Narrative Warfare

We’ve entered a stage of modern discourse that can be described as “narrative warfare,” where the bulk of a person’s social behaviors are meant to defend and propagate ideas that they believe. A narrative is composed of simple memes and stories that are easily communicated without deeper thought and which have been derived from an overreaching […]

Now Hiring Videographers To Film My World Tour

I’m looking for videographers to film my upcoming lecture in the following cities: Berlin – June 27 Washington DC – July 11 New York City – July 18 Montreal – August 8 Toronto – August 15 Since I’m on a tight budget, I’m looking for just a straight shoot of the lecture and then the Q&A […]

The Theory Of Evolution Does Not Apply To Modern Human Beings

I know your blood is already boiling from reading the headline above and that your intellectual self-defense mechanisms have been activated to refute all ideas you are about to encounter henceforth, but make yourself a cup of tea, relax, and consider the following viewpoint that has been concealed from you during your entire life. Since […]

Lindy West Disease

I would like to bring to your attention a horrifying new ailment that is infecting Western women who frequent Reddit, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, and Jezebel. Its epidemiology, amazingly, suggests a causative agent that is primarily ideological instead of organic. It may be the first disease discovered where holding a specific collection of beliefs leads to a […]

How To Make The Perfect Pot Of Tea

Over the past winter I’ve become somewhat of a tea connoisseur, partly due to the fact that I live next to a nice tea shop that has over 50 different kinds of loose leaf tea for purchase. I’ve dived into the world of tea making and would like to share a basic method for making […]

Is Digital Technology Destroying The Middle Class?

Who Owns The Future is a book that describes how advancing computer technology is centralizing power and wealth into the hands of those who own a network that has the comparative information advantage of having millions of its users essentially work for free. Every time you use Facebook or Google, you provide the company with […]

Do Women Improve The Lives Of Men?

A lot of men are beginning to wonder if women can make a man’s life better. Are women essential or are they the extra component, the dessert that adds to an already balanced male life? It’s becoming more evident to an increasing number of men that modern women seem can only amplify a man’s existing happiness […]

Neomasculinity Receives Mainstream Recognition

Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson recently did a summary video on neomasculinity: It has received over 40,000 views in three days. In case you missed it, I previously laid out the principle doctrines of neomasculinity. The recognition of neomasculinity by a large outlet reaffirms to me that splitting from the “red pill” was prudent and necessary. […]

The Rise Of The Narcissicopter

Everyone in Silicon Valley knew why Google Glass was a complete failure, but they didn’t broadcast it to the masses for fear of insulting their intelligence. In public, technologists made a big show of new devices making it easier for people to live and work, but in private they had long ago learned that if […]

How Western Culture May Be A Mechanism To Limit The Human Population

If you study Eastern philosophy, you will encounter ideas on balance. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, a price that must be paid so that a balance of energy is reached. That harmony must be sought not only within yourself while existing as an organic system, but also in larger systems such as cities, nations, […]

Horniness Solves Small Game Problems

When you’re just starting out with game, any failure you experience can usually be attributed to a lack of skill, but once you get to a competent level, failure below your typical result can be due to reasons outside of raw ability. You could be failing simply because you’re not horny enough. When I’m not horny, […]

People Should Not Be Allowed Unlimited Personal Freedom

Since I was a little boy, I was taught that freedom was a quality that made America great, allowing us to say what we want and live life how we want. The merits of freedom were never up for debate, especially since the dark days of American slavery made it clear that any kind of bondage, actual […]

My International Lecture Tour Begins In June 2015

Starting in late June, I’m conducting a lecture tour that will take me to Berlin, London, Washington DC, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto. Each city will have a 4-hour event that includes a speech by me, a Q&A, and also a meet & greet. For full details on what’s in the speech, the dates, and how to […]