I Hope She Flakes

Flaking is a real problem in modern dating. You make plans with a girl, get excited about the prospect of intimacy, and then she sends you a text message cancellation containing a lame excuse. Maybe her best friend called her with a better plan. Maybe some guy she has a crush on finally came through. […]

The Decline Of American Women

I got a short email the other week that contained a Youtube clip. I was ready to watch it for a few seconds before moving on, but I became mesmerized at what I saw. I viewed it just not just once but two additional times, and every couple of days since. Here it is… Pretty […]

How To Become An International Playboy

The Wall Street Journal recently published an excellent article called Death Of A Playboy. It argues that cultural and economic factors have put an end to playboy lifestyles of the likes of Peter Beard, Gunter Sachs, and Porfirio Rubirosa. This is no surprise if you consider that a big part of that lifestyle was the […]

The Big Ass Book Challenge

I challenge you to purchase a history or biography book over 500 pages long and read it within two weeks. The reason? To become inspired and motivated from great men of the past, a duty that we sorely neglect in today’s Youtube culture. I explain more in this Youtube video: The book I’ve undertaken for […]

The Rise Of The Mini-Relationship

When Bang first came out, a lot of guys told me they were buying it in order to get a girlfriend. They saw game as a short term adjustment in order to land the girl they wanted for eventual marriage. Their main complaint of the book was that it didn’t have enough relationship advice. Fast […]

Bang Missions Are Therapy

The best way to lose your fear over something is to desensitize yourself to it. We can talk psychological mumbo jumbo all day and doctors can prescribe you the best medications in the world, but the only way to get rid of demons is to face demons. Are you afraid of approaching? Approach a lot. […]

How I Trolled Latvia’s Biggest News Site

Christmas has come twice this year! Latvia’s biggest news site Delfi asked me for an interview and I happily obliged. I already blew my load trolling the Lithuanians so it was a bit harder this time around. I’m afraid some of my answers were more mean than funny, but I think there are a couple […]

You Have No Idea How Easy It Is For Good Looking Men

Neither do I, of course, but I know such a man. We became friends in my senior year in college when I started to become aware of game and the successful habits of guys who get laid. Almost daily he would have an anecdote about talking to random girls and how easy it was to get […]

One Piece Of Advice

Due to a glitch in the time-space continuum, Older Roosh happened upon Younger Roosh in a coffee shop. This is the conversation they had. Younger Roosh: I just came back from Italy and it was amazing! Older Roosh: Italy. What was the date again? YR: November 2005. OR: That’s right. So tell me about your […]

Not All Second Tier Cities Are Created Equal

In the past two years I’ve spent a lot of time in second tier cities. Because in small countries they may end up feeling more like villages, I’ve had to revise my thoughts on how a second tier strategy can be used. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before buckling down in […]

The Swedish Girl In The Coffee Shop (Part 2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: PART 1 Once outside, my first approach was on a girl walking behind me. What I did was pause at the intersection, stare at my phone confusingly, and wait for her to catch up before hitting her with my night street opener (“Can you recommend a bar that is still open?”). She didn’t know […]

The Swedish Girl In The Coffee Shop (Part 1 of 2)

My true feelings about a country come out after I get the flag. It tells me a lot about what I need to know about interacting with the local women, and unless I see hope of something a little meaningful, unique, or special, I back down. That’s what happened after getting my Swedish flag. I […]

One Thing You Need To Know About Happiness

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