She Is Bitch (Part 3 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: PART TWO The taxi driver made a left turn onto a deserted road surrounded by abandoned lots and buildings. I went into fight-or-flight mode. This was how otherwise smart people get fucked, by putting their trust into someone else and letting their guard down at the exact moment they shouldn’t. It was my opportunity to […]

She Is Bitch (Part 2 of 5)

PREVIOUSLY: PART ONE He walked with me to my apartment so I could drop off my laptop and wash up. He said there was no time for me to take a shower, so I just brushed my teeth and scrubbed my armpits over the sink. Once back on the street, he started telling me about his […]

She Is Bitch (Part 1 of 5)

My mind was already on Ukraine. I could stick a fork in the juicy hype that was buzzing around it. “Learn Russian,” the guys who had been there would say to me. “Go before the Euro 2012, before it gets spoiled,” they’d add. Every night I’d grab my mp3 player and take a walk outside […]

Is Porn Messing Up Your Game?

New York Magazine published an article a while ago called He’s Just Not That Into Anyone, about man’s increasingly intimate relationship with online porn and how it’s affecting their relationships with women. As a result of the blending of reality and fantasy, some women have chosen to willingly play along by a new set of […]

American Feminism Wants All Girls To Be Fat Sluts

In the 1920s, the feminism movement was all about equal rights between men and women, particularly with voting. In the 1960s and 70s, it was about the right to kill a human fetus inside you. In the 1980s, it was about not being sexually “harassed.” Today, the modern feminism movement can be boiled down to […]

How To Get A Flag In 5 Days Without Pipelining

Many of you are short-term travelers who need to get in and out of a country while capturing its flag—but without using internet dating sites. The strategy I’m about to share with you has a somewhat high failure rate, but I believe it’s better than anything else out there. We will assume a flag mission […]

Summer Hiatus

I’m taking a break from the blog for a couple weeks to enjoy summer here in the Balkans. You can view the archives to check out the newest posts you may have missed. It’s also a good opportunity to catch up on my books. You can view all of them at Bang Guides. The forum will […]

More Book Reviews 12

PREVIOUSLY: More Book Reviews 11 Top 10 Most Important Books The Amazon Kindle Is A Game Changer REVIEWS: The Way Of Men This book aims to explain the nature of man and masculinity, using both historical and present-day examples to paint a picture of what makes a man. Today, anyone with a penis is biologically […]

Black Men Who Date White Women

On white nationalism sites there is growing anger at black men who date white women. In the past year it has even spilled over into the comment sections of non-racist blogs. It appears that some white men don’t like the idea that they have to compete with men who, on average, take more naturally to […]

Call The Bitch Out

Years ago when I first started calling out cockblockers, asking if their mothers taught them to be so rude, I didn’t have issues with girls who weren’t actively cockblocking. My rage was only channeled to blockers. But things changed, attitudes got worse. It got to the point where my nights in DC were full of calling out […]

10 Things I Learned From Living In France For Fourteen Years

The following is a guest post from Finn Skovgaard, a writer from Denmark. France is one of those countries everyone has an opinion about, and which has spawned many stereotypes: the French are eternal seducers, lazy, speak only French (so fast that no one else can understand it), and drive like the Italians, just to […]

Is It Foolhardy To Pursue Happiness?

Imagine that I want to earn one million dollars or sleep with 500 girls. I can look at my bank account when it says one million dollars or know in my head when I get to 500 girls, because they are objective numbers that can be tracked. But how do you know when you’ve arrived […]

Bang Poland: How To Make Love With Polish Girls In Poland (UPDATE)

Today I’m excited to release my latest travel guide, Bang Poland. Here are just a few things that the 93-page book contains: A breakdown of the best Polish city to visit for getting your Polish flag A detailed description of a Polish girl’s body where I address the stereotype of them having gigantic breasts How […]