How Much Money I Make Every Year

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The Hot Vagina

“It’s too hot,” Lucas said to his mother, turning his head away from the food. “But sweetie, how do you know it’s hot or not? You haven’t even tried it.” “Because I know!” Lucas threw down his fork in anger. Though he was a well-behaved 6-year-old boy, he was prone to tantrums like most kids […]

To Notch Or Not To Notch

Every now and then a man encounters a moment which helps him determine what he should do next. I had this moment in Moscow when on a first date with a Russian girl. We had already kissed at the end of our first meeting, so now it was time to lay the ground work for […]

The Men’s Rights Movement Is Making A Huge Mistake

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Nothing Is Worth It But Anything Can Be Worth Doing

Rumblings started to occur when I lived in a second-tier Romanian city back in the spring of 2014, the setting for my book Poosy Paradise. I was putting in quite a bit of work, both day and night, to have sex with girls that I felt were equal or lower to me in value based […]

The Most Reliable Way To Tell If A Girl Is A Slut

Much has been written at identifying slut tells in women. The reason is that you need a safeguard against committing to a woman who has slept with many men in the past, behavior that makes it hard for her to stay faithful and dedicated to you. Many girls go to great lengths to hide their […]

Tucker Max’s Gratuitous Attack Against Me

If you haven’t been on Twitter or the forum lately, you might have missed former internet star Tucker Max’s attack on me that was based on fantasical fiction. Here’s my video on the matter: Click here to see comments. Danger & Play also did a post explaining Tucker Max’s defamation. A second video I put […]

Being A Native English Speaker Is More Valuable Than You Think

I’ve long advised men to learn a foreign language in order to increase their access to foreign women, but my recent experience in Russia reminded me how valuable it is to be a native English speaker in a world where English is the most desirable language to learn. I moved to a small Siberian city […]

The Moral Argument For Lying To Women

Before we tackle the question of whether lying to girls is ethical or moral, we have to discuss whether lying even makes a difference. When a man lies, he’s thinking that the lie creates an image of himself that is more in line with what a girl wants in a man, and that lying will put him closer […]

There’s Not Much Time Left To Download The Special Package

I know you’re getting tired of Poosy Paradise promotions, so this will be the last post about it. I just want to remind you that you have until midnight tonight to grab the poosy package before the bonuses disappear. If you buy after midnight, I can’t help you in getting the juicy bonus offerings. If […]

The Poosy Problem

In the following video, I share some more thoughts about Poosy Paradise and the new problem that has come about after solving the “how do I get laid” problem. I also share what my new life goal is. Poosy Paradise went on sale yesterday. You have 36 hours remaining to get your copy with all […]

Poosy Paradise

Today I’m excited to release my newest book, Poosy Paradise, a memoir that details my time in Romania. The Cover (click here for big size) The Official Book Description My search for poosy paradise led me to a grisly city in Eastern Romania that had a plentiful supply of beautiful girls. It’s a place that […]

My New Book Drops Tomorrow

My new book will be released with five bonuses and priced at $5 if you buy it this weekend. Hang tight—all details will be provided tomorrow. Here’s the picture I took that the cover is based on: