVIOUSLY: More Book Reviews 9 Top 10 Most Important Books The Amazon Kindle Is A Game Changer REVIEWS: Alexander The Great This is an entertaining book about how Alexander conquered the Persians to create one of the largest empires of the ancient world. The author takes you along all the key battles while giving you […]

How To Build Your Own Groupie Harem

A form of sex that eludes many men is groupie sex, where a specific accomplishment or creation has built enough attraction for a girl to fuck you. The only game needed in that case is “don’t fuck up” game. In Western culture, where being known is more important than having skill, cultivating your own groupie […]

Danish Girls Are The Most Masculine In The World

Danish women possess no flirting ability. They have zero charm and zero allure. Not a feminine drop of blood courses through their veins. They don’t know how to treat you well, cook for you, or make you laugh. They don’t know how to look sexy. They won’t defer to your masculinity. They can fuck you, […]

8 Signs You’re A Game Denialist

1. You follow over a dozen PUAs on the internet. You know the entire product line of each, but you publically claim that all are scam artist liars. When someone posts a pirate link to one of their new 12 DVD sets, you quietly download it. 2. You are obsessed with looks. When a man […]

Pussy Paradise

In my early 20s I had a dream of traveling the world without having to answer to anyone. I wanted to wake up at noon, work at my own pace, and sleep with a lot of women. It took over a decade of combined effort on both my game and writing, but I have realized […]

Danish Girls Are Ugly And Fat

Danish girls have thick, stout builds, with Pepsi can bodies and faces that have come into contact with every branch of the ugly tree. They rank up there with the women of Fortaleza, Brazil, as the huskiest women I’ve ever seen. If you want to have a football player son, I advise you to procreate […]