Peak Feminism Has Arrived

I’m calling it. Feminism has peaked. From this day on you’ll see a sharp decline in the movement until it peters out in about 50 years when sex is abolished for Demolition Man-like virtual reality sex units.

Here’s a brief timeline summarizing how we got here:

-Women granted right to vote in United States by 19th Amendment.

-Rapid rise of feminism followed by female entry into the workforce, a coup for the elite since it kept wages down.

-Women drastically ramped up use of their vaginas as sex game weapons, slowly creating demand for counterattack methods.

How To Pick Up Girls by Eric Weber released.

How to Get the Women You Desire Into Bed by Ross Jeffries released.
-The newsgroup is created.
-Feminized men fight back by participating in the game community in order to better fuck feminists. It remains underground for many years.

Early 2000’s
-Other feminized men complained loudly about feminists and the court system set up to demolish them. These are your men’s rights guys.

The Game by Neil Strauss released

-Most Western men completely reject feminist notions and have at least a partial understanding of game concepts.

It took many years for the game guys and the men’s rights guys to get some notice. When I was bashing feminism five years ago, I didn’t find other blogs doing the same—it was all done in forums. But now a lot of men sharper than myself are criticizing feminism, and even some women see enough flaws with the ideology that they prefer not being labeled as one. Things said in the past that were called misogynist are now becoming accepted as fact. Progress has been achieved in such a short time, and the backlash will continue as long as most women fail to learn how to please men.

We just need to be careful what we wish for because feminism and easy sex go hand in hand. If it declines then easy pussy will as well. Will this be a good thing for the next generation? Will relationships be more fulfilling? Will women learn how to cook and clean instead of pushing papers in an office? Will men become men again instead of half men who beg for sex from ugly girls? I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I’ve spent a lot of time in a traditional, non-feminist country (Argentina), to know that the alternative of working hard for mediocre sex can be a tough pill to swallow.

Either way, Westerners today are part of an interesting cultural experiment. The men’s right guys are fighting it, unplugging themselves from the Matrix while trying to convince others to do the same. The game guys, on the other hand, are comfortable playing by the current rules for their own hedonistic gain. Changing the world for them just takes energy that could go into fucking.

I’ve long since picked my side because, well, I like sex with different women. I believe that some things aren’t worth saving, and if you don’t like the women here simply import one from another country or go somewhere else. Just not Argentina.

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