My Interview With Pat Campbell On Talk Radio 1170

This morning I was on Pat Campbell’s show talking about Hillary Clinton’s Alt Right speech that is taking place today at 1pm EST. The recording is now on Soundcloud. Last night I gave an overview on my Periscope of what will be in Hillary’s speech (click here to watch on Periscope). Hillary’s speech will be streamed […]

The Elites Are Not Smarter Than You

For the longest time I held in high esteem those who worked in distinguished institutions. I’d revere the Congressman, New York Times journalist, think tank strategist, anthropology professor, non-profit director, and literary novelist. They got to where they are through merit, intelligence, and hard work, not through connections, nepotism, or by being a useful idiot for a specific […]

How The FBI Infiltrates Movements—And What You Can Do To Stop Them

A handful of government employees have told me that I’m almost certainly on a FBI “watchlist.” While I have no conclusive evidence to prove that, a look into the FBI’s history concerning COINTELPRO suggests that we should assume a minimal level of surveillance is occurring. The FBI’s shady past COINTELPRO, short for Counter Intelligence Program, was an […]

33 Answers To Personal Questions Asked Of Me

The next Q&A video answers questions that were directed to me specifically. After you watch the video, scroll down below to see bonus text answers. Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:10 “I’m curious, in say, 50 or so years, how do you want to be remembered? For your game work? Or the […]

How Hedonistic Game Became The Gateway To Virtuous Truths

When people ask me about my current position fighting in the culture war, years after starting my writing career with “Bang” books, I simply say, “I just wanted to get laid.” From these hedonistic beginnings opened a path that I find myself in today. A reviewer of my new book Free Speech Isn’t Free also noticed […]

The Culture War Is Being Transformed Into A Hot War

We’re approaching a point of no return. Your life will soon be impacted not just in the abstract of the degradation in women around you or an invisible tightening of your free speech, but a concrete decline in your safety and standard of living. The next stage of the long-running culture war will be marked by […]

If Donald Trump Doesn’t Win, We’re Screwed

This article was originally published on Return Of Kings. In the past year we’ve been the target of establishment attacks. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with insiders who understand the globalist master plan. Combining my own analysis with those discussions lead me to conclude that if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential election, attacks against […]

The Simple Rules That Govern Our Modern Political World

If you think of what happens to our community as a microcosm of larger forces, a lot of what we see occurring in Europe and the United States makes enough sense that you can start to predict the future. A reviewer of my new book notices this: I thought [Free Speech Isn’t Free] would be somewhat boring and a […]

26 Answers To Game & Travel Questions

The next Q&A video is on game and travel: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:10 “What is a good rule-of-thumb number of notches and flags, beyond which a man can safely settle for a nice girl? And what to do if he meets one before hitting the target?” (ZBYSZEK) 4:27 “How do […]

The Old Testament’s Position On Female Behavior

If you were to summarize in one word what the Old Testament said about how women ought to behave, it would be “submissive.” Women were destined to protect their sexual honor until they fulfilled a submissive role in the family home. This was made most vividly clear with the story of the Oholah and Oholibah sisters, […]

5 Answers To Religion & Spirtuality Questions

The next Q&A video is on religion: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:10 “1. Why is it that you seem to go against your fellow middle easterners and uncle tom for the whites. is it due to that they are your main readers. 2. Why do you hate Islam and immigrants from […]

10 Answers To Questions About American Politics

The next Q&A video is on USA politics: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:13 “If you were a president or a influential congressional member, how would you encourage nationalism without neglecting minority groups such as blacks, latinos, asians, etc? Since those groups do have political and financial power. Also how would you […]

14 Answers To Lifestyle And Health Questions

Last week I asked for your questions and received over 300 of them. It made the most sense to group the questions by topic. Here is the first video on lifestyle and health: Here’s the index so you can jump around: 0:13 “Roosh, we often laugh at the antics of feminists and SJW’s but the focused effort against […]