Anna (Part 5 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 4 After my orgasm it was honesty time. I could now think clearly and know if I just wanted to fuck her one time or if I wanted to keep her. I looked carefully at her face, her hair, her body. Her beauty did not decline in my mind. She still looked the […]

Anna (Part 4)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 3 I called Anna, as promised, and she answered the phone. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m making the cake! It takes some time so right now he has to sit for a while.” I mentally translated cake into Russian and confirmed that it’s a masculine word, hence her reference to it […]

Anna (Part 3)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 2 I didn’t want to give up, but the resistance was tough. I put her hand on my dick and again she did nothing—not even a pinch or a twist. I wanted to see if she liked rape game, so I got on top of her and physically separated her shut legs with […]

Anna (Part 2)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 The forum was experiencing a lot of problems, crashing every hour. I desperately tried to find a server guy to fix it, but this was no easy feat on a Saturday. By the time it was 9pm, I realized I had to step away from the computer and get some air. A […]


My second trip to Ukraine was coming to a close. This time I stayed for three months, and had only one last weekend before I was set to leave for Poland. One thing greatly bothered me: after living in Ukraine for a total of six months, I had not scored a one-night stand. Not one. […]

Katie J.M. Baker Purposefully Distorted My Work To Advance Her Socialist Agenda

Jezebel writer Katie J.M. Baker recently wrote an article in Dissent magazine that reviews Don’t Bang Denmark. And by “reviews,” I mean cherry-picks the contents to create a fictional narrative that game doesn’t work in socialist countries. Many left-leaning outlets such as The Hairpin, Washington Monthly, Kottke, and NY Magazine celebrated the article as proof of socialism’s […]

The Perfect Game

Arthur had been fascinated with seduction since high school. He didn’t care for its application as much as filling his brain with ideas and lines that were sure to come in handy when he encountered the girl of his dreams. He could effortlessly break down various schools of game and give you a detailed timeline […]

Feminists Are Successfully Creating A Society Of Shameless Sluts

Before I reveal a piece of evidence that suggests American girls no longer feel ashamed for being sluts, it’s worth discussing why slut shaming became an issue that feminists hold dear to their pansexual hearts. One of the unstated goals of feminism is to create guilt in men for finding some women more beautiful than others. Feminists, […]

The First Confirmed Roosh Marriage

According to my critics I deeply hate women, and so do those who follow my work. We are misogynists who want to take women back to the stone age. We want them to endure pain, be impoverished, experience no pleasure in life, have their clitorii circumcised without anesthesia, and be deprived of cupcakes and other […]

Is Your Game Sustainable?

Most of the game advice you read on the internet, especially from PUAs, is not sustainable. Gurus are teaching you how to get results that can only come from dozens of hours a week into approaching and dating. Many professional PUAs that I’ve met approach more women in a day that casual players do a […]

10 Books Every Man Should Read

Recently I received the following email: What book recommendation would you make for a male in his early twenties looking to become wiser, motivated, and have the biggest positive impact on his life? I have made such a list in the past, but I’ve read dozens of books since then and so it’s time for […]

All Experience Is Equal

There was a man who had two job offers on the table. One job was at a large corporation. The pay was high and he would work with the eminent experts in his field, but the company’s culture was boring and there were many layers of stifling bureaucracy.  The second offer was at a startup. The […]

How One Man Banged 14 European Girls In 3 Months (Part 2 of 2)

PREVIOUSLY: Part 1 Your principal profession is that of a lawyer. What made you decide to take this type of journey? What did you have to do to get the free time from your job? Were you able to fund the trip based on savings or did you continue to work while traveling? I’ve always […]