The Men’s Rights Movement Is Dead

Three years ago I wrote a post titled “Men’s Rights Has Become A Euphemism For Sexual Loser.” I argued that the movement is made up of manginas who refuse to improve themselves. Afterwards, a part of me felt regret for blasting them. After all, we’re all on the same team, in search of happiness in […]

How To Approach Girls At Bars

In this clip I give a demonstration on some easy ways to approach girls at the bar ordering drinks…. Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read comments that have already been left. You can also hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog.

My Name Is Burt

I started using a fake name in the beginning of the year. It was hard at first to be called something completely new, but after a few months I got used to it. Now when I hear the name called out in public I instinctively turn my head as if it was my own. Let’s […]

More Book Reviews 13

PREVIOUSLY: More Book Reviews 12 Top 10 Most Important Books The Amazon Kindle Is A Game Changer REVIEWS: Pacific Crucible I needed a break from land-based war books so I checked out this one about Americas fight with Japan starting with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and ending with the Battle of Midway. I’m used […]

Orgasm Or Money

After Luigi left, I saw Riga in a different light. I felt like every responsive girl was playing some sort of angle and wanted to get to know the monetary part of me instead of the real me. It seemed pointless even to try. But my dick. It wanted to fuck something. It didn’t care […]

There Are No Ugly Girls In America

I share some thoughts about an incident that went down not long ago when we called a girl blogger ugly…. Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read comments that have already been left.

Are You A Hater Or A Facilitator?

A hater will read a story and try to think of why it’s fake. A facilitator will read a story and find out what the author did to succeed. A hater gives a lot of thought into how one race is superior to another. A facilitator learns from the strengths of other races to accomplish […]

Pussy Exists In A State Of Equilibrium

“The entropy of [Earth's] constituent systems fluctuates up and down at varying rates.” -The Sisyphean Paradox All organisms on Earth have some limiting feature or constraint that prevent them from dominating the environment. The exception is humans. They exist in a state of disequilibrium that allows them to exert an influence far beyond their fragile […]

How To Avoid A False Rape Accusation

American girls primarily pick their sexual partners based on feelings instead of logic. She fucks you not because you’re a good man who matches her reasoned compatibility criteria, but because you made her pussy wet with a cocky attitude and aloof nature. The problem with selecting sex partners based on feelings is that if she […]

American Women vs. Eastern European Women

This clip uses my post 42 Things Wrong With American Women as a basis of comparison with Eastern European women. Click over to the YouTube page to see some good comments that have already been left.

Top 5 South American Countries With The Hottest Girls

Since South America is a popular destination for American men, I wanted to give more detail on the level of talent you can find there. For each country on this list I included three photos of girls who are on the high end of their country’s beauty scale. They are not exactly representative of the […]

How Men Will Learn Game In The Future

The modern game movement was popularized by Mystery, a tall man who wore black nail polish, furry hats, and aviator goggles. In spite of his unique appearance, he spoke a lot of universal game truths that could be used by average guys. Most of it, however, did not resonate with them, especially his group approach […]

Am I Losing The Ability To Bang Western Women?

In the past I’ve written about how spending time abroad helps my game when I return back to the States. Being put in new situations with foreign women apparently translated into a better ability to fuck American women. Now that I’ve been in Europe for so long, coming home must mean I’ll be able to […]