Do Not Eat If You’re Not Hungry

He wants to be a bodybuilder. He wants massive muscles. His alarm clock goes off at 4am. He shuffles into the kitchen and eats a cold piece of cooked chicken breast. His body did not send a signal that it was hungry, but he ignored that. Soon he will have his muscles, and the act […]

The Industry

Francis was older than Marcel by twenty minutes. Even though they were fraternal twins, acquaintances often confused one for the other. Both were tall with chiseled facial features, blue eyes, short hair, and light sideburns. Their main difference was that Francis had a bigger nose while Marcel had a longer chin. Francis was also half […]

Innocent Eyes

The first time I stayed in a party hostel, while in Spain, I was amazed at the assembly of international youth. They were inquisitive and laid back, making it effortless to start a conversation and have a friend for the day. Trying to hook up with the Belgian or German hostel girls added another dimension […]

Night Game Energy Levels

When it comes to running game in a club, I have found it’s best to find a girl whose energy level is slightly lower than yours. Otherwise, in such a loud and flashy atmosphere that feeds the ADD of even the smartest of women, she will get bored and not entertain your seduction. Clubs are […]

What’s The Rush?

Achievement is no longer good enough. In American culture, you must achieve within a rapid period of time. Become fluent in a language in three months. Become a PUA in a weekend. Get a six pack in six weeks. Start a successful internet business in a month. Learn muay thai in one month. Instant results! […]

The Unintended Consequences Of Domestic Violence Laws

There is a large tree in the forest where ants and bees have been living for a hundred years. A natural balance has existed between these species so that the population of one has not been strong enough to dominate the other. They’ve actually been helping each other survive. The bees share excess honey while […]

My Embarrassing Ukraine Confession

Damn you, Ukraine… Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read the comments that have already been left. You can also hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog.

The Battle

Ego Roosh and Buddhist Roosh got together for a coffee. Buddhist Roosh: “Good to see that my influence has taken. You were controlling him for long enough.” Ego Roosh: “Yes I must hand it to you. The impact you’ve had in the past six months can not be denied, but I’m not worried.” BR: “And […]

The Most Common Move Among Foreign Players

My readership has become increasingly international over the past five years. The next man I meet through my site is far more likely to be foreign than American. This has given me a fortunate position in being able to compare different game methods across cultures. Out of the dozens of players I’ve met all over […]

Sink Or Swim

Over coffee, two men asked my opinion on their upcoming travel plans. They wanted to make the most of the limited time they had left. “We’re keeping our options open,” one said. “If a city is not good, we’ll leave and go somewhere else.” This statement was both sensible and rational. Staying flexible in your […]

The Two Biggest Motivators For Men

Nothing else compares… Click over to the video’s YouTube page to read the comments that have already been left. You can also hit the Subscribe button to see new clips before I drop them on the blog. Two bits of additional news: 1. I did an interview with Captain Capitalism. Read it here. 2. The […]

How One Man Banged 96 Girls In 5 Months

The following is an interview with the American man who goes by the name of Fisto on RVF. He recently came back from an incredible Southeast Asia trip where he fornicated with nearly 100 girls in 5 months. His game and ability has been vouched by several men. I interviewed him to find out more. […]

I Don’t Believe You

A big deal is made about women who rationalize their behavior, but it’s sometimes forgotten that men do it as well. The only difference is that men do a better job at using logic and intellect in their rationalizations, making them seem reasonable upon first glance. The best way to test a man’s beliefs is […]